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Friday, 25 May 2012

Hyper Media ... and bubbles!

A question of judgement?

"A politician would have to take the ultimate decision about whether News Corp would be allowed to take full control of BSkyB - whether, in other words, the Murdoch family empire extended its media power"

As a member of the public, I feel this done to death now topic still occupying a prominent place in all media is so boring and is a very ill-timed affair too, given what is happening in Europe and the world now and the impact on us! Spare us please ...

That said, had News Corp offered that full take over of all of BSkyB while recent past governments were in office instead of the current government, would that empire have won that bid and gained full control or not?

Seeing just a little of what went on before, I am 'very' inclined to believe that that contract would have, not just been signed, but delivered to the emperor with a kiss and a red rose and on a silver plate too, because that was the prevailing culture then! ... and BSkyB would have now had that 'one' owner with all what that means in terms of what's being investigated now!

Media, how about your judgement if that alernative scenario had happened? Why is no one commenting on that?!
Only, the it hadn't happenned, because the whole affair stopped on the current government's watch, and good for this government they made sure this culture is no more too!

Of course, members of the public don't have the same interests in that story as the media, hence find it boring now , and that's how we judge it!

The very reason why we now question the media's judgement since we've been wondering, for a long while now, why is this energy sapping trivial subject that's no more is being prioritised over and above what really matters to the public and to the country most now?! Why is something in such a specialised area that does not really concern or impact the public is being relentlessly followed and vemently pursued by such distinguished members of our most distinguished media at a critical time when we need all that energy focused to help solve the dire problems we all face now? Where is your support and your help everybody, instead of this fruitless continuous distraction to our government from what really matters and during such times of great uncertainty for all of us?!

Please, the people out there are really worried about that Euro Crisis, it's effect on the globe, and on our own economy too. Liveliehoods and not that feeble, silly, even what is beginning to look more like an irresponsible 'story' line! A story that is all hype and no substance ... just like soap bubbles blown in the air only to burst soon as they attempt to fly. Well, this one too is a now a none flyer, or have you forgotten?! That deal did not go through after all!

Thanks to our current government! They stopped it, when others before them didn't and instead, allowed it to mushroom out of control until it nearly became an unquestionable norm!

It has been stopped now though and that's what matters, and our government should be commended for that, but I haven't seen any such gesture so far ... ??!

We the public do notice things like that too, so media, please take note of that sometimes ...

Thank you ...

On another note, and on one other trivial matter, I just want to say that it is always the very special only who attract all the attention, and never forget that. Then we, as in PM, won't get teased anymore to begin with, because those who tease us always know we're the responsive type precisely because we're the decent type, and so, they do it on purpose. And we are so mannered, we even end up being the ones appologising too, while they run around complaining too! Wicked, and very naughty ... and it's not on!

Best to abort their endeavours from the start, by
automatically acknowledging what's being thrown for what it really is first, then there won't be any anger. The easiest thing in the world then is to have a relaxed little smile, even a little chuckle, with that straight in the eye look at where the teasing and the like is coming from ... and it works better than any speech. If however one, to start with, can't help but say something, and since we, as in everybody, all occasionally meet with a little of that teasing, then I personally used to train myself, in front of a mirror believe it or not and sometimes at a photo of certain individuals if I have it, on how not to get teased, where I reflected on certain incidents and imagined some new and formulated a way best to respond. I also used to practice how to prepare templates that can be used in any occasion, then make a calm but quick reply on the 'subject', never on the 'person', to preserve my rights as well as show the teasing for what it really is as well as frustrate the whole naughty endeavour ... hence form a reply such as in a 'ridiculous or idiotic policy or proposal', instead of a 'ridiculous person', for example ... or a frustrated endeavour instead of a frustrated individual, etc ... it then implies 'them' without actually ever stating it, and with the right look, smile and sarcastic tone when suitable, it does turn the tables round and teases those aiming to tease us ... so easy to do and it works. Then, when we've mastered it, there will come the time when we won't need templates any more! So, to all those who do get teased, try it ... it's a very satisfying excercise too, and yes, revenge IS 'sweet'! Taking a breath in before we speak helps as well, and helps perfect the technique too ... and when the teasing doesn't work anymore, those who do it usually give up and stop ...

... it's all just another trivial hype and bubbles in the air after all ... if only we remember that ...

Mind you, I don't like boring, and prefer a bit of parliamentary macho action myself, it is another satisfying solution after all ... and much more fun to watch too ....


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