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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

EU: PM's Historic Big Speech

David Cameron's EU speech [No 10]

Yes, Prime Minister! [click]

The speech of his life! [Click]

Mr Cameron given us a real choice, let's not squander it! [Click]

[Business] leaders back Prime Minister on Europe [click]

At last, a straight choice on Europe [click]

Merkel [hints] at European [deal] for Cameron [click]. Let's [talk]

Germany's Bild pays tribute to crazy Brits [click]

"Brexit" would be a disaster; Dutch PM [click]

David Cameron at at the World Economic Forum [No 10]

British referendum cast shadow over Davos [click]

Wot to do bout those crazy Brits?! [Well done Brits!:-]

What Britain [pays] and November [video]

David Cameron will block rise in EU [budget]

Reform not break our [union]

PM to demand [cuts]

Deal or no [deal]

Creative accounting may help clinch EU [deal]

PM [walks] to venue, threatens to veto [budget] that's [too] [high]n[video]

Leaders comments on [coming][negotiations]

Hollande snubs Cameron over drive to cut EU [budget] :-(

EU [budget][live]

Europe leaders bow to Cameron demand for [deeper] spending [cuts]

Cameron [gets] his cuts despite 'le snub' from [France]

[Victory] for David [Cameron] as EU faces cuts for [first] time in it's [history]

[Cameron][Wins] a 'First!' and [No 10]

Cameron's [perfect] and fortunate [result]

D-Dave: PM's historic [deal] to cut EU budget for the [first][time]

Prime Minster David Cameron Statement on EU Budget [No 10] and [explanation]


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