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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Prime Minister's Questions - 27 June 2012

Question-by-question guide

the budget
fuel duty
aid following the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan
tax avoidance
tax cuts for high earners
economic growth
encouraging enterprise in schools
the role of backbench MPs
gift aid
arms trade
increase in government borrowing
flooding and flood insurance
knife crime
the Oldham explosion
job losses in the manufacturing industry
a posthumous VC request for a SAS operative
O-levels and CSE-style exams
Regional Growth Funds
Outside administration of hospital trusts
new logo for international aid

Monday, 25 June 2012

Peace for Egypt

It's been a tiring year and a half for the Egyptians. Protests, loud noises, lack of security and safety, lots ... all uncharacteristic, all too exhausting.

I had a feeling this was going to happen, but still had a glimmer of hope Shafiq would win, but he didn't, by a hair!

I am not a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood nor do I believe in religion involved in politics.

But Egypt has had enough turbulence and needs to calm down now. Hence, regardless of who won, the people are tired and hungry for the return of stability, security and normality ... and for that and for their sake, I congratulate Dr Morsy and hope Mr President elect will make that his urgent priority, unite as he promised yesterday as well as address the harsh economic situation too. I wish him the wisdom, patience and good luck to do all that. I also hope those other half of the population who were sceptic like myself to take a rest now and give Dr Morsy a chance too.

I am not a quota person, in anything, the reason why I hope Dr Morsy's team will be chosen on merit and not because they represent certain groups so that they can work together in harmony to achieve best solutions to those difficult tasks ... and there is plenty of people of merit in Egypt.

I also hope Mr Mubarak gets well soon, and that those in charge now will have the heart to spare the ill old man further suffering.

Peace and prosperity for Egypt

Egypt's president-elect Morsy begins forming government [click]
David Cameron
welcomes President-elect Morsi's awaited inclusive government [click]
British Foreign Secretary statement on the Presidential Elections in Egypt [click]
Morsy starts consultations over presidential team and Cabinet [click]
Defeated presidential candidate to form political party: Shafiq campaign [click]
Ahmed Shafiq leaves Egypt after presidential election loss [click]
Egypt: Mohammed Morsi to select government of technocrats [click]
Morsi pictures not to be hung in govt buildings: Spokesman [click]
New Egypt president has tight window on economy [click]
Mohamed Morsi to pick woman and Christian as Egypt's vice-presidents [click] and [here]
... and [more]

*Read article, but ... you can't ignore politics, including and specially foreign affairs, because it is crucial now that this needs urgent rebuilding to bring Egypt properly back into the global community again, as a 'partner and a friend of everybody', the only way to prosperity now, and Egypt deserves to prosper! [click]

... and Morsy is making friends, with [Britain]!
Clinton's cautious [praise]

Egypt's president-elect Mohammed Morsi to announce country's 'rebirth' at Tahrir Square rally [click] and [video] [here], and full 'in Arabic' [speech] and [comment], and previous winning [speech]
Egypt activists set up website to monitor new president [click]
Daunting challenge for Egypt's new president [click]
Shafiq: I was surprised by Morsy's winning [click]
In 'Islamist' Egypt, generals still have final say [click]
Egypt's new president Mohammed Morsi takes oath of office [click]

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dance, O bright one ...

I saw you dancing last night
on the roof of your house
all alone.
I felt your heart longing for the Friend.
I saw you whirling
beneath the soft bright rose
that hung from an invisible stem in the sky.
So I began to change into my best clothes
in hopes of joining you,
even though I live a thousand miles away.
And if you had spun like an immaculate sphere
just two more times,
then bowed again so sweetly to the east,
you would have found God and me
standing so near
and lifting you into our arms.
I saw you dancing last night
near the roof of this world


Ps: Turn the volume right down, to a whisper ... and that photon, the light particle ....
Can you see it, up there?

Happy Sunday :-)

The Higgs Boson

Flute (Nay): Reda Bedair
A' l helwa wel morra; 'There, through the sweet times and the bitter times'

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Geeeee ...

EU not at G20 to take lessons on economy [click]

Mr Barroso, Europe’s crisis has nothing to do with America
The aummit of delusion [click]
G20 summit communique [click]
Is the G20 headed in the same direction as the Euro [click]
... and more from The Telegraph [click]
The IMF helping the euro is feeding the monster on our doorstep [click]
Cats ... [click]
The G20 is a pointless jolly for the global corporatist elite [click]
Condition [acute] for eurozone [click]
The Big4: Angela talks 'Growth'! [click]
Barroso is wrong, the U.S. is not responsible for the European debt crisis [click]

Song: Macarena

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Love, can not be priced ...

New immigration clampdown demands £20,000 salary for Brits to marry a foreigner [click]

People are not just what they earn [video]

All the dating agencies and all the efforts. The faster and more stressful pace of life has changed many norms that were known to my generation. In the relentless endeavour to compete and succeed, that being defined by that faster pace of the today world, many young, and not so young, people find it much harder now to find their second half, anywhere! And with global unemployment being on the rise as it is, many people, young as well as older, do and will move around the globe in search of work ... lucky if they find the love they never found at home too.

But then, if they do and want to come back home, they may not be allowed to bring their loved one back to Britain if they haven't made it to near enough to £20,000 a year! More if they have already had children ... meaning families breaking up, heartache, both! What if children are involved too? Guess ... or let me tell you ... a life of torment and turmoil!

The Home Office is saying it wants to do that because it wants to stop fictitious marriages where some Brits marry for money, then go their separate ways once the foreign partner gains resident status in the country. I imagine that the government therefore must have evidence that the majority of those who offer that 'service' are from lower socio-economic groups, hence this answer would stop the practice ... I think not. I think that the practice will simply move up market! Up market means, not only more costly, but more organised! ... and with bigger money to be made, imagine the consequences! Watch the suspects for longer instead? Yes, because if there is no 'love', eventually, there will be no 'together'!

The government also says that this measure would stop people from bringing in foreign spouses only to rely on state benefits soon as they arrive. But then, there is a big difference between someone who will rely on the state temporarily until they can stand on their own feet from others who make it a way of life. I do not know why would a Brit deliberately cross the globe to bring in a partner for the sake of such endeavour only! How many people are involved is maybe a small number anyway. Besides, that's the point of 'state'; or the understanding with compassion leading to helping for a while when in real need. Why not in this situation here? Allow them a year or so if in need to keep those who want to be together to stay together, then remove that help at source if they do not stay together or if they do not try hard to sustain themselves. Control new and untied immigration how you like, but it is harder to find real love these days; help, and not break it.

And ... those you intend to stop this way may actually be some of the ones who have such high dreams, will, stamina and ambition, you may actually end up stopping some of those who would benefit this country most; those of the 'people make money, not money makes people' type ...

I can understand the feelings of that young man in the BBC video in the second link above, that these measures are likely to stop genuinely good people rather than the rogue. However, I do not think it is right to call the government names every time we want to discuss new policy. In a democracy, we will sometimes disagree and discuss, it is then best to have a calm, more rational for and against argument ... after all, this measure is not just about immigrants, but about All Brits falling in love and wanting to bring in their loved ones from abroad.

Of course it is much easier to fall in love with the neighbour next door, but that's not how love works. The more so in our modern on the move socially connected globe of nowadays.

That same young man says that he, with his mother, may have not been allowed entry if these measures were in place at the time they moved to Britain, true. I would not have been in the same situation, but, though I spoke the language, I too would have most probably not have been allowed to stay either ... if I had been asked about the battle of Hastings, for example, to prove my Britishness ... I do not do wars or ever study battles of any kind as I see them for what they are; death and destruction. But I do do Britishness. Whatever that means to the government and that test, to me, this simply means ...


You can't put a price, or a test, on that ....

Will DC [pass] the [test]? and [video]
Obama stops deporting young illegal [immigrants]
Obama: It's the right thing to do [click] and [commentry]
A humanitarian [action]

So I married a Mongolian [click]

Bride sings love ballad to her groom as she walks down the aisle [

Doctor husband banned from living in UK

Opera: O Mio Babbino Caro

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Prime Minister's Questions: 13 June 2012

Question-by-question guide

third runway at Heathrow
Baroness Warsi
Jeremy Hunt
Independent Adviser on Ministers’ Interests and Leveson Enquiry
relationship between politicians and the press
Liberal Democrats abstention from vote
Falkland Islands and World Bank loans to Argentina
Bomber Command memorial
reduced services at hospitals
regional Cabinet meetings
electrification of Midland Mainline railway
coaching of ministers before Leveson sessions
appeal against waste burning incinerator
NHS reliance on charitable donations
High Speed Two
planned UNITE transport strikes during the Olympics
NHS patient satisfaction results
primary school places
food banks
Spanish bank bail out
extradition of Gary McKinnon
closure of NHS walk in centres
publishing Downing Street phone records
HMRC duty on beverages
flooding and insurance

Friday, 8 June 2012

Cats ...

Oh, as long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive ...

From Egypt ... to everywhere ....
Cats will go anywhere out of need, to find food ... and love ....

A few originals ... well, nearly! ... cos they are so adapatable, you never really know! ... I've always wondered if it was wise to protect certain cat species? So versatile, so diverse, so I think not! I don't think I like the forced breeding too, it's barbaric, and not very healthy either! Some do though, so it would be difficult to convince and change those who have their hearts and minds set on that type of thing ... but where there is a will ... and when you don't force, some will naturally love there own kind and look the same still, but thenlet them be and, look at this ...

See what I mean? You just leave them to roam and get on with it! And when love is there, then ... Competition? What competition?! Those are survival kings and queens! Look at them, aren't they gorgeous! So beautiful, so loving, so everything, sooo adorable ... and they share 45 lives between them too ... so beautiful ... don't you just wish all animals were cats ....

They look a bit similar, don't they? ... but the reality is, they are very different, impossible different, aren't they! They are the epitome of "Oh, no no no no, that will never work, those can never be in love ... friends maybe, but never lovers, even if one is a cat and the other is a rabbit, or two successful species each in it's own right! Because there is no 'together' here, there can't be 'together' here ... and if they try, they will definitely be doomed to fail! But then, this is not the case, for the animals in that jungle are all cats ...

... and that was 'the' mistake' they made! It could've been a fatal mistake too, as some think now! I, too, made that very same mistake here, although the 'domesticated' bit is right, I assumed different species from many families of the animal kingdom, when I should have considered just the 'one' family and it's sub species, and that's why my result too was fatal! Me of all people! But now that have I realised where I went wrong ... I wonder ...

... what if I think about it again? ... and, OH WOW! :-D... and so I have now done a U-Turn, I've changed my mind, the Euro may not be killed anytime soon ... the Euro can and will survive ... if the time is right, and if you play your cards right ... and do a bit of enticing here and there .... Inter-Eurozone migration is the answer, if the Euro is to survive with all it's politics and fisics ... and that can't be done at speed, it takes time. [sorry I keep adding to this post, can't help it! ... a messed up post? Yes, that's how this whole Eurozone business feels to me now!]

Yet another midnight thinking aloud bit;
What if Angela got her way, and it now looks more likely she may well do, and what if Scotland decided to leave the union? Where will the rest of the us be? Would we still be able to keep our permanent seat on the Security Council, for example? Weaker, and neighbouring a mega state, would we then have no other option but to join the Merkel superstate ourselves? Would Scotland be able to stand alone then? Or join seperately sooner or later?

Oh dear!

Angela Merkel, swimming instructor [click]
Q&A: What the German proposals mean for Britain [video]
Osborne hints at EU referendum as Cameron bats away Merkel's 'nonsense' demands for a European superstate [
... and [more]
David Cameron arrives for eurozone talks in Berlin [click]
George Osborne: Britain's recovery is being 'killed' by euro crisis [click]
Credit ratings: how Fitch, Moody's and S&P rate each country [click]
UK and Europe languish in a 'zombie bank’ malaise [click]
Cameron summits, quads and secrets may yet save the EU [click]
Britain must choose its way in the EU’s darkest hour [click]

Britain should stay in EU, says Eurosceptic think tank [click]
Germans thinking the unthinkable [click]
What happens if Angela gets her way?[click] and [more]
EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' [click]
Uncertainty ... is agony [click]
Greece brain drain 'wrecking my social life' [click]
Scottish independence: Alistair Darling warns of 'no way back'[click]
Britain outside the [EU?]

Angela Merkel tells young [unemployed] Europeans to [move]

Btw, below is Larry, our highly esteemed Chief Moucer ... look at him so proud! Of course, what an achievement! Cos you know, he was a stray cat once ... so they brought him in and kept him in doors for a month, and now it is his home! ... and the original occupiers are just his guests! Guests come and go ... not Larry!

... and the question is, would he survive if he was made to move to yet another house, or even become a stray again?

Well, I'm a cat person myself ... so I think I know the answer ... actually, I am sure I do know the answer ...

Larry will survive, he will survive .... you'll find a way, won't you Larry?

- You will, won't you, won't you, you goooorgeous cat ... nine lives, eh?! ... and you'll soon make anywhere your proud home, won't you?! Let's see now then...

- Puurrrrrrr ... purrrrr ... Grrrrrr ... Grrrrrr ... Bekhkhkh! @@

- Oh dear, what have I done now ... I was only joking, you know!

Here Larry, off you go ... join the Big Party, enjoy ... and let's show ... and awe, the whooole wide world ... who we all are ....

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Elizabeth ER ... our beautiful Queen

A sea of love ... for 60 years ...

Many happy returns


[Her][Majesty][Queen][Elizabeth II][Diamond][Jubilee][2-5][June].[Offical][website][of][The][British][Monarchy].[Jubilee][photos][and][site].[Send][message][to][The][Queen][and][events:].[Razzle][dazzle][Brits].[Spectacular!] ... [Yep!:]

Diamond Jubilee: Queen 'humbled' by celebrations [video]
Diamond Jubilee: Queen's procession in open carriage [video]
Diamond Jubilee: David Cameron's St Paul's reading [video]
Cameron: Jubilee celebrations show 'best of Britain' [video]
Diamond Choir performs The Call of Wisdom [video]
... and day 4 in [pictures] ... and [more]

[Pomp] and [ceremony]

London Philharmonic Orchestra [preparations]
Watch Jubilee Concert [here]