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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Troubled thoughts ...

Last time I wrote a post, it was about one part of the Delta, Egypt. Two days or so later, and there was trouble in many other parts of the area with some still going on now. People get injured, even die when there is trouble

A coincidence, right? But that's what I thought when something similar happened last year - and I do get premonitions sometimes but never bad ones, and this is the second time ... or ...

 ... and you think ... and you think ...

... and I don't know what to do ... and I can't deal with it, even though it can all be just in my mind ....

Is it?

You wouldn't know unless you're in 'it', but despite the everyday sunny weather,  that 'spring' does get to you, you know

Or maybe it's me, I worry too much

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