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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lost in the translation ... is Egypt!

Egypt ... now

They say 'culture is the mirror of society', and it is. For Egypt now, forget about modern for that's confused, here is a classic 100, or more, year old song by Om Kolthoum, from a time when the word 'love' was like 'water' to all Egyptians. Indeed, it is still so, albeit a bit foggy now, it's meaning is somewhat lost sometimes ... not for long, I hope

From me to Egypt ... rare, this song is now only known, to but a few ...

جمالك ربنا يزيده ده ملك منظمه سيده
Gamalak rabna yezeedo, da molk menazamo seedo
Your beauty, may The Lord preserve, and enhance
Is a universe arranged by it's Master

هواك يا حلو نساني وداد اهلي وخلاني
Hawak ya hellw nassani, wedad ahli w khelani
Your love, oh beautiful one, made me forget
The closeness of family and friends

وصبحت رهين امرك ما ليش غيرك حبيب تاني
W sabhny raheen amarak, maleesh gheerak habib tani
I became a pawn awaiting your order
One with no alternative but to love you

وقلبي داب وايه بيده
W albi dab, weeh beydo
With a melted heart, and no hand at my destiny

ده ملك منظمه سيده
da molk menazamo seedo
It's a universe arranged by it's Master

تشوف القلب لم مايل بيتدلل ويتحايل
Teshouf el alb lak mayel, beytdalel w yet-hayel
Look at that leaning [to you] heart, swaying and begging

يزيد التيه وتهجرني وتيهك فرح العاذل
Yezeed eteeh w tehgorni, wteehak farah elazel
And as your vanity rises, you leave me
And the envious, at this vanity, rejoice

وكادني ربنا يكيده
Wkadni rabna yekeedo
They tease me, may The Lord tease them

ده ملك منظمه سيده
da molk menazamo seedo
It's a universe arranged by it's Master

جمالك ربنا يزيده ده ملك منظمه سيده
Gamalak rabna yezeedo, da molk menazamo seedo
Your beauty, may The Lord preserve
Is a universe arranged by it's Master

أدنت بقدرة القادر سبيت الروح بسحر العيون
adenta be'odret el'adr, sabeet elroh bessehr el eyn
See how you were able, somehow, through god's grace
to put a spell on my soul, with that magic of your eyes

وخذت العقل يا قادر ومش عارف طريقه فين
Wkhadt el'aal ya ader, wmesh arf tare'ou feen
You took the mind, O able one
and I know not a way to it

وامتى بس حتعيده
W'emta bass ha te'edo
When will you bring it back?

ده ملك منظمه سيده
da molk menazamo seedo
It's a universe arranged by The Master

Many teeth ... and one goal
Note says: Free Egypt

Meet Egypt's next president [pictures]
Tantwai: SCAF puts state interests first [click]
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Of course, 'ordinary' Egyptians have stopped going to Tahrir Square long time ago, since the 'honest' parliamentary elections. That's even from before Elbaradei decided not to run for president after the viscious campaign that was conducted against him, by those who now attend, and control, the 'Liberty'square ... the world media only sees those ....

I hope this new effort is not too late Mohamed ElBaradei, I sincerely hope, and pray, it is not so ....

David Cameron: Indonesia is a model democracy for Muslims [video]
Despite Islamist misgivings, Egyptians turn out in droves for Easter celebrations [click] and to celebrate in Easter properly, here is this ancient 'fesekh' or salted [fish] recipe
... we'll eat it, 'together', even if it kills!


Julie said...

That last picture of the Mona Lisa is me first thing in the morning!

I do hope that everything turns out ok in Eygpt,Sam. It's not looking good just now, but I think the Eygptians have a natural moderation which could prove vital in the current situation. Eygpt is the wise old mother of the East and she needs to dig deep to hold fast in the face of the fundamentalists. But she has a lot of wisdom and experience to draw on.

Sam said...

The one with her feet up and out of the frame? Very pretty! Freedom is pretty! :-)

And yes, as the Egyptians have shown at the start of this revolution, when there was 'real' Egyptians in the square having a carnival around the armies tanks and armoured vehicles as well as that huge New Year party, they are mild natured and very civil, regardless of affluence or the lack of. That nature I have always found very impressive, and very humbling. Beautiful, but as with anything else, this beauty is double edged, because it is then easy to manipulate and use them too.

Let's hope