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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Happy Eid El Fetr ... from Egypt

Have a wonderful time everybody ...
Peace and joy to all Muslims around the world ...

...and peace, prosperity and hapiness to Britain
And the world

And thank you Big Boss, and peace and sincere best wishes to you too



... and now I go back to my holiday, I'm having a great time, even if feeling a little 'enlightened' because of all the fish I ate today ... you see, they all went fishing, and when they couldn't catch anything, they cheated ... and now, I can't even count to 10 ...

Will tell you all about it later ... well. maybe

Ciao for now

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Baby Passion :-)

Parenting ... a moral Art ... with love :-)

Camerons visit hospital where Florence was born [video] and [Beauuuutiful!:]
Camerons take baby Florence back to hospital where she was born [
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Dr Spock's Baby and Child Care at 65 [click]
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Mother’s BMI linked to fatter babies [click]
Birthweight link to lifelong health [click]

Mozart: Serenata n 13 - Romance_andante

Monday, 22 August 2011


I would die to be the two eyes of the person who saw you last

sareri khovin mernem
hovin mernem, khovin mernem,

im yari boyin mernem,
boyin mernem, boyin mernem

mi dari yer chem desel
desnoghi chough achkin mernem

gahynel em kal chem garagh
kal chem garagh, kal chem garagh.

letsvel em, lal chem garogh,
lal chem garogh, lal chem garogh.

mi dari yer chem desel
desnoghi chought achkin mernem

kedereh chur chen perum,
Imiari chelorchin perum
lorchin peroum lorchin perum

chlini ser dasare neh?
kel echsero orches perum

gaynel em kal chem garagh
letsvel em, lal chem garagh,
lal chem garagh, lal chem garagh.

mi dari yer chem desel
desnoghi chught achkin mernem


Shadows of the mountains die [Ararat]
And the cool dies,
Their height is no more.
I can not come.
I can not cry.

A year has passed,
Rivers bring water no more
What's a year
When it's now the moment
To die

[By me, but general meaning as I don't speak Armenian]

Bari nakhants - good envy

Painting from photgraph: 'Mother and child' by Arshile Gorky, the artist who painted his whole life, and that of his whole people ... from the only photo he had of his dead mother ....

Although he copied the flowers on her dress, he then dressed her in what [to me] resembles a shroud in the final painting ... he also deliberately changed the expressions on his face as well as his mother's to intense fear and desperation as was inside his person, then in the painting ... and it seems those then got their own life, and one that came to haunt him ... until after a turbulent short life, he killed himself aged 43

The last abstract painting in the post, another 'mother and child' is perhaps Gorky's own cry, like a baby who can't reach his mother's naked bosom ... can't reach and can't let go ....

The bottom one is one of Gorky's self-portraits


Friday, 19 August 2011


Double post!, sorry

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dear The Independant ...

Advising students on clearing places for medicine, The Independent says:

" The second route to consider is to enter Clearing and look for a place on a three-year degree course in a relevant area, for example, biomedical science or pharmacy. This keeps open the possibility of, after graduation, applying for the four-year, graduate-entry version of a medicine degree-offered by numerous medical schools."

... which is correct, but those taking the graduate courses will no longer be allowed a second student loan if they've already taken them for their first degree. So those thinking of taking this route won't qualify for 'students loans' while on that 4 year graduate medical course and have to sort themselves out through their own means. They do however, get NHS funding for their final [4th year] like students entering medicine from A levels ... so , no loans for the first 3 years unless this situation has been addressed and rectified by the government, has it?

So, please The Independent, find out if that is the case and add the advice to your article ... after all, we don't want students taking degrees they don't really want only for the sake of going to medicine afterwards, then if they can't afford to subsidise themselves, find out they stuck with those first degrees ... for life, when it's too late!

... not forgetting owing for the tuition fees for the two degrees from 2012 [63k], and the first lot of student loans either ... and living expenses, books, etc ... totalling near enough to a square £100,000.00

... and are medical schools still advising A level students about the graduate route entry to medicine without telling them that they won't qualify for loans if they take that route, or the true cost? ... or that after all this hassle they graduate to £22k per annum, which is nearly £5k below the national average? ... and no guarantee of a job? ... and that no job meanz no regerstration with the General Medical Council ... meanz goodbye medicine ... and they still owe all the money?

Oh dear!

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tough Love

Poor people are not criminals or looters, they are dignified people who like and do work for their own daily bread - many grow out of poverty through their own endeavour too!
They usually make things, and sell things ...

Lots of countries around the world do not have a benefits system like in Britain and the west, hence people in those countries have to find ways to support themselves if they are to survive - and they do. All those pictures above are the resulting innovation! I know you'll say there are kids in there, but those kids enjoy what they do and that they participate towards their family's income - then they grow older to become masters at what they did since they were young ... and they teach kid tourists too ... look how kid tourist is enjoying the experience. It is because people enjoy doing things, it's called 'self-worth'. It teaches responsibility from a young age, and once that sets in, it stays forever ... and the majority, as I hear, do this work after school too ... and they never grow up to become criminals but people with dignity who depend on nothing but their own hands and heads to survive. Very admirable ... did I ever tell you that I like wood carving ... and carpentry? Well, I used to, for a hobby ... I love getting those angles spot on too .... and had a nice sharp pencil behind my ear ... and more such hobbies ... you name it, but not gardening ... still do it too, sometimes ! ;-)

Of course loads of Brits love DIY and hand make hobbies too but are still mesmerised when visiting such countries. Not only by some of the amazing craftsmanship on offer, but also by how poorer people always find ways to earn their own living one way or another ... but nobody ever thinks of bringing some of these ideas here to implement not as a hobby but as means to educate to earn a living for those currently dependant on the state ... or of similar ways to give unemployed people the opportunity to innovate and boost their own self-worth by their own as well as feed themselves! Prohibiting costs, too many rules, and too many regulations, too many man made nonsense that hinders people's abilities and kills their survival instinct, and they end up the state's responsibility and not their own - sometimes forever! Even though not only will nourishing that basic human survival instinct reduce the costly welfare bill, help rehabilitate offenders, but is good for the economy too.

Government is now thinking of what to do with the looters once they've finished whatever punishment they get ... and Nick Clegg wants offenders to help clear and clean their own mess and apologise to those whom they hurt, good idea! ... but make them wear a pair of jeans and a normal top instead of an orange overalls, because the latter is far too humiliating - [and whatever you do to rehabilitate, don't humiliate beyond repair.] Tough love means firm but also preserve people's dignity so as to encourage real rehabilitation. Otherwise those same people will not only resist but bear a grudge and will not just offend again but maybe end up as hardened criminals as a result.

PM on the other hand is proposing a National service of all 16 year olds, which I think is a very good idea - but I hope it's not going to be about participating in sport, reading, writing and CV writing skills, volunteering and the like only, but to also take the opportunity to encourage innovation and an enterepeneurial spirit too by including crafts like those above, simple business skills ... and maybe even allow those targeted to start their own businesses ... and the like. Allow people to keep busy as well as use their heads to find their own way ... and that doesn't need to be costly or be for 16 year olds only but for older groups too ... and graduates who currently do not have jobs ... and those who participate in riots ... and the unemployed in general. Revive their survival spirit ... help them find their own self-worth ... and revive their own communities and livelihoods at the same time too.

... and you can keep cost to a minimum if you encourage, say, shop owners whose shops are currently empty, unwanted and closed on the high streets around the country to offer their shops for free for a set period of time and allow for multiple small businesses inside the one shop, size permitting, then offer those to groups of young people to try their hand at business ... and exempt those participating from payment of rates too and maybe advance them a small interest free loan if they have a good idea. Even if it is only to sell fruits and vegetables to the surrounding community and providing such business/s is needed for that area ... then they can start paying rent, etc once they succeed and are on their own feet ... good for the shop owners, for those starting the endeavours and for the communities too, and no welfare dependency ... or how about an unused piece of land, empty market stall places, or even a warehouse in a good location to start such small businesses rent and rate free to start with? ... or even a person's current accommodation ... anything, anywhere, exempt from costs and with a small loan for good ideas too.

And you never know, those currently costing money maybe are some of the tax payers of tomorrow ... at less cost to the state, good for them and the economy ... and no riots too.

... and people proud of who they are ....

That's another part of what a Big Society really means; to innovate 'together' for the benefit of all ....

... and look, even those of have big issues on their hands innovate, and it goes to show that even
tools for anything need not be flash or costly ... and it works ... like some of the tools in the pictures above too! So maybe those new innovators can make some of their own tools too :-)

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Don't ruin it!

The momentum you have all just achieved in dealing with the violence ... and what an achievement!

I don't know what all the fuss between the police and the government is about! Because I can't see the reason for it at all! Unprecedented disturbance and rioting erupted in London, and it did seem that the police were taken by surprise - that was evident from the scenes of blazing fires burning that large shop in Croydon, for example, without the presence of either the police or the fire brigade. If the police then sat down after it spread further to revise their tactics to cope with the escalating situation and decided to nearly treble police numbers on the streets as a result, then discussed and agreed that with the politicians, all well and good. But one must not forget that it was the 'presence' in person, upon cutting a much needed holiday with the family, of The Prime Minister and his tough message following the Cobra meeting on Tuesday morning that showed 'authority' and firmly delivered the looters a message that said that the government means business! ... and that quelled the criminality there and then! So, everybody played a part ...

But I don't think that without that personal presence of the top man that this rioting, burning, destruction and looting would've stopped as quickly as it did just because police numbers were increased. Indeed, since the rioting began, it seemed that a stand off against the police was one element that was intended by the rioters, hence, it was PM's presence that showed those increasingly destructive and looting crowds that the government stands firmly with the police, the councils and the legal system and that the whole government machine stands shoulder to shoulder to say that this type of violence was unacceptable on our streets, and it isn't.

For that reason I think that the current 'rift', as the media describes it, between the police and the government is ruining the strong message that has already gone and gotten by those thugs and criminals and I hope that rift would stop! This is not about who done what first and should take credit for whatever, this is about 'collaboration' to control a situation that has caused a lot of damage but could've even caused lots more if it was not for all authorities joining hand in hand to do just that, exert authority ... and indeed this is what happened, and it was you all who done it! Together! ... or we'd all be still right in 'it' to this day; the destruction and the terror! ... so well done everybody, we are grateful to you all for a job well done. Surely that's what really matters, right?! Indeed, this very collaboration is now showing the world what a Big Caring Society that sticks together in difficult times we Brits are!

To mainatin and preserve the momentum ... and the good results, please show togetherness! Let the message going out to those law breakers stay as strong and as firm as it was first said!

You know, that me, me culture should no longer have a place in our society for it was part of the reason for what happened, and there are many parts. Indeed it has no place in situations as grave as those we are now passing, so please refrain ... and that applies to our institutions including our police too! You guys have done a good job at the end so please don't ruin it.

As for the government seeking some 'advice' from external sources, regardless of whether they come from a culture that matches ours or not, of course 2, or 3, or 10 heads thinking together are always better than one ... then all we have to do is 'listen' then decide ourselves whether some elements of that outside experience would suit us, all of it even, or none, then act accordingly! What's wrong with that?!

... that said, after PM's firm messages which must've reached all the criminals in the land, and the arrest then punishment currently being handed out to those offenders and looters who wLinkere involved in the rioting, I don't think we'll see this kind of rioting happening again on our streets soon ... and if the police follows a new 'moderate but firm', when needed, startegy that also respects every individual regardless of who they are while applying the law of the land, then most probably never ... it's what they do most of the time now anyway ...

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