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Saturday, 28 July 2012

London Olympics 2012 ...

London Making The World One Family

For London is ...































. Togetherness






Endeavour ... Optimism ... Cheerfulness

World, welcome to

London ...

The World's Capital of Peace ...

... and we're noisy! Dare work all this media 'Together'? Like London ...
That's London, she's ALIVE! ... A Big Party! The Best-est on Earth!
... cos we're NUTS!
The best there is ... yep!

Well, even the font here is refusing to go small!@@

The Queen unites with Bond [
Olympics Ceremony highlights [video][Spectacular!]
A piece of Peace for every participating country [video]n[here]
The greatest show on Earth puts Britain at center of the world [click]
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20 reasons to be [cheerful][
Boris dares it on a [Zipwire]n[more [video]
Hats [On!]
PM meets youngster who lit [cauldron]
DC meets Team GB first 'Gold' [winners][video]n[more]
Not just London games, it's a United Kingdom[games]
Hunt: London has iconic status rosy [future]

Well, Britain's destiny now is to spread a hand of friendship ... on which the Sun never sets .... I hope

Friday, 27 July 2012

Britain is .. One Team .. TEAM GB

“We can work together for a better world with men and women of goodwill, those who radiate the intrinsic goodness of humankind.”

An Egyptian Scarab



... and to EGYPT's team too

... and every other team

One Globe, One Team

One Big Happy Family


Watch out for Olympics Medals [Table]

DC watches Syncronised [Diving]

Team GB first 'Gold' in [Women]'s [Rowing]and men's [cycling]

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Better the delicate diplomacy ...

There are miles rope in the rigging of a square rigged ship. The only way of keeping track of the function of all of these lines was to know where they were located. It took an experienced seaman to know the ropes.

"he [Prime Minister] would never campaign for an “out” vote in a referendum – is in indirect speech. I understand that he was asked by Robert Winnett, the Telegraph political editor, if he would ever campaign for an “out” vote, and replied with a definite, “No.”

It was the wrong answer ... if they want Britain’s future to be in the EU, want the toughest possible negotiating position, and they realise that announcing in advance that you will not walk away from a deal is weak."

... and here is what PM said ....

I think it would be bad for Britain,” he says. “When I look at what is in our national interest, we are not some country that looks in on ourself or retreats from the world. Britain’s interest – trading a vast share of our GDP – is to be in those markets. Not just buying, selling, investing, receiving investment but also helping to write the rules. If we were outside, we wouldn’t be able to do that.”

He adds: “It comes back to this, who are going to be the winning nations for the 21st century? If your vision of Britain was that we should just withdraw and become a sort of greater Switzerland, I think that would be a complete denial of our national interests.

So PM is of the opinion it would be 'bad for Britain', and gave what I too think are very valid reasons for his decision. I say that, because even from before this interview with PM, I felt that 'now' was not the right time to consider leaving the EU. So, personally, I don't support the call for 'any' referendum ... not now, in the middle of a storm is not a time to consult but to 'act', with the main purpose of getting the ship, and the crew to shore, alive!

Look at it from my simple point of view, if I have friends and neighbours whom I also happen to have 'confirmed' interests and business deals with, and assume they all live in a terrace of houses side by side and want to join their separate properties, or refurbish to do away with all the staircases and have just a grand one so that they can rebuild a much bigger house to live together because they think this would give them more room plus facilitate doing better business and provide a cheaper set-up in every way for everyone. But then I decide that no, that's daft as it would also wipe out the individual character of each house and it's occupants and is likely to cause friction in the making then in the long run, it may not even succeed to start with. So I decide I do not want to move in with them because I value my character and I cherish my privacy plus I like my little house and I'm house proud too. But since I don't want to be in 'it', then I need to talk with them about what will become of me and my only detached house in that neighbourhood and all the things we did and will do together that we may not be able to do in the future since the character of the area is changing. What would I do, do I go to them with a red pandana on my head and a pair of boxing gloves on my hands so that they can see that I'm not weak and that I am here to take "the toughest possible negotiating position"? @@

Mmmmm, you know what, that's Rugby style politics! You do amaze me sometimes those who write with such logic, you know! :-D ... because think about it for just one moment my wise friends, if I were them, the now 'many' builders of that under construction house and I see someone coming at me in such a state like a hurricane, I would give them absolutely nothing, and I would throw them out in a hurry with a punch and a kick on the backside and a big loud mouthful too! Then I would gang with my mates and make sure to strip all I can from that outsider even from the dealings we already had before we started the building work. As well as stop that arrogant so and so from benefiting or influencing 'our' decisions once that new house is up and running! And then it will be us sitting 'outside' with that Ouuuch backside, so in effect, I did not only limit my own potential, I've broken it, and I'm the one hurting too! ... Just as DC said! Not very clever, even if the project never completes for those embarked on building work never anticipate anything but hope to succeed, eh?!

So since I still have interests with them, instead of that 'in your face' approach, if I made it my business to let them know they have a friend who won't leave during their difficult times, and ensured good strong relationship with the decision makers on that construction site, which is what DC is doing and I can see another 'special relationship' already formed right at the top, then I would have clout when I talk and get much more than I would if I took that savage approach above. Because not right to let a good friend who stood by you when you were in need down, is it? And if we are good friends, they won't. Let alone a 'special' one, a 'friend' who is also sympathetic to my current situation with all the messy building work and the headache, and one who is still supportive and willing to listen, ie, have an ear and a heart for me ... well, what do you think? Of course, good friends like that don't come easy! Personally, I'd give an arm and a leg to have, and keep, friends like that ... and would, and do, always stick by them too in their moments of need ... those are Gems! ... and that's how friendships like that are just like a treasure that lasts and lasts ... with many 'extra' benefits too ....

So, what will it be then, rough Rugby? Or friendship and delicate diplomacy?

See ... so the moral of the story is, in such situations, it is a much a cleverer thing to do to show your hand to your friends because that also shows that although your loyalties lie mostly with your own family, you still have bags left for your friends too, because I am the loyal type by nature like that ... That is the point of great strength, and the weakness is to do otherwise!

... the reason why those who adopt negative stands in tough times when 'positive' and 'together' are needed, and there is lots out there who are negative about ... you name it! ... they need to have that same quality PM shows to his country first then to his friends ... and show that they too have bags of that 'by nature', because they now look very bad wherever and whoever they are .... or pipe down, honestly!

Support, and MOTIVATE and wish well, for Britain's sake ... please

Added@ 9pm:

An office block not a house, eh? Purrrfect analogy! Why didn't I think of that?! Then again, those are the guys from 'The Telegraph View', no less! ... It does make a big difference that luxury office thingy, doesn't it! Makes the whole idea of fiscal and political integration more viable and achievable ... and each lot can keep their own identity too, unlike my 'house' idea! Not bad, boys n girls ... actually, Brrrilliant! ... but you still need delicate diplomacy and friendship rather than that 'tough' and 'hide' your hand' get you nowhere ideology to achieve what we want though ... anyway, Ma here loves it when the kidz overtake her, and you must be the kids, right? soooo ... till next time ;-)

... and please Lord, let them be the kidz .... >0_0<

DC Tubes [it!]

Pipe Down - Means stop talking and be quiet, which meant lights out and silence, and let the show begin!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Ramadan: A time to find peace ...

Ramadan is here, so Happy month to all Muslims and peace, calm and prosperity to the world.

We say Ramadan is Kareem, meaning generous. This is because the month is a time to remember family, friends, neighbours, the poor, and country and humanity too. Hence it's a month with an emphasis on 'togetherness' and how to always strive to enhance this notion not just among Muslims, but to be inclusive of the whole of humanity too, all equal 'together'. In doing that, one then appreciates God's creation as a whole, and how everything fits in harmony with one another, a circle of peace that never stops turning, always striving to include ... and our duty is to always work towards protecting and preserving this movement and this harmony.

But that's not all, for generous Ramadan is a time to make peace with one's self too. To go spiritual in order to detoxify the soul or give it a polish to allow it to strive to shine, if you like ... all in an effort to establish this same harmony with one's self too so that one can then join in and be included in the grand scheme, in The Lords ring.

This also encourages 'acceptance' This doesn't mean lying down and just taking life's punches and kicks without doing anything about it for that's defeatism. Acceptance can't be more different, for by accepting what your given, that the good parts will have value that will lead to higher contentment, and by accepting the bad parts will you be able to clear your mind to give it space to think clearly and use logic to fight and find solutions. Take someone with a serious disease, for example, what's the point of those who care for you telling you to fight if you're not helped to accept it's presence in the first place? How can anyone fight while being afraid? Hence, one needs to overcome the associated fear first. So, it's accept then fight. Again, say you tried to progress in a certain endeavour but failed, then rather than trying and trying only to meet the same dead end, it is way better to accept the first time, that then clears the mind so that you can clearly and realistically assess your chances of success and decide whether to even give up sometimes, and giving up when one should is not such a bad thing the, on the contrary, it's peace! Or maybe try again or change course if you have a clear mind to make a clear decision. Then the Lord says {ولئن شكرتم لأزيدنكم : if ye are grateful, I will add more (favours) unto you} ... and it's 'acceptance that also helps you be grateful, for any and everything, good or 'perceived' as bad, again so that one can cope. As for the Lord's 'additions of favours', that means either real reward or reward in the form of said coping mechanisms and/or finding solutions, or simply contentment with whatever was given to limit the hurt, hence forming that harmony which leads to peace with 'it'.

Learn and train yourself to 'accept' and be grateful too. Clearing the mind also clears the eyes so you can see better ... it gets people 'together' and make them stronger in that 'unity' ... and then you won't complain or whinge as much, and be the happier and healthier for it too as you see the good before the bad; "lost some money and/or status, but I'm alive and healthy and so is my family, I can make it again", so it's hope, and it is help, to one's self and one another, family, or country ... and it helps remove the fear if you want to fight for a good or worthy cause, or for justice! When in need, The Lord does help, by extending his 'favours', so 'acceptance' is the best motivator as it polishes your principles too :-)

Mind you, acceptance is very hard to do sometimes, but it's your loss if you don't, and we all don't sometimes ... and acceptance is actually a Christian endeavour too ... for Mother Mary 'accepted', and Jesus 'accepted' ...

Then there is more, we all hear people say; "I am always truthful with myself", but whenever I hear that, the first thing that comes to my mind is; "What an arrogant hypocrite!", because if we were, we wouldn't make mistakes at all, and we'd all be near enough to faultless, be angels, but we're not! The Lord also says "If you do a job do it proper", and I'll leave you to think about this one along those lines of being truthful with one's self, or how about refraining from returning an insult, for example, and why do it, do you then lose or win ground? ... and there is loads more, does your friend have more money than you, is s/he better looking, cleverer, luckier? ... and more, and more ... give it a think 'yourself' ...

Acceptance helps you see the good in other people too, since you can see them better ...

So see, fasting is the easy bit, because you soon get used to it, in 2 or three days at the most, then the body picks up and it becomes the norm for the remainder of the month. And it does feel calm and very peaceful ... that's how that 'empty' fits with that hard endeavour to detoxify and clean by being honest then truthful with one's self by admitting, to yourself, all those faults and wrong doings and promising to strive to fix and do no more harm. It is then about forgiving, about that inner pleasure of finding the good within, by the giving to others, by sincerely extending a hand and a clean well meaning heart to others, to everybody without prejudice. Be it family, friends, neighbours, the poor, country, strangers, etc ... and the wisdom reveals itself, of how by cleaning one's self first, can you 'truthfully' join others. How everything can then be joined 'together' in harmony. How that we are then all part of that ring swimming in his kingdom 'together' all calling to The Lord, for all, yours and my own sake ... for 'our' sake you have to work on yourself first, and that's the hardest part, so keep trying ...

Ramadan is indeed generous, for your own peace, with yourself ....

اللهم اقبل دعايا اللهم ارحم شقايا
Alahoma aqbal doa'aya, alahoma arham shaqaya
Humble, accept O Lord my calling you
Be merciful of my endeavour

ياعالم كل الخفايا ان كنت ضليت في عمري
Ya alem kol el khafaya, en kon
t daleet fi omri
O knower of all that is hidden,
if I m
issed the right path

ايماني بعدلك كفاية ياربي
Imani b adlak kefaya ya Rabi
My belief in your fairness[and understanding] sufices,
O Lord

ياربي باندم ياربي واترجي من جوة قلبي
Ya Rabi bandam ya Rabi, watraga men gowa albi
I am remorseful O Lord,
asking from deep within my heart

عفوك يا هادي القلوب مظلومة لكن باتوب
Afwak ya hadi el'eloub, mazlouma laken batoub
For your forgiveness
O bestower of calm on all hearts,
I was wronged[by self] but I repent

ماكانتش بأيدي الذنوب م البداية للنهاية ياربي
Ma kanetsh b'eedy elzenoub, melbedaya lelnehaya ya Rabi,
Sins were not in my hands from begining to end,
O Lord
[Due to temptation]

ياتواب على كل عاصي
Ya tawab ala kol assi
O forgiver of all us sinners

ياغافر كل المعاصي
Ya ghaffer kol elma'assi
Forgiver of all sins

يا تواب
Ya tawab
O Redeemer

اكتبني في التوابين واجعلني في الصالحين
Ektebni fel tawabeen weg'alny fel-saleheen
Write me in the book of those redeemed,
and the righteous

و استرني دنيا ودين ده الامر لك في النهاية
Wasstorni donia wdeen, da el'amr lak fenehaya
Give dignity in my life through my faith,
for your will is above all else

Ya Rabi
O Lord

Everybody, my brothers and sisters around the world,

Ramadan Kareem :-)

Prime Minister David Cameron's message for Ramadan [Peace PM:]

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This is a religious song and not a prayer

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Egypt: Where is the problem?!

Yes, I have been very occupied with Egypt lately ... I want her happy, I want her peaceful, and I want her stable ....

Egyptian Al-Ahram: Clinton meets Egypt generals after urging 'smooth transition' [
click] and with [Morsi]

Her [Mrs Clinton] encouragement did not appear to yield immediate results as Gen Tantawi raised the stakes in his standoff with Mr Morsi by declaring that he would never allow the Muslim Brotherhood to dominate Egypt."

Quite right too, and there is no standoff! ... I can't see where is the problem?! There is none! What Egypt needs now is 'unity' and 'dialogue' to bring 'all' Egyptians together to rebuild their country, that's the only way for my wishes above, and those of every Egyptian, will come true ...

It's good Mrs Clinton took the time and effort to visit Egypt, and like all the Egyptians I know, we all want to be friends with America and everybody else around the world. But Egyptian democracy is in it's infancy and needs lots of time to mature. That the army has found itself politically involved after the revolution and now that there is political turmoil due to the many uncertainties now present, that presence is reassuring to the 48.3% who did not vote for the Islamist president. Islamist does not represent all Egyptians, any specialist group of any kind can never be representative of the whole, be it Islamist, or even professional, or where do you hear of doctors representing engineers, for example?! One sided is never a recipe for success, and we want Egypt to succeed!

The very reason why those like me still want to give the new ruler a chance now that he's been elected, providing everybody adheres to the rule of law as in any mature democracy. However, as I hear either here or in Egypt, many are sceptical. Of course, without everybody being represented, there will never be stability. Not forgetting that the new president and his new staff being unexperienced at governing on such a large scale; for nearly 90,000,000 people, they need time to grow into their new roles too, hence help and assistance from the Army should be welcomed.

Dr Morsi promised to rule for all Egyptians, and even told the people in his first ever speech not to obey him if he doesn't do as he promises! Well, the Army are there to ensure this promise will be the new way for Egypt, and through a democratic dialogue as it should be, and rightly so too! Besides, if by numbers alone, there is an army soldier or officer in every house in Egypt, hence they are part of the people, ie, Egyptians like the rest, and have a right to their say too!

Internally, stability in Egypt can never be built without the unity of all of society be it men, women, young and old, and representing every section of society from moderate, Islamist to liberals, Copts or others ... An Egypt for all Egyptians ... free from persuation too

That's what Dr Morsi promised and that's what the Egyptian people are waiting for him to deliver ... and that's what their Army is there to ensure too! ... And it is their duty!

In Egypt, Army is people too or where else do you see civilians offering friendship with a flower to an Army soldier or officer in a revolution other than in Egypt?!

That alone, speaks for itself!

The Egyptian Army is of the people for the people, and an essential part of Egypt's new democracy, and peace.

And then Egyptians need hope, lots of it!

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As for peace, and on a personal level, here is Jibran's, in classic Arabic, idea of serenity, that very special kind of 'peace' ....

أعطني الناي وغني
Ateni elnay waghani
Give me a flute and sing [with me]

فالغنا - سر الوجود
Falghena ser elwegood
For singing is the secret of existance

وأنينُ الناي يبقى
Wa aneeno elnay yabqa
And the pained tunes of a flute remain

بعد أن يفنى الوجود
Baad an yafna elwegood
When existance remains no more

هل إتخذت الغابَ مثلي
Hal etakhazta alghab methly
Have you ever taken the wilderness, like me

منـزلاً دون القصور
Manzelan doun alqessour?
For a home, instead of palaces?

فتتبعت السواقي
Fa tatab'at al sawaqy
Followed the water mills

وتسلقت الصخور
Wa tassalaqt assekhour
And climbed the rocks

هل تحممت بعطرهِ
Hal tahamamta be'etre
Have you bathed in fresh scent

وتنشفت بنور
Wa tanashafta benour
And dried yourself in it's light

وشربت الفجر خمرًا
Wa sharabta elfagro khamran
Drank dawn like wine

من كؤوس من أثير
Men ke'ous men atheer
In glasses made of breeze

أعطني الناي وغني
Ateni elnay waghani
Give me a flute and sing [with me]

فالغنا -
Falghona khir essala
For singing is best prayer

وأنينُ الناي يبقى
Wa aneeno elnay yabqa
And the pained tunes of a flute remain

بعد أن
Baad an tafna elhayaa
When life remains no more

هل جلست العصر مثلي
Hal jalassta al'assr methly
Did you sit in the afternoon, like me

بين جفنات العنب
Bayna jafnat elenab
Between a delicate crowd of grapes

والعناقيدُ تدلت
Walanaqeedo tadalat
With their bunches hanging down

كثريات الذهب
Ka thoryat ezahab
Like gold shandeliers

هل فرشت العشب ليلًا
Hal farashta al'oshb laylan
Did you spread grass for a sheet at night

وتلحفت الفضاء
Wa talahafta el fada'a
And covered yourself with the space above

زاهدًا في ما سيأتي
Zahedan feema saya'aty
Unperturbed by what is to come

ناسيًا ما قد مضى
Nassyan ma qad mada
Forgetful of what has passed

أعطني الناي وغني
Ateni elnay waghani
Give me a flute and sing [with me]

Falghona adl elqeloub
For singing is stability for the heart

وأنينُ الناي يبقى
Wa aneeno elnay yabqa
And the pained tunes of a flute last

بعد أن يفنى الوجود
Ba'ad an yafna elwegood
When existance lasts no more

أعطني الناي وغني
Ateni enay wa ghany
Give me a flute and sing

وانسى داءًا ودواء
Wansa da'a wa dawa'a
And forget about ills and medicines

إنما الناس سطورٌ
Enama elnasso setouron
For people are but lines

كتبت لكن بماء
Kotebat laken bema'a
Written, but with water ...

Hope with me ....

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