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Friday, 25 January 2013

Land's Head ...

Ras El-Bar; pronounced 'Barr', with ras meaning 'head', el, means 'the' and bar literally means 'terra' or land

It is situated right at the tip of The Delta [by that red line I put right at the top] and is part of Damietta, or Demiat as is called in Egypt. From Cairo onwards, the Nile splits into two routes, one goes left and is called the Rashid branch meeting with The Mediterranean close to Alexandria and the other goes to the right and is called the Demiat branch. The Delta lies in between and is the most fertile land in the world, although it's luxuriously black velvety 'terra' is now a bit weaker and is still under great threat of downgrading as the sediment that kept it so rich has been so drastically reduced by the building of the High Dam in Aswan. It's shores along the Mediterranean are also  being erroded by the sea, hence the concrete wave breakers on it's shores too. 

This is the brand spanking new light house at the tip of the one of two very long piers. There is an old red one too on the other long pier, very contemporary, but people here like this modern one. Both piers and their relevant length are visible at the picture on top.

This is the view from the terrace in front of th at new light house, with the Nile with it's deep blue waters on the right and The Mediterranean with it's turuquoise water on the left. This is a truly amazing sight unlike any other. That's because the river where it meets with the sea does not have an estuary as such because The Nile lies on a little higher level than the sea. So, because of that and as it's waters are heavier [always true estuary or not] than sea water,  the two waters will not mix and that goes on for miles and miles and miles until eventually, the Nile agrees to slowly leave it's ego behind and do it, mix that is. Until that happens, it is common to see Nile water as well as sea water fish as they keep jumping and leaping back 'home' if they miss their way by accident and vice versa, so there is an invisible underwater estuary where both river and sea meet but do not, and their creatures, mix still. Of that striking phenomena, the Qur'an says:

"And it is He [The Lord]  who has released [simultaneously] the two seas, one fresh and sweet and one salty and bitter, and He placed between them a barrier and prohibiting partition." 

Amazing isn't it? ... and there is always that fine line between any two emotions; serenity and anger, love and hate, courage and fear ... right and wrong too, you think about it. But then there must be an estuary, visible or otherwise too ... or hope

And so this is the rest of the pier when you're standing with your back to the new light house with the angry waves of the Mediterranean on the right, hence the concentration of those wave breakers,  and the calm and serene deep blue water of the Nile to the left, and that Nile stretch ...

... and here is a picture with people in it in case you're feeling lonely ....

... and a side view, where you can see more breakers going along the coast. They do not stretch along the whole of it though, so Ras El Bar has beautiful beaches too, although it's sand is darker than usual, but now you know why it's that Nile sediment being washed along, ... the beaches are still as sunny and a swim is as enjoyable though ....

... and if you live in one of those residences, can you imagine that view, in full sun too!

... and this is the main Ras El-Bar road that ends with that view, you can see a bit of the 'tufftuff' or a unique tram that does not need rails, although it's usually open for people to jump on and off as it's slow ... so that must be a coach then

Of course, Ras El-Bar is part of the city of Damietta so there is the old city too

I was born by the Nile about five houses to the right of this large mosque, one of the most beautiful in Egypt. Though not in that precise building in the picture for my grandfather's house has now long gone like all the rest that existed then. Instead, there are now 'modern' apartment buildings instead.

This is how the old family houses used to look like in the past and up to 40/50 or so years ago. Ours was the same too although without the commercial premises at the bottom for this was the main commercial road at the time, or more than 100 years ago because this is a really old picture.

I immigrated twice in my life, out of Damiat was the first when I left the city with the family, including members of the larger family for Cairo when my grandfather died and the house and the Delta land were then sold. I was only three then but I do vaguely still remember my grandfather sitting with me in his Nile front balcony. I still remember the shutters and the room behind too, and the Nile view, and my grandfather, who looked the twin brother of Anthony Quin :-)  trying to keep me amused by blowing on the streched skin between his thumb and index finger to make the same sound passing boats do. It's very similar, try it, "Voooooo" ... but since I left as a toddler, we used to come here at least once a year when I was a child with the family and extended family. However, I have only been twice since adulthood, the last being a decade or so ago. So I never had their distinctive accent, nor does my mother apart from a few words that push themselves out specially when she's angry, come to think of it, she does it on purpose too sometimes ....

... and another 100 year old picture of one of the piers. The right one I think, where they 30 years after the picture was taken, they built that red light house I mentioned. It is still there and I hope they do not pull it down and build another new one, but give it a bit of tender and loving care instead for it must've been glorious before, all in red and all these curves. I don't think they will do that soon though since that new one on top was very recently built on the left pier.

Damietta, being a port city that lies right on the tip of Egypt, has had an amazing history during which, it saw many battles, as well as priding itself on being one of Egypt's flourishing  if not the most successful city. Since because of that history and it's position, it has an exceptionally high work and patriotism ethics, fishing abound, trade and commerce, making and selling quality wooden furniture of all styles and exports of same to the world, although with a lot of potential still. That's because the people who live there have higher than the average in Egypt standard of living and there is hardly any unemployment there because of that entrepreneurial spirit that comes with their trading mentality. The Damittans do not accept idleness and so, they are branded as 'misre' by the rest of Egyptians, but they are not at all in reality. It is just that they expect everyone to strive and they all do so no beggers in Demiat, but a thriving and busy city instead! For that, and because of this staunch work ethics, Ras El-Bar has never become a tourist city as the French predicted when they were there late in the 1800s. That's also because the Damittans guard their cherished city like they guard their homes and livelihoods and so the city remains a trading city and a secret summer destination for the Delta dwellers who can afford it only, but as you can see, there is potential in this regard too. They keep it in a prestine condition too, so proud, they also pride themselves on being the only Egyptian city to have captured a French king during the continuing era of the Tom&Jerry fights between east and west. BTW, they  got nearly a third of the then French GDP as random for the king's release. Typical capitalist Damittan mentality :-)

... and that's a view of the Delta as you drive from Cairo, or take a train ... Egypt has the second oldest and most extensive at the time train network in the world after Britain's who is the oldest. All because of that flat geography and it was, of course, a British idea since they were here too. The trains have now been making the news in Egypt quite a bit lately, not on that line to Demiat though ....

Old city Nile life ...

... and this is a Nile beach, true too ... close to the Mediterranean though, but not that very very close, you know what I mean .... 

and now they're at sea, and so is everybody else ...

...and that's a bird's eye view of this beautiful city's main road, Ras El-Bar I mean, or the tip of Demiat ....

The more affluent Damittans have gone back to tradition again in building these family homes, for there are no strangers in the majority of those houses but a flat for mum n dad and one for each child as well so that they can all live together. Their own little open door communities. Community spirit here is way stronger than anywhere I have seen by far. Usually families work together if in one of the trades too, but if parent or child needs to leave for any reason, with or without own family, their flat is locked until they return, and they do, at least for summer or a holiday whenever they can.

... and things like that are everywhere in Ras El-Bar too ... they love their art, you should see what the kids and adults alike build with the sand on those beaches ...

... and that's a common site for the old Demiat, well, when you have a big big river, and a sea, and that amazing for always sunny weather and then it rains, there has to be a rainbow, don't it?

And that's 'Barr', as she's neck named, by night ...

It's the 25th of January, and this is a very different atmosphere from that sad one on theTahrir Square of today now that the 'spring' is two years old ... instead, a walk alone for me with the sunset and that sweet sea river breeze, and some old Abdel Wahab, or really fascinating classic Egyptian music, and a wish or two for peace and  that the children were here ... but they are not

Damietta LNG plant [idled]
Joining two [seas]

لما انت ناوي تغيب على طو ل
Lama enta nawi tegheeb ala toul
When you intended to go away for good

 مش كنت آخر مره تقول
Mesh kont akher mara te'oul
Shouldn't you have said so the last time?

بالليل اسيب نفسي لهمي ولأفكاري
Beleel aseeb nafssi lehami wel afkari
At night, I leave myself to my worries and my thoughts

 افضل افكر فيك وانت ما انت داري
Afdal afakar feek wenta manta dari
Keep thinking of you when you're not aware

القى البعاد طول ،
Al'a elbe'ad ta'wel awla'a
And as the distance grows longer

  اولع وتزيد ناري
Wtezeed nari
I ignite, and the fire within me rages

لما انت ناوي تغيب على طول
Lama enta nawi tegheeb ala toul
When you intended to go away forever

 مش كنت آخر مره تقول
Mesh kont akher mara te'oul
Shouldn't you have said so the last time?

أشوف خيالك في الوحدة جه قدامي
Ashouf khayalak fel wehda geh odami
 I see your image in this loneliness presenting in front of me

 اكلمك واسمع حسك واشكي غرامي
Akalemak wasma'a hessak washki gharami
I talk to you and listen to your voice, and complain of my fondness

واقوم اضمك ما القاش
Wa'oum adomak mal'ashi
And get up to hug you, but find nothing

 غير أوهامي
Gheer awhami
But my delusions

لما انت ناوي تغيب على طول
Lama enta nawi tegheeb ala toul
When you intended to go away forever

 مش كنت آخر مره تقول
Mesh kont akher mara te'oul
Shouldn't you have said so the last time?

ما القاش أنيش في الوحده دي
Mal'ash aneess fel wehda di
I have no companion in this lonliness

 غير الحاني اقول لنفسي
Gheer alhani, wa'oul lenafssi
But my tunes, and I keep telling myself

 ده مش ممكن راح يسلاني
Da mosh momken rah yesslani
O he'd never do away with me

Lazem yehzo eshou'e liah,
The longing will definitely shake'm

Yerga' tani
to return again

لما انت ناوي لما انت ناوي
Lama enta nawi, lama enta nawi
When you intended, when you intended 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

EU: PM's Historic Big Speech

David Cameron's EU speech [No 10]

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Hollande snubs Cameron over drive to cut EU [budget] :-(

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Europe leaders bow to Cameron demand for [deeper] spending [cuts]

Cameron [gets] his cuts despite 'le snub' from [France]

[Victory] for David [Cameron] as EU faces cuts for [first] time in it's [history]

[Cameron][Wins] a 'First!' and [No 10]

Cameron's [perfect] and fortunate [result]

D-Dave: PM's historic [deal] to cut EU budget for the [first][time]

Prime Minster David Cameron Statement on EU Budget [No 10] and [explanation]


Moon vision ...

Admit something:
Everyone you see, you say to them, 
“Love me.” 
Of course you do not do this out loud, 
otherwise someone would call the cops. 
Still, though,
 think about this, 
this great pull in us to connect. 
Why not become the one who lives 
with a full moon in each eye
 that is always saying, 
with that sweet moon vision, 
what every other eye in this world
 is dying to see? 
Hafiz This is love:
 to fly toward a secret sky,
 to let go and just live.
 to take a step without thought of feet. 

King of the stars
Earth powered by the moon

Lunar library could unlock origins of [life]

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Them ... and us!

A few years ago, we'd just come back to Cairo from the beach. My mother had no idea we were coming that day so there wasn't enough or the type of food the kids would want to eat and we were all hungry, so I ordered a take away. But when that took a long time to deliver, and since we don't live far, I decided to walk up the main road and pick it up myself and that's when I realised that I'd ordered lots because of the large number of bags full I was given. You never realise the quantity when they deliver though - some came in pottery containers as well so the load was unexpectedly so heavy, I had to stop a few times on the way back and put it down to rest my arms a bit before I went on again. As I stopped on one of those times, there was a poor man sitting on the bare ground by the side of the road with a young child crying on his lap. In front of him was his trade, a smallish woven basket with an equally small amount of watercress which he then forms into bunches and sells to passers by for little money with an even smaller profit that can not possibly support him and his child let alone if he has a bigger family elsewhere.

The food I was carrying was just made and the smell seeped out of the bags everywhere, so the child turned round and looked then cried again, this time saying he was hungry. At which point dad pushed his hand and turned the little boys's head so that he doesn't look at me or my many bags. I had lots, there was no chance we'd finish all this food so I took a bag, not even knowing which of the food I bought was inside, and just left it on the ground next to the man. The boy then sat up and eagerly turned to look, but his dad turned his face away again; " Take your food and go home ya hanem [lady]". "It's not for you", I said "It's for your child". "We don't eat your kind of food, I do not want him to get used to that kind of food, take it and go home" ... I didn't take it back of course. Instead, I said to him that he should "accept God's gift" and put some money in the bag, then left. Dad did not look impressed but said nothing.

As the kids gorged on all the goodies I brought, I couldn't eat myself once I was back home, thinking of that man and his son. Thinking that if I hadn't 'bestowed'  that bag upon them, they would've both ended up perhaps eating bare bread and some of the watercress they sell, just a little,  if lucky, and thinking how dignified that poor dad was! But now when I think about this incident, and I have come across many similar,  I feel the father's over reaction was not just dignity, but resentment too - and do you blame him? I can also imagine how such people try to calm the hunger in their children when women like myself laden with much more than they need pass by their hungry stomachs, and how 'Rabna ma'ana' or 'God is with us' is whispered as you walk past. Of course, we Muslims all believe that to be true, hence, yes, say it when in whatever emotional need whether one is affluent or not. For the poor, God is the only hope for it is God who will reward them and their empty everything at the end if they are patient and are accepting. So they say it much more often until they are convinced with the notion, but are they really accepting? Things. religious or otherwise have different meanings for different people, and so, I have heard that expression many times before, and still do when I walk around the poorer areas of Cairo, it definitely has a different meaning to when I say it, for example. I hear such expressions now much more than before, and you need to reply with same or you'd be viewed with suspicion ... and that's how religion gets manipulated to suit as it becomes mixed with every other word those without utter. This incident above was just an example, but things, and their definition do get twisted because of all the repetition and all the passing from one mouth to another too. Then it gets taken out of context or slotted into new ones - valid sentences then get joined how they like to make distorted mental essays that carry a totally different meaning to what each original sentence meant and intended in the first place. Then, as those essays get written as well as spoken, their authors, who by now have found prosperity through selling 'their' religion,  get to believe their own making themselves before trying to convince or even force others to do the same. And as the numbers of those without swell, minds change with it. There is plenty of that now to suit the listener as well as the speaker's 'reason' since both are not knowledgeable enough to verify and never were - and in such an environment, anything goes!

With such repetition of what he knows not much of,  this poor man was able to convince himself that heaven was waiting, that it is the reward and the salvation. Most probably his parents convinced him of same as he's now in turn trying to convince his child. But will the child accept that 'reason' as father and his father did before him? This child must be a young adult now and the majority do turn out Ok, but some don't. Still poor, uneducated except maybe for read and write, if that - what has become of this one? I have no idea, but I wonder how many of those rebel and do not accept the heaven scenario then become prey to those others with a mission? Or those who may have been in that same predicament themselves but made it to better fortunes through carrying rogue arms and rogue deeds to go with it, who then 'succeed' and became masters of their own groups and are now luring others to their way of achieving 'fortune', through force! The excuse is the same as the salvation that came from their fathers; or the promised 'heaven'. Only God is also 'fair', and carrying arms was the only way for them to see that 'fairness' brought their way, to fight the unfair, to the death, wherever they are - those 'unfair' may well include those who 'bestowed' things on them when they were younger - and religion, though in reality, they do not know much about except the bits they heard when young and keep hearing their own version now amongst themselves. It then becomes their valid reason, then their 'politics' ... and those who do not subscribe, become game ... now there are the 'them' and the 'us' ... and there is now a new notion of 'Victory' over the 'enemy'!

Of course, many of those who take that route are not from terribly poor backgrounds but come from even educated [schooling wise] and relatively affluent backgrounds too. But then, a grudge of some sort will always be a common factor as better circumstances do not guarantee real knowledge of what talk they now advocate; that it is God who wants them to fight whatever unfairness in the aggressive manner they do. When what God really says is "Not to transgress" but as in any holy book allows only for self defence when attacked, and isn't unfairness an attack? ... and when it is 'unfairness' that you are in a state of self defence against, then anybody who is perceived to be 'unfair' is game. That is 'reason' that leads to uprisings and is also one that leads to terror, and it is all because of 'poverty' and the resulting ignorance fermenting then spilling over.

The oppressed do have a right to better lives whether those more affluent like it or not, but you just hope true talent does not just get thrown away in revenge. One is also sad because of the loss of the innocent lives of all those who needlessly perish in terror attacks by those who turn that way wherever they happen, including this recent incident in Algeria. I therefore sincerely wish the families of such victims the patience to cope with their loss or injury to loved ones, and hope such incidents will not happen again.

But fighting terrorism with force alone will never work because it's like trying to put a lid on a pot full of boiling water over heat and expecting it to stay. But it will never stay and will keep on spilling and spilling until that heat is removed and until it cools down, and why fighting terror needs to concentrate on removing the heat that fuels fundamentalism, be it angry and violent or not, of the fertile grounds that breeds those who do not accept despair then do anything including turning to violence and ending up committing such crimes. This fertile ground is 'poverty' and the resulting ignorance. The world should join hands to fight those already caught and do terror, yes, but at the same time it is right to also always strive to restore dignity to those suffering from the indignity of poverty before they too surrender to the lure of same. To really realise that it is poverty, together with ignorance that allows for the twisting of some people's minds then the causing of all such ills - and not religion,  for that's just a carrier that then suits the purpose when personalised, as there is no other substitute. Hence, fighting the resulting terror just through military means will never eradicate radicalisation or the resulting ills alone but will just give more 'reason' to place on that carrier that then invites more and more young boys whose dads now promise them heaven to keep them placid, to enrol when they are older - and the vicious circle just widens and gets bigger  ... till it becomes a fight or fights with winners and losers - and once victorious, as per yet another manipulated definition of victory, there is no sharing with the 'enemy',  who is most likely to be their own but do not share their 'reason', before anyone and everyone else become game too!

The world will never be a perfect place, but we should 'all' try 'together' to make it better. For  more compassion to help those needy of us to put food on their children's table, with dignity. If only to stop the recruitment of those young minds susceptible to persuasion , and of more fairness, and justice ... to strive to  truly eradicate global poverty, the mother of all ills - and by education too, religious for those now in need of correcting, or otherwise. For that, maybe it's time for serial winners not to take all, but to build a global effort of those who can to share some more of their good fortunes to help others who don't live with dignity, thus give a bit more hope to all those now without, and rid the world of poverty's ills for real.

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Thursday, 17 January 2013

A suspended blue ocean ...

The sky 
Is a suspended blue ocean. 
The stars are the fish 
That swim. 
 The planets are the white whales 
I sometimes hitch a ride on, 
 And the sun and all light
 Have forever fused themselves
 Into my heart and upon 
My skin. 
 There is only one rule
 On this 
 For every sign Hafiz has ever seen 
Reads the same. 
 They all say, 
 "Have fun, my dear; my dear, have fun,
 In the Beloved's Divine Game, 
 O, in the Beloved's 
Wonderful Game."

UK Asset Recovery Task [Force]

Sunday, 13 January 2013

We're all Egyptians ... but ....

We're all Egyptians but some are more Egyptian than others

What is 'Democracy'?

The rule of law; but that's now split
Freedom of speech, to include freedom of the media; but now if you do not agree with one thing or another, then you're not 'one of us' ... there is even talk now of a 'harmonious' media. What does that mean? Your Guess.
Property rights; Not so, The Minister of defence declared to day that Egyptians only will be granted rights to buy property, either residential or commercial, in Sinai. A few days ago, I was watching a TV programme called El Beit El Kebeer, or 'The Big Home' and it was broadcast from Sharm El Sheikh. It was about property ownership in Sinai. The guest was a dual national who decided to return to Egypt and buy a business and a home and reside peacefully there, and has been doing so for a while. He said that he invested all his money to do that, but he is now required to sell off everything before April to an Egyptian who does not hold any other nationality and who is born to Egyptian parents, otherwise, the government will impose a purchase order and pay him for 'his' possessions as they see fit! Today, El-Sissi, Minister of defence did not talk about this bit in a meeting with Sinai Bedouin chiefs. Instead, he said that for the security of Sinai, only 'Egyptians' will be allowed to buy property, meaning, that he doesn't consider dual nationals like myself, and my children, to be 'Egyptian'. And so, for the 'security' of Egypt, and we all care about the security of Egypt, but I must not be allowed to buy property in Sinai! Because? There is a chance duals like me may then sell off to enemies thus jeopardising Egypt's security ... Excuse me?! Is he saying that dual nationals are all traitors or have the potential to be?! That doesn't just hurt, it stings! ... and it's unacceptable to be doubted at such a terrible thing!

... and what guarantees does minister have that Egyptians of 'some' Egyptian everything won't also have that potential to betray one way or another?! Or, what about that Egyptian of Egyptian Everything who may be married to a foreigner, and there are loads, would he be allowed to own property? What if he dies, would the kids not be allowed to inherit then, or be forced to sell at whatever price to the state, if they can't find an all Egyptian to buy off them?! And since property is stagnant at the moment, where is the government going to get all the money for all the buy backs?! So can you imagine the 'fair' price they intend to pay, as minister has said today? Ruin for some then a no go area for afters! ... and then, it must be the government's intention to sell all the 'acquired' property to 'all' Egyptians later on, right? Would it be at the 'fair' price they paid to the dual national owner 'Egyptian'? Meaning, dual national Egyptian subsidising the 'all' Egyptian, Besides, while we all want stability and security, how is an empty Sinai secure?! I thought the opposite was true, and I thought that a well populated Sinai, even if 'a' traitor of whatever composition sells to an enemy, the sheer number of property ownership would make that sale negligent since that enemy would have real trouble to persuade such huge number of people to commit treason. Hence, the initiative should be to actually invite more duals to come and buy and invest in Sinai rather than the opposite, I think.

I was told by a friend that this 'law', and I don't know if it is one or just a decree, has been going on for the past few months and gives dual nationals only six months to sell ending in April, but it wasn't spoken of until recently. Meaning, many Egyptian dual nationals who own property in Sinai do not have any idea of what's coming, specially if they own but still live out of Egypt!

You know, there has been a media campaign asking Egyptians abroad to help Egypt after the revolution.  There have even been TV crews going out and meeting with Egyptians now residing in Britain, France, Australia, the USA ... etc. Many of those they met will of course be dual nationals. I do not think there is 'one' such Egyptian who hasn't helped and continues to help out of 'Love' for Egypt and 'commitment' to their roots, and 'loyalty' to the land including 'all' the peoples of Egypt. I do not know what message such decisions send to those Egyptians, but it looks like; you're Egyptian when you help, otherwise, you're not really ... and it's not only material help, but it is us, the dual nationals who have mixed with other and all cultures and can, not just adapt, but think out of the box, who can help Egypt advance and prosper, and make friends with everybody, something which she greatly needs now ...

It's always been the case that if an Egyptian goes to work or whatever in the Gulf for example, and stay for decades, although without taking a second nationality as those countries hardly give it, that they can always come back and be Egyptian, and make it to even a Prime Minister. But for those who go anywhere else in the world and take their adoptive country's name, well, those, as you can see, have the potential to be traitors and need to have their freedoms restricted ... not fair!

Another pillar of democracy is 'Human rights', and I wonder if this stark discrimination complies? And if  dual nationals are now a minority, then, what about 'equal' rights? Or, how many minorities are there now in Egypt? It seems to be turning into a country of minorities, so many 'them', and not many 'us'?

Liberal me, whatever that means in Egypt, is no traitor, and although this decision does not affect me, it still made tears run down my cheeks. You know what minister, I am a proud Egyptian, and a proud Brit, and I am no traitor.

So, and since I am deeply concerned about this injustice, I urge Dr Morsi to interfere, to, for the sake of fairness, urgently look into that discriminatory 'law' or decision, or whatever it is called, because it sounds like a decision made on the hoof as there hasn't been any 'democratic' discussions or consultations before it was made as far as I understand. Besides, once those affected take their stories abroad, imagine the harm to Egypt's reputation, and it's potential for attracting foreign investment. Awful, because those will be asking; how do we know that Sinai is not just the start of a law that may soon spread to the whole?! Or, if Egypt doesn't trust her own children, how can we trust to invest in her? Indeed, once the affected Egyptian duals return with their stories, and with the resulting hurt, will other dual Egyptians panic into selling whatever property they too may have all over the country for fear of the same treatment? What would be the effect of such fear, not just on the Egyptian economy, but on the away children's relations with the 'mother' country too ... 

This is a very bad advertisement for Egypt! Please reconsider Dr Morsi. Lots of people have many fears already and one was hoping fears will be addressed to bring harmony back, not to add on to them. As for  myself, and people like me, we are some of those wish for prosperity for Egypt, and for that, are willing to compromise for the sake of the security and stability of our mother country even if we don't subscribe to one group or another's ideology. So please do not allow us to be degraded as such above or accuse us of something we are definitely not. I do care, very much, even though I am away most of the time, and while I'm in Egypt as I am now. Perhaps the reason for this willingness to compromise up to a point is precisely because I live in a democracy and have been for decades, and perhaps why I am willing, up to a point that does not include being classified as a second class citizen in my own country of birth, to allow for a new system of government to mature, providing they strive to unite, not divide. I had hoped that with the revolution and change of system, that we will all come together as 'Egyptians', and help the country back on her feet as 'Egyptians, regardless of where we are and so long as we hold Egypt's name high, which we all do, whether we are inside or out.

I sincerely hope this is his aim too.

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Defence Minister to study Sinai land [ownership] ... Good on Minister, but please define 'foreigner' and if that includes dual nationals, as well as what will happen to those fearful dual nationals now being asked to sell and go by April 2013  :-)

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Deleted in error ...

I get quite a bit of spam mail everyday, so every time I log on to my blogger account, I always empty the spam folder ... I have just done that ... but I've also just deleted 50 genuine comments by mistake too! All the most recent ones up to May 2012. Good I realised I made a mistake before I proceeded any further and deleted the lot of my genuine comments too! Blogger does not provide for correcting such error and retrieving genuine comments deleted by mistake so those 50 comments have now gone forever.

If I have accidently deleted one of your comments dear reader, then please accept my apology as it was totally unintended ... and unless there is such facility but I am the one who doesn't know the how to, I hope you're listening 'Blogger' and will perhaps find a way for us to correct such human errors in future, and thanks in advance :-)

PS: How about a 'lock it' button specifically for the genuine comments folder and not the terribly nearby Spam folder to stop the deleting of real comments by mistake. Meaning you have to unlock the whole genuine comments folder before you can delete comments wholesale as I did by mistake ... please Blogger :-) 

Ps 2: I've found them! In the e-mail account that goes with this blog! Apparently, if you sign your blog to your mail account, and I had done that when I started this blog, you get sent a copy of everything you or your readers write! ... but I had to sift through all the spam in that mail account still, so I may have forgotten some - and the returned comment will show as [Deleted and retrieved] then [My reply], they do however show the original date and time they were posted. I think I have put them in the order I received them too except for one :-)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Prime Minister's Questions: 9 January 2013

Question-by-question guide

The Prime Minister answered questions on:
  • benefit reform
  • the Mid-Term Review
  • NHS reforms
  • income tax rates
  • tax credits
  • stag and fox hunting
  • free school meals
  • fundraising for hospices
  • procurement of superfast broadband
  • UK-EU relations
  • ministerial resignations
  • royal succession
  • flood insurance
  • corporate tax avoidance
  • unemployment
  • shortage of engineering graduates
  • democratic process in Northern Ireland
  • PM’s political allies
  • closure of A&E and maternity services
  • stem cell research
  • food banks

Coalition mid term [statement]