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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Poor Coulson!

'Build it up ... build it high ... till it breaks the sky"

We have an Egyptian saying that goes " When a cow falls, her knives will be a plenty". That is because she would've fallen because of an illness or a broken bone. So, the kind thing to do is to relief it of it's misery - as well as protect the poor farmer too by helping him sell the meat while the animal is alive, even for zoo feed, because it has no value once dead. We use that saying to describe those who fall out of grace for some reason or another and are then publicly persecuted and tormented by their communities before their guilt or innocence is established.

We now have one such story ... and I can't understand ...

[1], A guy goes to work for a big company who may have been and still is unethically involved in possible malpractice ... but then this man resigns because of his disapproval, or just resigns because he decided he didn't want to work for that firm anymore. His resignation gets 'accepted' and he leaves. Unemployed, he now needs a job.

[2], since he was not charged with anything and his resignation was accepted by [1], someone else then considers giving him a job. But because of the 'rumours' surrounding him and his ex place of work and the sensitive nature of the new job, despite no legal proof, he gets to endure a much harder than normal and very lengthy interview. During which he, whether true or not, denies any wrong doing and since he can do the job well, and as he resigned [1[ on his own accord too, he gets appointed. Grateful, he then goes on to serve for a period of time with total dedication to that new office and those who gave him that opportunity - but because his ex place of work's involvement in what we now know for certain as huge 'illegal' not very nice practices still, pressure mounts on him again for whatever he was presumed to have done there before he took that new office. Even though he decided and left [1] himself. Meaning that at heart, he didn't approve of their practices, even if it's later proven that he took part. Because this would be a case of a bad culture that ruined a good man, until he woke up and said No ... and good for him he did! Then, on his own yet again, he decides and resigns so as not to cause any further unease to his new boss in job [2].

Where is the problem then?! Actually, I would have given him that job! Because regardless of his past involvement in whatever, I commend this man for the stand he took when he resigned the two jobs he needed, liked and was good at. A man who had the decency to break his own bread for not once when he walked out saying No, but for the second time to protect his new employer from the 'rumours' surrounding himself. To me, this is a good and honourable stand that should appreciated and taken into account during his current investigation. Don't forget that whether he is guilty or not, it was the culture of that and other organisations that did it! It was the culture that allowed those illegal offences, and it was the lack of someone watching and holding them to account that caused them to behave with such absolute power and be above the law - absolute power corrupts!

He then seeks another job and gets one in a charity ... but has to leave again because of the same 'rumours'! Of that, his job [3] boss says:

"Every time I have had a conversation, and I spoke to him at the beginning of this week, he said: 'If you feel you need to step away, step away.' And to be honest with you, I was just going: 'I'm so devastated and so sorry.' The whole thing was absolutely horrific. I keep saying to myself: how naive are you really? I never asked him what the truth was. I said: 'What do you think your position is?' – this was months ago – and he said: 'It has been a terrible thing, I don't know that it is over.'

"And he always said: 'I will try to tell you what I know if I think it is going to be terrible, I don't want to damage One Young World in any way.' I accept the guy has now been arrested, but it is still a case of innocent until proven guilty."

What?! Why all the negative talk if when this 'charity' employed him they had no 'firm' reason not to then?! An irony to follow it up by that mention of 'innocence and guilt' too!

For months on end this man was placed under intense pressure for nothing other than 'rumours'. He is then arrested and is put under investigation for whatever the suspicion was of his role in that job No [1] or the cause of all his problems. Fair enough, now the law is involved and that can turn however it will legally to prove his innocence or guilt. Of course, according to the law, he is innocent till proven guilty. As for that second job [2], there is nothing at all to tarnish the period he was there, and since there were no grounds to do otherwise, it was right to give him a 'chance'.

Again, where is the problem then?!

It doesn't matter whether you are low or high profile in front of the law, or when it comes to rights, because here too we're all the same, isn't it?

No! Loads of people are now holding loads of knives and are saying they warned job [2] about him. They say they had 'secret' information about him that warranted these warnings. Why didn't 'they' take that to the police themselves then?! Well, they didn't, and his previous place of work [1] didn't too! Wasn't it all those now talking responsibility to do so? Of course! Then again, some would say that they couldn't because of ongoing legal investigations, or to protect themselves ... etc, but, for the sake of public interest, if they had really wanted to, they would have at least leaked the information they knew ... as always happens ... when it suits them!

Hence all those 'secrets' remain 'rumours' until this man is fairly tried. And it would have been unfair to disregard him from a job he can do well based on just that! Even if it was a sensitive job - since at the time of his appointment to jobs [2] and [3] there was no proof this man was guilty of anything or that he would betray his new position - indeed, he did not but was decent enough to choose to leave to protect both ... and how many would do that nowadays?!

And there is now talk that he was given a 'second chance' when job [2] took him on, but 'second chance' is for the 'proven guilty'! This far Coulson was never convicted of anything! So, job [2] offered him 'a chance', and not a 'second' one and that goes for job [3] too. Infact, he was like anyone else applying for job [2] and, like anyone else, it would have been unfair if he was excluded simply because of some 'rumours'. Same goes for [3].

Bottom line is, if his employers were certain of his guilt at the time when he resigned job [1], it would've been much kinder if his resignation was not accepted by [1] and he was instead reported to the police! ... and that would've given job [2] a clear sign, they wouldn't even have considered him for the job, based on 'evidence'! ... but they didn't, and we know why!

Then again, even for those with proven guilt, are we saying that as a society people should never be allowed a second chance? How else are we going to rehabilitate those who offend so that we can include them again into society?! ... and why are the real culprits, those organisations with 'a culture', who encouraged all that illegal hacking into people's privacy in this media mess still running free despite their much bigger role than Coulson in this saga?! Some big ones haven't even resigned as Coulson did but are ironically still holding tight to their places simply because they are protected by the very corrupt and needing arresting media's biggest 'power' that not only caused but wanted and encouraged all this illegal mess! Are those above the law?! Mind boggling! Really!

I have lots more respect for Coulson, and for the man who gave him a 'chance' to build his life again. Indeed, it is PM's duty to ensure giving those people who need chances and second chances and I commend him for that!

As for Coulson, what's happening to him is an unfair 'witch hunt' ... in the middle of all the powerful, he is their convenient scape goat! ... or that's how this story looks to me, and the looking public too, even if he is later found guilty, or innocent!

... and for how long more do we have to endure this 24/7 media fight?! Why is it being allowed to dwarf 'real' issues that concern the public?!

Self-indulged media, spare us the agony!

And why are the family of that poor murdered teenager not allowed some peace and are still being pulled into this mess and exposed to more torment just to suit some?!

... those are but a few other reasons why you media guys are in dire need of reform!

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