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Sunday, 29 April 2012


Her and ... anti - her
She is happy? ... or, possessed?! @@

Happy? Ok, that other woman must be her reflection in a mirror then. So, bring the drums and the dancers, and let's celebrate ... Hear that drum? ... no one can drum like an Egyptian! And he gets himself into a trans, a peculiar state of mind! Of course he has to, because the mind can not cope with the speed of his hands on that drum and the resulting pain too - and yet take more orders! Humans are intelligent, yes, but super, well ... the norm is just like a bi-lingual though, if you try to translate from one language to another, the process will slow down because you're crowding your mind with an extra job, you're not allowing it to do what 'it' wants to do alone ... so, if you're not 'super', then you mustn't ... better just put yourself onthe 'Auto pilot', and speak, or it won't work!

... and no one can move that body to those drums like an Egyptian either, where every muscle moves, and with that kind of exercise, who needs those machines at the gym?! Again, she maybe thinking about the routine, but not about every little move, same principle as a drummer and bi-lingual! Move, they both do - pain, they both feel, while on auto pilot, in a 'trans'!
... and for some reason, maybe same reason, most drummers end up getting together, then marrying their best dancers too!

All Egyptian women can dance. Perhaps not like her in that video, because that's a ZAR dance that looks more like how Egyptian dance was done a hundred years or so ago, or even in ancient Egypt time. But all Egyptians can move those muscles ... and all Egyptian men can drum. Surely not like him, but they can hold the rhythm at the very least ... So, rhythem inside, the first thing Egyptians hear in any music ... it's in the blood ... in the DNA ... the culmination of thousands of years of practice ... and maybe way beyond! Who knows how long, who knows ...

Back to that 'Anti' stuff and what if this woman sitting behind her up in that photo right on top is not a reflection in a mirror? The picture is hazy, sooo, most probably, it's not a reflection behind her, but her 'anti'! If it is, then that meeting is partial and can be helped ... because anything and it's anti must never meet in full ... ever ...

Partial is 'possessed' ... she, needs exorcism! @@

Problem is, once you enter the realm of the unknown, you can't see! ... you know what 'anti' looks like because after all, it's only the negative of the original ... but why assume it's the exact opposite, in exactly the opposite direction? Truth is, whatever that is, it most probably is 'chaos' , no certain order ... and so, the reality, if that exists, or if you can call it that because that too is questionable, is, you don't know which direction it follows, or which direction you should follow ... so, it's a hit and miss in the dark, not in one direction, but in all roads and ways ... and with a sincere hope to win!

Of course, another problem is, there are no straight lines in nature ... and no 'full', as in 'complete' true circles either ... or even a true curve - maybe that's why once you enter that second realm, that unknown, the super natural - you need to improvise ... and innovate, if you are to get anywhere ... or wait a minute, is there straight lines and full circles, and proper curves, in the unknown/s? Of course you don't know, I don't know either, and maybe, nobody knows ... who knows?! ... but it is well worth considering in a realm where everything goes ....

There is a bad eye ... I can't see it .. but it sees me! Do something ....

Untreated, it collects ... and collects ... and collects ....
Untreated, it may one day reach 'full' anti ... and, poor woman in that photo on top ....

As you can see, to help her, we need to forget about 'reason', rid of 'logic' too ... if we are to deal with the 'chaos' she's in ... and find her a cure ... how? How do I know?! But they say the Ethiopians had a good idea ... and cured many cases of possessed ... how? They performed a ZAR!

What is that? Well, since what you want to deal with and cure is 'chaos', and since depending on 'science' won't work because that can only follow straight lines, or 'calculated' breaks of same at chaotic intervals at best, and that always leads to order anyway, hence science is blinkered ... and since you in reality own nothing to work with but whatever worldly possessions, then major offerings must be part of the cure, but never enough when dealing with the 'anti'. Because by virtue of it's nature, it is Anti-possessions ... or is it? Better make those offerings any way then, and plenty! An extravagant feast, and make some sacrifitions too! What a mess ...

So, think! What else do 'you', and only you, have that is more valuable than earthly possessions?! Nothing ... but your own body and it's senses! Then you must use each and everyone of those; see, hear, touch, smell and taste ... add movement too. Then, like that drummer in the video, you must do all you can to induce that 'trans' state ... when he really got into 'it', where you are no longer able to control the mind ... do everything you can to force your mind to switch to that 'Auto pilot'! How, well, if you can't drum as vigourous as him, no alternative left but to dance of course. Not in an organised, or even tasteful manner, or even decent manner, since it's not for enjoyment, but it can take any shape! No style even, just random, and the more muscles you move, the more are the chances of your success at defeating those demons! So, move it ... to very loud music ... deafening music ... get yourself into a dance frenzy! ... one that can frighten those demons, and drive them well away! Only then can the exorcism be complete, can that poor woman be cured ... when she dances herself to a 'trans' state and falls to the floor ... exhausted, pained, but cured! ... and that screeeam as the demon finally comes out, that releeease!

Only, was it the Ethiopians who first practised ZAR? I think not ...

Of course, whole countries sometimes needs a ZAR too when they are overwhelmed by 'antis' ... so, keep those rumours coming, keep them coming ... after all, in a ZAR, there is no real ritual, but, anything and everything goes ... even the macabre, within one's own limits, to the unbelievable, and the dreadful ... in a ZAR, there is no logic ... no reason ... just you ... and 'loud' ... veeery loud! ... until you are cured ....

Horus sees all, knows all, know you're troubled ... and if you call, Horus will help ...

You need a flute, the oldest musical instrument ever ... it emulates the sound of the Nile's waters flowing ... the elixir of life

... and the offerings ... those are a must, so ... be generous if you want that ultimate of hopes done!

Hali wana ahali
Take a sweet, and I'll take a sweet

Ah ya labssa eltarha taly
O wearer of the Tulle veil

Er'ossy wana aghany, ah ya labssa el tarha taly
Dance and I sing, O wearer of the Tulle veil

Halawet-ha zayda heta yaklouha esa'a seta
She has that extra sweetness, to eat at 6'oclock

Ya si Ali Louz
Ya Master Ali Louz


Ah ya helwa ya khefa ya sabya
Oh sweet, light on the heart, young maiden

Ah ya amara benourha melalyah
O you moon like, shining like a brilliant pearl

El leel mawal w da kol ma taal
Night is a symphony, and the longer it lasts

Khala elashek le gamalek aal
It makes the adorer of your beauty say ...

Halawet-ha zayda heta yaklouha esa'a seta
She has extra sweetness, to eat at 6'oclock

Ya si Ali Louz
Ya Master Ali Louz


Ya ekhwaaati
[as in help me brothers and sisters]

Ya akhwati aleeha ya latafet-ha
Oh brothers look at her and her grace

Fel ra'ss w re'et khatwet-ha
As she dances with that deinty step

Alah aleeha w ala hawaleeha
Oh Lord look at her, and the aura that surrounds her

Malha f eenak, falfel ya azoul
Salt in your eye, peper on your soul, O envious ones

Halawet-ha zayda heta yaklouha esa'a seta
She has that extra sweetness, to eat at 6'oclock

Ya si Ali Louz
Ya Master Ali Louz


Di halawaaa
She is sweeeeet

Di halawa, latafa w kolaha zou'a
She is sweet, dainty and full of grace

W di sakna ma'aly, f Qasr Eshou'A
And she lives in high places, in the district of 'Passion Palace'

Ah, di halawa beida, mamoula be'essoul
Yes, she's a white sweet, made to original recipe, with care

Ana men shou'y ghaneet w ba'oul
Out of my longing, I sing and say ...

Halawet-ha zayda heta yaklouha esa'a seta
She has that extra sweetness, to eat at 6'oclock

Ya si Ali Louz
Ya Master Ali Louz

Louz louz louz ya si Ali Louz

[Louz means almonds. Those are mostly sweet, but apricot seed look like an
almond too, and are bitter, how bitter is your sweet?! Maybe it's time for a ZAR!]

Best protection, 'The Key', to the Nile ... and to life ....

I've only seen a Zar once, from a friend's balcony, the daughter of our home help. It was in a less affluent area where most of these parties happen. Her modest flat was overlooking a better off neighbour where a woman was being 'cured of her demons' ... very loud, and they don't mind if you look because they believe the more people taking part, the more chance the result will be positive. They had a small round table in the middle of that large room with food on it. In the middle there laid 'something' long, a thick pole perhaps, covered with a white sheet, and that was pinned all over with money. They all, loads, 20 or so, danced erratically around that table, approaching the middle to help themselves to the food, and ate while still dancing, or to pin more money of that 'structure'. The woman who was always closest to that middle was swaying from side to side forcefully while being held by her sleeve by a man with hair down to his waist. He was dancing in a strange way too, with both heads and hair flying about! She did fall on the floor and scream in the end! Was she cured, redeemed? I have no idea! In hindsight now, I bet she became much happier after disposing of all her frustrations through this energy though, total absolution, not bad :-)

I was barely a teenager then, but I have never forgotten ... weird! Believe me!

... and that woman singer, a once real peasant with a very loud voice as they mostly have to sing without a microphone, I think ... but, doesn't her vibrating voice sound as if it is coming from another dimension in outer space?! Sounds hollow... spooky! or maybe it's the recording which is of bad quality ... and those words ... But that shouldn't stop you getting up and dancing to those drums! They play this song in simple weddings too, as protection and to fend off bad spirits and envious eyes! @@

Come on, get up ... let your hair down, and sway that body from side to side, ... do it, it's detoxifying! Leaves one with a clear mind to think better ... Try it ... and maybe you too will fall down to the floor, and scream! All for the best though ... GO LOOOUD! It's 'noise' therapy, and it does work! I can't think of a better way to reeeally relax frankly ...

Telepathy of course, is another matter ... where only two positives can meet ... in particle form ... in yet another layer, another realm ... how many realms are there?

Who knows!

An exorcise fit for Sunday ... happy day

Louz, louz louz ... ya si Ali Louz ...
Louz, louz louz ... ya si Ali Louz ... Louz .. louz .... :-)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Prime Minister's Questions: 25 April 2012

Question-by-question guide

Troops in Afghanistan
Economic policy and recession
The Leveson Inquiry
The Culture Secretary and News Corporation
GDP figures
Government investment in apprenticeships
Cuts to public expenditure
World Malaria Day
Educational reform and school building projects
UK exports and international trade
Fuel prices
The Olympics
Local government salaries
Tax affairs of Mayoral candidates
Regional pay cuts
Charity tax

Monday, 23 April 2012

Way out of order!

Definition of 'Arrogant' - from the English Dictionary:

1. Making, or having the disposition to make, exorbitant claims of rank or estimation; giving one's self an undue degree of importance; assuming; haughty; -- applied to persons.

2. a. Containing arrogance; marked with arrogance; proceeding from undue claims or self-importance; -- applied to things; as, arrogant pretensions or behaviour.

Who is the 'arrogant' one now?!

Not David Cameron, No! He never behaves like that!

... as for 'sides' who are not on your side, when they should be, if that situation happens in any company out there, big or small, there would have been not just disciplinary action but dismissal - well deserved too!

Don't political parties have mechanisms to deal with such incidents?! They should too!

As for posh, toff, out of touch, blah, blah ... and all the rubbish, we don't subscribe to that! No 'sofa', no impositions - we've never felt closer to a leader more than Dave [with all due respect, and I prefer to call him David]. And we know we have a decent man who even gave himself 25% cut in his own wage, without being asked, to show he is with us and he cares - when he could, very easily, have gone for making himself 'toff' money outside government instead of giving his all to his country, to the point of obsession, and all the heartache that came with that in time of exceptional and unprecedented world turbulence and difficulty too!

We thought each and everyone will hold tight together, one team, and help him steer the ship out of trouble, but instead, some are deliberately rocking the boat! And, are they seem to be suggesting that if you get a guy from under Friars Bridge, he would make a better governor because he knows the price of milk and knows what it is like to be needy?!

Eh?! Incredible logic! Faulty is an understatement! It's those with that flawed logic that are out of touch, it's frightening how they made it to represent the trusting public out there!

And 'too relaxed'? I think PM is way over worked actually, and I do feel for his wife and kids! Because it doesn't matter who he is, they have rights to him too, and they are not getting them! You only need to look how he tours the country day in day out ... apprentices, enterprises, factories, meetings ... and on and on and on, non ending! On top of No 10 and parliament duties too! - or how about that Asia tour? Generating billions of pounds of business in just five days! Five day in four countries! - on a charter plane too!

And how do you expect any leader to give the bigger family their rights if he doesn't give his little family theirs first?! Flawed logic again, isn't it?

Then look at the turmoil in Europe, and the world - And 'we' are still holding tight and still have our AAA credit rating too! When everybody else has lost theirs - meaning someone is doing something right here, and it's an important right - otherwise we'd be paying lots more interest on that huge debt, and be poorer for it too as a result! That someone is the government under the leadership of our PM, and not those who departed the team spirit and speak unchecked. Why I wonder if those same ones who seem to only know 'the price of milk' have noticed, or understand?! Because this is an outstanding achievement! Who's out of touch now?! And, remember 'your' local elections only a few days away, do they care?! Or maybe ...

And we have the Olympics coming soon, we need to polish the country and polish her reputation around the world, to maximise the country's gain from the event - and who's tarnishing precisely that reputation with their big bad talk now?!

Not our Prime Minister, nor his government, including the coalition partners, or even the opposition for those have always been decent enough not to get out of order like that ... in short, not anyone who cares for this country ... but only the few who are beginning to sound as if they don't!

A hinder and a distraction! And they don't represent the good people of Britain, no, not us, even though they should!

You are doing a good job PM, we can see you are sincere and are doing your best. As for this, PM is trying hard to keep this country's optimism and spirits up, instead of the doom and gloom that is swishing around many parts of Europe and the world now - and we need that 'hope' if we are to get out of the current difficulty, and fast! ... surely you know that!

We want to be, and we are, one family behind our leaders, hand in hand, to get this country forward, and get her UP! ... and we can, and will, do much, much better ... in no time at all!

... and he does know the price of milk! [video] ... what a joke! :-D

Lead the way Big Boss!

As for those irresponsible ones, they are way out of touch, and ...

Out of order! Way out of order!

Out of spite? [video]
Be @Warned!@ n [audio] n [Wiipedia]
Serial rebel [click]

"... The image of The Lord has been replaced by a mirror!"

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Science on Sunday ...

No comment ... well, obviously!

... or, wait a moment ...

Does that explain what 'nothing' is?

Matter collapsing on itself, then at unimaginable speed, swirling and turning ... into 'nothing'?

At it's heart, no space, not time ... left ... Just no more ... as was before?

Happy Sunday :-)

How Nasa first saw the early universe [click]

Friday, 20 April 2012


Would you trust a raccoon to take care of your beloved and much cherished toddler or baby? Of course not! ... or ... would you?! Well, I once, centuries ago, went to collect my child from the baby minder, only to find that he was being cared for by her dog ... and she wasn't there at all! Instead, just the dog and her 10 year old son! And mum? " she went to buy a packet of crisps from the newsagent, and will be back in a minute", or so said the son. Son let me in and disappeared elsewhere in that flat, so it was highly likely that my child was left to sleep next to that twice his size then dog unsupervised! ... and to cut a long story short, that dog was a much better minder than other 'childcare' I met before, when there was no chance of more kind dogs to be found, that I finally threw in the towel and left regular 9 - 5 work, only a few months after I had my fourth child. Do you want to know how I left?

My son was the same age as those babies ... and looked the same too! Well, he did ... a bit ....

One day, a very busy day and Ma was equally busy at work in a job she really liked ... and the telephone rang. It was one of the two au pairs I had to take care of the children while I was at work ... and she screeeeamed; " There is a fire in the house, FAAYAAAR!" ... need I say more? ... see! Wasn't that dog kind-er ... to Ma!

I could never remember what I said to the girl or how I got home afterwards in the middle of that central London traffic, really. But I wasn't long, and when I got there, I remember hoses and red cars, and big men in uniform and hats, inside and outside, and loads of people watching ... and water everywhere ... and then a neighbour calmly saying that the kids and the girls were OK and that they were with his wife next door ... you like the suspense? ... I feel it every time I remember ... and it makes me shudder at the thought of what might ... oh dear, dear Lord! ... and am I grateful! ... and did I miss that dog! Oh please forgive me for I have doubted you! :-(

Well, I never went back to that office again, no ....

But it wasn't a big fire, just a, an explosion in the kitchen and a bit of ceiling gone ... That's all ...

You see, the week before I had bought a chemistry set for my eldest who was less than 9 years old then, and he just wanted to find a way to waterproof a piece of bread ... I had mentioned the idea that morning ... and he wanted to surprise me ... so he wrapped some bread in foil and put it in the microwave so that it would dry out, or something like that, and ... Le voila!

... and you think afterwards, why is it always me?! How come he was in the kitchen alone for a long time without being checked upon? Well, as I understand, this time, the helpers, having collected the older two from school, him and his sister, were just talking in another room, and feeding the kids ... talking, eh? Well, what do you expect?... or that's what you think straight away ... for you need to blame somebody, don't you? ...

But in hindsight, young women in one room together will talk, even if, out of previous experience, you got them from two different countries to minimise that. Besides, you don't follow an 8 - 9 year old to the kitchen every time he wants to use it, do you? So, when everything calmed down a bit that same day, and while curling in my bed like a fetus, I couldn't blame them for this was really my responsibility not theirs ... I was lucky everyone was safe, although shaken by the ordeal for quite a long time afterwards ... no complaints though ...

... but you know what I mean about childcare in this country.

Had there been enough places in suitable nurseries and after school clubs at reasonable prices, because believe me, I paid my whole wage to those girls and it was not enough! And it would have been at least double that if I had One proper nanny - and I don't know of many who would cater for 4 kids as well as school collections either! But had there been adequate provision, I would not have had to depend on inadequate help at home, nor leave a career I enjoyed - bearing in mind that this inadequacy was because those young Au pairs, although decent and very pleasant, they were, just like that cute raccoon, sweet at doing their best, but not trained for that job and should not really have been left alone to care for 'My' children. I kept one of them and found placement with a friend for the other girl afterwards.

To cut a long story short, you name it, and I have used it, even a guards barracks too. Private for civilians when they have unfilled places, but that was a super nice, efficient and caring nursery ... and those horses! ... and I once nearly got myself arrested because of childcare too, honest! In the back of a police van with two kids and off to the police station when I stubbornly refused to give my name and address to that officer who saw me shouting, a little, at the car clampers outside the children's nursery ... and how would I to know it's the law?! Is that all they do?! Catch mums and kids and leave murderers and rapers loose on the street?! Or that's how tired and very frustrated Ma thought then ... I did give my details in the longish and teary end ... to the chief! But that's childcare for you, it can make you a criminal! Easily! ... and then I had to take a cab to pay for the clamp then go back to the car, wait for hours with a tired and starving family ... then drive home in traffic too ... with eyes tomato red, and just as round!@@ ... and all I wanted was some tender loving care for kids ...

I am writing all this because I just want to illustrate the agony mothers meet when trying to find suitable care for their children if they want to keep a career as well as well as a family. Of course, lucky are those who have grannies or extended families willing to do the job, but the majority don't, myself 'was' included, ... but I am past that now!

... and I'm 'chuffed' the government of now is trying to help. From now on kids from 2 years olds onwards will have 3 hours a day state nursery provision. That's absolutely brilliant news for mum and toddlers alike - but then remains the problem of childcare for mothers who want to go out to work for longer hours than that ... and I thought ...

This is a fantastic opportunity to train those same mothers who will benefit from this new provision on childcare themselves! To train as nursery nurses at the same time as their kids.Either for those same 3 hours or maybe it should be made into 6 hours a day, or even full time, for less days a week or something - and if those mothers so wish to train on something new. Or, it can maybe even be as a condition for those mothers benefiting from this new nursery at age 2 provision, and are without other commitments or work interests. This will create the needed 65,000 new staff needed for that new nursery provision for 2 year olds, and will help the mothers who want jobs gain a recognised nursery qualification - and if you have enough nursery classes for those kids, then those new mums com nursery nurses can work there on qualifying. So, a job and an income too - and open the door for outside paying working mums to use the 'community' service ... and there you have it; 'Big Society'! Plus, a new work force, meaning jobs, less dependency on benefits for many + happy and safe kids, and good use of those new nursery classes too ... and the paying parents won't have to worry they can be given the fright of their lives while at work, or leave their kids to the raccoons too ... and no more private homes where dogs are the kindest inhabitants ... if each school could have such permanent nursery class instead ... and the mums don't have to be training at the same school as their kids, but nearby in another school, if you are afraid of bias ...

... or something along those lines ... and I know that the majority of baby minders are maybe kinder, but there isn't enough anyway. I know all are regulated and are safe-er. But still, when no one sees when someone- and your kid- are alone, then, who knows? Or ... is it just me? ... I, never went back ....

You like the idea? To care for child and train mum at the same time? ... better use of resources ... cost effective ... and the education will improve and enhance parenting skills too ... for the benefit of all!

... and that's 'Big Society'!

Let's hope :-)

David Cameron appoints an Australian nanny with royal ambitions [click] .. Sammi @Strange@ and [here:] and [more] and, happy [Raccoon] :D
Nurseries are in [crisis]
.. n [more]

Ditching the job

14 February 2014: School clubs to 6pm
18 March 2014: Government helps with childcare costs

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Prime Minister's Questions: 18 April 2012

Question-by-question guide

Donations to political parties in Northern Ireland
English language capability of GPs
50p tax rate
UK credit rating
Kingsmill massacre in Northern Ireland
VAT on pasties
Food prices
Lotus automotive in Norfolk
HMRC cuts
Tax avoidance
Fair comment on the judiciary
Sanctions in Burma
Stolen postal votes and South Asian women
Alterations to listed buildings
University admissions
Youth unemployment
Mayoral candidate and tax avoidance
Child safety online
Civil service reform
Caravan tax
Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Inflation ...

Just ... to .... 'ave a laugh

Why not?!

It's only money :-)

Being an optimist 'may protect against heart problems' [click]

Even they have a need to be happy too! ...

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lost in the translation ... is Egypt!

Egypt ... now

They say 'culture is the mirror of society', and it is. For Egypt now, forget about modern for that's confused, here is a classic 100, or more, year old song by Om Kolthoum, from a time when the word 'love' was like 'water' to all Egyptians. Indeed, it is still so, albeit a bit foggy now, it's meaning is somewhat lost sometimes ... not for long, I hope

From me to Egypt ... rare, this song is now only known, to but a few ...

جمالك ربنا يزيده ده ملك منظمه سيده
Gamalak rabna yezeedo, da molk menazamo seedo
Your beauty, may The Lord preserve, and enhance
Is a universe arranged by it's Master

هواك يا حلو نساني وداد اهلي وخلاني
Hawak ya hellw nassani, wedad ahli w khelani
Your love, oh beautiful one, made me forget
The closeness of family and friends

وصبحت رهين امرك ما ليش غيرك حبيب تاني
W sabhny raheen amarak, maleesh gheerak habib tani
I became a pawn awaiting your order
One with no alternative but to love you

وقلبي داب وايه بيده
W albi dab, weeh beydo
With a melted heart, and no hand at my destiny

ده ملك منظمه سيده
da molk menazamo seedo
It's a universe arranged by it's Master

تشوف القلب لم مايل بيتدلل ويتحايل
Teshouf el alb lak mayel, beytdalel w yet-hayel
Look at that leaning [to you] heart, swaying and begging

يزيد التيه وتهجرني وتيهك فرح العاذل
Yezeed eteeh w tehgorni, wteehak farah elazel
And as your vanity rises, you leave me
And the envious, at this vanity, rejoice

وكادني ربنا يكيده
Wkadni rabna yekeedo
They tease me, may The Lord tease them

ده ملك منظمه سيده
da molk menazamo seedo
It's a universe arranged by it's Master

جمالك ربنا يزيده ده ملك منظمه سيده
Gamalak rabna yezeedo, da molk menazamo seedo
Your beauty, may The Lord preserve
Is a universe arranged by it's Master

أدنت بقدرة القادر سبيت الروح بسحر العيون
adenta be'odret el'adr, sabeet elroh bessehr el eyn
See how you were able, somehow, through god's grace
to put a spell on my soul, with that magic of your eyes

وخذت العقل يا قادر ومش عارف طريقه فين
Wkhadt el'aal ya ader, wmesh arf tare'ou feen
You took the mind, O able one
and I know not a way to it

وامتى بس حتعيده
W'emta bass ha te'edo
When will you bring it back?

ده ملك منظمه سيده
da molk menazamo seedo
It's a universe arranged by The Master

Many teeth ... and one goal
Note says: Free Egypt

Meet Egypt's next president [pictures]
Tantwai: SCAF puts state interests first [click]
Egypt Brotherhood and SCAF at odds once again as election nears [click]
Tahrir Square sees Islamist-dominated mass protest [click] and [here] and [pictures] and [video]
Egyptians, [you mean Salafis], flood Obama's Facebook page in election row [click]
Ten Egyptian candidates barred from elections [click]
Why would many Egyptians want to vote for Omar Suleiman [click]
Muslim Brotherhood returns to street politics, fills square [click]and [here]
In Egypt, setbacks on expression persist through legal avenues [click]
ElBaradei calls on Egyptians to stand united to avoid further chaos [click]
Egypt's presidential poll turns farcical [click] and [more] and [more]

Of course, 'ordinary' Egyptians have stopped going to Tahrir Square long time ago, since the 'honest' parliamentary elections. That's even from before Elbaradei decided not to run for president after the viscious campaign that was conducted against him, by those who now attend, and control, the 'Liberty'square ... the world media only sees those ....

I hope this new effort is not too late Mohamed ElBaradei, I sincerely hope, and pray, it is not so ....

David Cameron: Indonesia is a model democracy for Muslims [video]
Despite Islamist misgivings, Egyptians turn out in droves for Easter celebrations [click] and to celebrate in Easter properly, here is this ancient 'fesekh' or salted [fish] recipe
... we'll eat it, 'together', even if it kills!