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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Corrupt 'Pots'!!

"Hide it in pots so no one can find it"

This is an Egyptian 100+ years old song about corruption. Part of a musical, it was originally sung by the author artist himself. On the global scale Egypt ranks at 3.1 with 10 meaning no corruption, and 1 for most corrupt. I personally think Egypt's ranking is very optimistic! [In case song doesn't fully load, please listen here or here]

Anyway, here are the lyrics, now retranslated :-)

عشان ما نعلا ونعلا ونعلا … لازم نطاطي نطاطى نطاطى
Ashan ma ne'la w ne'la w ne'la, lazem netati, netati netati

Chorus: To get higher and higher and higher, we must bend and bend and bend

بسلامته الوالي ابو زعيزع … مهجص باشا دقن تعيتع

Bessalamo elwali abo ze-eza, mahgass pasha da'an te-eta

Chorus: 'Blessed' him the straw man Waly[ruler], hallucinate pasha, the puppet chin

وغرامه تمللي قال ايه … نترصص دايما حواليه

W garamo tamally al eeh ... netrassas dayman hawaleeh

Chorus: Fond of us all, you know, always sitting in neat lines around him

نروح واقفين زنهار … زي القط والفار

Nerouh wakfeen zenhar ... zay el cott wel far

Chorus: And stand upright when he appears, like a mouse to a cat

تلقاه دايما منفوخ نفشرله … طاخ طيخ طوخ

Telkah dayman manfoukh nefshorlo ... takh teekh toukh

Chorus; Always inflated looks and ego, we make up lies to keep him happy, tic tak tok

الرك على حبة بولوتيكه … وذمة كاوتشوك خربانة

Elrak ala habet politica ... w zema kawtch w kharbanah

Singer: All you need is a bit of politica and a corrupt soul made of rubber

ما دام الأمير ذمته أنتيكه … لازم الرعية تكون وحلانة

ma dam el Emir zemeto antika ... lazem elra'eya tekoun wahlana

Singer: For so long as the Emir's soul is corrupt, his followers' will be muddy

[Chorus repeat last two lines in agreement]

حذر فذر ياواد انت بعقلك … بعد الحنشصة دي اللى انت عليها

Hazar fazar ya wad enta beaklak ... bad elhanshassa di elly enta alyha

Singer to one 'pot': Guess you little man with the 'wise' brain, and all the twisted ways

ياهل ترى الدنيا دي حتروقلك … وتشوف ماشاف قراقوش فيها

Yahal tarra eldenia di 7a terouq lak ... w teshouf ma shaf Karacoush feyha

Singer: Will this life always smile to you? And for you to enjoy what the king of dictators [karacoush] himself didn't?

تعرفش المسألة ايه … عرنوس متعفرت ليه

Terafesh elmass'ala eeh ... arnouss metafrat leeh

Chorus: Any idea what's happening? Why is that evil genie[ karakoush]

jumping up and down?!

بالحق سلامات سلامات … ايش حال الافوات

Belhaq salamat salamat ... eysh hal elafawat

Singer: Ah! Hello, hello! How are you,

you back lickers, you 'pots'!

محاسيبك … يا خى سيبك

Mahasseibak, yakhy seebak

Chorus: At your service!

Singer: ... aaah, forget it!

اول شرط نطاطي البصلة … لسيدنا الوالي ونستعبط له

Awel shart netati elbassala ... lesaydna elwali w nessta'abt lo

Chorus: First rule; we bend down our onion heads

to our supreme master the Waly and be his idiots

مهما تسمعوا تهجيص … اعملوا روحكم بلاليص

Mahma tessmao tahgeess ... emelo rohkom balaleess

Singer: And the more the hallucinations you hear,

You just act you are 'clay pots',

[ like Ali baba's thieves in clay pots]

مهما نسمع تهجيص … نعمل روحنابلاليص

Mahma nessma tahgees ... nemel rohna balaleess

Chorus: The more the hallucinations we hear, we just act we are clay pots

Balaleess balaleess ... balaleess balaleess balaleess,

Chorus: Pots, pots ... pots pots pots, pots pots pots

عشان ما نعلا ونعلا ونعلا … لازم نطاطي نطاطى نطاطى

Ashan ma nela w nela w nela, lazem netati netati netaaati

Chorus: Because, to get higher and higher and higher, we must bend and bend and bend

And it's the 'Pots' that then control the masses! ... then milk them dry!

This is why you need time to reform ... and why, none of those 'Pots' must be allowed ever to get to power again ... or be allowed to leave Egypt ... for the sake of Egypt, for 'pots' never change! ... And many books need to be opened ... and foreign bank accounts too! ... people must see evidence, then results ... break the muddy clay pots ... or, you never know what will happen next!

About the president, I still don't know if this is true! Maybe books and time will tell, because it is so unbelievable, people need proof ... but I know about the 'Pots' and their many 'doings' for sure ... because things got so bad, those became so shameless, they no longer hide! ... and if only someone can freeze, and freeze, and freeze! Inside ... and out!

Show the people PROOF! ... and RESULTS!

... or the tables will turn!

This is why with Egypt, you need time ....

"If the head of the house is a drummer, the rest of the household will dance" Egyptian poet

Music and lyrics: Sayed Darwish


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