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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Britain is ... Going UP! :-)

“True prosperity is the result of well-placed confidence in ourselves and our fellow man.” 

Tough on crime!
Tough on stagnation!
Tough on the deficit!
Team Now Delivering!

UK economy returns to [Growth]
Prosperity is on the [horizon]

Good news!


... and so, no, I am not cautious, I am optimistic, ... and with optimism comes hope, and with hope comes prosperity ....

Well done UK ... keep it up


Give us [hope]
Forget doom and gloom, it's time for optimism on the [economy]
A moment in the sun will last if you [help] it to [last]
UK economy is best in [Europe]
Good news for GDP, bad news for [Labour]

*Yes, look for and operate in new markets, but though we shouldn't concentrate on the EU as was, we don't leave what we have, not at a time when we don't know what will become of them, too [Great article] and  No to [leaving]

Britain shouldn't jump the gun on leaving the EU [click]

And keep watching that economy Big Boss ... and Team DC!


Deleted and retrieved comment said...

David has left a new comment on your post "Britain is ... Going UP! :-)":

There's still a lot of work to be done, Sam. Let's hope our leader reforms our dysfunctional public sector, trimming more of the fat from our bloated state!


Posted by David to Chez Sam's at 26 October 2012 20:47

My retrieved reply said...

Sam has left a new comment on your post "Britain is ... Going UP! :-)":

Cut cut cut!

One just hopes we won't end up with an Anorexia nervosa public sector instead of fat. After all, Anorexia was not call nervosa for nothing! I hear it's a lot easier to treat obesity than to cure Anorexia whose symptoms are quite unbearable, they can very easily lead to death.

Of course, I don't know how big or how small our public sector is, or what can be trimmed and what not to strike a healthy middle balance and avoid both ills. But I know that we have good leadership with good intentions. Only, the bestest owners of the bestest intentions can not work on their own and so, we all have to help any which way we can if we are to keep the momentum and the upwards trend.

Mind you, no momentum was ever kept by being pessimistic nor by not trusting in one's self first before trusting others, the reason why a change of culture and a shift towards trusting our leaders instead of the everyday bashing is a must.

We have a saying that goes 'If you always fear the genie, the genie will appear to you', so being overtly cautious or even negative is never a good idea.

When the sun is shining, if you don't get out to enjoy it, it won't come in by itself to a darkened room, hence, when things are looking up, one must encourage more endeavour and with that comes more risk taking, not more caution as many are voicing now.

You can never have the heart to strive and venture out or take risk without optimism, trust and plenty of motivation, otherwise momentum is lost and we get nowhere ... keep this package at heart and the only way is up. Remember the Olympics? Optimism, trust in onesself and motivation ... in one word, Ambition and a positive environment is what we need now.

So, I won't even bother with negative views presented in a negative article, I am optimistic, I trust our leaders can deliver is they try hard enough, and I will motivate them - then we'll see ...

Only, British politicians are not used to being cheered ... but they better get used to it, eh? :-)

Posted by Sam to Chez Sam's at 27 October 2012 01:12