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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Uncertainty ... is agony

This is a classic Greek song called 'Agony' ... all in black and white, and grey ...

Sad song, but they do clap at the end ....

Η καρδιά μου πληγωμέν

I kardia mou pligomeni

My heart hurts

σ' αγαπά μα ραγισμένη

s' agapa ma ragismeni ...

It loved but was broken

μυστικά με βασανίζει με μανία

mistika me vasanizi me mania

Now I am secretly going mad

η ζωή πριν μας χωρίσει

i zoi prin mas horisi

This part of life passed before us

προσπαθώ να βρώ μια λύση

prospatho na vro mia lisi

And I’m trying to find a solution

αγωνία αγωνία

agonia, agonia ...

Agony, agony

Αγωνία με λαχτάρα να σε νοιάζομαι

Agonia me lakhtara na se niazome

The agony of longing for that kindness

αγωνία δυστυχώς να σε μοιράζομαι

agonia distikhos na se mirazome

But unfortunately that agony is now just pitied ...

Με καρδιά χίλια κομμάτια

Me kardia shilia kommatia

With a heart broken into a thousand pieces

σε κοιτάζω μές στα μάτια

se kitazo mes sta matia

I look at you straight in the eye

αν εμένα αγαπάς να το διαβάσω

an emena agapas na to diavaso ...

Trying to read

μια φωτιά με τριγυρίζει

mia fotia me trigirizi

A wandering fire

η ζωή μου δεν θ' αξίζει

i zoi mou den th' aksizi

But it seems I don't deserve it in this life, and ...

αν σε χάσω αν σε χάσω

an se khaso an se khaso

If I lose, if I lose ...

Αγωνία με λαχτάρα να σε νοιάζομαι

Agonia me lakhtara na se niazome

The agony of longing for that kindness

αγωνία δυστυχώς να σε μοιράζομαι

agonia distikhos na se mirazome

But unfortunately that agony is now just, pitied ...

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Happiness is ...

This came to me in an e-mail from a cousin ...

I'm not sure if the statistics are accurate, but they are good enough to make the point ...

Which I think means to say that regardless of whatever else, because we all have some of this and that, that 'happiness' is mostly in 'acceptance' ...

If so, then Amin to that

Happy Sunday ...


Friday, 25 May 2012

Hyper Media ... and bubbles!

A question of judgement?

"A politician would have to take the ultimate decision about whether News Corp would be allowed to take full control of BSkyB - whether, in other words, the Murdoch family empire extended its media power"

As a member of the public, I feel this done to death now topic still occupying a prominent place in all media is so boring and is a very ill-timed affair too, given what is happening in Europe and the world now and the impact on us! Spare us please ...

That said, had News Corp offered that full take over of all of BSkyB while recent past governments were in office instead of the current government, would that empire have won that bid and gained full control or not?

Seeing just a little of what went on before, I am 'very' inclined to believe that that contract would have, not just been signed, but delivered to the emperor with a kiss and a red rose and on a silver plate too, because that was the prevailing culture then! ... and BSkyB would have now had that 'one' owner with all what that means in terms of what's being investigated now!

Media, how about your judgement if that alernative scenario had happened? Why is no one commenting on that?!
Only, the it hadn't happenned, because the whole affair stopped on the current government's watch, and good for this government they made sure this culture is no more too!

Of course, members of the public don't have the same interests in that story as the media, hence find it boring now , and that's how we judge it!

The very reason why we now question the media's judgement since we've been wondering, for a long while now, why is this energy sapping trivial subject that's no more is being prioritised over and above what really matters to the public and to the country most now?! Why is something in such a specialised area that does not really concern or impact the public is being relentlessly followed and vemently pursued by such distinguished members of our most distinguished media at a critical time when we need all that energy focused to help solve the dire problems we all face now? Where is your support and your help everybody, instead of this fruitless continuous distraction to our government from what really matters and during such times of great uncertainty for all of us?!

Please, the people out there are really worried about that Euro Crisis, it's effect on the globe, and on our own economy too. Liveliehoods and not that feeble, silly, even what is beginning to look more like an irresponsible 'story' line! A story that is all hype and no substance ... just like soap bubbles blown in the air only to burst soon as they attempt to fly. Well, this one too is a now a none flyer, or have you forgotten?! That deal did not go through after all!

Thanks to our current government! They stopped it, when others before them didn't and instead, allowed it to mushroom out of control until it nearly became an unquestionable norm!

It has been stopped now though and that's what matters, and our government should be commended for that, but I haven't seen any such gesture so far ... ??!

We the public do notice things like that too, so media, please take note of that sometimes ...

Thank you ...

On another note, and on one other trivial matter, I just want to say that it is always the very special only who attract all the attention, and never forget that. Then we, as in PM, won't get teased anymore to begin with, because those who tease us always know we're the responsive type precisely because we're the decent type, and so, they do it on purpose. And we are so mannered, we even end up being the ones appologising too, while they run around complaining too! Wicked, and very naughty ... and it's not on!

Best to abort their endeavours from the start, by
automatically acknowledging what's being thrown for what it really is first, then there won't be any anger. The easiest thing in the world then is to have a relaxed little smile, even a little chuckle, with that straight in the eye look at where the teasing and the like is coming from ... and it works better than any speech. If however one, to start with, can't help but say something, and since we, as in everybody, all occasionally meet with a little of that teasing, then I personally used to train myself, in front of a mirror believe it or not and sometimes at a photo of certain individuals if I have it, on how not to get teased, where I reflected on certain incidents and imagined some new and formulated a way best to respond. I also used to practice how to prepare templates that can be used in any occasion, then make a calm but quick reply on the 'subject', never on the 'person', to preserve my rights as well as show the teasing for what it really is as well as frustrate the whole naughty endeavour ... hence form a reply such as in a 'ridiculous or idiotic policy or proposal', instead of a 'ridiculous person', for example ... or a frustrated endeavour instead of a frustrated individual, etc ... it then implies 'them' without actually ever stating it, and with the right look, smile and sarcastic tone when suitable, it does turn the tables round and teases those aiming to tease us ... so easy to do and it works. Then, when we've mastered it, there will come the time when we won't need templates any more! So, to all those who do get teased, try it ... it's a very satisfying excercise too, and yes, revenge IS 'sweet'! Taking a breath in before we speak helps as well, and helps perfect the technique too ... and when the teasing doesn't work anymore, those who do it usually give up and stop ...

... it's all just another trivial hype and bubbles in the air after all ... if only we remember that ...

Mind you, I don't like boring, and prefer a bit of parliamentary macho action myself, it is another satisfying solution after all ... and much more fun to watch too ....


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Prime Minister's Questions: 23 May 2012

Question-by-question guide

UK deficit
Beecroft Report – Employment legislation
Metal theft
Youth employment
NHS waiting lists
Export Finance Guarantee Scheme
Parenting – early years intervention
Prisoner voting rights
Manufacturing investment
Birmingham City Council
Child neglect law
Legal loan sharking
UK economy
Science funding
Police numbers
UK Border Agency performance and bonuses
Political party funding
Infrastructure and housing investment
Judicial pensions
Abuse in detention centres

Prime Minster's statement on G8 and NATO [No 10]

Monday, 21 May 2012

Euro crisis ... G8 Summed! :-)

... about 33 minutes later ....

... and Mr President, you're coooooool ....


PS: Britain is not a member of the Eurozone and hence, can only advise and did advise and keeps on advising. However, it seems that those whose business it is to solve the crisis are not taking note ... and the fear continues.

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

It's game time! :-)

Intrigue ... Murder ... Mystery ... Suspense ... and a bit of laughter too ....

... Death on the Nile ....

Agatha Christie's timeless Masterpiece! ... and what a Masterpiece!

Did you know it was originally 'a play' called
Moon on the Nile? A book, a play, a film ... and now in game format too, well, it has been for a while, but what a game!

The magificent Hercule Poirot, be him, your own detective ... observe, cherche, et find out ... who done it?!
Clues, hints ... and lots of joy ...

Try a straightforward 'look around' little taster here, or for an hour with a bit of investigate with Poirot, or even buy the whole thing cheap here ... or shareware fr free , but I haven't tried this one, it must be the same game though ... is it?

Or ... how about the film? Forget about the rest, here is the one and only 1978 classic and best ... with Peter Ustinuv, my favourite ...

Here ....

Oh dear, film was removed and can't find another full version on youtube! ... but here is another, from part 2 onwards ... 

7 October: I found part 1 [here] ... No, removed too!

30 October 2012 [It seems someone is adamant to stop the 1978 version od Death on the Nile from appearing on you tube, naughty them! Sooo, here is the 2004 version and I hope it stays!]

... and just in case you had a really busy week and can't be bothered with the heavy stuff and want to keep light, then ... how about a simple animals on a farm game? You can dress them up, drag and pull and rearrange them around how you like ... or ... you can colour them, skip them on a rope, or make them dance , and even make them go crazy too!

Brilliant stuff! Ennnjoy ...

... and have a fun filled Sunday, everybody, after all ... you're worth it!


DC: Master of chillaxing [click] ... and keep it up Big Boss!
Afterall, those who can't relax, can't produce
Better a chillaxed prime minister than a workaholic [click]

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Lean on me, call me, call me if you need a friend? ... OK, nice, I need a friend, why not? ... only, no number to call on! A fake invitation then, eh?!

I don't blame him! You can lean on someone once, lean twice, but forever?! Who is going to take that?! ... it's abuse, and there is a difference between genuine need and abuse! So, no surprise if 'friend' here threw the phone away then, or even if those offering help run away to a side road if you meet by chance somewhere, I bet you would run away too if all those folk above came after you time and time again! Because there comes a time when you need to tell them to 'go lean on 'yourself''!

... and this is why that 'Euro' idea was a fake from the start, a doomed to failure faulty endeavour right from the beginning. Because it encouraged countries not only to spend what it hasn't got and borrow up to their eyeballs to do so, but it also killed their survival instincts on the way too, and they turned from prosperous and happy countries into miserable 'Countries on benefits'!

Just like all those animals here, they fend for themselves and live happily in the wild, but then man comes in and their 'domestication begins! Give them food, give them treats, spoil them ... and so we destroyed their natural instinct to work to survive and propagated and encouraged a something for nothing culture. Then if for any reason we stop, what happens? ... BEG! ... and, there are some who will teach them how to beg too! ... and yes, if I don't feed my cats they will either learn to beg to survive, or die! Because by keeping them, I too have killed their survival instincts, well, nearly!

Exactly what the Euro did to Europe!

Faulty model right from the very start! And now they are trying to save it! Only, whatever they do, and even after years and years of trying, it will never work! ... and the misery will spread all over too because of the Euro's doing!

Why? Because beside the above, all those animals in it's 'zone' have different habits, different habitats, different energy and work levels, different feeding requirements, different sleeping patterns, different ... you name it, despite them being all animals, but they are all not 'one' but very different species ... and this is the point and the reason why trying to provide for all of them by just one method, whatever this method is, won't work! Unless you cage them in a zoo of course, hence the 'zone', then you can do what you like; feed them, teach them to play, or even to beg from you and for you too. But then they will definitely lose their freedom, and develop dependency on you ... and if you disappear for any reason, they die! ... or learn to beg somehow to survive ... but they will never be the same proud and happy animals again.

That's what the Euro did to Europe! ... it turned it into a fake 'zone'!

It assumed that countries as different as those animal species above have the same attitudes to everything, when it was never the case and never will be the case. It didn't allow for people to be different, as they are. It thought the Greeks will be as hard working as the Germans, for example, that they will be as disciplined as them, that they were capable of following the same systematic approach to management and to life like them. It expected that the Irish will be like that too, and the Spanish, the Portuguese, the French ... etc, etc, 17 different species and ONE rigid system, a cage! ... and it isn't working, and now most but one is begging for freebies where they were proud people before! Sad, but nooo wonder! ... and although we are not in that cage ourselves, we are the neighbours, and if all your neighbours are beggars, what do you expect?!

The Euro did that, it turned happy and prosperous nations into a collection of beggars waiting for handouts, and expecting them as if they were rights too! ... Only, the one doing the best and has benefited the most is the most disciplined and hard working. And since she has prospered when others didn't as a result, she gave handouts. But it seems now she thinks she has given enough, and had enough? And even if they agree to give more because of foreseeable further benefit, for how long more will her people agree to give, while the takers neglect to help themselves, even though they were the very reason for their rising prosperity?! And what will happen to those dependant on the handouts meanwhile?! Stagnate further and sink further until comes the point where they, like those animals, would die if the 'kindness' stopped!

You know, that farce sometimes feels like I am watching an ill written and ill acted play in a theatre, but it's not, it's for real ... and no end in sight either! ... and you don't know whether to laugh or cry ...

Fiscal and political cage?! Why would that work then?! Will the people change because you put them in yet a tighter cage?! Will the colourful now become colourless?! No! So, there will be more loss of freedom, and of sovereignty, and undemocratic impositions from above, and will everybody involved take all this lying down and let be played around like pieces of chess?! I think not, so this won't work either because of the same reason, the 'cage' with 17 different species! Save the Euro, indeed! End the nightmare, Kill the Euro! Swallow your pride?! No, Europe, please lean on no one and call on no one but yourself, revive your pride and end the self inflicted sorrow ... and yes YOU can!

Kill the Euro, if only to put it out of it's misery, and free all those caged by it's faulty principle! The ripples will affect us, yes, but although the shock will be sharp, it will be short, for everybody, because we're talking about people not animals ... and those people of all those differing cultures and background and attitudes will then wake up and return to endeavour to rebuild themselves and their countries as soon as they kill that 'fake' that took them behind. Work as hard as they possibly can once they get out of that self made cage and gain back their FREEDOM! ... much better than trying and trying for years and years to save a fake and end up flopping then crashing every time ... on some, or a few heads!

... and the amazing thing is, the imposed cuts are trying to reform welfare amongst other measures. Good idea, but why doesn't the same principle apply to this catch 22 situation too; to 'countries on welfare' ... and before we all end up on benefits too?!

Now is the time to do just that, and for that, kill the Euro! Then you can help those in genuine need stand on their feet again once and for all ... That is 'real' kindness and camaraderie.

For one, Greece is rich, in people, in resources, and material wealth too ... and I would give the colourful Greeks a year or two before they are up and running again! Out of the cage and free, they will get all the money they are 'saving' under the carpet too and get back to hard work and build their ancient country again ... it has always been a survival queen after all ... Same can be said for the Spanish ... the Portuguese, the Italians ... the French ... and 'us'! All we need is some common sense ... a valuable commodity now ....

Good luck in Washington Big Boss and Monsieur Hollande ... and everybody else of course :-)

And, I don't agree with Jeremy this time, because the reason why consumer spending has gone down is precisely because of the uncertainty in Europe, it's bad effect on us and the unspeculated long time needed to fix the mess! How long if it continues on that snail like pace, any idea? Well, unless this mess is cleared, people will be cautious ... the very reason we find it ridiculous, and naive, that some are asking for 'plans' for growth in this turbulent climate too ... we just need to hold tight, plan to steer that ship through the rough sees, do our best to create whatever we can create, make friends and cooperate with them everywhere, and yes, work hard ... and hope ...

... and btw business folks, since when was the phrase 'Work hard' been made a swear word?!
Let's hope :-)

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Prime Minister's Questions: 16 May 2012

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discussions with President Hollande
UK economy
front-line police numbers
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EU Economic crisis
Andy Coulson security clearance
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