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Thursday, 6 December 2012



"And hold firmly to the rope of God all together and do not become divided. And remember the favour of God[and His gifts] upon you - when you were enemies and He brought [joined in love] your hearts together and you became, by His favour, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does God reveals to you His verses that you may be guided" Quran 

I was abroad when trouble started and have since my return been watching what's happening in Egypt with a heavy heart. So heavy, it has rendered me mentally paralysed; the reason why I have been speechless on the subject since. I just can't believe it, for never in the whole long history of Egypt has anything like that ever happened   ... but then, at the same time I was hoping that it won't be allowed to go on anyway because the current president and his administration will have the vision and the wisdom to remove the reason for this trouble and put a swift end to all the resulting hurt - but they didn't. Instead, the situation was allowed to fester and continue festering, it has now become a dangerous impasse! ... now only God knows where is that taking Egypt and her people if it is left, as it is now, to feed on itself and grow ...

Right from the start and given Egypt's diversity as people, I had many doubts and hence, anticipated that there will be trouble if one group tried to impose their one ideology over such a mix of people. But then when the new president Dr Morsi resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood, a glimmer of hope replaced part of the doubt and I thought, fair enough, let's give a chance now that he was elected and now that he promises to be inclusive of all Egyptian; even though I had huge reservations on the process by which he got there too ... only Egyptians are now so divided, the situation has turned into 'Egyptian vs Egyptian' with each group pulling in the opposite direction at what once was a well woven strong rope, but is now hanging on a thread where if that goes on the way it has been till now, there is nothing but an ugly pit of fire at the end of such an ugly road - for that, speechless as I was, I prayed and still pray for Egypt and to save Egypt

No need to repeat the full 'Egyptian spring' story from it's beginning for the whole world has been watching since it first started on 25 January 2011, and I have written enough about that, all under the label 'Egypt' if anyone wants a reminder. Now that the situation has reached such a dangerous point, one of the most prominent part of this memory for me is that despite all his ills, president Mubarak stood down so as to spare his people any divisions and all the heartache that usually follows, as seen in other 'springs' around the Middle East. And when the Egyptian army took over, it displayed incredible restraint despite all the personal attacks it's leadership was subjected to for the very same reason, to 'protect' the Egyptian people and keep them 'together' and united and that's how Egypt was delivered to the new administration ... and where is that unity now?!

John Lyon of the BBC reporting on the current sad situation in Cairo said that people are opposed because they feel the president wants to "impose Islamic values on Egypt", and no BBC, Egypt is a Moslim country, proud of her Islamic values and traditions, including Shari'a which simply means 'law'. But one that is  based on 'true'  Moslim teaching, and one which has always formed the basis for the law of the land in Egypt up to today and has never brought people apart as is happening today but kept them united as you have seen for yourselves during the revolution. That's because it allows people to live side by side in peace. To give but an example, it allows minorities like Christians and others to apply their own laws with regards to marriage, death and family and follow the law of the land where it can be applied to everybody fairly and without prejudice. So, say, if some members of the Christian community's religious beliefs don't allow divorce while other denominations do or have a special procedure or time frame for that, the state will not interfere or impose the Muslim view or way but will allow them to abide by their own religious teachings, same goes for inheritance too, etc - and it instils good behavioural standards and ethics too, like you won't hear all the 'Alahhuuu Aakkbaaar' or 'God is great' loud chants you always hear on the BBC's 'Arab spring' reports, sometimes even when the moving picture on the screen is of an aeroplane in mid air :-) ...  because it promotes the universal religious teaching that it is wrong to mention God's name in vain, even if a foreign camera crew urged you to do that to get on TV which the majority of simple people then do - and I have seen them, not the BBC, do that in Tahrir Square last year - and felt the voice over some channels use sometimes too. I do not think this kind of practice is fair reporting given that they always depict an already volatile situation!

So, Egyptians, including minorities cherish and want Islamic values, but what the liberals and the seculars have reservations about is the attempts to impose a certain interpretation or an ideology of one group with strict views that they feel does not move on with the times as per Islamic teachings, and their wish to impose that over the rest, or the majority.  They also therefore question some wording that may affect the legalities of the new proposed constitution, about it's affect on the content and what that may mean to how the country is governed. As well as question the reason for the sudden rush to a referendum. They feel that the prosposed constitution is biased towards the Islamist ideology, which means just that and not questioning the underlying values themselves. But instead of opening a dialogue with them to dispel that fear at the very least, Dr Morsi awarded himself powers which allows him to do whatever he likes without question. In effect, he put himself above the law, something which the liberals can never accept as those believe that only God is above the law since he's also the creator and maker of same, and because one of the pillars of democracy is 'the rule of law', where everybody is 'accountable', including and above all, the president!  ... and it went on from there

Now the law, or the judiciary, is against the decree and against the new constitution and it's approaching referendum, well, obviously - and so is the Egyptian press, and they both, together with the large sections of society now being represented in Tahrir Square to disapprove, are not just taking a stand against but are frustrated and angry that nobody is listening to their legitimate concerns. But it was then shocking to see that instead of attempts to diffuse the situation, the Moslim Brotherhood, ironically and in direct opposition to the Sura or part of the Quran above since that move would always cause division, packed it's supporters into buses and coaches and descended on Cairo in front of the Cairo University in support of the president and his proposed constitution and carrying his pictures as well as some deliberately infuriating placards ... and I thought that the carry my picture days are gone! One of the many placards had a simple drawing of a woman on pink paper with an added black moustache and the word 'almani' or 'secular' written under, and you don't know if they mean secular women are like men, hence the moustache - or secular men are all women [a downgrade to some], hence the woman's face underlined by the word secular, or both - another incredibly  threatening placard exactly said "Ayoha el'amanyoun etaqo ghadabna" or " Seculars, beware of our anger", and it sorts of implies that 'secular' is 'kofar' or non believers! ... and who are you to judge, or what anger is that, and is Dr Morsi aware all this is done in his name?! ... etc, etc, loads ... the result is that now there are two camps; both Egyptian vs Egyptian! Recipe for disaster, it escalated ... and now it's Egyptian injuring and hurting, even killing Egyptian as there are three confirmed dead since trouble started plus unconfirmed reports of five more deaths today! This  is not just sad, but heart breaking!

Meanwhile, the 'experts', from both sides 'of Egyptians' are in abundance and are talking now 24/7 in the media, while the establishment still pushes along with a referendum on said proposed constitution to be held this coming Saturday despite the judiciary's refusal to oversee. Meaning in effect, that the law of the land is now also splitting among itself based on you're either with me; the regime, or against me, and that's everybody else. Despite all that, Dr Morsi is not just not budging, he is nowhere to be seen too, while still insisting on his decree and his referendum anyway. Meaning that 236 items of legal gibberish is going to a referendum on Saturday and the result, which is bound to be a victory given how the elections were won. I will not take part, because although I may understand on the surface, I know when it comes to legalities what just a single word in the wrong place can do. I therefore would have preferred that this content was torn apart by the judiciary first, since there is no parliament, before it was offered for a referendum, and also given that 40% of the population are illiterate and the majority of the rest are like me, they wouldn't have a clue!

 During today's clashes between 'Egyptian and Egyptian' in front of the presidential palace, Egyptian TV reported that it was Mr Khayrat El Shater, the top Muslim Brotherhood leader who was rejected during the elections and was replaced by Dr Morsi was the one who organised and gave orders to what the said TV now calls 'Brotherhood militia @@' to go and disperse the till that point peaceful protest in front of the presidential palace in Heliopolis, a suburb of Cairo. With that action resulting in a few now dead and well over 400 injured, some seriously, people are now not wondering how could he ever do that and by what right, but also, how many presidents does Egypt now have and for them to feel free to do what they did?!

Forget about all the injuries to Egypt's reputation abroad and the resulting harm to her interests in general and tourism and her already suffering economy as a whole, let alone all of the above, what's important now is a solution - and no, a referendum on a disputed constitution this coming Saturday is not the answer for the above reasons. This is also because people remember the mess that was the first ever referendum still and therefore, IMHO, if the government won, the anger of those opposing will continue and most probably escalate too, and if the government lost, it would suffer unprecedented humiliation that would cause a big loss of trust leading to much bigger questions to it's very creditability, ability and competence - and who knows where that would lead. Meaning that the best time to end the trouble while saving face for the administration is now, or it won't work.

Myself being one of those 'women with a moustache' as described above, or simply, an ordinary Egyptian who is not a supporter of the Brotherhood and hence, must be a 'them' from the secular/liberal camp whatever that means since throughout the ages Egyptians have always considered themselves just Egyptian, I like to remind those who are in the now new 'us' camp with the word of God as stated above. That Egypt is now standing on the edge of a 'pit of fire' and the only way to save the day is to remove the 'causation' that got her into there in the first place. Hence, I urge Dr Morsi, who I never doubted his integrity, to do the right thing by her people, to forget about all the advisers and the experts around him and take that courageous step and withdraw his decree as well as cancel that referendum to allow that heat to cool down then give those opposing a chance to a healthy 'air your doubts' dialogue and let them have that  listen to their say instead of all the unwarranted doubt and the accompanying accusations now rampant.

Unite Egypt President Morsi, pull that 'cause' back ... save your people from that awful pit of fire, unite them and weave that rope back to strong again as it was delivered to you ... but this time weave with care to include all your people. After all, the Sura above, though means lots more as always; but for one, it never said who should or shouldn't hold on to that rope, but said 'all' then left it open to mean and to include 'everybody', regardless ...

This is his duty as President, to 'protect' first and foremost - as stated by God and his Prophet, or his Shari'a

I don't think he would also like to go down in history as the man who lead his country and his people from the edge down into 'pit of fire' in just a few little months ... it's all in your hands now Dr Morsi, save Egypt.

Meanwhile, the 'anger' around the presidential palace continues... and when will that long 'spring' end?!

Let's hope and pray for peace for Egypt

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كلكم راع و كل مسئول عن رعيته

"Each of you is a Sheppard, and each is 'responsible' for his own flock" The Prophet

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