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Friday, 27 January 2012

Big Society

Once I heard a man say that if the world had half of it's current population, everybody would be happy because the rest will all be better off, rich ... and there would be no more poverty.

At the first instance, I thought yes, It would be brilliant! After all, 'if poverty was a man I would kill him', right? ... and having done that, killing the poorer half of the population living on earth, we'd all be rich, and happyyy forever after ...

Sounds good, doesn't it? ... then let's decide to kill off the poorer half of the world population, to get to 'rich'. Only, with that, it will also be a world of takers and no givers, since with riches foreverybody, there would no longer be any need to give or help anyone! Then a world of vultures ripping each other's eyes out at every opportunity. Because by defining 'happy' with money alone, and without having to give, morality will also disappear ... in short, the new world would be a savage jungle! ... and no, I don't want to be here when that happens, so please get me out of here if and whenever this is nearing real! @@

... and that person, the he who wanted to get rid of the poorest half of the world, what an immoral and dangerous fool! ... because it is giving that makes us human, not taking only for that's the habit of predetors; or beasts! Of course beasts can come shaped like humans too ... and if you imagine society as shaped one class above the other like a pyramid [similar but not same terminology as this ancient one below], usually those who are most generous and most giving are at the bottom. That's because they are in the same predicament and so, they take care of each other and that generosity usually gets smaller and smaller the higher you go up. Again, that's because as people become more self suffecient, depending on others diminishes and is replaced little by little with 'protection' of aquisitions instead, then of wanting more until you reach those at the other end of the spectrum at the top bit, the takers only sitting at the top levels of the pyramid.

A Big Society therefore aims to flaten the tip at the top, and strive to make the bottom narrower; flatter at the top and and narrower at the bottom, all the time ... and keep on doing that again and again ... forever.

This is done by painting the whole pyramid with good ethics and sound moral values first. Then encourage people to do what those higher up do, 'help themselves' - but since most of those at the bottom do not know how, then the same principal also encourages those who do know the how from the layers above to lend a hand to those in need next to them and help pull up those below. Not only through charity, although this is a must, but by 'caring' in any way to help those below climb to their level. This can be by, for example, educate by giving them knowledge and expertise, aid, sponsor, anything. At the same time, those below must be ready and want to cooperate and have a real will to climb that first step ... and with the emotional help they are accustomed to from their peers as well as this new more caring surroundings, they should be able to ...

In theory, tops should flaten as the height of the pyramid is reduced because you no longer have takers only. While at the same time, the bottom of the pyramid should become narrower as people on the lower levels become more prosperous with all this peer support plus that new care coming from above and all the resulting eduction. providing the 'help yourself' ethos is constant all the way and is encouraged and motivated by the presence of 'will', 'strive', that in turn will create new 'ability' to climb and move upwards.

To ensure the whole operation runs best until it ryhmes like a clock 'tic toc tic toc', or smoothly, somebody needs to sit outside the pyramid to watch as people strive to move up the levels - helped by those on the same level plus those right above, and occasionally from even higher levels whenever possible ... the 'watchers' are always there creating new opportunities, always supervising, facilitating [steps may need a bit of polish to make it easier to climb, etc], motivating, cheering and urging the pyramid crowd to keep on moving on and on. Those watchers only get involved if and when necessary, otherwise they leave the pyramid crowd well alone. Hence, the watchers promote and not provide since they are sitting outside the pyramid as 'owners' of the operation - and since nothing is dearer than 'own', those watching are and must always be sincere ... and it's chop chop on those tails that will become vacant below, or build those bits that needs widening at higher levels ... and do that all the time ... until the operation achieves it's goal of reducing that bottom and falttening the top enough to achieve equality and fairness for all according to ability and endeavour.

In theory, 'if' ability is constant, the pyramid should then flip upside down after a while, that's if everybody on every level also kept on being sincere in their will to help themselves and help others too.

... only, people are not machines hence, nothing is constant, nor is everybody so sincere, or have the same energy or ability to climb. The reason why the pyramid will never flip upside down as there will always be some who will fall from higher levels and rest on the bottom again as well as those who will never have the drive to help themselves move up and will always depend on 'the watchers', who will never give up on helping them so long as they are in real need, at the same time as promote, create opportunities and encourage them to help themselves ... and so on, and on ...

This is the model I think is envisaged by our government now. So, it is the Brits on the Pyramid, and the government sitting outside facilitating and watching. This is why they want and need, for example, to integrate health and social care - and why the NHS will never be privatised - because without the NHS, the 'watchers' won't be able to help those at the bottom or those falling down from higher levels - and since lots of health needs needs special expertise and can not be provided by 'self' or peers, or a little higher, the government keeps this responsibility providing it is real need.

So, in short; the NHS will have to stay universal, available to those in 'real' need, and free at the point of delivery. The 'only' time it can be disposed of is if the whole pyramid flips upside down - and that will never happen!

... and if it does, who cares about the NHS then, eh?

... and the reason why the Tories are looking at other things that can be based on the same principal, including 'greedy' takers at the top - like executives pay, for example ... and everything else too .... so, it's all a matter of principal, and the government has absolutely no intention of neglecting it's duty to that IMHO

This is a Big Society ... always going up .... providing it helps itself!

As for that ancient Egyptian pyramid below, it is a dictator's pyramid, as most ancient Egyptian rulers were. They even had a semi-god status! Oh, the power! ... bute here there is no principal, just 'self' on the part of most of those at the top. And that's what the people of Egypt are now trying to dismantle. By the way, you know those 'Government officials' just below the Pharoah? Those were mostly the priests - and they were of even a higher status than the army! Why? Because, unlike armies, they knew how to keep those at the lower levels veeery placid, or else the gods would be really angry and you never know what punishment those gods can inflict on that busy slave or humble farmer! Poor fearful slave, and poor fearful farmer ...

... only this 'clergy' trick never worked on the merchants and the scribes because those were educated, they knew things because they were clever. They were enlightened enough to communicate above as well as below as you see. That's why they are right in the middle of that pyramid between the slaves, the farmers and the artisans, and those ' above - so, it's their duty and their responsibility to care for those below, even seek the help of the the artisans, whose job was to make those below happy and those above entertained and fulfilled, then give lots of love and care to the farmers and the slaves - and not just leave them to the mercy of those takers and never givers above.

You see, The Big Society Pyramid works, always.

Care to help build the Pyramids?

... and I'll tell you about the powerful priests, and what havoc they did to king Akhenaten, and his son king Tut Ankh Amun another time ....


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Prime Minister Questions: 25 January 2012

Question-by-question guide

  • youth unemployment
  • Scottish referendum
  • Economy – growth
  • IMF funds
  • health bill – NHS reforms
  • North sea oil safety regulations
  • benefits for cancer patients
  • Coryton oil refinery
  • control orders for terrorists
  • renewable energy
  • holocaust education
  • benefits cap
  • lobbyists – ministerial code
  • welfare reform bill
  • bank lending
  • National Audit Office report of the work program
  • disability benefits
  • allocation of landing slots at Heathrow
  • Lee Heath Murder trial

And Media [reaction]

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sweet, so sweet!

Nyaaahahaha ... eeeha!

No more horrible 'Anti-sentiment', but true friendship ... and harmony ... at loooong last!
You know, it was never 'Antisentiment' really, but rather, it was 'disappointment', and that is very different ... but it doesn't matter now anyway, does it?!

"US ambassador to Egypt Ann Peterson visits Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Cairo, discusses political and economic relations between the two nations

Ya! Gooodieee! :-)

US ambassador to Egypt Ann Peterson met senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday at the organisation’s headquarters in Cairo.
Peterson discussed political and economic relations between Egypt and the US with Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and Secretary General
Mahmoud Hussein.
Hussein reported that Badie told the ambassador that US support for dictators had damaged the country’s popularity, and that the US must act positively to solve the Palestinian issue if it wanted to improve its standing in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Peterson admitted that the US made some mistakes in the past and hoped they would not recur in the future. She added that democracy would help build a stable partnership between the two countries.
Badie told the ambassador that Egypt suffered from the misallocation of resources and the upcoming period required all political parties and powers to work together.

He went on to say that Sharia law is the principle source of legislation in Egypt and is the biggest guarantee of freedom because it protects freedom of religion and personal freedom for all citizens.The ambassador said the economic situation in Egypt was difficult and the country needed to accept loans from the World Bank. In response, Badie said the loan should be discussed by the newly elected parliament."

Brrrilliant! ... Really Brilliant! ;-)

... but her excellence didn't need to trouble herself that much really ... meanwhile ....
6 women in the all NEW nearly 500 strong parliament, what an achievement! It's what 'the people' wanted, init?!

Incidently, did you happy, smiling, and friendly folk discuss how to bring Egypt's runaway tourists ... and investors back? ... no time? Then maybe not, eh?

BTW, has anybody seen those anywhere?
I must go look for them ... Tourists! Investors! Where are you?

... hey world and seven seas ... can you hear me? Anyone out there?
... heee-aaayyyy ... haaaaaaa aaaaaaaah aaaaa ....

First post-Mubarak parliament holds session [click] and [more]A year of revolution: Lessons learned [click] Egypt's new People's Assembly swears in today, but powers are dubious [click] US, Egyptian military, Islamists engage in precarious dance [click] Human Rights Watch: West should do more to support democracy [click] and [here] Egypt: Testing America's tolerance for Arab democracy [click]Egypt's Islamic parties win elections to parliament [click] and some Egyptian [views] and [more] and [more] and [more] and [more] and [more] and [more]
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- and perfect way - to discover Egypt [click]
What kind of an adventurer are you? [Click]
Egyptian frustration as tourists stay away [click]
Unrest in Egypt sparks 30 per cent drop in visitor numbers

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Prime Minister Questions: 18 January 2012

Question-by-question guide

  • academies – national funding formula reform
  • unemployment rise: youth unemployment, female unemployment, Welsh unemployment
  • help for veterans with mental illness
  • Clyde Coastguard station closure
  • draft water bill
  • legal sanctions – financial services regulation
  • benefits cap
  • health bill – NHS reform
  • disability benefits
  • gambling regulation
  • Falklands
  • EU working time directive in NHS (junior doctors)
  • trade with Asia
  • inheritance tax
  • Syria – arms trade
  • West Africa crisis – international response
  • drug driving
  • ECHR – human rights ruling
  • child kidnappin
  • Leveson Inquiry

Sunday, 15 January 2012

In loving Egypt ...

Translated: In loving Egypt

When you become a parent and have a young family, your first priority is make sure there is food on their table, and make sure they stay healthy, then you have a duty to educate them so that they grow upright and flourish like a young green tree; a pleasure to look at and useful to themselves and their surroundings - then you can sit back and enjoy that green sunny field either from within, or from a distance.

That basically sums up what a good parent is, and good leadership too. Because what works for the family will always work for the country too. Hence if you are no good at parenting, you won't make a good leader either ... and like everything else in life, it comes naturally to some and not to others, no matter how long you train them. Because, be it little or large family, it's that bonded 'selfless' love which makes you dedicated, and only when you have that, can you take and cope with the responsibility of caring, raising and maintaining a family, and very much enjoy it on the way too.

Of course, 'rulers are the exception to this rule' ... trained or not, do they consider their people family? ... think 'self' ....

Mohamed ElBaradei is a good parent, yet he has just thrown in the towel and won't be running for the Egyptian presidential race anymore. At the first instant you think, if you love your family so much, as you have shown so many a time, then why did he do that?! And the answer is, how many times do good fathers leave because 'wife' no longer likes them?! It's the same principal! ... but then it's the 'kids' who will always suffer at the end ... I am sad Mohamed has left the race ... but I don't blame him, because 'wife' did not want him there ....

When it was evident that he can impact, then make a difference, ElBaradie was subjected to the most vicious of tarnishing campaigns! 'They' left nothing! He was ripped apart; his integrity, his honour, his professionalism, and his family too - nothing was left in that quest to destroy him, and I am sad to say that it worked, for Mohamed's popularity has been gradually going down since that campaign against him started ... and what a loss to Egypt, and to those without much choice ... and a win to his enemies whoever those are. I wonder, do those love 'the family'? Will they be as dedicated and as responsible as Mohamed is? Keep watching ...

In raising a young family, we Muslims follow a teaching that says 'Norture for seven [years], discipline for seven, then befriend for seven, then let go ... with lots of unconditional love all the way, and beyond ... and if you think about it, apart from 'norture' like you spoil and care for a young green shoot, 'discipline' is to teach and instill values, otherwise things will go out of hand ... or how else can 'kids' make the right choices when you let go? ... so if you do that right, then, and only then, you can 'befriend' ... and that is 'democracy' ... no other way!

Mohamed hasn't given up on that Big family, he says that he will still continue his fight for freedom for those without choice, but rather than being restricted by the responsibilities of the office, that he is now free to teach and 'unite' unhindered ... I know he will do that very well too ... because this is the kind of love, of dedication, and of the calibre of man he is ...

Mohamed is continuing with his green and sunny vision for Egypt ... hopeful

With lots of love ...

I've just started following him on Twitter, even though I'm not that familiar with the chirpping site, but loads do, you know .. all hope to hear more of his news soon ...chirp chirp ... anyone there? :-)

It's in Arabic, but I want to keep a copy of this video here ...

"By Samia Zeitoun:
Losing baradei is a loss for the revolution itself. As a liberal and a humanist his progressive concepts are in direct opposition to a repressive and antiquated leadership. The results of the election giving political Islam supremacy in the parliament also does not forecast a modern ,civil nation based on the rule of law and human rights advocacy."

Let the showdown begin [click]
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SCAF, ministry plan for battles with 'rioters' during anniversary [click]
Free Egyptians Party quits Egyptian Bloc [click]
Lawyer: Military was in charge at time of protester deaths [click]
Presidential election draft law unconstitutional, says Egyptian court [click]
Al-Azhar to demand speedy transfer of power in Tahrir on 25 January [click]
Thousands of leaflets distributed calling for 25 January demonstration [click]

ElBaradei’s withdrawal from presidential race raises hopes for revolutionary change [click]

ElBaradei: I'll be on front line of 25 January demonstration [click]
and [Twitter]

"Resistance to the organised mass can be effected only by those who are as well organised as the mass itself"

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Prime Minister Questions 11 January 2012


Question-by-question guide

international exports
rail fare increases
High Speed Rail 1
winter fuel allowance
standards in nursing care
Scottish referendum
forced marriage
police funding formula
bail laws
social care
taxing the highest earners
post offices in rural areas
EU treaty
tax exile
funding cuts to science and engineering for women
Guantanamo bay
fifty pence tax rate
Bombardier contract
executive pay
housing benefit
health service in Cumbria
forced eviction of Palestinians
bone marrow donation awareness
cadet forces and schools

PS: All forms of denial of human, civil rights and social oppression against women, including forced marriage, should be made illegal, not just in Britain, but in the world

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mabsout ya Seedi? ...

My dog was banned when the guards changed at my apartment - dogs are seen as unclean in certain Islamic cultures. I just told the guard it wasn't a dog - that it looked like a dog but it wasn't - they were too confused to do anything."

No, this post is not on the subject of that quote above. I've just come back from meeting a few nice friends and their friends at a social club. They all feel so ... well, confused ... you know, Egyptian elections and stuff ... politics, they now say; "Been there, done that, enough" ... who is Master? Who knows? Not the one above, definately not! Then again, who cares anymore, it's done! ...

So, that's done and out of the way, we sat and to watch a classic film together ... and was that lounge full!

It's about a poor young man who invented something quite promising. His close friend liked it so much, he pushed him to go to a big company owned by a Pasha to try and sell his invention and make loooads a money, and prestige too ... "Pasha?!, my god! A whooole Pasha?!", the young one said ... but after a lot of push from his friend, and lots of hassle and hesitation, he went. First, he met a small employee who saw the potential and moved it higher, and higher, and higher, until it went right to the top, to the Pasha himself, oh dear! But Pasha seeing the opportunity of loooadsa money himself, the process and 'negotiations' took 'some' time to agree a deal. Meanwhile , the poor inventor had met a pretty girl and they fell in love, only, unknown to the young man, Pasha was her dad ... and he found them out. Of course dad then ordered the young man to leave his daughter 'immediately', but he wouldn't. Furious, the Pasha accused him of stealing his own invention from himself[Pasha] ... and "guess who would the police and the courts believe", he told the young man! .... but don't worry, of course love won at the end ... it's a classic!

In that clip, young man with Pasha, and that friend, in Pasha's luxurious car. They are being shauffeur driven to the nearest police station for Pasha to hand the young inventor in. In a predicament and not knowing what to do, he fabricates a song, anything and everything, classic language mixed with slang, pleading mixed with bitterness and praise, and with humour ... and he found a voice to sing to the Pasha "ya Pasha ya Pasha" ... and a talent at playing a musical instrument he never touched before too, there is even a funeral march, his own, there! Well, they say need is mother of innovation after all ... and as they drive, the Pasha likes what he hears and passes many police stations but never stops as he wants to hear more 'singing' ... and as the singer adds yet more and more of his new found talent every time they approach another police station ... and as his hope of survival rises, his voice gets better at singing too ...

We used to sing this song to our professors at university, during exam times ... and it worked, sometimes ... I hear it is still being sung, by some, to profs to this day ... and it's not just for profs of course ... but to any 'dog owner' around too ...

They say translation is like a precious carpet, if the original text is the nice part you see, then translation is like the back which rests on the floor ... indeed, No one can ever do this song justice, so, enjoy that back ... and ....

Are you a dog? ... or a cat person?:-)

يا سيدي امرك .. امرك يا سيدي
Ya seedi amrak, amrak ya seedi
At your peck n call Master, at your command, O Master

ولاجل خاطرك .. خاطرك يا سيدي
Wlagl khatrak, khatrak ya seedi
Servant to your pleasing, your pleasure, O Master

مقدرش اخالفك لاني عارفك
Maqdarsh akhalfak la'eni arfak
I can't go against your will, because I know

تقدر تحط الحديد في ايدي
Teqdar tehot elhadid fi edi
You can iron cuff my hands, anytime

اسمع .. اسمع يا سيدي
Esma'a, esmaa ya Seedi
Listen, oh listen more, O Master


بالذي اسكر من عرف اللما
Belazi asskara men orf ellama
To he who got me drunk, without wine

كان في حاله وجت له بلوه م السما
Can fi halo gatlo balwa men elsamaa
When while minding my own business, catastrophe fell over from the sky

والذي اجرى دموعي عندما
Walazi agra demmoy endama
To he who made my tears run and flow, when he ...

كان هايبعتني لاقرب محكمه
Can hayba'tni le aqrab mahkama
is about to send me to the nearest court of law

مبسوط يا سيدي .. ياسيدي
Mabsout ya seedi ... ya seedi
Are you feeling happy Master?, O Master?

مبسوط يا سيدي ..
Mabsout ya seedi?
Are you happy Master?

مقدرش اخالفك لاني عارفك
Maqdarsh akhalfak la'eni arfak
I can't be against your will, because I know

تقدر تحط الحديد في ايدي
Teqdar tehot elhadid fi edi
You can iron cuff my hands, anytime

اسمع .. اسمع يا سيدي
Esma'a, esmaa ya Seedi
Here, listen, listen to more, O Master

وحقك انت المنى والطلب
Wahaqek anta elmona waltalab
By your 'rights' to me; you are my desire, and want

والله يجازي اللي كان السبب
W Allah yegazi elly kan elssabab
... and God, pay well those whe were reason for all this [his friend]

ولي فيك يا والدي قصة ..
W li feeka ya waldi qessaton
... and father [Pasha], in you, I have a story

تغير مجرى حياه الطرب
Togayro magra hayat et-tarab
That will change art appreciation, forever

مبسوط يا سيدي .. ياسيد
Mabsout ya seedi ... ya seedi
Are you happy now Master?, O Master?

مبسوط يا سيدي ..
Mabsout ya seedi?
Are you happy Master?

مقدرش اخالفك لاني عارفك
Maqdarsh akhalfak la'eni arfak
I can't go against your wish, because I know

تقدر تحط الحديد في ايدي
Teqdar tehot elhadid fi edi
You can cuff my hands with iron, anytime

اسمع .. اسمع يا سيدي
Esma', esma' ya Seedi
Listen, listen to more, O Master


حبك يا سيدي غطى عالكل
Hobak ya Seedi ghata alkol
Your love O Master has become my most cherished of all [emotions]
.. عالكل يا بوي
.. Alkol ya Rouhy
Chorus: Of all, O dearest ...

يجعل نهارك زي الفل
Yegaal neharak zay elfol
Let the Lord fill your day with Jasmin
.. والورد يا بوي
Welward ya rouhy
Chorus: ... and roses, O dearest

حبك يا سيدي على راسي من فوق .. وحياه روحي
Hobak ya Seedy ala rassy men fouq, wehyat rouhy
Your love rests right at the top of my head O Master, by my soul

خايف اقول على قد الشوق .. لاتطلع روحي
Khayef a'aoul ala ad elshouq la tetala' rouhy
I'm afraid to tell of the real depth of my longing, lest you do, get my soul out [as in kill me]

مبسوط يا سيدي .. ياسيدي
Mabsout ya seedi ... ya seedi
Are you happy Master?, O Master?

مبسوط يا سيدي ..
Mabsout ya seedi?
Are you happy Master?

مقدرش اخالفك لاني عارفك
Maqdarsh akhalfak la'eni arfak
I can never go against you, because I know

تقدر تحط الحديد في ايدي
Teqdar tehot elhadid fi edi
You can cuff my hands with an iron chain

اسمع .. اسمع يا سيدي
Esma' .. esma' ya Seedi
Here, listen, O listen Master


انا قلبي عليك .. عليك قلبي
Ana albi aleek, aleek albi
My heart only cares for you
Chorus: My heart, for you

كان فين دا ياناس ومتخبي
Kan feen da ya nass w metkhabi
[looks at his friend] Where was all this hiding?!

وبغنى قديم .. وانا ايه ذنبي
W baghani aleem, wana eeh zanbi
I sing my pain, and, why me?!

اعمل لك ايه يانا يا
Aamel lak eeh yana ya gholby
What more shall I do to you, oh poor me?

مبسوط يا سيدي .. ياسيدي
Mabsout ya seedi ... ya seedi
Are you happy now Master?, O Master?

مبسوط يا سيدي ..
Mabsout ya seedi?
Are you happy now Master?

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Eid Milad Majeed :-)

All pictures above are of: The hanging Church - Old Cairo - Egypt

St George Church - on the same site - Old Cairo

On the same site: The remains of the orginal Babylon fortress, said to have been built with Pharoahnic stones ... mostly from the original covering of The Pyramids

When The Holy Family arrived to Egypt they lived for a brief period of about a week or so in an area known as Old Babylon in Old Cairo, and this is where one of the the first ever Christian churches was built around this site. The orginal church is in an underground cave and consists of a room and a simple altar [first two pictures here]. In the 4th century another church was built on top while preserving the original Abiserga church, but it wasn't until the year 798 when The Hanging Church was built and is the one remaining to this day as one of the most beautiful churches in the world. On the same vacinity stands the magnificent St George Church and the coptic Museum. The area is nown now as MarGergis and is one of the most visited sites in Old Cairo ... and is only 20 minutes walk from across the brige on the other tip of the island where I live when I'm in Cairo ;-)

'Copt' means Egyptian and was used to describe all Egyptians until Islam aarrived to Egypt in 641 ... and those who followed the new religion became known as Muslims, while the Christians remained coptic. Hence Egypt is the only country in the world where every Muslim was born out of a Christian, since all of Egypt were Copts ... amazing history and people that are so intertwined, you can even tell by the architecture of the beautiful heritage here too ... unique Egypt!

Happy Eid El Milad El Majeed brothers and sisters in Egypt, and cousins celebrating the holy birth around the world. I hope this year will be peaceful and prosperous for all Egyptians, and the world too ...

Peace and lots of love ...

Merry Christmas


Evangelical Christmas with a nationalist flavour [click]

Thursday, 5 January 2012

A reaction equal and opposite in direction!

Extreme will be met with extreme! Is this video below the opposite reaction to the islamistisation attempts of Egypt?

Title: Scandal of New Year's eve party in a mosque in Nasr City [Cairo]

The persons who filmed the incident say that they were surprised to see flashing red and blue lights in the windows and hear loud dance music coming out of their local mosque on New Year's eves. As the Minister of Religious Endowments lives only 500meters away, they went to ask him to come and deal with the youth who said they hired the functions room, usually allowed for quiet wedding ceremonies, and paid 500 Egyptian pounds. Minister said he does not have the power to stop them since it was a private mosque and a private deal. After pleading with him he sent his son with those complaining to have a look. They also said that the organisers were seen selling tickets for the party outside as well ... keep watching ....

I have a feeling that perhaps this is a reaction to the ultra conservative Islamist views that we have been hearing for the past few weeks?

When will they understand?!

Egypt is 'NOT' Tunisia!

Egypt is 'NOT' Saudi Arabia!

Egypt is 'NOT' anywhere else!


The Question of culture in the ongoing struggle [click]
Egypt’s liberals and the elections [click]
Tunisian universities face pressure from Salafists [click]
Saudi vice committee to force cover women with 'tempting' eyes [click]
MB met ex-president? [video]

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Egypt: Happy New Year from Tahrir Square :-)

And I was there for a while too ...

The sound is not that good ... or the picture, it's only mobile phone quality, but ... what a party! The Square was FULL! Well known artists too ... loads, fr free! ... and a proper stage ... well, nearly!

... and they stayed up all night, and the kids too ... a spontaneous big party, starring a big happy society singing to mother Egypt ... all happy together ... show the world again, and ....

Happy New Year Egypt

... with lots of love :-)

And there are loads more mobile phone clips on youtube, double click and see for yourself ...

Now, just a thought: Isn't it that Islamists consider such parties 'haram' or forbidden? Will those too be outlawed soon then? Will those happy people singing and dancing together here accept that, ever?! Then, how are they going to Islamistise those people this time, those Traders in Religion', the hypocrates?! ... and what do we do with hypocrates?! ... not follow their example at the very least, and fight them! ... right! Well, here we are then ... ;-)

Ah, this last link in Arabic says just that, that those 'Islamists' are but traders wrongly using religion to advance their own agendas, currently, this current lust for power regardless of what will happen to Egypt [look at how the Egyptian Exchange dives everytime they gain ground!] ... they stole the revolution from the people and want to impose a free fall to the abyess instead. They intend on curtailing freedoms and imposing a Frankenstien like view of Islam that many Egyptian wholeheartedly reject and oppose as a valid interpretation of what our religion is about, which is 'peace' and 'harmony', honesty and respect ... etc

During these last two round of elections the Islamists stopped at nothing to get those vulnerable votes belonging to up to 70% of the Egyptian population, and they did! The 'honourable' tactics used ranged from making it a sin [in mosques] if you vote anyone else but their candidate, to having a desk complete with loads of personnel and a laptop by the entrance to the polling stations to ask you then access your details on the elections website [and keep the information for present then future reference, your name, address, and National ID number? Well, they had papers and pens and were writing things down!], then 'advice' you which room to go to as well as telling you who to vote for and making a mark for that chosen4u person on their leaflets and handing them out in big numbers, to [inside the room itself] physically tell those who can't read or write to mark certain boxes, to distributing food and money in exchange for votes ... to rigging the boxes after, to making mistakes in counting votes to give them an advantage ... that put them in the lead, yeppeeeee. They say they expect similar or better results in the current and final round which started today too! Are those 'fair' elections? Are these results what the people really want?

I know this above is true, I was there in 4 different polling stations during the first round, in different areas too, mostly poor, and we spoke to many people. We told them to take the money, then vote whoever they liked, but obviously this was not enough given the rediculous results as fear won over freedom

... and all the money for the extravagant campaign, the huge banners, the leaflets, the loud speakers, the desks, the laptops by most if not all polling stations across the country, the huge number of personnel, etc, etc, etc! Where did it all come from, and with what funding ... and by whom?! What is there to stop the islamists, again in the mosques, to again make it a sin if you don't select their favourite Shura [advisory] Council, or even favourite nominnee for president?! One month or so ago, one of their prominent leaders said on TV that they are preparing such presidential candidate whom they will tell of closer to the time [not one of them, oh no! ;], and that he is sure 'the people' will like him a lot! 'Like him a lot?!' I shudder at the thought!

Egypt is currently investigating some NGOs's funding, licences to operate, etc. They think that some of those organisations, who mostly do great social work, may have recieved money to do one thing, but in the middle of all the mess, cunningly did another, most probably without the consent of their donors or even those knowing of the extra 'activities'. Well then, I hope the Ministry of Justice will also answer the questions above re if this extravagant funding of Islamists is being investigated too? Where did the Islamists get all huge sums for their OTT campaigns?! ... and those questions are not mine alone, but belong to the majority of the educated class regardless of religious affiliation, all those who feel badly sidelined by this abuse. In Egypt now, forget about 'Democracy' or even the hope of, it is a transition to 'hypocricy' ... and for that, those decent people celebrating their country here in this huge party, they deserve an answer too.

And the author of the article in this link says that he would choose what he describes as the army's h*ll over the heavens of the 'unknown streams' anytime ... Amen to that ... is there any other choice?! BTW, he is head of a political party that promises lots of things, other than that, I know nothing about them, nor do I support/not in any way

Let's hope ...

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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy 2012 to the world

Have a happy, hopeful and optimistic 2012

Yep! Always look on the bwite soid ...


Pray for Peace on earth with me

... while you're at it!


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