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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Egypt is mourning :-(

You go out to watch a football match with your friends, and you end up dead ... burnt alive, at best!

74 dead and the number maybe rising, and hundreds injured

And now everybody is talking again, acusing everybody else ... and more protests ...

While the people at home are mourning the dead ... and the Egypt they know ...

Only a year ago, Egyptians went out at all hours of the day or night to buy something, or for a bit of fresh air ... no more!

It's now fear instead ... and it is terrifying!

Who done it? I don't know, who is benefiting? ... and ....

What next?

Egypt football violence: 'I saw people with knives and swords' [click]
Egypt football riots: police fire tear gas at Cairo protesters [click]
Egypt football violence an own goal for all sides [click]
Two protesters shot dead by police in clashes in Cairo as unrest following football riot leaves new government on brink [pictures]


Julie said...

Sometimes, Sam, things just happen for no reason at all. It's a sad time for Eygpt. Hope you are safe.

Sam said...

Thank you Julie, we're just stuck to our TVs in here, and it is sad

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Take care dear Sam. As always, thinking about you.

Anna :o]

Jenny Woolf said...

Very sad and worrying for you. Revolutions are never simple and quick, let's hope things become clearer and easier soon.

Sam said...

You're very kind Anna and Jenny, thank you so much for your support

And Jenny, one was hoping for the 'beginning' of a new dawn of country first and the rule of law - which are the basics of democracy, but one year on, there is only vested interests and no application of law, hence the mess

I am very glad you visited, love the cat too, cute! :-)