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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cornish best :-)

I love it! ... and it's not humble you know! This pasty is a protected British national dish! Highest calibre as well! Own Wikipedia page to match the high status too, can you match that anyone! Well, you know what I mean ...

And it's deeelicious hot or cold. Personally, if home made and not fatty, I like it cold. Served with a side plate of mixed salad vegetables drizzled with diluted with a little water lime juice and a little salt. You can use a dash of olive oil too if you want ...

Here, make your own, it's eeeasy!

1 1/2 pounds lean beef [Not too lean if you wanna do a Cornwall:] diced in small pieces

2 cups diced potatoes,

2 cups diced swede or turnip,
[Not original recipe but if you want, add a diced carrot too]

3/4 cup chopped onions

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

Milk , or egg

Now, go on ...

Make short crust pastry from roughly half a kilo of flour and a 250g packet of lard [I use half butter and half oil instead], and a few spoons of water or about half a small glass, mix, leave for an hour then divide into individual balls or crusts, roll and use as in picture below

Heat oven to 400ºF. Combine beef , potatoes, swede or turnip, onions, salt and pepper; mix well.

Place half of beef mixture on each pie crust and fold over. Press edges together with fork and place on large ungreased cookie sheets, then brush with milk or egg. Bake at 400ºF for 45 minutes, and it's golden ready! Delicious hot from the oven, or cool, if you prefer cool like me ...

Btw, you know this one in the picture below? That's not considered a 'Cornish' pasty! Same ingredients, same end, but different looks soo ... it's a fake! ... but the real thing ...
A dish fit for the Olympics? ... now that it has all the publicity ... gone worldwide too ...

Yaa-ummm ... :-)
Venue's catering fully taken! Never mind ... if only they made all this fuss earlier! ... someone out there is clever, anyone?

Who wants to be a pasty millionaire?!

We're all eating this [together]

Nice music with a pasty, eh? ... scroll down a bit for lyrics

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


You know, an astute and intelligent man like that one, or an ordinary person from the house next door who, and against all the odds, and through his own endeavour and nothing else, came to amass such vast fortune as he has now, does not strike me as naive! Not as to sit with people he knows absolutely nothing about, first time see too, and open his heart to them with such amazing unrestriction the way he did! ... and what talk he talked too! Just appointed, and just resigned! Well, it naggs a bit, sort of, it's all too convenient! ... far too convenient for simple Ma here, and I ain't a tiny fraction as street wise as this Mr big is! ... anyone out there who understands, can you please explain? ...

But, what do we know?! ... anyway ... now that there is a 'mess', as becoming a habit, have a look at this;

"Only a few weeks ago the prime minister told a group of school children that he lived in "in a little flat, a very nice flat actually, above number 11 Downing Street... but what I get up to in there, that's private".

How he must wish that was still true."

Ma here too, wondering, why is this not true?! After all, like any other 'flat above the shop', this flat too is not part of the shop! Like all the others, it is a 'residential premises' where people go 'home' to relax with family, eat, drink, watch TV, and do whatever they like to do in their own space like everybody else! Meaning, it is a 'private' premises, and should always remain that way so long as it is 'occupied'! ... regardless of 'occupant'! ... 'privacy' is a human right, or have we forgotten that too in that new quest for blood?!

As an ordinary person looking at this new fictitious saga from afar, and since I insist on my right to my privacy, and since we live in a democracy, I strongly feel PM and family have a right to that too! Hence, PM and wife and family should do exactly what PM and his wife and family like to do in their own private space! It is therefore nobody's business what they do in that 'flat above the shop' or who they wish to invite in, full stop! That this is now being debated makes me question the motives ... and when I do that, I find the whole thing very unsettling, even nauseating, because it stinks! Very!

For it seems to me that our Prime Minister is being subjected to a systematic and a vicious campaign of bullying, one after another, straight away too! And with the sole aim to tarnish his personal reputation. In that quest, nothing is being spared to achieve this dirty aim too! No ethics here, anything and everything is game, even his private and family life! Crude And rude!

I feel this is happening because he dared to order the Leveson enquiry into media practice, as I felt was the reason for that bizarre 'horse' episode as well, and good on him for having the courage to always do what is right by this country too. This is just the continuation, or the follow up to part 1, the second episode of the same grey soap! Well, episode on; 'the horse', didn't work. So now there is this part two, and the substitute of 'horse' for 'plate'! Only, it's not working still, on the contrary, it's achieving the opposite of what it sets out to do, as I very much believe every word PM says in this video clip here ... and how Mr Maude responded in that video clip to the opposition, who I sincerely hope will not allow themselves to get sucked into this dirty business or what was the reason for that Leveson enquiry in the first place, as it is bound to back fire at the end as dirty stuff always do! That's how I sincerely feel, and I am not alone either! Mind you, instead of the word 'smooth' used in that Telegraph article, I would use 'polite', as well as 'honest' and very 'clean', instead of 'not dodgy', to describe our Prime Minister. Good man!

... and I wonder, when this too evaporates as the dirty smoke it is, will 'they' set themselves to direct and produce their episode 3?! Then 4, and 5 .... will this awful campaign be allowed to continue?!

The reason why that, amongst other measures to stop just that, I hope this very same Leveson enquiry will investigate how and why are those constantly after the PM's person that way feel so free to do that! Why, in the middle of the current unstable global economic as well as political climate and the hardship people are facing are they running around distracting and messing things up as they are without even an ounce of decency or appreciation of what this country is going through or how the ordinary people are facing as a result! Why are they so selfish thinking only of their wants and interests to the point of trying to stop him, 'our' top man from doing his job?! This is what matters most to the public out there ....

Are they bigger than big? Than the whole population of this country?! NO!

The very reason why the Leveson enquiry needs to also look closely at how are 'some' media personnel find it OK to do whatever they wish, including carrying dirty washing to exhibit abroad at a time when the country is trying to polish her reputation to promote herself for the Olympics as well as economically, as they did when they followed PM to Brussels to ask questions about 'the horse' instead of helping our busy man in promoting British interests, as it is their 'duty' to so so! Instead, they deliberately went out to hinder and ended up tarnishing their own country's reputation in the process instead! It's a problem if they do not think it is their duty to help and protect and not to hinder when abroad! Big problem! And the same sorry practice is happening internally too, as you can see in this same link, when PM is deliberately distracted again while giving a speech about how this country intends to tackle Dementia at the Alzheimer's Society! Who cares about the millions of sufferers from this horrible disease?! Well, they don't! Because it doesn't fit with their interests so, 'they' don't! PM does! ... and we the public, either effected or with relatives, neighbours and loved ones who are, do!

So does PM hosting dinners to his friends, who some of which happen to be wealthy or have donated whatever sums to the Conservatives before, mean that PM should stop doing that or that this is an indication that the Conservatives is a party for the rich?

Not at all! On both! What I see is a PM who is preoccupied with generating business for Britain to promote growth that is aimed to lift this country from it's current hardship, hence, improve conditions for all, and I believe he can, and I believe he will! Hence, it is logical, even a duty, to keep as many close ties in business or otherwise, with whoever can help him do just that. And, as PMs do, he will inevitably gain a lot from their top experience and ideas for the benefit of his people too, why such friendships must continue, or we're stuck ... and that's what his enemies want ... but no chance, as their tactics are achieving precisely the opposite to what they want!

As for the problem of 'lobbying', Ma here never allowed anybody to directly give her young children money when she was not present herself. It didn't matter how close those people were or if they were relatives or dear friends either! ... and that's because she knows that money corrupts, and she didn't want that influence on her young but easily influenced children, as all kids are ... they're all grown up now, all free from 'influence', thank god ... Ma believes in 'prevention is better than cure', see!

So maybe this is the answer, to establish a central body where anyone wishing to donate to any and all political parties must go through and donate there instead of directly to their preferred party. This new body can then scrutinise this money then give it whole to that party of the donor's choice, minus low administration expenses to cover cost. No other deductions and no other costs or jobs should this new body be involved in, if only for the sake of simplicity and transparency. Not only would that make the whole of the process of party donations transparent, it would control excessive self-interest lobbying too ... and put everybody's mind at ease, party, politician and ordinary person alike.

... or do something along those lines ....

... and that would solve and derail any further attempts at this dirty 'Waspgate' business too ....

Leveson inquiry: Rupert and James Murdoch to give evidence next week [click]

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Qays w Layla ...

This is the story of Layla and Majnun, or Layla and the madman. It's about two young bedouin lovers who lived in Northern Arabia around 680 AD. A true story com legend is about a young man Qays ibn al-Mulawwah ibn Muzahim. He fell in love with Layla bint Mahdi ibn Sa’d from the same tribe, better known as Layla Al-Aamiriya. He used to sing her his poetry at school and follow her to her home, and word went around that he loved her and she was, well, somewhat receptive, and that was considered shameful for a respectful maiden girl and her family then, and now in many places. Qais then went and asked her father for her hand but dad refused for the very same reason; Qais had shamed tradition by writing poetry describing his love for his daughter ... and instead, dad forced Layla to marry another man she does not love :-( There upon Qays [or Qais] besieged by his unbearable passion for his beloved Layla, went mad and wandered into the desert composing and reciting yet more and more poetry, but read it again and again to himself instead, until he died :-(

... Meanwhile Lyla', living with a husband she can not stand, let alone love, became ill and died too :-( and that's when she was finally united with her beloved Qais :-( ; when she was finally laid dead to rest next to him, dead also ... and that's how they came to be together ... at long last :-( Their story of beautiful virgin love then spread as far as Iraq, made its way to persia and India , Turkey, North Africa and up to Sudan Somalia, and most probably, well, way beyond ... and the sad love story still bring tears to many eyes to this day ... :-(

At the time, many poets were so inspired, the story appeared in many works and was even told with beautiful illustrations as was the habit then in the Khamsa of Nizami. The story was also made into many films spanning the many tongues of those hearts it touched. It was even made into an opera at the beginning of the 20th century, and it was hailed as the first Muslim opera too. Although to me, it sounds more like nothing more than a sad and hopeless oprietta sung in a foreign language, or maybe this is the effect of all the sadness? Here is a small piece of a classic version, my favourite, cos it's small enough ... and, you know me, and all the classics ... :-)

... and one of Nazmi's poems, just in case you, like me, don't understand the Azrebijani singing in that clip ....

Who wanders near that palmy glade,
Where the fresh breeze adds coolness to the shade?
'Tis Majnun – he has left his father’s tomb,
Again mid rocks and scorching plains to roam,
Unmindful of the sun's meridian heat,
Or the damp dewy night, with unshod feet;
Unmindful of the forest's savage brood,
Howling on every side in quest of blood;
No dread has he from aught of earth or air,
From den or aerie, calm in his despair:
He seems to court new perils, and can view
With unblench'd visage scenes of darkest hue;
Yet is he gentle, and his gracious mien
Checks the extended claw, where blood has been;
For tiger, wolf, and panther gather round
The maniac as their king ...

If you think that clip is very small, and if you're still game, you can watch a newer version of the whole opera here, all 13 parts of it ...

The first part even shows you the audience as they go in and take their seats ... and then the opera starts ... it doesn't however show you the audience going out at the end of part 13 ...

And 13, eh? How befitting! Well, they say the story is so sad, it is a vivid depiction, or an allegory of how the human soul is always yearning to be united with the divine ... and it seems that's what happens at the end of part 13 here too! That's why you see the audience going in, but you never see them coming out! ... it's because from part 2 onwards, the immense sadness, and intense melancholy fills the whole atmosphere, it then shakes the theatre walls, and things start to fall dead on the floor ... then the theatre back staff get hit by the flying debris and die too, and when the lights go off and the curtain mechanism, curtan included, falls, the director below goes too! Dead! ... and the actors, the singers, even the passers by on the street, all die, the lot! ... then the roof finally collapses on the audience's heads, and guess what? ... yep! They die too :-( Well, of course, yes ... everybody dies at the end of part 13, that why they go in but never come out! ... and I mean Eeeverybody, Gone!! That's how intense this 'opera' is ... nobody could have been saved too, nobody! ... and then there was an earthquake ... and a hurricane ... and that's when the sky finally caved in :-(

Doom and gloom! ... and why would anyone, let alone a whole modern audience want to go sit through all this heartache and the agony? ... is beyond me! But I won't, because this kind of act is not for me! However, as you can see in those clips, people do go! ... and you wonder why first
[?], then you sort of feel for them, you sort of also feel obliged to want to do something, anything, to help them, to save everybody from that awful 'Art', that agony of sitting through this sad piece to the end of part, whatever ... and so you start to think ... and to innovate!

Think, and innovate, and think, and innovate ... and hooooooop,

What if we make a new opera, what if we we reverse the story line ... what if it was Layla that went mad instead of Qais? Crazy! That she went mad because it was her who couldn't get Qais's attention! She had to hide her love because of those very same traditions! ... well, since there was no chance she would be allowed to run out to the desert alone, given her family's traditions, it would follow then that her
father wouldn't have had to impose on her that forced marriage ... and Qays would most probably been invited by her very same father to fall in love with his crazy daughter, or not, so long as he marries her at end ... poets do like madness after all. So see, that doomed scenario of the original story would've not been destined to happen if it was Leyla that went mad and not Qais ... and instead of dying, problem solved, and Layla would've been happy living together with her beloved Qais forever after, hopefully singing him this passionately crazy, but a much happier, Yaaaa magnouuun ... tut tut tut ....

يا مجنون مش أنـا ليلـى
Ya magnoun mosh ana Leyla
Oh, madman, I am not Layla

ولا بنسمة هـواك مايلـه
Wala benessmet hawak mayla
And that love breeze did not sway me

عايزني أقول بحبك ليـه
Ayezni a'oul bahebak leeh?
You want me to say why I love you?

بحبك بـس مـش أيلـه
Bahebak bass mosh ayla
I love you without why

يا .... يا مجنون
Ya magnoun
Ya ... crazy one

ساعـة تشكـي للسمـا
Sa'a teshki lessama
Sometimes you complain to the sky

ساعـة تحـكـي للـيـل
Sa'a tehky leleel
Sometimes you tell your story to the night

لكن قلبي يا ما شاف الويل
Laken albi shaf el weel
While my heart really suffers

يامـا شــاف الـويـل
Yama shaf elweel
It really suffered

يا ... يا مجنون
Ya magnoun
Ya ... crazy one

عامـل أنـت مشكـلـة
Amel enta moshkela
You made it a problem

يعنـي لسـه محـتـار
Ya'ani lessa mehtar
It means you're hesitating

ناسـي إن قلبـي اختـار
Nassi en albi ekhtar
You forget it was my heart that chose

أيـوه قلـبـي اخـتـار
Aywa albi ekhtar
Yes, my heart chose

يا ... يا مجنون
Ya magnoun
Oh crazy one ...

... or maybe she is still sane?! Is she?

And the moral of the story is; think doom and gloom, and doom and gloom will come ... think hope, and hope will be a plenty ... and with it, contentment. Then happiness will follow ... providing you have yourself and that passion that keeps you going, at heart ....

Help yourself hope, or it is doom and gloom! ... and no, we don't want that sooo, same story, but which one is your song? ... go on, innovate, sometimes it's the same story, but 'you' make your own ending ....

Have a happy Sunday, and let's hope :-)

A broken heart 'can kill' [click] ... hey, what do you know! @@

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Prime Minister's Questions: 21 March 2012

Question-by-question guide

air ambulances
Jaguar Landrover job creation
bus fares
tax avoidance
regional pay
search and rescue services
Riot Damages Act
Blind Veterans Charity
Rio Tinto plant
Regional Growth Fund
early intervention programmes
Harlow’s economic recovery
Working Tax Credits
affordable housing
phone hacking
schools’ funding formulae
the NHS risk register
Budget 2012
the Defence Review

... and Budget and [speech]

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


The Death of Democracy [click]

For You, The Democracy is Over [click]

Democracy is Dead [click]

Is UK democracy as dead as a dodo? [click]

Oooooooh! Obaaamaaah!

How can Mr President do that?!

A joke?, or is it?!

I think all this 'virtual reality' or whatever it's technical name is, or New Teck 'illusion' stuff poses a really serious question; What if people were convinced it was true, as my good friends in the links above were with those two photos above and below? The Obama videos are a joke, but those two photos here aren't!

Persuading then changing reality in order to influence opinion, including public opinion, in many other ways not just those here! ... and what future dangers to society does that pose?! Was 'your' hand 'really' caught in the till? Did her husband 'really' betray her before he shot him? Will some of those 'convinced' by the virtual 'truth' react by using machine guns for 'real' soon?!

Were does a joke begin and where does it end?

Time for regulation? Because this ain't a joke no more!

There is a 'real' problem here!

Google Earth is not funny anymore [click]
Thieves 'use Google Earth to steal lead from churches' [click]
... and copper cables! [click]
Centuries of history 'lost forever' as vandalism and theft take toll on heritage sites [click]

Will our homes be next? What else?

Monday, 19 March 2012

My peaceful world ...

I twisted my little finger, but I'll try to write anyway ...

People from 184 countries in the world have visited my site here. That's out of a total of 196 in all! ... so I'm only 12 countries away from being a miniature United Nations in my own right! ... and it has become a much cherished aspiration to get those missing countries too ... and what a reward that would be to one day be able to say that I have friends from every country and every corner of the earth, from the whole world!

I know that some of my visitors may have come by chance, clicked then departed the moment they came in. I know that there may even be a few who may not consider themselves 'friends', but I don't mind that either. After all I only have myself to offer and that's all I can give; ups, downs, good and bad, sane sometimes, others not ... but then, this is me, and no one straight liner here ... so, thank you all for, well, bearing with me ....

... and the majority do return, lucky me ... actually, veeery lucky me! ... and I hope those who do not consider me a friend still, wherever and whoever you are, you will eventually become my friends too, please. That would really be an incredible achievement and a positive plus, and reward, don't you think? I sincerely hope so :-)

Thank you for visiting 'World', and before I forget ...

My friends, with all my spelling mistakes, and despite the fact that I can't even write proper, I don't know what is it that I give you that make you come visit, but I know

I love you all

... and I am very glad you visit too ... and mybe you like spotting my spelling mistakes, or my grammar ...

Maybe that's it, is it?! :-)

And now that I have affirmed my love to you ...

My dearest hope is that one day soon the world will finally manage to live like you and me here, in loving peace together regardless of who, where, what or when. Sure I know that there will always be disagreements over one thing or another between different groups, tribes and cultures, but I sincerely hope that in our now civilised and connected world, we will learn from and about each other enough, the majority of those troubles will soon be solved and sorted. Not by the power of guns and gerenades but by the power of understanding and therefore, by the application of reason.

... and I can hear you asking, what if one side does not listen to the voice of reason? ... and my answer is 'Fairness', apply fairness and the voice of reason will be heard loud and very clear - please acknowledge that people facing a threat from someone's arsen themselves will always seek arsen too. To be fair, you can't ask one to give it up and not the other and if there was more will and courtesy to be fair, there would be much less fear and therefore much less conflict in the world in the first place - and much less arsen, and much less hostility that only leads to radicalisation, terrorism, hate ... and, for most of the time, peace would prevail and last too.

For peace, fairness is the answer, not war ...

With fairness, I want 'Ausssterity cuts' applied to reduce conflict too - well, you know what I mean; a concerted global effort to reduce and get rid of trouble well before it escalates With more dialogue, more second chances, even country councilling too before things get out of hand. With the will and ability of our leaders and the support of us the people, I am sure we can much reduce, even rid ourselves of our debts and of our fighting too ... and make mother earth a happier mother land for all.

I have experienced the horror of war in 1967 when I was a tall child living in Egypt. I remember vividly the high pitch sirens in the middle of the night and the fear as my family ran to switch off all lights and then huddle together hoping no bombs would fall and hit us where we are, and they did not, elsewhere but not us. But the fear and it's memory lasts ... war kills, both body and/or soul, and it is heart breaking!

Then, even as a child, I couldn't understand the purpose; why were all these mothers screaming over the loss of a spouse or a son, nor did I understand why the carnage or see th logic in both ... I still don't. Even from that young age and despite all the war propaganda, I've always felt for those mothers who lost dear ones on the other side, or the enemy of that deadly fight too. Then I used to wonder; why don't those in charge who don't like each other so much go fight themselves somewhere far, and to their hearts delight, and leave us innocent people alone?! Decades latter, I still feel the same.

With the Egyptian revolution, and the many similar events erupting around the Middle East and all the chaos and all the violence, this year has not been an easy one for me, having spent it either in London worried sick about my elderly parents in Cairo for the first six months, then the second half I spent with my parents and away from my family in London. Either way, it was no holiday and I was worried sick and still am now that I am back and they are in Egypt. I am now always anticipating I may have to run bak again if need be. In a situation like that, one is forced to let go of one's daily routine and make and ask others to make sacrifices and I did both. But then I am lucky, in that in London, my children took over my various commitments despite the demands of their own lives. In Egypt, one of my parents is now in a care for the elderly home, mainly because being an only child, I felt it was too much to ask other extended family members to take full responsibility for both, and I was not able to find trustworthy carers to stay home with both either, hence the one and one situation ... and I am here in London now but I don't know if that arrangement will work, and if it doesn't, what is next? On top of that, things happen there and everybody talks, and you don't know what, or where is the truth or who should you believe and who not. Then that mental muddle does take it's toll at the end ... and that's just the effects of a revolution on one luckier than most others 'in it' persons, and not a fully blown war that torments as well as kills civilian and soldiers alike and breaks homes and hearts on the way too ...

With all the turmoil and the turbulence around be it economic or political world, the threat of more war does scare me very much. That's one of the reasons why I search for hope and why I listen and keep copies of our parliamentary sessions here. It's because I am a fan of our Prime Minister whom I have always felt he wants and works towards applying more fairness in his policy be it internally or in his foreign policy around the world. By posting them here, I also hope others will take note and learn from our oldest and best democracy in the world . I won't forget either that while on his way to do business for Britain in Kuwait, he made the extra effort and was the first Top World Leader to visit Egypt to support the people after Mubarak was made to leave office. He is still the one western, or otherwise, prominent leader most involved with the Egyptians. I am personally very grateful for that sentiment and support and always felt that those I met with in Egypt are appreciative of his constant support and effort to help ...

IMO, that's the basis of David Cameron's foreign policy, he wants to be the world's friend and with that he wants people to have the opportunity to choose and decide for themselves and in doing that, to help themselves stand on their own feet and prosper with it too ... and then maybe one day soon, the whole world will become one Big Society 'in it together' sharing the same values regardless of nationality, faith, creed or colour too. I feel this is PM's dream, and it is my dream too, hence, I wish him every success in all his endeavours in this regard.

... and now, a special thank you to my American friends, who make the majority of my visitors here. You know, I have been to your country a few times and have always had a brilliant time, every time, and what hospitality, always! I am now hoping to return soon for another visit maybe even as soon as a few months away and as soon as a happy extended family event is organised. I want to also say that I know you have a good man at heart at the top, so there is no anti-sentiment here despite the disagreement with foreign policy sometimes. I also felt while in Egypt that there is none of that in the hearts of the majority of Egyptians either. Rather, we, as well as others around the Middle East, were hoping for more after his extending a hand of friendship in that very positive Cairo speech when he took office. He then became hope of a breath of fresh air and since what he says, and does, shapes lives, we desparately wanted that cooperation so that the whole of the Middle East can at long last live in peace and prosper together instead of being at each other's throat all the time.

This hope for Middle East peace has been a dream of mine since that 1967 war when I was a child and although I now feel a bit of a threat of more war, I hope this reaffirmation of the 'special friendship' between Britain and America will succeed in overcoming that problem, as well as others, with real fairness, other peaceful means and diplomacy. Not only would that be good for the sake of the peoples involved, and both our countries, but for the peace and stability of the peoples of the whole world too.

Let's hope, and thanks for visiting World ...

... and I am waiting for those from the countries who haven't been to come visit cos I too want to be friend of the whole world, please

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Faithful Lover

The moon came to me last night

With a sweet question.

She said,

"The sun has been my faithful lover

For millions of years.

Whenever I offer my body to him

Brilliant light pours from his heart.

Thousands then notice my happiness

And delight in pointing

Toward my beauty.


Is it true that our destiny

Is to turn into Light


And I replied,

Dear moon,

Now that your love is maturing,

We need to sit together

Close like this more often

So I might instruct you

How to become

Who you


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Girls ...

- When will I understand men mother?
- When you have planted and grown your own dear!
- Won't that be too late?
- It depends if you think anything ever is ...

I have never thought of myself as a feminist before, perhaps because I took the choices and freedoms I've always enjoyed since birth for granted. I like being a female and I do not believe that since our biology, psyche, roles, attitudes, habits, etc, are different to men that calling for
'equality' with men is the right way to go about securing legitimate freedoms for women. I believe that this notion of equality with men is unnatural since we were created different, and wonder why can't women preserve their femininity and still be entitled to 'all' rights as individuals, humans and citizens as enjoyed by men? Why do we have to be equal with men to have that? We're not talking about privilege after all, we are talking about rights!

Like most women. I too oppose men, and some women, who oppress by claiming that women are less intelligent or able to learn or work as well or even better, than men, either at school or at the work place because that has throughout the ages been proven to be untrue. Such flawed logic should be fought all over the world to free women who fell victim to abuse and end their suffering and that of their children too and there is lots of work to be done in this regard. But why do women need to be thought of as 'equal' to men to achieve that?! I feel that part of the problem is this very idea of 'equality' and that much abusive behaviour against women arises because of men being threatened by the idea and oppress women further as a result.

I want more than equality, I want to be myself.

Can't we change the way we talk then, to ditch this 'equality' business and instead, concentrate on preserving the differences we were born with while promoting fairness in defence of our legitimate rights too?! You see, this equality is also eroding values that used to be common when 'gender' was better defined ... and I want to see that restored as this blurring deprives many women from courteous rights that used to be willingly given by men enjoyed by most women not so long ago but no more. For example, many men no longer offer seats to pregnant or elderly women on public transport, they'll even run to grab a cab you stopped and leave you standing in the cold and rain. Where has courtesy gone then?! ... and it's that 'equality' that is to blame for that as men feel threatened further by the day! You know, little things like that do make all the difference to healthy communication between men and women be it in the work place, socially and privately -
that in turn encourages natural and continuous respect between men and women too. I think a return to a defined understanding of gender stressing the differences that are there is healthy for society, and maybe with that, lots of society's ills can be kept to a minimum because with respect comes 'limits' too. Limits restored will better ensure 'rights' for both women and men too.
I've just returned from Egypt after spending six months there for the first time since I moved to Britain decades ago. Egyptian women, from what I remember as a child and young adult and what I've witnessed on my numerous visits since then, have always enjoyed good freedoms sometimes even better than those enjoyed by women in the west. For example, same pay for the same job as men, and that is true regardless of class too and has always been like that. Egyptian women have since the beginning of the 20th century been also enjoying liberties that were denied to them before by men and not by religion as some may think. On the whole, religion does not really discriminate but actually preserves the rights of women and children to dignified and peaceful living, Men's talk is different. And, although it was actually a man who called for the liberation of Egyptian women at the beginning of the 20th century, those women have now reached heights, be it in education and/or status that the majority of Middle Eastern women can only dream of. Egyptian women now participate in all walks of public as well a business life, professions, etc, and have under their belt abilities and achievements equal and many a time better than their men colleagues be it internally or on the international scene - with some fighting for the rights of the less lucky women in Egyptian society too ... the list goes on ....

It was therefore very disappointing for me to see that being eroded post the revolution of 25 January 2011. For instead of more appreciation and respect for their roles hence more rights for women so that the country can be rebuilt on strong foundations following years and years of oppression, there is now a tendency to push back women to pre 20th century practices. Oppressive now removed regime and everybody is hopeful, but even during which, there were better rights for women and hardly any hejabs let alone those dreadful and very unhealthy burkas, or what to me is a symbol of women's oppression, except as very rarely worn by peasants and the very poor sometimes - and with that, instead of sizeable percentage, there is now 10 out of 508, or hardly any representation of women in Egypt's new parliament. Plus a huge rise in women wearing such garments some amongst the middle classes too - all so surreal as this turn to excessive practice is indicative of the confusion that is the result of past inequalities and the deterioration of educational standards. Both being the result of the now huge gap between the rich and poor that has existed for the past two decades but I felt much more this time while I was there.

With regards to women, Egypt now seems to be going backwards rather than forever to the front as she should so that she may advance and prosper. I sincerely hope I am wrong and Egyptian women will preserve their right to equal opportunity and equal participation, but I am not so sure. Because I could see the very visible increase of such restrictive for women practice month on month myself when I did a bit of community work before and around the time of the elections . Then, I had conversations with many men and women from that new more religiously conservative class where it was always the men,, who were quite mild despite their now bearded looks, who expressed opinions like ' if women stayed at home, there will be enough work for all the men', or ' It is more respectful for women to stay at home and care for her man and family', or Satellite channels with men blasting about the values and 'benefits' of burkas but never about the dangers of restricting breathing in that way, etc. Many a time the women I met then openly objected to the men's views stressing the fact that over 30% of Egyptian women are the sole bread winners of their families, but then the men's voices were always higher. Egyptian women are now struggling to find their rightful place in trying to reverse that backward trend so that women can then have a healthy role in shaping their country after that revolution of January last year. I sincerely wish them luck. I wish other women struggling for their rights around the globe luck too.

Today too, Britain makes 'stalking' a crime, while I hope the part about 'remarks' and stuff, will not stop 'innocent' and 'respectful' mild flirting between the sexes, which are only natural :-), this is every welcome for all the women who suffer the mental as well as physical consequences of this practice. This is also one subject where I would strongly call for equality, since it's not only men who 'stalk' ... I have seen the effect of that on a friend's son myself, when he silently suffered alone fearing that this woman would perhaps turn the tables against him if he dared to do something about it. The problem was solved months later when he finally involved friends. So, please deal with that too.

That's how fair we women are ...

That said, there is a lot of work that is needed to stop the exploitation and abuse of women around the world to hopefully end all the unnecessary suffering.

Happy women's day sisters around the world ....


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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Prime Minister's Questions: 7 March 2012

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