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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Britain is .. One Team .. Paralympics TEAM GB

“We can work together for a better world with men and women of goodwill, those who radiate the intrinsic goodness of humankind.”

An Egyptian Scarab



... and to
Paralympics Team

... and every other team

One Globe, One Team

One Big Happy Family


Watch out for Paralympics [sports] and Medals [Table]
London Paralympics Games 2012 [No 10]
How it all began [click]
DC: Paralympians are super amazing [video]

PS: I hope they too get the same level of 'positive' behind them as with the Olympics ... because it was that enormous power, plus allowing room for hope, what got that shower of medals that made us all proud, and very happy ...

Lets hope ....

Good luck Paralympics Team GB ...
... and Paralympics Team Egypt [Medals]

Friday, 24 August 2012

Happy Birthday little Flo :-)

Myspace Code

Yala halan balan balan

Quickly, quick, quick, let's go

Hano Abo Elfasad
Congratulate Abo Elfasad[Chirppy chirp]

Ha yekoun eid milado eleila
Her Birthday tonight

as'aad el a'yad
Will be the happiest of Eids [celebrations]

Falyahya Abo Elfasad
Long live Abo Elfasad

Sana helwa ya gameel
Sweet year to come O beautiful one

Hato gateau w hato etorta
Get the gateau and the birthday cake

Bass o'owo tensso tesseiboly heta
And don't forget my piece

Ghanolo sa'afolo
Sing to her, clap for her

Al wahda tabelolo
And keep the drums beating

wbelzinat elbessolo
Wear your best clothes

Hato el torta
Time for that cake

Aleena balonato
We hung her baloons high

W akalna halawyato
And we ate the birthday sweets

W sherebna sharbatato
And drank the birthday drinks

Kalna etorta
So get that cake

Wahed, etneen, talata, arba'a, khamssa, setta, sab'aa
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
[for good luck Flo]


Hato gateau hato etorta
Get the gateau and the cake

Fi eid miladak barkolak
Blessed be your birthday

W kaman sohabak ahom goulak
Your friends specially came

Kol el habayeb ghano lak
And with your loved ones, they are singing

Fi Eid milad el assoula
In honey pod's birthday

Feen elhalawani yemlalna sawani
Get the sweet maker to fill our trays

Nakol w ne'oul tani
Then we eat and ask for more

El halawani
From the sweets maker

Ha nerouh negeeb DJ
We'll get a DJ

Alashan ner'oss aleeh
So we can dance

Wessahra teb'a eeh
And fill the night

Ahla aghani
with the sweetest songs
[Yes, Egyptian small kids stay up way past midnight on birthdays, and WEs!]

Hato gateau hato etorta
Get the gateau and the cake

Wahed, etneen, talata, arba'a, khamssa, setta, sab'aa
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7


Hato gateau hato etorta
Get the gateau and the cake

Asslo da wenaby assoula
She's really a honey pod

Halawto medaraga el oula
With first class sweetness

W ahla men dola wdola
sweeter than them there, and them

Fi Eid miladak ghaneena
We sing in your birthday ...

Ghanolo sa'afolo
We sing to her, clap for her

Al wahda tabelolo

And keep the drums beating

wbelzinat elbessolo

Wear your best clothes

Hato el torta
Get that cake

Aleena balonato
We hung the baloons high

W akalna halawyato

And we ate the birthday sweets

W sherebna sharbatato

And drank the birthday drinks

Hato etorta

Get that cake

Wahed, etneen, talata, arba'a, khamssa, setta, sab'aa

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 -

Hato gateau w hato etorta
Get gateau and the birthday cake

Happy Birthday Bambino


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Eid Saeed ... :-)

You wouldn't believe a whole month has passed since Ramadan first started, would you ... but it has! Typical of Ramadan, it passes so quick, it really does! ... and now Muslims start the Eid El-ftr festivities, for three day, sooo ...

Eid Saeed

Or, happy Eid everybody out there
Where ever you are
who ever you are ...


In Egypt, Families have either started soon after Iftar yesterday, or would have woken up at down today, to make 'Kahk', or that traditional type of cookies you see in the picture. Usually Ma will prepare the dough, then the children will form and fill. Then, either leave Ma to bake, or send it to the bread bakery to do it for them. That's because some families will want to bake whole sale, 50 kilos or more! Well, you do need a lot if you want to pass a plate to your brothers, sisters, neighbours, friends, those who serve the neighbourhood, like the rubbish collectors, the postmen, the local street sellers, the electricity and gas men, the poor too ... yohooohooo, endless!... and the custom is, you do ... and you want to keep some to last a month or so for the family's breakfast after Eid too. Delicious with the morning coffee or tea .... and it's not only one type decorated differently that Egyptians make, but loads, all to different recipes, so it's a busy time until noon perhaps, then you start to cook the fish, for it's fish day today too ...

This tradition has now moved to all over the Middle East, and instead of waking up at dawn to cook, loads of people, me now included, athough I used to make it with the kids when they were small and still do every now and then, will just buy it ready made ... shame! It will be all over Edgware Road in London, made with purified butter and special natural flavourings and lots of fillings, it is so good, it melts in your mouth and the variety is just amazing sooo, why bother?! Lazy moi, but there you go, nobody is purrrfect after all ... :-)

This tradition of 'Kahk' making to celebrate festivities is perhaps as old as Egypt herself. Not neccessarily everything is recorded for as long as that, but we do have recordings for the last few thousand years of that long history, you know! Die hard habits have to come from some where, and I think in this case, most definately even from before recording began too! Maybe that's why 'Kahk' has and have always had and will always have a mystical and religious meaning. Drawings dating to thousands of years ago and showing the different types being offered in temples to the many gods and their priests, as well as depicting happy occasions of all sorts were found on the temple walls in Thebes, which used to be the capital and is part of the now illustrious city of Luxor in upper Egypt. Detailed recipes of how they were made those thousands of years ago were found too. These old recipes have never changed throughout the millennia and are similar if not exactly how 'Kahk' is made today.

Kahk being carried as part of an offering, middle of bottom row?

The white sugar dusted one in the picture is the main type, and while you can ignore making some of the other varieties, this is a must make. The tradition has rippled out through the ages and is now the most prominent feature of Eid El-ftr all over the middle East. Usually, differing names are given to all the other types, which include all sorts of biscuits, hard, soft, round, ball like, rectangular, tree shaped, with sugar, or honey, or molasses ... with nuts, without, fruit and dates filled, or plain ... etc, etc ... but unless the white sugar dusted ones are included, and usually of much larger quantities than the rest, then you can't say that you've made or bought 'Kahk' even if you made lots of the other varieties. Hence the name, although predominantly reserved for the sugar covered ones, it becomes the mother of all the other types when presented together too. If presented alone, other varieties lose the honour of this inclusive nature.

There is a reason for that; in the old days, the ancient Egyptians used to call that white one 'Qors' or 'disk', a reference to the sun disk, ie, to the sun god Ra himself, the first major god of Egypt. Most if not all the gods that follow are holders of the sun disk on top of their heads too since they are mainly birthed out of Ra. So they used to make Kahk in different sizes in those old days, including very large ones for sharing too to resemble that large sun disk on top of Ra's head. That's why the sugar dusting, it is to depict the sun's round shape, as well as it's light and warmth. This is why when 'Kahk' is made, it is kept in dry containers and only dusted with sugar just before serving to prevent the sugar from 'icing'. Well, the sun surface is in a state of continuous eruptions and and those never 'ice', or life would be no more ... hence 'Kahk' was also a symbol for the continuation of life itself with some varities are made to resemble the top part of the Ankh, or the key to the Nile and to life. Kahk was therefore also considered an amulet to protect from 'icing' and to provide hope of continuity as well as warmth and a wish for same and good luck when given to others.

You give others 'Kahk', you're giving them life ...

and the habit of making the delicious 'Qurs' filtered down through the ages, it is said that emperor Herodotus, the father of the so called 'Enquiry into history', or something like that, recorded that he was surprised to see the Egyptians mix or knead Kahk and bread dough with their feet, but use their hands to do the same with mud to prepare it to be used for building work! Well, you never know if that was true for the man was a bit fanciful, hence his enquiry into history is a bit, well, on the wide side unlike the Egyptian's spot on portrayal of same, I believe! ... Enquiry is one thing but portrayal, with description, is another? Convince me! ... but yes, the Egyptians used their feet a lot in those days and some still do, sooo ... and it's how to this day juices are extracted from fruit for various purposes, and not just in Egypt, for example.

... and when Christianity came to Egypt, the custom was kept too, and to date, Egyptian Copts make Kahk to celebrate the end of their fast in Easter and it has a very special significance for them in relation to the thorn halo on Jesus's head and the painful journey he endured too ... then from the Copts to the Muslims and that's how Kahk now celebrates the end of the Muslim fast ... A tradition of 'one from one' ... or of continuty.

Ah, during the 12th century, the Fatimids who ruled Egypt then used to put a golden coin randomly inside the Kahk to enhance the people's feelings of happiness during the festivities. But since you can swallow that with the pastry, it is now the custom in Egypt to give children money in Eid El-ftr instead. Usually in brand new bank notes to match their top to bottom brand new Eid clothes ... and each parent, uncle, grandparent, auntie ... to their own ability ....

See! What do you know, what's a few thousand years here or there in the realm of time?! ... what is time anyway? All I know is what Kahk tells me, that time is that forever 'one out of another' never ending process ... and so, 'time' is what is kept in the DNA, like this tradition, for example. I believe that ... until we know better.

... And

Did you know Egyptians were the first to landscape gardens too? Look at all these exotic plants and that pond! ... and all that life!

... maybe another time ....

Oh yes, as I said before, today is fish day too. Lots of Egyptians cook that to thousands of years old recipes as well! But that, I have to make myself because it's not being sold ready made in London ... maybe I'll tell you another time, for that has a story too ....

Eid Saeed :-)

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Kol aam wa antom bekhir [Many happy returns ]

Violin:Egyptian Ahmad ElHfny

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Team GB GOLD! :-)

Britain is .. One Team .. Team GB!

All the Hemispheres

Leave the familiar for a while.

Let your senses and bodies stretch out

Like a welcomed season

Onto the meadow and shores and hills.

Open up to the Roof.

Make a new watermark on your excitement

And love.

Like a blooming night flower,

Bestow your vital fragrance of happiness

And giving

Upon our brilliant assembly.

Change rooms in your mind for a day.

All the hemispheres in existence

Lie beside an equator

In your heart.

Greet Yourself

In your thousand other forms

As you mount the hidden tide and travel

Back home.

All the hemispheres in heaven

Are sitting around a fire


While stitching themselves together

Into the Great Circle inside of

... and more ... and more gold [winners] [here]

... and silver and bronze ....

Medal [table] [Team GB :]

Gold [moments]

Elite athlete funding secured [No 10]

I caught the happy virus last night

When I was out singing beneath the stars.

It is remarkably contagious -

So kiss me.

[Farah means celebration in Arabic]

[A][truly][Great][country].[DC][@][the][Olympics]*[Inspiring:]Sir[Mervyn]*[Raucous] [close]to[Olympics]*[Congratulations][Egypt:]*[Britain][inspiring] the [World!:]
Mo: Look at all the pictures of [me!]

Lego Stars [pictures]

Friday, 10 August 2012

London is ... London! :-)

I was out for 'fetar' or Ramadan breakfast today with a visiting cousin and his family. We went early and spent time walking around before we went to the restaurant. Nice weather today too ...

Well, London is beautiful when she's not sunny, and the most beautiful city on earth when it's sunny! ... and today she was packed! ... and Regent Street too [just below]! Around the Houses of Parliament and the Thames ... 'The' Hyde Park ... basically everywhere ... and the restaurant was packed to the brim too ... well, you'd expect a Lebanese restaurant in the middle of the deliciously Arabic Edgware Road to be packed for el-fetar [in my Egyptian accent], or as some call it 'Iftar', don't you? Cousin was even asking what's all that about a "double dip whatever" then? I said, well, the economy is 0.9% down from two years ago, only nobody is saying that is it down from when we used to spend money that wasn't ours, just like unchecked hooters! If only someone made the comparison! ... and then it won't seem that bad, will it?! But I told him that we here have to complain ... and then he got started on that economy where he came from ... eeeeh, sigh!

Regent Street

So, please, no doom and gloom after the Olympics! Lighten up Sir! We've had enough Crisises so, get those printers going! And ... we're on a high and we want to stay there! So, hope! ... please, please!

And no, you're not a prat Mayor ... it's just that we've just taken the time to go elect you and we can't keep going every 5 minutes! That's why you're staying in London! ... even if we have to physically zip you up on a wire above your office ourselves to keep you there! It wasn't child's play, you know! @@

That done, I am now at home, full, and comfy and with a Halal Pina Colada too [Pine Apple and Coconut juice, and I always add a dash of lime] ... and I'm thinking about what Boris said here,

... and it says that "Ut tensio sic vis", and no, I don't know any Latin. But as Mayor said, it basically means that "Strain is proportionate to stress" or 'Hooke's Law of Elasticity' - Why I'm thinking about it is because, it's 'proportional' not 'equal' as in the Reuters article ... and, I wonder, since the public cheered, which one did the Mayor say, because there is a big difference! ...

So, while equal means the same or 'exact', 'proportionate' means 'corresponding with'

For example, when you press on a surface, your hand may hurt because the surface pushes back with a force 'exactly' like your press. The table won't bulge out, but your hand will probably hurt if you press hard! And although both 'solids', the table is rigid, while a zipwire, where Mayor got stuck, is flexible, it can curve with applied force, and it can even bend. Both have a breaking point of course but lucky Mayor is not as heavy as to cause that on the wire.

Or here is an example that shows both 'equal' and 'proportionate': Say there is a person sitting down to eat a meal, say Ramadan fetar, for example, and say this person is 80 kilos in weight. If he eats 80 kilos of food, then he ate an amount 'equal' to his bo
dy weight
, and sometimes it feels like you're gonna eat all that at the end of the fast, but you never do! So it's impossible! Even Boris can not manage that, I think! However if he ate a meal that 'corresponds with' his body weight, that will be roughly 500g, or up to even 800g or 0.8kg if he is a big eater. Ie, 1% of his body weight at the most, see!

Then I thought, was it mostly the Law of Elasticity that worked on Mayor while he was on that zip wire? Was it the only law?

Besides, as soon as anybody mentions 'elasticity', then there has to
be 'movement' and not just pressing and equal force pressing back, and with movement, there is also 'K' or the constant, ie, the elasticity or the rate of change due to the Force exerted 'F'', what is that here? Have a guess ... and you're right, it's Boris!

Forget about when he took off, unless you want to calculate his speed going down on the wire, since we're in Olympics time. Or, let's concentrate on the moment when Boris got stuck mid wire. Well, the sudden stop would make him move like a pendulum, back and forth, and back and forth ... and the resulting span would gradually reduce until he comes to a stand still. If he keeps still throughout, otherwise, as you see in the video, there is little movement, but, ignore. So, was that Pendulum like movement 'Elasticity'? I think not , I think of N
ewton for that particular pre stand still situation. The sideways movement of the impact as well as Boris's weight pushing down due to gravity, the zipwire pulls him up with an equal force, hence, the point of contact with the harness is a bit dented ... or, ok, maybe a little Hooke here too given that the zipwire itself was moving up and down [curve], as he slid along and as Mayor's weight pulls down due to gravity as he hung mid air at 'near' stand still. However, the Hooke effect here is minimal, while Newton dominates., me thinks.

And Mayor said here: “... which was quite scary, it was heroic.”

I believe him ... and since he was stuck for 10 whole minutes, it must have been very painful too ... mostly because of Newton too ... like that;

Assuming Mayor weighs approximately 80kg, all pushing on that seat of the harness he's wearing. Can you imagine the discomfort when his body weight pushes down?Specially around the seat of this harness?! Look what he does to relieve it ... he bends the legs, stretch and bend again, and keeps on repeating it, and that changes the exerted force on that harness, you know, I'll show you a better why latter, but it's because there is a bit of 'elasticity' here, wouldn't you say?! Because, in his endeavour to cope with the 'Newton's resulting pain, Mayor has turned his legs into a spring', and that's where Hooke and his 'Elasticity' can also come in

And you can now calculate the amount of pain relief, or the change of the force 'Boris' [F] exerted on this harness, hence calculate 'displacement' [X] using Elasticity formulas.

Here is Hooke's "formula: F = - kx

"The negative sign indicates that the force exerted by the spring is in direct opposition to the direction of displacement. It is called a "restoring force", as it tends to restore the system to equilibrium"

x is the displacement of the spring's end from its equilibrium position (a distance, in SI units: metres);
F is the restoring force exerted by the spring on that end (in SI units: N or kg·m/s2); and
k is a constant called the rate or spring constant (in SI units: N/m or kg/s2)."[Source: Wikipedia]
Here, Mayor's body weight = 80kg = F

But that's a small bit of elasticity though, have a look at this better one I promised above - 'what if' Mayor was in this scenario instead;

See what I mean! I found this picture on Google and added the rest myself to illustrate, click to enlarge :-)

So, if Mayor's harness was attached to a spring and that was fixed to a rigid door frame, Mayor would have found it very difficult indeed to keep still as he goes up and down like a yo yo and, maybe, if he keeps moving himself, sideways like a pendulum too! ... In which case, Mayor would've taken much longer to achieve a position of stand still, or 'rest', ie, equilibrium ... and it would have been a lot more painful too given all the forces [yo yo action, or elesticity, can resemble doubling his body weight +] working on him ... and that harness, excruciating! ... Ouuuuch! ... imagine if it was all hung on a zip wire too ... Poor Boris, but that's the Physics anyway @@ ... and you can do the Maths, or calculate how long it will take to stand still, etc. To do that, and I mean all of it, not only will you need the laws above, but the laws of 'probability' too, to calculate the two events as he grabbles with the up and down movement of the spring + the side ways movement of the pendulum ... and god knows what else I don't see myself too ...

But I know you can use this Boris example with Solid Mechanics, well, Mayor is more or less 'solid' isn't he? Here is one law ...

Force = Stress x Area

Use that to calculate the stress on the zip wire and so on ... get it?! You can play around with some calculations here ... assuming you have or can guess the different variants, like the length of that zipwire of course ... why not?!

And there is more, for example, PM said that Mayor: "Defies all forms of gravity" ...

And I can believe that! We can do ANYTHING in GB! NOTHING is impossible! Watch Professor Laithwaite of the amaaazing Imperial College ... of London, of course ... perform a miracle ...

Of course, Prof's wheel is roughly a quarter of that weight of 80kg ... But it can be done, if you spin lots more, lots and lots ... then you can 'defy gravity' and even get 'it' propelled higher and higher into space too ... and won't that turn heads! ... Just like heads are turning because of Team GB's brilliant win at the Olympics!

Keep tourner les tetes GB ... et Monsieur Hollande, notre cher ami, la tapis rouge et pre, oui! ;-)

The beauty of science! ... wouldn't you love to see Physics and Maths taught with real life examples in our modern and high tech connected day and age? If only ...

Thank you Mayor, you deserve a Gold too, why not? Plenty about

Please correct me the above if you see mistakes or if you know better ... thanx
... and no, I'm not gonna do the calculations too, you have to do something for yourselves @@

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