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Friday, 30 November 2012

Palestine ...

*** PALESTINE ****

... at long last!

I've no idea how or why but I've been busy lately, I thought the UN was going to vote tonight on the Palestinian bid, but it is already done, and well done too!

Well, it saved me from all the waiting, but now I can't stop the tears ...

It's a beginning, I know, to a happy ending and two proper states, I hope

But at least now when the Palestinians say they want to live side by side in peace with Israel, the whole world would know they mean it ...

We all want to live in PEACE with you Israel ... I sincerely hope you're listening

This is a happy day


*** PALESTINE ****

UN makes [resounding] vote in favour of Palestinian [statehood] [click]
Hanan Ashrawi: Supporting Palestine in the UN is a vote for peace in the ME [click]
Israel to build new settlements after UN vote [click]
Hague and Clinton criticise Israel's settlement plans [click]
Peace is possible

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