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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Egypt invites ... ?

"One trouble with trouble is that it usually starts out like fun"

I do not know very much about 'political stunts' but I must say this tourist agreement with Iran seems a little perplexing given it's goals as a tourist boost endeavour alone. For one, I was wondering how, after three decades of no relations with Egypt, will 5 million Iranians 'per annum' suddenly decide to visit Egypt just because Mursi and Nejad tell them to do so! Don't you just wish it were that easy?!

Tourists do not think like that or take tourism to anywhere as an 'easy' decision, but  like anything else for sale, if not harder due to the fact that you have nothing solid in your hand when you buy and only a past memory or experience at the end, a tourist must have or develop an urge to buy, or where there is no will, there is no way ... and, while it can help 'a bit', there hasn't even been a major campaign promoting Egypt in Iran as far as I know. Even if one is started now, it takes years for a would be tourist to build that urge to go to a specific place and for anyone to want, and  afford, to be a tourist to start with. Let alone specially to Egypt, and let alone 5 million of them, per annum!

Too many ifs is always the realm of fantastic stuff!

Then there is that removal of visa requirement for the Maghreb tourists to encourage more of them to come to Egypt as well - and again, I wonder if this is practical even wise to do so given that, of course, while main stream tourists are always welcome, with no visas and the current instability of North Africa, one wonders who else may use the Big 'Opportunity' to come to Egypt for darker purposes! How many have already done so since the visa requirements were removed only a few days ago, or what is there to stop entry for those unwanted 'few'?!

Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, please please reconsider; amid all the current tensions, is it wise to remove visa requirements for places where we know trouble making groups exist when this very invitation can be used by them to cause more trouble, even terror in Egypt?!

I think not! Egyptians already have enough trouble on their plates to deal with!

Peace for Egypt

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"When in trouble, watch out for danger"

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Troubled thoughts ...

Last time I wrote a post, it was about one part of the Delta, Egypt. Two days or so later, and there was trouble in many other parts of the area with some still going on now. People get injured, even die when there is trouble

A coincidence, right? But that's what I thought when something similar happened last year - and I do get premonitions sometimes but never bad ones, and this is the second time ... or ...

 ... and you think ... and you think ...

... and I don't know what to do ... and I can't deal with it, even though it can all be just in my mind ....

Is it?

You wouldn't know unless you're in 'it', but despite the everyday sunny weather,  that 'spring' does get to you, you know

Or maybe it's me, I worry too much

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