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Friday, 29 July 2011

... shshshoulders?!

"We are ensuring that those with the broadest shoulders will bear the greatest burden"

"This is nothing about deficit reduction and the affordability of public sector pensions. This is just a blatant tax on pensions,"

"As far as we know, this money is not going back into any pension scheme, it is going to the Treasury."

Dr Hamish Meldrum [BMA]

Do more than be fair: be kind

NHS consultants set to lose 19k under new pension proposals [click]

"If my contributions go up again that leaves me with less money which will effectively mean a pay cut”

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Well done BBC! :-)

BBC praised for science coverage


BBC Nature [click]
BBC science coverage: researcher involved in Imperial analysis shares her thoughts [click]

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Peace for Norway

My heart goes to the people of Norway
and the families who lost loved ones in that horrific attack


'Each of us must face the monster down' [


Thursday, 21 July 2011

... a meeting with the high flyers

During that meeting with MPs, Rupert Murdoch said that the day was "the most humble day in his life" ... but I thought the opposite! That it was nice to get to know the man inside the tycoon, and he came across well too, so did his son, I believe you raised your son well Mr Murdoch ... as your dad did before you. I like sons who remember their dads and what sacrifices they made to bring them up, it's an indication of good breeding. I could see some of that here ...

And they both strike me as quite sincere, fancy that! ... but they did! The thing is, I thought they would be sort of the kinda big man big talk type, but I was pleasantly surprised that here they were, father and son, who actually were just ... people! How peculiar! Well, I've never mingled with their type before! Not my see! No! Anyway, even that sudden attempted attack on Murdoch father by that protester, although terrible, the response from Murdoch dad's family sort of tells what a well loved man he is too, and proves my previous point ... and what a wife! ... and a son who cares and respects his father too, Lucky man! So, it wasn't the most humble day in your life Rupert Murdoch, but a day 'you' and your family got introduced to the world, and the world, to you. People to people so that we all get to know each other ... and also know where we all stand ... and this can never be bad! Thank you Parliament :-)

Well, now that this bit of sleeve polish is out of the way, and leaving the reason why they were there and what next to the experts, on the human level I believed both of them, that they meant their apology, even from before Murdoch dad read his compassionate statement. As for performance, I thought they really wanted to cooperate, but that there was a fair amount of answers that they did not know, but unlike others who think Murdoch father should know 'everything' since he is the director of that 'company', I don't think that's a fair judgement. Simply because his business gets bigger all the time, meaning that it doesn't matter how long you spend working everyday, and he said he did a 10 hour day, it just becomes impossible to keep watch on everything everywhere. I bet he knew every little thing when he was in his prime and the business was a bit smaller, but I suppose that's a perception people make upon being influenced by the heights he reached in what he does. Only, isn't that proper stereotyping? ... but I still think he did ... know Everything! :-) ... but there is nothing wrong if he doesn't now, again given the size of his achievement. I don't think anyone can.

You know, forget about Murdoch and his empire, but anyone who runs even the smallest of a private business have the same worry when they get older.That of what to do when business expands, or when they can't do it all alone themselves anymore because it just got too big or they simply are older. And like Murdoch father, the majority train and gradually hand over the business to son or daughter hoping they'll do as good a job, but there is never a guarantee this will be the case or that son will prove to be as entrepreneurial or as enthusiastic as father ... and what a problem ....

Here, this is much more difficult of course, because son seems able enough, but that company we're talking about is as big as a little country! Not forgetting it's branched and dynamic nature too given the type of business they're in, noisy. James looks like an intelligent young man and I hope he has the same potential ... but ... so, as Mr Murdock said, he won't resign because he wants to handle the current situation himself, and I suppose teach his son the how of that too at the same time so that they can both fix the reasons for this saga right and protect his life long achievement in the form of that business too. Not that I pretend to be able to even comprehend that level of business or what is best to do, but I think this is the right course of action since no one knows this company better than Rupert does ... and this is where Mr Murdoch's problem also lies; with such a huge establishment and a young in years and therefore experience son, he had no other option but to have had to hand lots of power to others ... and here comes the reason for his current trouble ....

As for Mrs Brooks, well, that interview had a different feel ... and at the end of the meeting, I couldn't understand why she offered to come back to sit for yet another session with the committee once all her other 'investigations' were over ... since the committee did not ask her for that! ... see, I thought anyone would do their best to avoid being asked, let alone make the offer themselves! ... and, would that be necessary at all? ... precisely because by the time all the police investigations are done, and I'm sure those will be thorough, wouldn't she have given them all she has already?! ... and be spared that second trip since they'd be nothing more left to say ... and what would be the purpose then for the more investigation ... and more worry and being yet again under the spot light ... etc, etc? Anyway, I don't know if it's only me, but I found that a strange request ... but what do I know?! ....

That said, on the whole, that meeting has been beneficial for everybody and it shed a good bit of light on many hanging by the thread issues. Although the legalities and the investigations continue to establish who did what and who will be punished how, I couldn't help but giggle when Mr Murdoch was asked if he'll extend one other of his newspapers production to seven days to compensate for the closure of News of The World, he replied giving no definite answer ... is there any relation between age an ambition? I don't think so ... good for you Rupert, but .... ;-)

Then again, where there is a will ....

And ... when this mess is all sorted out, which I feel Dad will now personally attend to himself, maybe he can, and his son, suggest some valuable points drawn from his vast experience on how best to reform the press in a way that it is ethical but free, because as he said, we're all the better for this freedom ....

Been there, done that, and now ... they both ... flew ... but I feel he's going to do the right thing soon ...

... and why can't Coulson fly too? ... poor Coulson ... really! ... sigh!

But you know, now that I have been introduced to Rupert ... Murdoch, I think if ... iiif I happen to meet him socially somewhere, which is a big 'if', I won't just give him a little peck on the cheek ... and on the other ... a few times, but I'd most probably jump and wrestle him down to the floor ! Human nature init?! ... which they're now trying to control ... :-) ... but I needn't worry about that since we don't mix in the same circles anyway ... that however doesn't mean that we do not regularly meet on a human level ... because, that MP meeting taught me that despite all the differences, at the end of the day ...

We're both human after all, and, you've got your troubles ... and I've got mine ...

... and I don't know which are bigger ... or even if I want to swap ....

... and that solicitor who was sitting behind with the green tie! I've never seen a solicitor look more ... solicitory! I tell you what, I wouldn't want to fall in his hands! Oh no! Respect! ... but can I have his autograph, or a signed photo? Pleeeease! @@

PM announces final hacking inquiry details [click]

Culture, Media and Sport Committee: Rupert Murdoch [click]
Troubles That Money Can’t Dispel [click] and [google]
James Murdoch’s evidence challenged [click] and [google] and [more]
MPs may recall James Murdoch [click]
Sam smelled a rat... so why didn't Dave? [click]

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Everything, is gonna be alright :-)

Talking of 'responsibility' ...

I hope PM had enough time to sleep following that hectic trip to do business for Britain, and do good for Africa. Good he didn't waste his time for those past two days, but instead, uniquely raised himself well above that dirty pond that I sincerely hope will clean up soon. And despite the exhausting trip that must have been not only tiring but hectic too. That's to say but the very least, given that busy schedule he had to keep and having to cut off and come back too. Because, as habitual, he accepted to attend The Commons today so as not to let his work colleagues, or friends, as he prefers to say, down or in doubt. A very decent thing to do. I am sure he'll do very well today too ... and here is a good lesson to others on 'responsibility' ...

And it's not the first time we put on a show! ... we make it big too ... spectacular! Always!

... I bet people around the globe are not surprised, not at all, it's becoming a British trade mark! ;-)

Let's hope ....

Europe needs Africa. Who'd have thought it? [click] and [google] and [more]

PM's trade mission to Nigeria [click]
PM's speech on aid, trade and democracy [click]
David Cameron admits he thinks of his father's outlook on life when he faces criticism [click] and [google]

Like my work friends? Say 'Good day' folk!

Monday, 18 July 2011


The RH David Cameron MP
Prime Minister of

Great Britain

Just to say

I trust you and trust your judgement PM
... and that goes for everyone I know too ....


PM begins Africa trade mission [click]
DAVID CAMERON: Free trade in Africa shows a way out of poverty [click]
David Cameron joins the new Scramble for Africa – catching up with China [click]
David Cameron survives – MPs roar with approval at the 1922 committee [click]

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Menacing journalism!

"If you believe the hype you have to believe the backlash too."

Power not ruled by law is a menace. Too true, and that applies to everything. Indeed, it applies, in part, to the current media explosion that's going on right now. This post is not about that phone hacking saga, but about some of the articles appearing in the media following the explosion in reporting the mess that ensued and the quality or otherwise of those articles. Only a simple effort in my part to grasp, a little, why there is a call for more media regulation.

Take, for example, this editorial article from The Guardian, one of my favourite papers. Although the editor has added a few criticisms, it doesn't attempt to persuade you to think one way or another, but leaves you totally free to decide and form your own opinion on whether to agree with the writer or not ... I don't, but I very much respect the professionalism with which it was written. This is what I call quality journalism written without restriction, or quality free press if you like. I want this freedom and this professionalism protected. Well written and presented Mr Editor. Free journalist, and free me! Most good journalists hae this high level of ethics, and good for them and us too.

Then, from the same paper, there is this article about the same topic. Again, it's written in a professional manner, but without the writer putting forward a personal opinion. Again, it's well written, because not only does it give facts, but it simplifies statistics right down to ordinary people's level to so were easy for me to understand. Facts without bias, well done again The Guardian ... but hold on! What's that picture doing there?! I don't know if it is intentional, but it does 'suggest' things, hence it will influence public opinion ... I do not like this bit ... but would have preferred either no picture at all like the deitor's article, or a picture of 10 Downing Street for example, the source of the information contained. But not a picture or pictures suggesting 'association' in a way that can influence opinion. As for the choice of picture itself, you know, the expressions, etc ... well :-)
... and I start thinking, this new media regulation could address that little bit, and the article would still satisfy both rules of professionalism And freedom of the press, right? ... a perfect example IMO ....

Then there is this one, on the same topic too, from another newspaper I like, The Independent ... and there is no room for me at all to decide, but the two writers seem to be on a mission to achieve a predetermined goal, that of deliberately influencing my opinion. To do that, they are using every trick in the book to 'force' their point of view, and me to believe in what 'they' think! That picture for starters, the narrow frames of the currently accused three plus the top man, all stuck together in rigid narrow lines to form the new big frame! Suggesting 4 of a kind, are we?! Then there is the language used, like; scale, exposed, no fewer, and that's only the first very small paragraph! The article is fuller than full with 'things'! And there is that effect of whole sentences too, look at this ...
the only person Mr ... has invited twice to ..., a privilege not extended even to the most senior members of his Cabinet."

And ...

"who was arrested this week in connection with police corruption and phone hacking – was invited by ... to spend a private weekend at Chequers as recently as March "

I omit the names because I just want to highlight the 'Associations' ... and the 'contradictions' too; a man who visited somewhere 4 whole months away, but was arrested 'this week' [they forgot to say "but released on bail pending investigations", hence is so far, innocent], why the Amnesia?!

Oh dear! ... and more ...

"There were two "social" meetings "

:-) Why define "social"?!

... and there is lots more more for it goes on ... and on ... and on ... but then I stopped here for a while;

" the man responsible for pushing through the BSkyB bid, was a guest at the Prime Minister's official country residence eight months ago"

Eh?! What are they ' implying'?! That is baad!

At this point, I felt like saying; sorry folks! That shouldn't be allowed! Not only this nasty and unwarranted 'implication', but the whole article IMHO! Why this kind of media can do with some more regulation ... also because;

Given the current high tempers and the
sensitivity surrounding this hacking saga, articles like this last one are so uncalled for and biased, they will negatively impact on vulnerable readers and distort opinions. Not for me though because instead, it made me wonder why articles like that are written at all?! Their 'purpose'? And that's usually 'propaganda' designed to serve some kind of 'vested interests' or another. Maybe to further one group's agenda over another, despite the no mention of that other group at all? In which case, if this is a party political, then it's in bad taste and is bound to backfire IMO because the public will see through that eventually and wonder how this kind of politics was thought of at a time of great need for the country, and they'll judge it in so other many ways too. Bad judgement if this was the case, only I don't think anyone can be stupid enough to encourage that now. So, perhaps such articles are written, and there is quite a few of them now swishing around, to serve as a backlash because of certain groups' perception they may losing out if a certain status quo is not allowed to continue, a backlash for the current saga, or even the proposed media reform for exampleMaybe! However, there are loads of other reasons too. Such as personal vendettas, opponents, smear campaigns for one reason or another, etc, etc, etc! Endless!

Ironically, with the new call for transparency, this is exactly the type of journalism that need to be addressed when looking at reform and regulation. And shouldn't such articles be not allowed since there is a two pronged judge enquiry into the hacking saga and the media reforms? I wonder if that judge have that capacity to do so.

Again, isn't such kind of journalism partly why this big empire is in trouble now? Because as well as hacking, it created directions to serve certain political groups over the others how that organisation saw fit? ... and the reason why politicians past and present are under the spot light unfairly suffering from it's 'cultural' effect? Well, I am glad, this practice will be no more ... all happened on the clock of the current PM too. History will sure remember that and reward him for being first in that drive for transparency too.

And Mr
Murdoch has apologised for all the mistakes committed under his name so did his Chief exec who recently resigned, although late, it's much better late than never. I was talking about these apologies with a friend and she thinks it's all PR to try cover their backs and salvage what they can to help their fatally injured reputation and the business. But I like to believe it was a genuine apology for the heartache they caused their unsuspecting victims as well as those who are being unfairly tarnished because of this sorry affair. I feel so because I like to believe in human nature and that given a chance good will always prevail. Arrogance is a traitor, you see, always. Well, will have to wait and see on Tuesday if they are now so 'modest', they are sorry for real, or whether my friend was right. All depends on what they'll concentrate on in that meeting, isn't it? But I like to believe I'm right this time ...

Let's all hope for the best ...

... and I hope you like my pictures you know who

David Cameron cuts Africa trip short over phone-hacking crisis [click] and [google]
A very meaty matter: How Brooks and Cameron discussed sausage rolls at Christmas party [click] and [google]

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg demand reform of how press is regulated [
click] and Nick

"Even of if a certain backlash is unavoidable, we must make the most of the momentous chance with which history has presented us so swiftly and so unexpectedly. "

A person educated in mind and not in morals is a menace to society

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Priorities ... or we go mad!

Set priorities for your goals. A major part of success lies in the ability to put first things first. Indeed, the reason most major goals are not achieved is that we spend our time doing second things first.

Greece is in what seems like a free fall. Italy is on the brink ... the Middle East is on fire ... the whole world seems to have been hit by a ssspell of some kind ... and we don't live on Mars or on Mercury, we are here too, right in 'it' ... whatever 'it' is ....

And what do we do?

We run around checking who kissed who at that Mr VVIP's party! Who went where and spoke to whom that yesteryear! Well, everybody who is/was did, and?! ... it was the 'A la mode' of the day, wasn't it?! ... and now, that 'La mode' has changed! ... and now, thanks to you all up wherever, it's no more! That's what matters!

... and everybody has friends! ... but ... better leave mine now, friends, acquaintances, anyone I know, the lot ... and live alone ... just in case ...

You know, these times are not for the past guys, but for the future. Learn from what has passed, yes! But don't dwell ... cos you can't change what has gone ... so unite, because your people need 'you' ... then get your priorities right!

Or have we been spelled too?!

... and BTW my global readers and friends, we here in BRITAIN have the best leaders on the globe, all of them ... and 'ours' is the best media too ... so keep watching, but keep that in mind ...

Or maybe you already know that ... and it was you who put that spell on us?! ...

... or was it him? ...

Whatever, it won't work ... because, 'we' won't let it work ...

... or maybe we're all going maaad too!

... and soon, there won't be a sane soul left in town ...

... it must all be because of that Global Warming thingy, what else?! .... @@

Coulson invite 'normal', says Hague [click] and [here]
Rebekah Brooks's arrest isn't any worse for Dave than it is for Gordon [click]
Making hay of the hacking scandal [click] and [google]

My priority is my family, absolutely, 100 percent.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Poor Coulson!

'Build it up ... build it high ... till it breaks the sky"

We have an Egyptian saying that goes " When a cow falls, her knives will be a plenty". That is because she would've fallen because of an illness or a broken bone. So, the kind thing to do is to relief it of it's misery - as well as protect the poor farmer too by helping him sell the meat while the animal is alive, even for zoo feed, because it has no value once dead. We use that saying to describe those who fall out of grace for some reason or another and are then publicly persecuted and tormented by their communities before their guilt or innocence is established.

We now have one such story ... and I can't understand ...

[1], A guy goes to work for a big company who may have been and still is unethically involved in possible malpractice ... but then this man resigns because of his disapproval, or just resigns because he decided he didn't want to work for that firm anymore. His resignation gets 'accepted' and he leaves. Unemployed, he now needs a job.

[2], since he was not charged with anything and his resignation was accepted by [1], someone else then considers giving him a job. But because of the 'rumours' surrounding him and his ex place of work and the sensitive nature of the new job, despite no legal proof, he gets to endure a much harder than normal and very lengthy interview. During which he, whether true or not, denies any wrong doing and since he can do the job well, and as he resigned [1[ on his own accord too, he gets appointed. Grateful, he then goes on to serve for a period of time with total dedication to that new office and those who gave him that opportunity - but because his ex place of work's involvement in what we now know for certain as huge 'illegal' not very nice practices still, pressure mounts on him again for whatever he was presumed to have done there before he took that new office. Even though he decided and left [1] himself. Meaning that at heart, he didn't approve of their practices, even if it's later proven that he took part. Because this would be a case of a bad culture that ruined a good man, until he woke up and said No ... and good for him he did! Then, on his own yet again, he decides and resigns so as not to cause any further unease to his new boss in job [2].

Where is the problem then?! Actually, I would have given him that job! Because regardless of his past involvement in whatever, I commend this man for the stand he took when he resigned the two jobs he needed, liked and was good at. A man who had the decency to break his own bread for not once when he walked out saying No, but for the second time to protect his new employer from the 'rumours' surrounding himself. To me, this is a good and honourable stand that should appreciated and taken into account during his current investigation. Don't forget that whether he is guilty or not, it was the culture of that and other organisations that did it! It was the culture that allowed those illegal offences, and it was the lack of someone watching and holding them to account that caused them to behave with such absolute power and be above the law - absolute power corrupts!

He then seeks another job and gets one in a charity ... but has to leave again because of the same 'rumours'! Of that, his job [3] boss says:

"Every time I have had a conversation, and I spoke to him at the beginning of this week, he said: 'If you feel you need to step away, step away.' And to be honest with you, I was just going: 'I'm so devastated and so sorry.' The whole thing was absolutely horrific. I keep saying to myself: how naive are you really? I never asked him what the truth was. I said: 'What do you think your position is?' – this was months ago – and he said: 'It has been a terrible thing, I don't know that it is over.'

"And he always said: 'I will try to tell you what I know if I think it is going to be terrible, I don't want to damage One Young World in any way.' I accept the guy has now been arrested, but it is still a case of innocent until proven guilty."

What?! Why all the negative talk if when this 'charity' employed him they had no 'firm' reason not to then?! An irony to follow it up by that mention of 'innocence and guilt' too!

For months on end this man was placed under intense pressure for nothing other than 'rumours'. He is then arrested and is put under investigation for whatever the suspicion was of his role in that job No [1] or the cause of all his problems. Fair enough, now the law is involved and that can turn however it will legally to prove his innocence or guilt. Of course, according to the law, he is innocent till proven guilty. As for that second job [2], there is nothing at all to tarnish the period he was there, and since there were no grounds to do otherwise, it was right to give him a 'chance'.

Again, where is the problem then?!

It doesn't matter whether you are low or high profile in front of the law, or when it comes to rights, because here too we're all the same, isn't it?

No! Loads of people are now holding loads of knives and are saying they warned job [2] about him. They say they had 'secret' information about him that warranted these warnings. Why didn't 'they' take that to the police themselves then?! Well, they didn't, and his previous place of work [1] didn't too! Wasn't it all those now talking responsibility to do so? Of course! Then again, some would say that they couldn't because of ongoing legal investigations, or to protect themselves ... etc, but, for the sake of public interest, if they had really wanted to, they would have at least leaked the information they knew ... as always happens ... when it suits them!

Hence all those 'secrets' remain 'rumours' until this man is fairly tried. And it would have been unfair to disregard him from a job he can do well based on just that! Even if it was a sensitive job - since at the time of his appointment to jobs [2] and [3] there was no proof this man was guilty of anything or that he would betray his new position - indeed, he did not but was decent enough to choose to leave to protect both ... and how many would do that nowadays?!

And there is now talk that he was given a 'second chance' when job [2] took him on, but 'second chance' is for the 'proven guilty'! This far Coulson was never convicted of anything! So, job [2] offered him 'a chance', and not a 'second' one and that goes for job [3] too. Infact, he was like anyone else applying for job [2] and, like anyone else, it would have been unfair if he was excluded simply because of some 'rumours'. Same goes for [3].

Bottom line is, if his employers were certain of his guilt at the time when he resigned job [1], it would've been much kinder if his resignation was not accepted by [1] and he was instead reported to the police! ... and that would've given job [2] a clear sign, they wouldn't even have considered him for the job, based on 'evidence'! ... but they didn't, and we know why!

Then again, even for those with proven guilt, are we saying that as a society people should never be allowed a second chance? How else are we going to rehabilitate those who offend so that we can include them again into society?! ... and why are the real culprits, those organisations with 'a culture', who encouraged all that illegal hacking into people's privacy in this media mess still running free despite their much bigger role than Coulson in this saga?! Some big ones haven't even resigned as Coulson did but are ironically still holding tight to their places simply because they are protected by the very corrupt and needing arresting media's biggest 'power' that not only caused but wanted and encouraged all this illegal mess! Are those above the law?! Mind boggling! Really!

I have lots more respect for Coulson, and for the man who gave him a 'chance' to build his life again. Indeed, it is PM's duty to ensure giving those people who need chances and second chances and I commend him for that!

As for Coulson, what's happening to him is an unfair 'witch hunt' ... in the middle of all the powerful, he is their convenient scape goat! ... or that's how this story looks to me, and the looking public too, even if he is later found guilty, or innocent!

... and for how long more do we have to endure this 24/7 media fight?! Why is it being allowed to dwarf 'real' issues that concern the public?!

Self-indulged media, spare us the agony!

And why are the family of that poor murdered teenager not allowed some peace and are still being pulled into this mess and exposed to more torment just to suit some?!

... those are but a few other reasons why you media guys are in dire need of reform!

Murdoch told to face the music: MPs summon him for grilling, along with his son and Brooks [click] and [google]
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“Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe.”

Friday, 8 July 2011

Of Genius ... poetry .... and music

Look at Love...
how it tangles
with the one fallen in love

look at spirit
how it fuses with earth
giving it new life

why are you so busy
with this or that or good or bad
pay attention to how things blend

why talk about all
the known and the unknown
see how unknown merges into the known

why think separately
of this life and the next
when one is born from the last

look at your heart and tongue
one feels but deaf and dumb
the other speaks in words and signs

look at water and fire
earth and wind
enemies and friends all at once

the wolf and the lamb
the lion and the deer
far away yet together

look at the unity of this
spring and winter
manifested in the equinox

you too must mingle my friends
since the earth and the sky
are mingled just for you and me

be like sugarcane
sweet yet silent
don't get mixed up with bitter words

my beloved grows
right out of my own heart
how much more union can there be

The Pure Genius of ... Rumi .... Enjoy :-)

Music: The Pure Genius of ... Strauss: An der schönen blauen Donau [At the Beautiful Blue Danube]

Sunday, 3 July 2011

She's calling ...

Hayat Hotel standing proud on the tip of that island in the middle of the Nile ... my parents live a few minutes walk away so I am a regular visitor for coffee or lunch right by the Nile or dinning with friends and family in that revolving restaurant right at the top ... you see lots of Cairo from there too ... and all the guard dogs at the entrances are my friends; a dalmation called Salma and two Alsations; Hydro and Bush ... and they're BIG! Ferocious ... but with the softest of hearts ....

I had my wedding reception in the short bit, you know, huge hall, there was so much noise all the tourists came down too ... and Izra Wiseman was there, had a look with his guards, waved and went ... no tall bit then, just very obulent gardens by the bank of the Nile, now no more!

... and my college right behind the tall bit ... and the Qasr El Ini teaching hospital is right on the other side of the narrow road. Jealous, those serious medics used to sneak into our college to have a little sit in 'our' gardens by the Nile ... and we used to give the girls a really hard time, those men in skirts! The boys? Intimidate'm of course, big time no end! ... and their academics too! Those, we bunking lectures always basking in the winter sun 'Business with Tourism management' students ate the lot for lunch ... with chips and peas too! ... and Ma used to do 'a tiny bit' of the plotting! ... like, a pack of us walk behind 'them and keep looking at their shoes while we talk and laugh amongst ourselves ... and stop when they turn or ask, then ... again, and again ... till they fall over! ... 'we' used to enjoy that, a lot! ... and usually catch them alone, one at the time! Monsterous! Really! They came back for more everyday ...

And this below is old Cairo ... well, some little bits, enjoy :-)

يا مسافر وحدك و فايتني
Ya messafer wahdak w faytni
O, lone traveller, leaving me behind,

ليه تبعد عني و تشغلني
Leeh teb'ed ani w teshghleni?
Why go away and let me worry?

ودعني من غير ما تسلم
wadani, men gheer ma tessalem
Let the goodbyes be without words

و كفاية قلبي أنا مسلم
W kefaya albi ana messalem
For the surrender of my heart suffices

دي عينيه دموعها دموعها بتتكلم
Di enaya demouha, demouha betetkalem
The tears in my eyes speak

يا مسافر وحدك و فايتني
Ya messafer wahdak w faytni
O, lone traveller, leaving me behind,

ليه تبعد عني و تشغلني
Leeh tebed ani w teshghleni?
Why go away and let me worry?

على نار الشوق أنا حاستنى
Ala nar elshouk ana hasstana
With the fire of longing, I will await

و اصبر قلبي و اتمنى
Wasabar albi watmana
Tell my heart to be patient, and hope

على بال ما تجيني
Ala bal matgini
Till you return to me

على بال ما تجيني واتهنى
Ala bal matgini wat-hana
Till you return and happiness returns

طمعني بقربك آه و اوعدني
Tamani be'orbak, ah wew'edni
Let me hope we meet, oh promise

يا مسافر وحدك و فايتني
Ya messafer wahdak w faytni
O, lone traveller, leaving me behind,

ليه تبعد عني و تشغلني
Leeh tebed ani w teshghleni?
Why go away and let me worry?

خايف لا الغربة تحلى لك
Khayef la elghorba teh lalak
I'm afraid you may enjoy the distance

و البعد يغير أحوالك
Wel bo'od yegayar ahwalak
And the distance makes you change ...

خليني دايما دايما على بالك
Khalini dayman, dayman ala balak
Let me be always on your mind

يا مسافر وحدك و فايتني
Ya messafer wahdak w faytni
O, lone traveller, leaving me behind,

ليه تبعد عني و تشغلني
Leeh tebed ani w teshghleni?
Why go away and let me worry?

مهما كان بعدك حيطول
Mahma kan bo'dak ha yetawel
No matter how long you're away

انا قلبي عمره ما يتحول
Ana albi omro ma yet-hawel
My heart will never change

حافتكرك اكثر م الاول اكتر م الاول
Haftekerak aktar melawel
But will remember you more than before

بس انت اياك تبقى فاكرني
Bass enta eyak teb'a fakerni ..
So, keep that memory of me ...

يا مسافر وحدك و فايتني
Ya messafer wahdak w faytni
O, lone traveller, leaving me behind,

ليه تبعد عني و تشغلني
Leeh tebed ani w teshghleni?
Why depart and leave me to the worry?

Hear that song? Time to book that ticket ...

Friday, 1 July 2011

Just a thought ...

"While the Prime Minister was in mid-sentence, the Speaker said sarcastically: ‘We’re grateful.’ He then called the next question.

Soon afterwards he took umbrage again at the length of another of Mr Cameron’s answers, saying: ‘Prime Minister’s Questions are primarily for backbenchers ... A glowering Mr Cameron looked furious at the double snub"

"There were audible gasps when the Speaker showed such disrespect to the Prime Minister. Many colleagues are very concerned that the Speaker uses Prime Minister’s Questions, which is shown around the world, to act in such a high-handed and disrespectful manner."

... and I thought ...

"The "control of nature" is a phrase conceived in arrogance." ;-)

What a well mannered Big Boss!


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