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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Everything, is gonna be alright :-)

Talking of 'responsibility' ...

I hope PM had enough time to sleep following that hectic trip to do business for Britain, and do good for Africa. Good he didn't waste his time for those past two days, but instead, uniquely raised himself well above that dirty pond that I sincerely hope will clean up soon. And despite the exhausting trip that must have been not only tiring but hectic too. That's to say but the very least, given that busy schedule he had to keep and having to cut off and come back too. Because, as habitual, he accepted to attend The Commons today so as not to let his work colleagues, or friends, as he prefers to say, down or in doubt. A very decent thing to do. I am sure he'll do very well today too ... and here is a good lesson to others on 'responsibility' ...

And it's not the first time we put on a show! ... we make it big too ... spectacular! Always!

... I bet people around the globe are not surprised, not at all, it's becoming a British trade mark! ;-)

Let's hope ....

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