The butterfly is a flying flower, The flower a tethered butterfly

Friday, 14 October 2011


Blue hole - Dahab - Egypt
It's 200m deep!

The ultimate bussiness meeting place?
Of course!
Location location location!

A virgin paradise ...

Well, nearly ...

As beautiful as a dream ...

And yesw, the Hilton is there ...

... but this one doesn't cost an arm and a leg ...

... and only an arm for this one ....

And the residents are very friendly
Only you don't get this kind of affection from the 'all stars' ...

Fancy a swim? ...

And the food is deelicious!

And how about that for romantic?

Well, you forgot the sunglasses at home, didn't you?!

And the red canyon is closeby too, it's amaaazing!

... and that weather! Paradise!

By the way, Dahab means Gold, they called her so because it's beautiful water shimmers in the sun, and her sand is like sparkling gold too ...


... and gold is precious ...

Dahab is a precious experience ....

You don't take computers on such a precious experience, do you?


Pssst! Apparantly, the top picture is actually of Belize's Bleu hole and not Dahab's! Well, what do you know! Shame I can't fly and take pics of blue holes from the sky myself, but the BBC can! :-( ... and how many Bleu holes do we have on this earth anyway, eh?!

... Well, thanks BBC! You had to do it Amelia, didn't you?! ... youuuuuuu @@

Well done ... and thank you :-)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Happy Birthday David :-)


Well, they say 'if you neighbour the happy, you will be happy too' - too true! So, if PM can make his girl that happy, then he can make the whole country happy ... and impact on the globe's happymometer too ... and it comes naturally to him! So, to those who think it's all PR, I say, learn! ... or eat your heart out! ... and the media loves him because he doesn't hide his emotions, and is reviving romance in Britain ... well, he's overdoing it a bit, or two ;-) but then, show me purrrfect!

... and what do you give your favourite Big Boss for a present on his birthday?!

I know! I'll give him an answer, and a prediction, a wish, and a prayer ...

Answer; Although I am a Eurosceptic, I agree with him that now is not a good time for a referendum! Because, if it says no to Europe and we leave, we'd look like someone who leaves friends at their time of need! Not nice, is it?! ... and that will not only greatly harm the country trade and relations wise, but would go down real bad in history and is never forgotten ... forever! So, I've decided to become a 'Practical sceptic' like David and say no to a referendum for now too ...

Prediction; Women will win David the next election - outright! How? He's a natural ... and he's playing his cards right, look at his girl ... so, he knows, you be nice to the kids, and ma will follow ... and bring her friends too ... and the husband and his friends ... the neighbours ... friends at work ... may even campaign too! ... but I must say, that tennis match was ... courageous! ... you don't dare mess with 12 year olds, you know! ... good try though, it put a smile on my face ... and on other mums I am sure ... and kids too ...

Wish; May that child in your heart never grow old David Cameron ...

Prayer; God bless you, your beautiful little family and your Big family too ...

... and I left it to his Sam to sing him his Birthday song ... with the kidz ....

Happy Birthday Prime Minister :-)

Nice song ... even though he says he's done having children ... and her too, oh dear! @@

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Rumi on optimism ... :-)

Bring the pure wine of
love and freedom.
But sir, a tornado is coming.
More wine, we'll teach this storm
A thing or two about whirling.


And here is one for the medics ... so that they may learn ... about medicine ....

I sipped some of love's sweet wine,
and now I am ill.
My body aches,
my fever is high.
They called in the doctor and he said,
drink this tea!
Ok, time to drink this tea.
He said,
Take these pills!
Ok, time to take these pills.
The doctor said,
And get rid of the sweet wine of love's lips!
Ok, time to get rid of the doctor.

See! No hope without passion ... and together, they are 'optimism' ... or in a single word; life.

So, let's hope ... with passion ....