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Thursday, 27 September 2012

67th UN General Assembly 2012

President Barack Obama of the USA 25 September 2012

President Mohamed Mursi of Egypt 26 September 2012

[Arranged in order of appearance]

Prime Minister David Cameron of Great Britain 26 September 2012[no longer on youtube]
The three c0-chairs statements [click]
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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Water Sellers Lane ...


 Ya leel ya eeny ya leely yaaa einy
Oh long night, oh my eye [awake all night]

على مين على مين على مين
Ala meen, ala meen, ala meen
Whom are you kidding, whom, whom?

على مين يا سيد العارفين
Ala meen ya seid el'arfeen
Ya master of the knowlegeable, whom?

 على مين 
Ala meen 

بتبيع الحب لمين
Betbee' elhob lemeen
Whom are you trying to sell your love to?

 أه لمين
Ah, lemeen
Ah? who?

ان كنت جاى تغنى
Eza kont gai teghani
If you're coming to sing

 روح اسأل أبله انا مين
 Rouh es'al abla ana meen
 First go ask who I am

ما تروحش تبيع المية
 Ma terohsh tebee' el maya
Don't go selling water

 ف حارة السقايين
 F haret esa'ayeen, aah!
In Water Sellers Lane, yeh!

 ياما لك ف الحب ضحايا
 Yama lak fel hob dahaya
So, your love has many victims

 بيحكوا عنك روايات
beyhko anak rowayat
Of you, they tell many tales

 بيقولوا انك بتألف
Bey olo enak bet'alef
 I hear them say you make up

ف الليلة سبع غنوات
Fel leila saba' ghenwat
Seven songs every night

  والغنوة الواحدة ف ليلة
 Wl ghnwa elwahda f leila
And for every song, every night

تلحنها سبع مرات
 Telahanha saba' marat
You make up seven tunes

وتروح تانى يوم وتقولها
W terouh tani youm w te'olha
And the following day you go singing [to the victims]

 بحنان ودموع وأهات
Behanan w demou' w ahat
With passion, tears and sighs

ان كنت فاكرنى منهم
En kont fakerni menhom
If you think I am one of those [victims]
 روح اسأل أبله انا مين
 Rouh es'al abla ana meen
 Go first ask who I am

ما تروحش تبيع المية
 Ma terohsh tebee' el maya
Don't go selling water

 ف حارة السقايين
 F haret esa'ayeen, aah!
In Water Sellers Lane! Yeh!

 سيبك م البحر اللى انت
 Seebak m elbahr elly enta
Leave that sea you

غرقته نار ودموع
Garakto nar w demou'
drowned,  in fire, and tears

 والامل اللى انا طمعته
Wel aml elly ana tam'ato
And forget that hope I made greedy

 وخليته يموت م الجوع
W khaleeto yemout m egou'
Then let it starve to death

والليل اللى مالوش آخر
 Wel leil elly maloush akher
And your night that has no end

 والقلب ابو شوق موجوع
 Wel alb elly abo shou'a mawgou'
And the heart with all the pained longing

 سيبنا م الهم ده كله
Seebna melham da kolo
Leave all this heartache

 نتكلم ف الموضوع
Netkalem fel mawdou'
And let's talk straight

 العشرة عايزة ضمان
El'eshra ayza damana
Living in harmony needs guarantees

 وبوليصة للتأمين
 W bolisa lelt'ameen
As in an insurance policy

 اكتبها لقلبى بنظرة
Ektebha l'albi benazra
With one look, write it for my heart

 تتقال من غير تلحين
Tet'al men gheer talheen
Without all those tunes

 من غير ما تشيلها وتمشى
 Mesh qerba tesheelha w temshi
Not you carrying a water bag and walking around

 ف حارة السقايين !!
F haret el saqayeen
In water sellers lane!

 ما فيناش حاورينى يا كيكة
 Mafinash hawreeni ya kika
No playing around, we're not in a football match

 ما فيناش لف ودوران
Mafinash laff w dawaran
No turning or twisting

 ما بقاش فى وقت يا روحى
Ma ba'ash fi wa'at ya rouhy
No time left, my love.

 للشكوى والهجران
 Leshakwa wel hegran
For complaining and desertion

لك ماضى كله سوابق
 Lak madi kolo sawab'a
You have a past full of offences

 ف الحب مالوهش امان
Fel hob ma lohsh aman
That can't be trusted with love

 وانا عايزة حب حنين
Wana ayza hob honayn
And I want love with kindness

مش حب يودى لومان
 Mesh hob yewadi loman
Not love that would end me in prison

انا عمرى ما احب الخاين
 Ana omri ma aheb el khayn
So [Beware], I don't take to betrayal

 ولا احب الكدابين
Wala ahb el kadabeen
Nor like those who lie

ما تروحش تبيع المية ف حارة السقايين
Ma terohsh tebee' el maya f haret elsa'ayeen, aah!
So don't go selling water
In water sellers lane, yaa!

I've just found out that Christie Dubai has less than two weeks ago conducted an Eastern Art auction. Right at the top of that was a collection by the renowned but not so much valued yet in the west Mahmoud Saeed, An Egyptian lawyer with a hobby who turned professional when he was 50. Mahmoud had a very distinctive style and only painted Egypt, her nature as well as her culture and her people. Very distinctive, he had that unique three dimentional effect as well as the use of symmetry in his paintings, his art, be it portraits, nature or still life, always gives that sculpture effect, you almost feel the picture is so real, it grabs you inside the painting and gets you to join in, to become part of the piece yourself, then you could even hold a conversation with whatever else is inside ... and sit and talk for hours ... you can't just glance and pass by with Mahmoud Saeed.

Prior to the auction, the items in his collection had modest estimates , all well below the half a million dollar mark. Very small for the unique artist he was, but then his most famous painting, Les Shadoufs [below] managed to sell for nearly two and a half million dollars, the highest price paid in the collection, the rest mostly sold for well above the million dollar too. Still very small in comparison to the sometimes rubbish we hear sells for tens of millions, sometimes hundreds, in western auction rooms IMO. So, watch out for Mahmoud, he has huge investment potential IMHO again, I hope you're watching 'The Tate'!

Les Shadoufs, or 'the water pumps', is his most famous painting around the Art circles. This  particular painting has a very special feel of a style that almalgamates modern contemporary art with ancient Egyptian art; the straight lines and somewhat symmytry of the scene coupled with the curves he used do depict the female peasants, and the earthy though unnatural brown colours and the striking distribution of light in all his work. Notice that the donkey in Les Shadoufs, for example, has a size that does not correspond with the human size next to it, and if those men in the painting stretched their arms to their side, they'd probably end below their knees. But that doesn't matter; for it adds to the primitiveness of the scene. The shadouf was an ancient Egyptian invention that is still being used, although now less and less, to pump water in some parts of Egypt to this day. Long before running water, sellers made bags out of sheep and cow skins and used to fill those up then deliver the water to homes, either carrying those bags on their backs or using carts powered by donkeys. In large-ish numbers then, they always lived close by their place of work and where the source of the water was. That used to be called 'Water sellers lane'.

I like Les Shadoufs, but I think Mahmoud's genius was in his painting of women in general and of 'banat bahary' or 'Coastal girls' in particular. Or some of those women who lived from around the turn of the twentieth century and until the early 70s when Egypt was less conservative. They mainly lived around the coast at the top of the Delta by the Mediterranean sea, although some could be found around Cairo and the Delta too. I think you can tell from the top two pictures, and the song I added to draw my own picture, that those girls were the epitome of femininity yet at the same time, they were some of the wildest as well as most feisty of women. So basically, if you see one, and they do still exist, beware of 'Banat Bahary', they are what you call here 'killer queens'. Although I do not think they have their match anywhere, those are exclusive to Egypt.

Beautiful but mostly illiterate, they live in the poorer and heavily populated areas where neighbours have lived side by side from birth. The girls can't, most of the time, even write their own name and use their thumb print instead. That said, they are some of the most independent women you can meet. Just stroll into any coastal market around Alexandria, for example, and they'll be there dressed in a long tight chemise that resembles a men's Jalabya but with a slit on the side to just above the knee, and a scarf decorated at the top with all sorts of beads, colourful silk balls and the like, and all that real gold! These girls do not believe in banks, and so, all their worldly possessions are either put in bricks and mortar or is carried in nearly pure gold around their wrists, ankles, and necks. Career wise, they usually end up becoming a 'me'alema' or  'gov' as you would say of a man here and they do employ men to work for them, And the men know, very well, who they are dealing with, and so the business, be it selling fish, vegetables, meats, even scrap metal, used car parts ... use your imagination, runs like a clock ... for although these women never received an eduction, they can calculate the largest of sums, for they have a computer for brains ...

... and once work is done, the 'ladies' go home for a bit of late lunch and a nap, get dressed in all their glory, gang and go out ... fishing

No more chemise with a few open buttons on top and the slit on the side, look at the painting on top, Mahmoud's most famous in Egypt, and the young actress in pink and a black shawl in the middle, for that's exactly how they are when they go out. Long and tight around the curves lower cut silk dresses with all the usual gold and colour decorum, plus loads more, and a 'Burka', decorated with yet more 21 carat gold coins for those able enough or fake ones for those who can't. Those are crocheted and so, are full of holes, the 'Burka' hardly covers but 'invites' instead - then that 'Melaya laff' or silk black sheet which she wraps around ... and re-wraps around as it keeps falling and revealing ... and off she goes walking around the neighbourhood with her friends - and heheheheheeeee will be the sound you hear from those 'ladies' as they half dance for a walk, often to their own imaginary rhythm similar to that of this song, and loudly tick tok their chewing gum as they stroll along chatting and laughing ... no care in the world!

We hear, though they make it their purpose to attract attention, and keep it, they hardly ever get sexually abused or stalked, for who would dare! ... 'Lady' here doesn't shy away from head butting an offender if she can and some do, or holding her high heeled pink slippers decorated with bits of mirror glass to a man's head, and she won't advise him on where is the nearest hospital either. If he dares to complain, well ... or, if she can't deal with him alone, which is a rared, why not go crying to her male brothers, cousins, the neighbours, their friends - who then proceed to beat up, to a good and bloody hiding, any man who goes over the limit of just passing a sweet compliment on the scent, or the 'walk', the loud laughter, or the dress, the ... And who said you can't wear what you like, be as loud as you like, or as flirty as you like, and walk the neighbourhood in peace?! Providing you're armed and have your army for protection of course! ... and there is no spinsters here for since they never give anything for free apart from the exibit they put on show themselves, or when that black 'Melaya laff' keeps falling and gets pulled up around the head and shoulders again and tightly held around the waist and hips, these women always marry the men they beat up the most, but not before they get the biggest possible dowry and yet more gold for it too - but then once married they are so loyal, very defensive of their men and their families, they spoil them no end ... and they don't like any males in their kitchens - they don't believe in 'equality' you see - but once married, those real girls, as they're usually called, then do revert back to the kittens they really are, those of the big cat type!

Puuuure Vulgar! ... and didn't Mahmoud brilliantly caputure the whole 'Banat Bahary' personna in his paintings! I'll leave that for you to decide ... but ...

Beware of the 'girls', and their Eastern European immitations who now perform all over Egypt to depict the history of what once was, now that the off spring of those girls, though still as independant as ever, and as fiesty and as playful, they have turned more conservative in dress - the originals you only see now on film, theatre, or in a painting  ... so do watch out for Mahmoud Saeed, and ....

Enjoy your Sunday :-)

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

At this party ...

I don't want to be the only one here 
Telling all the secrets - 
Filling up all the bowls at this party,
Taking all the laughs. 
I would like you 
To start putting things on the table
That can also feed the soul 
The way I do. 
That way 
We can invite
A hell of a lot more



Friday, 14 September 2012

Perspective please

As soon as I hear of it, I had a feeling there was going to be a reaction to this demeaning to Islam and the Prophet film in Egypt, specially given how fragile Egypt is now following the turbulence caused by the revolution.

However, despite knowing this film was not made by 'America' nor carried the views of the Americans, but was the act of one or a few biased individuals, I was afraid anticipating what might happen following it's spread. That said, not in my wildest dreams did I expect this whole thing to spread this wide or end up in the death of an Ambassador and three of his staff in Libya or the storming of other embassies elsewhere too, let alone all the injury to those involved in protesting, disturbance and the like too.

Was I affected myself by that film, which I only saw the day or so after this whole thing broke out? Yes, it's not a nice film so of course I was hurt. But then I am aware, for years now and even way before the Egyptian revolution of January 2011, there is a group of Coptic Egyptian expats living in the US who are, unlike the peaceful majority, are radical and are hostile to Egypt they take every opportunity to defame Islam in general and Moslims 'in Egypt' in particular - and do that in whatever sort of media they can find. Hence, they have posted many videos of hostile nature on youtube, for example, and for years. The Egyptian authorities and the most educated public of all faiths in Egypt have been aware of this for years too and nobody approves of their doings and as I understand, a few of those individuals had been so hostile before they had their Egyptian nationality withdrawn as a result too. So when this film became known to me, I didn't even bother looking for or watching it since they've done so much of similar though not as graphic over the years, their actions have now hardly any influence. But since the eruption of all the protests in different Muslim countries, I looked for and had a look at that particular 13 minute trailer of the so called 'film'.

As always, it's a crude and very badly made low effort 'film'. Of course it is offensive, as expected, but it doesn't stir much emotions but disgust in me since I knew it was made by biased bigots who, regardless of what they do, can not tarnish Islam in any way. Nonetheless, I felt it would stir the emotions of Egyptians who are not used to seeing such 'productions' because Egyptians have a law in the land prohibiting the defaming of any and all religions. Hence, they are not used to such deeds at all, specially those of more modest backgrounds, and why they would react to this type of film, even though it's not really worthy of any attention.

I have since also found out that the person involved in making the film is not only bigoted but is a criminal and a fraudster too. Hence, is it right it to give such character the attention, does it really matter what he says or does?! Not really, but I have no idea who dubbed this piece of rubbish of a 'film' into Arabic to draw the attention, or whether it was that same person who made the film, but it must have been intentional since whoever it was, they knew that by doing so, they would get a reaction - although I don't think they themselves expected this reaction to be on that scale.

Is it then right to give some bigots the satisfaction?! NOT!

I hope all the protesters would recognise that and cease the protests currently taking place in Egypt and in other countries. But specially for Egypt, my much loved mother country, and given how fragile she is at the moment, does she need the adverse publicity and it's impact on tourism or the stock exchange, for example, due to this reaction to an idiotic film made by a bigot and a criminal?!

Is there need for more protests and more injury and suffering due to this unworthy person/s? No! I sincerely hope Egyptians will not fall further into that bigot's trap and will rise above the nonsense made by such a fraudster. Either made alone, or with a few other negligent persons of no weight whatsoever, this 'film' is just that; rubbish.

Please do not give them this weight they crave.

Our faith and our prophet is much more valued to every Muslim than that!

And although Egypt had no hand in the killing of Mr Ambassador Chris Stevens and those others who lost their life in Libya, this innocent death has affected us all. Hence, my deep condolences goes to their families and loved ones, especially the mother of Mr Stevens, whom I hope she finds the patience in her heart to cope with her son's needless loss. This should never have happened.

... and Mr 'Bacile', who has now been identified as Coptic of Egyptian origin, and whether he is, whoever and wherever you are and those with you, I wonder, how can you sleep the night with all the harm and heartache you caused?!

Suffice to say, the Coptic Church has vehemently denounced the working of this man and those with him. An honourable stand by my Coptic brothers and sisters in Egypt as habitual ... and I've just heard on Egyptian TV that they have arranged to stand with their Muslim brothers and sisters in Tahrir Square peacefully protesting this Mr 'Bacile' film and are doing so now ...

Egypt is a moderate country with a huge history for tolerance, so mixed and intertwined are the Egyptian people, scientists can't even agree what race defined them in ancient times, and there isn't one to this present day, for in Egypt, there is just 'people'!

Welcoming to all and protecting mother of all, and I hope Egypt always stays that way.

Please, do not allow biased 'individuals' to badly influence you when their effort is so trifle, they should not have any impact. Hence, stop the protests and concentrate on making friends with everybody instead, work for prosperity, for Egypt's sake.

... and for the sake of global harmony and peace, I hope other protests would stop too. This idiotic so called 'film' is not worth it.


Anti-Islam protests escalate; Obama video at the bottom [BBC]

[The Guardian], [The Telegraph] .. and in London [The Mail]

Was this trash of a 'film' made in an obsecure back garden by an amateur who is a criminal worth all this huge adverse publicity that will affect all countries involved at a time of global economic uncertainty - and all the killings, the injury and the destruction to public property, and the resulting chaos by those who are now hiding behind it finding excuses to cause yet more carnage?!

This is not defending Islam, this is causing it great harm, please stop!

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How ...


Did the rose

Ever open its heart

And give to this world

All its


It felt the encouragement of light

Against its



We all remain




Prime Minister's Questions - 12 September 2012

Question-by-question guide

  • female employment figures and senior positions
  • trade union strikes
  • long-term unemployment
  • youth employment and education
  • government borrowing
  • national debt
  • top rate tax
  • ministerial appointments
  • breast cancer treatment and awareness
  • structure of the Armed Forces
  • international trade and exports
  • changes to hospital services
  • Blue Badge parking for disabled people
  • independent ministerial advisers
  • immigration of Kenyan and Ugandan Asians
  • honours in the public sector
  • impact of general strikes on the Armed Forces
  • child poverty in the UK
  • rural broadband access
  • disability benefits
  • Chinese investment in the UK
  • MPs’ expenses and appointments
  • health and safety regulation
  • high speed rail and the HS2 project
  • green government commitments
  • political party funding
  • shale gas production

Monday, 10 September 2012

Wings of hope ...

Isn't it amazing! Everybody has grown or is growing wings! Mo always had his own, and didn't he just fly! Right up to the sun!

This is the true legacy of what became, not just 'Inspire a generation' but 'Inspire Britain' summer. Not so sunny summer on the outside, the sun settled in people's hearts instead ... and she's still there! ... and they all look like that winged scarab below, don't they?!

The scarab is the most sacred insect in ancient Egypt, and the sacred wings first grew on Osiris, her son Horus then spanned the whole sky with his wings too. There was no limit to his flight

This most mystical of scarabs is winged too, and with no limitations to where or how high it can fly. It is holding the sun disk on his head, hence blessed by Ra the sun god, and a loaf of bread with his feet, meaning 'plenty'. Hence it brings luck, hope and prosperity ... to those who have the warmth in their hearts, the well meaning, loyalty to others as well as their cause and the will. It then grows you magnificent wings ... so you can fly and soar to new heights ....

Now blessed further or twice on two occasions, and on every occasion blessed by millions, not just in Britain but around a grateful and happy globe, the winged scarab is the epitome of 'positive over matter' ... wherever it is, and everything it touches, will fly! ... God willing ...

Thank you for a spectacular and very happy summer brother and Prime Minister ... Now brimming with positive energy, may the winged scarab bless your house, and so long as the head keeps working in harmony with the heart, it is sitting on your thumb too, and may it destine everything you stamp, meaning touch with this thumb to fly to unforseen before heights ... and beyond ...

And 'you' reading this, you can fly too ... just believe ....

Ah, 'piano sound' is 'running water'; life!

... nobody streams 'piano sound' softer than Mozart

Let's hope :-)

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Friday, 7 September 2012

Judge was right!

“A man does what he must-in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures-and that is the basis of all human morality.”

Judge Bowers was right Not to put this young man in prison ... and before you say you don't know what it is like to be burgled, we were burgled 8 times! They come in, latch the front door so that you don't surprise them if you return while they are at it, then open the back door and flee with the now 'their' belongings this way. Now friends with the police detective who used to come and investigate, and the finger print team too, the one before last time we had an incident I hid the garden door key in one of the kitchen cupboards so that thieve can't find it and so, can't run out through that route. So when we returned to find the front door won't open, we knew we have been had again and that he must've smashed the garden or living room door to get out instead! It was less than a month after the previous theft too ... but nothing was smashed, because they looked for and found the key, opened the garden door, then before the escape, they nailed it to the garden door before they fled, as if to tell me they knew my house better than me and that I should never again try to hide stuff from them, naughty me!

On their many visits, they stole everything you can name; money, glass, the family silver, jewelry ... name it! So, as we didn't have much left from the previous burglary, that time they took the kids piggy banks and items of clothes as well amongst the little they could find! I had a lot of respect for them before when they stole whatever they could carry but left the kids stuff alone. I always thought, at least they have a heart, but no more ... and it wasn't about the material things anymore, but about the fear that they were so at ease inside our home and where would this ease lead to next! Very scary :-(

In effect, we'd been thieved so many times that when telling the story to my friends, who by then used to laugh rather than show sympathy, much like when you say 'my butcher' or 'my builder' or whatever other 'mys', I used to say 'my thieve', because he did feel like a 'personal' thieve, you know! True, nd aI think he made quiet a reasonable living from us too, given all what he took!

Anyway ... after that last time, we installed an alarm and heavy duty iron curtains everywhere and on anything that can be opened or not but had a pane of fixed glass ... and on two floors too, but I vehemently opposed having grills on the front of the house because that would make it feel like a prison for real, and I didn't think that it was us who were meant to be in prison. The iron curtains, which do open but I'm now so used to them, I never do except for cleaning and lock again, have since been very loyal as we have not had any more incidents since ... but I do miss the detective because he was a really nice person ... Hi there officer friend if you're reading this ... of course, he'll know who I am, given the number of times he'd been to our house and since we never got anything back and I thought that with four kids, there were better ways to spend money than waste it on contents insurance ... but he did like the Victoria plum tree at our back garden ... now no more too, cos we removed it and concreted over the area to be fashionable ... kids idea, you know; kids, fashion, fashion, kids ... :-)

On another occasion, I left the door wide open as I was packing the car with kids and stuff and preparing to go somewhere for a day trip when a tall kid, about 16 years old, walked right into the house and was about to grab my handbag which was lying on the floor. Of course, I left everything and ran in, closed the door and caught him ... and he started shivering like a leaf! I never expected that and such was the impact that it totally muddled the perception of what to do in my mind! By that time, the children came in together with our next door neighbour, who then kept saying that I should get the police and get that thieving lad arrested. But looking at the state he was in, I couldn't. Instead. I got him a glass of juice and took him alone, closed the door and sat with him in our living room. I then quietly asked why but all I got was "I'm sorry" repeatedly. So I explained where this line of work would lead him, and then I let him go ... apologetic, he was still shaky and by that time, tearful too and he literelly ran out looking like as if he didn't believe his luck. Everybody, including neighbour, thought I was wrong and that the boy will simply go thieve someone else ... but I don't know! I have no idea if he did because I never saw him again. But I would do the same again because, like judge Bowers, I think "prison rarely does anybody 'like him' any good” but may add to the harm instead when such people mix with hardened criminals inside until they become the same as them and then lead a whole life of criminality instead when they could have been saved from such dire destiny. Hence I believe prison should only be kept for those who can no longer be saved, or those who are a real danger to others and to society. Rape, armed aggression and murder, for example ... but not a non violent petty thieve or someone who is stealing to feed a drug habit IMHO. Therefore ... I think Judge Bowers was right to decide on this ...

"The judge freed Rochford, 26, with a 12-month suspended sentence, a supervision order and 200 hours of unpaid work instead of giving him 2½ years jail for raiding three homes in five days ... "

But then, why would Judge say this below?! ...

“It takes a huge amount of courage for somebody to burgle somebody’s house. I wouldn’t have the nerve.”

Of course, we know Judge is not, and will never be a thieve so, why did he say that?! As I read it, is maybe because he could 'feel' that total loss of sense of achievement in that offending young man and hence offence is due to the lack of self-worth and how that can lead to destitution if left to probagate, take hold and mushroom further ... the comment was not meant to be for the outside, but Judge wanted to restore a little bit of that worth to this man to help him out, and the young man understood the meaning, leading to this result below ...

Rochford, of Redcar, East Cleveland, said yesterday: “I don’t think burglary is a courageous thing to do.

“I felt awful about it to be honest. I know what people feel like to get burgled. I am sorry.”

... or maybe because kid never got enough parental support from home ... and Judge with his experience could 'see' that ...

"His mum added: “The judge is out of order. You don’t call a burglary courageous. Burglary is low.”

... or those and other reasons too as seen by Judge Bowers. Whatever it was, Judge Bowers could see that by not imprisoning this young man, he could save him from a destitute life of successive crime and punishment! In a way, I feel he said what he said to tell this young man that if he can 'achieve' entry to other people's houses and have the nerve to do that, he can also have the nerve and achieve in doing something worth while, and why the 200 hours of unpaid work. Judge was talking to the offender at a level and language he can understand, and the young man did.

... if only offenders like this young man could be taken to events, like the Paralympics, for example, to see, even be encouraged to participate for themselves and get a taste of what life's worth means. I'm sure it would make a big difference because, although not the same as the honourable people who compete in those games despite all the hurdles they face and make themselves and us all proud, inability to identify right from wrong is in it's own way a disabling condition too IMHO. One which I think can be treated with some of such medicine, love.

On another note, it was love to jail those who rioted and looted last year though, because they needed a short sharp shock of a lesson to act as a detterent and it did work. After all, those involved were not destitute or drug addicts trying to feed a habit, but were quite the opposite, or liberty takers who knowingly let loose without any regard to anything dear and on a large scale too.

To me and in this particular case, Judge Bowers was right. He just used his head and his heart together, instead of his head and a book of law alone ...

Who is safe at night when a mindless judge hails a burglar’s courage? [click]
Is a thieve a trader? [click]

... but Judge was taking burglary seriously! This is the reason he wanted to help that offender not do it again. Prison is not the only correction facility, understanding and helping jim to reform are too, that's what Judge did, and the comment was only intended for the offender and not for the outside world. Should that comment have been leaked in the first place? [click]

Two police [officers] shot dead [PM video]

“To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.”

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Prime Minister's Questions .. 5 September 2012

Question-by-question guide

Cabinet reshuffle and ministerial appointments
constituency boundary changes
donations to political parties
national infrastructure plans
roadbuilding and housebuilding
the national planning system
UK economy and growth
North Sea energy production and the supporting labour force in Aberdeen
budget deficit and borrowing
car production and jobs in the automotive industry
child and household poverty in the UK
private sector workers and employment
foreign students and visas
new business start-ups
Disability Living Allowance
air travel capacity and regional airports
operative treatment of cerebral palsy on the NHS
industrial disputes in the health sector
car tax renewal at Post Offices
Police and Crime Commissioners
flooding defences and legislation
a third runway at Heathrow airport
the structure of the Armed Forces

First cabinet meeting since reshuffle

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The reality of life ...

Travelling are 30 different birds in search for the reality of life, the birds converse togeter, but with each to their own logic, don't we all. Amazing work of art, narrative in poetry and wisdom beautifully entwined with foolishness sometimes, don't we all. By Attar. Here is a little piece ... or, look what I found!

Come you lost Atoms to your Centre draw,

And be the Eternal Mirror that you saw:

Rays that have wander'd into Darkness wide

Return and back into your Sun subside

Attar [The conference of birds]

Have a thoughtful Sunday ...

- With birds?! ... How foolish is that?!

... said the wise one with a peak for a mouth :-)