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Friday, 31 December 2010



Do you have a dream?

Don't let go ... it's never too late ... follow it ....

It may well come true for you in 2011 ... I hope it does :-)

For dreams coming true make the world a better place ....

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- Grow up Mother!
- Tomorrow ... :-)

- Then turn that music down a bit ....


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Monday, 27 December 2010

The 'Expert' brigade!

Where facts are few, experts are many.

Have you ever noticed? Every time you're in trouble, everybody around you becomes an 'expert'! All are suddenly fully qualified to advise on 'your' problems! ... and what do they know about your trouble? Nothing! ... and if you listen and it works, then praise be the 'expert', you're in debt to them for life, "we did it for you, didn't we?" So, remember it for life too! ... even if you were going in the same direction on your own! ... and if it goes bottoms up, sinks and takes you with it, the experts disappear! "It was only 'an' opinion", they'd say; "It was 'YOUR' problem after all, "YOU knew it best and YOU should've sorted it out YOURself! ... and off they go where they came from ... nowhere! ... worse are the 'experts' who stand to benefit from 'your' trouble too ....

Well, we are in times of trouble, and so, the 'experts' have appeared! ... loaads and loaads of them! ... and they spake!

"GP training: The letter questions plans to employ all doctors when they have finished their training:

At a time when savings must be made, and when there is no clear need to increase the number of GPs, this seems to us to be a very bad policy.

No graduate in other disciplines is guaranteed a job, and the training costs are sunk costs which should be ignored in setting the policy.

We recommend that GP numbers should not be allowed to increase beyond that needed to meet demand."

Like you 'experts' know about the policy of educating then employing doctors, eh?! You know the lifelong of hard work and proven track record of achievement, academic or otherwise, to get into medical school?! what the material for that degree is and the length of time it takes to learn it? ... and you know what transferable skills are included in the medical curricula that would enable a graduate medic to be so attractive to other fields, they'd be snapped up by other employers should they not find jobs in medicine?! And you know that because medics study medicine, which is the science and art of helping and healing, is why, unlike any other field, those are 'commissioned', rather than being freely admitted to university like in any other discipline?! And you know that upon graduation medics can not be called a doctor until they successfully finish one year working in the NHS so that they can register with The General Medical Council, otherwise it's total ruin?! That medics graduate with 50k debt, soon to rise to 100k, unlike any other graduate?!

Most important of all, do those experts know that because these young graduate medics were and are 'commissioned', that not employing them until they are able to register with the GMC may pose a serious legal situation?! ... as Professor John Tooke explained during his interview by The Health Select Ccommittee in 2008?! In that meeting, he advised that all British graduates in Medicine should be given employment for the first year to enable them to register with the GMC, precisely because of the legal consequences of not doing so!

Apparently Not! Otherwise, those 'experts' wouldn't have made the statement they did that; "No graduate in other disciplines is guaranteed a job" and that it was "Very bad policy" to employ them on graduation! ... or, maybe they know but choose to ignore! Why?!

And while they only concentrated on GPs, there is a shortage of doctors everywhere in our hospitals, something that the 'experts' have totally chosen to ignore, and trusts have revived recruitment from abroad to fill the big gaps! ... and doctors on the ground in those hospitals currently work excessive and condensed rotas with minimal opportunity for training to keep the service going ... and safe! ... so, what's that all about the money spent on training doctors are 'sunk' funds then experts?! eh?! Do you know how many hours those young doctors spend on service provision, and how many on training? ... and how many overall?! Maybe you do ... and maybe you 'chose' not to!

So, do these expert know what it means to throw 'commissioned' graduate doctors to the skip, or are they just stone hearted for some reason?

You decide!

Only, I hope our leaders are not stone hearted ...

... as for QIPP; ie, Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention, if that policy is applied whole; ie, word for word, it will produce the required results without the need for all those hollow headed, money eyed 'experts'! ... and that's just using some humanity, some common sense and some logic! ... something that the Tom, Dick and Harry of 'experts' know naught about!


Dr No,
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Expert: Someone who brings confusion to simplicity

“All my life I've known better than to depend on the experts”

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Noel, Noel ... :-)

*** Noel ***

*** Noel

******* Merry Christmas *******


He that is of a merry heart has a continual feast. :-)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Wishful thinking!

"Wishful thinking is one thing, reality is another"

"The Government wants to shift responsibility for education and workforce planning away from SHA deaneries to new local ‘skills networks’, where GPs will sit alongside local authorities, social care and public health providers, and education providers.

The new networks will hold and allocate funding for education and funding locally, taking on functions currently provided at regional deaneries."

As you can see from the above, The government wants to give responsibility for training doctors to those newly imposed consortia. Not only that, the government also said:

"the current system of medical workforce planning and education being managed by SHA-based postgraduate deaneries left it ‘too isolated from the planning and commissioning of education for other healthcare professionals"

And so;

"the Department of Health launched a consultation on the plans, saying the current system was ‘too top-down’, with service development planning ‘often poorly integrated with financial and workforce planning"

The BMA commented that "This will threaten the standards of training."

Ma here is does not know much about this sort of stuff. For example, she had no idea till now that deanaries are managed by Strategic Health Authorities, but now I know! Hence this begs the question, why did the BMA left it till now without asking what will happen to the deanaries when the white paper was first published?! Dr Meldrum, in his response to the white paper referred to "perceived threats to education and national terms and conditions of service" and that was that! Yet he asked his members for full enagagement with the proposals! He did not explain why he recommends that since this was his opinion! ... or what he meant by 'threats'! ...

I remember Dr Hamish Meldrum and Dr Buckman being enthusiastic, to say the least, about the new Secretary of state and his attempts to woo the GPs as soon as he took office. I had no idea what he did before he became MP then shadow Health Minister, but I still thought, how peculiar!? Then I thought it was rather naive of those who responded so quickly not to ask why is he doing all that wooing?! ... and now that I know that he was a top 'marketing' exec before, ie, a proper salesman, I wonder no more! Charming, isn't he?! ... that smile and and that hair style, typical! But, funny nobody, who knew who he was, never bothered to ask what is he trying to sell this time?! ... before they got taken in by the magic of the persona!

He even said it himself; that he always wanted Health! Why?! ... and he got it! Very Nice! :-)

And it seems this great charm achieved way above anything success, for despite Pulse naming him 'Pantomime Villain of the year', they did so because:

"Mr Lansley ran out a clear winner in the pantomime villain poll, not so much because he is abrasive or negative about general practice, but because he has been so wildly and unrelentingly enthusiastic about the abilities of GPs that he has scared the profession witless. "

Well, I don't know about that kind of 'wild' love coming from that kind of cat, Pulse! ... it's actually, now that I know who he was, is beginging to look more like a 'Picasso and Fernande' thingy to me! ... so, what have you done GPs?!

Why ask this?

I'ts just because simple ma here doesn't understand big stuff until she simplifies them to her level! So, first I couldn't understand why, in the current financial climate, would I go changing my whole system and spend billions to do so too, without being sure it will work, let alone make 20% savings on what I spend too!

And now, I can't understand how, while doing that, that I will also give the same people the full responsibility to manage the younger ones' training and give them all the money for that too! It's like an owner of a small business hiring a new non suitably qualified manager, then not only handing him most of his money and ask him to run the business while he goes sits at home, but demand him to cut his expenditure by nearly a quarter too! And if that's not crazy enough, then get him 10 new junior employees to train them on, say, a computer system that that manager himself does not know how to operate and give him all the money for that too! ... and expect success or else! ... well, if I were this manager, I'd run out! ... or, if I am foolish enough to stay, I know what I will do with that money! ... in an 'attempt to cover myself at least! ... for a while ... then it's May day, May day ... when it's too late ....

Mad, or wishful thinking?! Whichever! ... it's gobsmacking!

Which makes me wonder, what else is in that white paper that they haven't found out about yet? For example, who is responsible for The Royal Colleges and what will happen to those when the deanaries are 'gone?'?! Will they be next? ... and the BMA? ... welcome Unison?

Then the circuit would be complete ....

Pssst! SoS was NOT a 'top marketing executive' before, but a top civil servant! Oh! ... where did I get this marketing thing from then?! So apologies ... but would this make any difference?! ... he does look the part after all ....

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Hear that beat?! It's the first thing I ever hear in any music! ... dada da dadad d daaa ....

If I don't listen to the talk of the town,

Then maybe I can fool myself ...

The reality of the other person lies not in what he reveals to you, but what he cannot reveal to you. Therefore, if you would understand him, listen not to what he says, but rather to what he does not say.

Monday, 20 December 2010


Ho ho ... OH!

[We are all in it together, but some are more in it than others!]

Friday, 17 December 2010

Tree at The Tate

My land is bare of chattering folk; the clouds are low along the ridges,
and sweet's the air with curly smoke, from all my burning bridges.

This is the 'Flower Ssnake' by Giorgio Sadotti, this year's commissioned Christmas tree artwork for the Tate Britain. The artist decided to install a 9m freshly cut tree in the magnificent hall, then leave it as is; bare! This artist used to decorate Christmas trees for real for a living. got tired of it? No! Of his master piece, he said:

"In a way, I strive to make my work look simple. If someone says, 'Your work's a bit easy,' then for me that's the perfect compliment. I want something to look like it was no effort because I lose interest if something looks like it was a lot of work."

'Artist' talk ... good reason to take the money then dump the tree in The Tate then call it 'Art' and dance all the way to the bank, eh?! ... of course! :-)

And ... this is the infamous 'My Bed', the unmade dirty and soiled bed and the brain child of Tracy Amin. The piece of 'art' was so sought of a few years ago for it's 'originality', blood soiled garments and all, it was nominated for a turner Prize! ... and it was thereafter sold for 150 k! Where did it go?! Why ask?! To someone with a high taste in art of course! ... where it's beauty is now adorning a great big elegant salon in a mansion somewhere! Tracey's originality was sooo good, the 'art' of people displaying their unmade beds took off big time after ... I don't know if the urinary in that last link had the same luck though! But when Tracey became a recognised artist of repute, she was commissioned by the Tate Britain to create a piece of Christmas artwork, but she gave all the money to charity and the glorious entrance hall was left empty for that year! ... and that was Tracey's artistic contribution to the art world for that year too! ... but at least the money went to charity, one of her choice as well, so, well done Tracey?

Pictured below and towards the end of video, is the 2010 Turner Prize winner Susan Philipsz and her winning master piece. The room, wooden bench, man and the sculptured ceiling are not part of the work as the artist won the prestigious award for 'sculpturing' sound! That was done using ordinary pitch black sound amplifiers positioned on the walls of the room, then a tape playing her own voice repeating and repeating "lala lalaa" and that's it! This is played on and on so long the gallery remains opened! The room is empty because one can't stand there for more than one minute before they go absolutely crazy and run out! Again, another piece of genius for 'Artist' talk would perhaps tell you that that's the idea, isn't it! The Turner prize awarded 25k to the winner.

... and the big old boys ....

Even Henri Matisse can't be excused either! This is 'The Snail', but can anyone see the animal or even a remote indication to one in this work? ... or was it that you're supposed to make some kind of a special bond with the canvas and use your imagination, in which the word 'snail' then becomes an abstract to whatever you wish it to be! ... it's how all those artists talk when they make a mess of magnitude. That, I find belittling to the public's inteligence, but the public are not excused for not screaming loud "What a load of rubbish! My 5 year old daughter has a better hand at art and has made much better drawings with the children of class 2H in her primary school!" ... but they don't! The public never scream when faced with art dilemmas, why is that, I wonder?! Problem with art education maybe? ... and this is how and why they accept rubbish that those 'in the know' con them into believing it is art? ... You wouldn't want to shout then lest you look ignorant!

... of course a Matisse is still a Matisse, money on canvas. Although to be fair, the artist has an amazing array of very beautiful work that is a pleasure to the eye and to the soul alike. But what the description of this piece of work by the true master, who happens to be one of my favourites, doesn't say, is that The Snail was Matisse's last piece of work, perhaps the reason why it is so precious. However, the man himself took no part in creating it. Instead, as he was so ill already, he employed others to do the cutting and pasting to the sizes and colours he saw fit, then ordered them stuck on the canvass. The Snail has therefore ended up just a piece of primitive 'Dada' but still earned the artist a healthy sum a year before he died . He most likely knew he was only selling his 'brand' name but no art this time, although The Snail has now become one of the most recognised pieces in the world! Maybe because of it's sheer size and the vibrant colours used, hence it's simply an eye catcher? Yes, but the brand name comes first ... Always! ... here, it seems too that I am now talking 'artist' myself ... excuse me! ... but at least the Tate would make a very substantial profit if it decides to sell, or indeed loan this piece to other museums around the whole world for this is a Matisse after all ... and it is 'baby' colourful ... and like Monet's vivid nature's colours, this was Matisse's true stamp on contemporary art! ... or going baby, baby! ... this is my own interpretation though so, don't quote me! ;-)

And him too ... 'Tete de femme' or 'Head of a woman' by Pablo Picasso, Matisse's best friend ... and vicious rival! It is said to be a sculpture of his woman friend Fernande, whom he later left for her younger and more obedient to his whims friend Marcelle Humbert. He then changed Marcelle's name to Eva Gouel for some unknown but must be a weird reason, for Pablo was mad like that! Ego perhaps? ... or just because he found his dream of a subservient woman answering to his every whim?! Eva, Marcelle, or whatever died in 1915 aged only 30. No surprises there, but they say Pablo was heart broken for a long time over her death ... poor man ....

Back to Fernande's sculpture, I can't see the beauty in Tete de femme whichever way I try. But here is a bit of arty talk again ... could it be that the artist meant it not to show any beauty? After all, following his first unhappy marriage, he had a turbulent life with Fernande for 7 whole years! Actually that's evident in that piece for I have never seen 'loathing' done better! Or was it that it was because he was inspired by African art which then became his new found 'Cubism'? Hence his early pieces were a mess? Mainly that when Picasso tried to combine Africa with Caucasian features, he failed miserably. This is the evidence, because this piece, line for line, is a stark attempt by the artist to copy what he knows not! Look at some of the rough edges of mainly Voodoo like primatively cut African masks and art as sold at the time by African Senegali immigrants mostly in Paris but around Europe too ... this early failure was simply because the relationship between art and setting became broken ... Tete de femme was not Europe, nor Africa. But that's where Picasso's art 'revolution' came from, a revolution that was then adopted by many a famous artist around Europe, until it became an art movement in it's own right ... ... Of course, Picasso did master his 'cubism' idea at the end for one has to only look at my Picasso favourite, the gigantic and most influential by any means Guernica, now displayed in Madrid, to appreciate the meaning of the phrase 'Art revolution' IMO. But again, although this 'Tete' is hideous, there is that brand name ... and Fernande is worth a lot of money ....

Poor, poor Fernande ....

But forget about Matisse and Picasso for they are branded artists and their work, good or otherwise is still worth their weight in gold. But, how much did the Tate pay to 'commission' someone to come and stick a bare tree on the ground then claim it to be art? ... or that unmade bed? ... the urinary? The dirty sink? a broken camper van on one occasion? ... or that Turner Prize winning sound 'sculpture', forgetting the prize itself which was 25,000 pounds? Waste in times of plenty ...

What about our times of ausssterity then? Shouldn't those responsible for our public art galleries act more responsibly? Instead of paying over the top for rubbish that belittles and mocks ordinary people's intelligence and taste as in those cases above. Or pay over the top for 'Artists' who have no claim to art except controversy, then call the junk they make 'creativity', 'originality' and art?! It seems that's the only criterion for winning a Turner Prize nowadays too!

Why doesn't The Tate invest in more worthy pieces to suppliment it's on free public display of famous and worthy artists instead? Or if that's too expensive, encourage those with 'real' potential from all those art colleges around Britain? Cheaper and more pleasant too! Or, why not use this wasted money to install computer technology with say, Matisse and Picasso's work on them, like those at The Science Museum, and position those next to the original art for people of all ages to learn about the true style of those artists to aid the development of proper artistic taste, rather than the 'no taste here' created by urinaries and unmade beds? ... even, why not cut the prohibitive prices to their special exhibitions, for example, to allow for wider access to the man and woman in the street and their hard hit families too, or don't those deserve proper education in the arts?! ... amongst the good pieces, there is currently a lot of rubbish out there, but can the man, woman and child in the street tell the difference? No!

Much like science, art has a responsibility to educate the public too, and that not done properly nowaday!

And to 'contemporary' Egyptian music. This 'piece' is by Ahmad Adawya, a hardly educated man from a poor background. He caused a stir in Egypt back in the seventies when he swayed away from the norm then, which predominantly used street language rather than the customary then poetic form and devised music to match, he even made a few songs with proper everyday fights in them, this piece is one! "Bad taste", shouted everybody in the 'know' ... while listening in secret! So, despite the fierce opposition that caused his music to be banned from the Egyptian radio and Television alike, the people on the street loved it, and him ... and he gained wide audience and fame from the sales of his tapes around Egypt and the whole of the Arab world. Upon which, simple Adawya made himself a fortune! Am I doing the same now myself by shouting No to those pieces of nowadays 'art' above and those like them? ....

Whatever! I like Adawaya because I do not like cultural limitations with regards to the dividing barriers between anything ... be it sience, music and/or the arts, funny I should say that? Indeed, I firmly believe that those who develop a single 'appropriate' and 'cultivated' tastes then develop a tunnel visioned direction too in anthing, including in science, or in literature, or the arts. Those with cultivated tastes, as in a book shelf units, or, home libraries, full of leather bound same height Einstein, Shakespeare, Dickens, but no everyday popular culture, would IMO most probably lack variety in their lives too and hence the ability to adapt and innovate. Because creativity and mental boundaries can not co-exist ... nor does leather binding and books.

But, what has his music got to do with the Tate? Nothing! Except that Adawaya, primitive and simple as he may be, came up with an original that millions of people wanted and enjoyed, because he spoke the people's language, unlike the pieces above or their 'artists', as it seems that sometimes the idea now is to be 'out of setting' to gain fame and fortune in modern the art world! Well, Adawaya too would be way out of setting at The Tate! And maybe that would set a new contemorary trend or revolution too! That he would sound much better there despite his premitive words and music to match is a bonus too! And yes, it is out of setting here, but that's my original bit, my claim to fame! ... or can I not have an original like our friends the prize winners above? ... would this post then make me a famous modern artist and a prize winner soon? ... ha Tate?

... maybe someone should get those who manage the science Museum to take over managing the 2 Tates too
? ... at least this would fade away and blurr those bounderies between Science and the Arts ... as there should be .... if only! ....

Sing Ahmad ... Shebakha bel satayer w mezayenah enabaya [her window with those curtains, and a plate of grapes for decor] ...
what can be more artistic than that? :-)

El badr saken fouq,

The moon lives upstairs,

Wanna elly saken taht,

And I live below,

Basseit lfouq beshouq,

I longingly looked up,

Mal albi wengarah.

But my heart got broken.

Yahlala yally fouq!

You up there!

Ma tolo ala ely taht,

Take an occasional look at those below,

Wala khalas elly fouq,
Or is that those above,

Mosh dari bely taht?

Are no longer aware there are others below?

Tab haba fouq,

See, some are up,

Whaba taht,

And some below,

Haba haba fouq,

Some, some are up,

W haba taht,

And some below,

Nazra, nazra fouq,

A look, one look up,

W nazra taht,

And one look below,

Yally fouq!

You up there!

... simple Adawaya blasting out of those speakers at The Tate ... I tell you, this empty room would be full! Adaweya at The Tate?! Yeeeah! But why not?! He does make people happy, and cost wise, he maybe a lot cheaper too, what a deal! ... Enjoy .... ;-)

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"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many."

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Professional conduct

First do no harm


Of or pertaining to a profession, or calling; conforming to the rules or standards of a profession; following a profession; as, professional knowledge; professional conduct.

Engaged in by professionals; as, a professional race; -- opposed to amateur.

A person who prosecutes anything professionally, or for a livelihood, and not in the character of an amateur; a professional worker.


The act or method of conducting; guidance; management.
Skillful guidance or management; generalship.
Convoy; escort; guard; guide.
which carries or conveys anything; a channel; a conduit; an instrument.
manner of guiding or carrying one's self; personal deportment; mode of action; behav
Plot; action; construction; manner of development.
To lead, or guide; to escort; to attend.
To lead, as a commander; to direct; to manage; to carry on; as, to
conduct the affairs of a kingdom.
To behave; -- with the reflexive; as, he conducted himself well.
To serve as a medium for conveying; to transmit, as heat, light, electricity, etc.
To direct, as the leader in the performance of a musical composition.
To act as a conductor (as of heat, electricity, etc.); to carry.
To conduct one's self; to behave.

The state or quality of being entire or complete; wholeness; entireness; unbroken state;
as, the integrity of an empire or territory.
2. n. Moral soundness; honesty; freedom from corrupting influence or motive; -- used especially with reference to the fulfillment of contracts, the discharge of agencies, trusts, and the like; uprightness; rectitude.
3. n. Unimpaired, unadulterated, or genuine state; entire correspondence with an original condition; purity.

Hence professional conduct simply means to act with honour and integrity.


Esteem due or paid to worth; high estimation; respect; consideration; reverence; veneration; manifestation of respect or reverence.
2. n. That which rightfully attracts esteem, respect, or consideration; self-respect; dignity; courage; fidelity; especially, excellence of character; high moral worth; virtue; nobleness; specif., in men, integrity; uprightness; trustworthness; in women, purity; chastity.
3. n. A nice sense of what is right, just, and true, with course of life correspondent thereto; strict conformity to the duty imposed by conscience, position, or privilege.
4. n. That to which esteem or consideration is paid; distinguished position; high rank.
5. n. Fame; reputation; credit.
6. n. A token of esteem paid to worth; a mark of respect; a ceremonial sign of consideration; as, he wore an honor on his breast; military honors; civil honors.
7. n. A cause of respect and fame; a glory; an excellency; an ornament; as, he is an honor to his nation.
8. n. A title applied to the holders of certain honorable civil offices, or to persons of rank; as, His Honor the Mayor. See Note under Honorable.
9. n. A seigniory or lordship held of the king, on which other lordships and manors depended.
10. n. Academic or university prizes or distinctions; as, honors in classics.
11. n. The ace, king, queen, and jack of trumps. The ten and nine are sometimes called Dutch honors.
12. n. To regard or treat with honor, esteem, or respect; to revere; to treat with deference and submission; when used of the Supreme Being, to reverence; to adore; to worship.
13. n. To dignify; to raise to distinction or notice; to bestow honor upon; to elevate in rank or station; to ennoble; to exalt; to glorify; hence, to do something to honor; to treat in a complimentary manner or with civility.
14. n. To accept and pay when due; as, to honora bill of exchange.


The state or quality of being entire or complete; wholeness; entireness; unbroken state; as, the integrity of an empire or territory.
2. n. Moral soundness; honesty; freedom from corrupting influence or motive; -- used especially with reference to the fulfillment of contracts, the discharge of agencies, trusts, and the like; uprightness; rectitude.
3. n. Unimpaired, unadulterated, or genuine state; entire correspondence with an original condition; purity.


Literally, suffering with another; a sensation of sorrow excited by the distress or misfortunes of another; pity; commiseration.

When a doctor accepts medicine as a profession, s/he also accepts to abide by the rules of professional conduct, ie, act ... always and for life, with honour, integrity and compassion. Indeed, the majority of the doctors I know, have met or debated with here on the blogosphere fall into this definition because they have never gone out of their way to hurt anyone, either while posting or, while replying to comments. No need to mention names lest I should forget to mention some, but they know who they are themselves.

I also like to believe that I have raised my doctors well enough to firmly believe they all fall into this category too. However, should they not, either while in their work place or out, then I would urge their patients, or anyone they come in contact with, to go and make an official complaint about them to their regulators! That's how sure of my doctors I am!

I therefore, and although I have never officially complained about a doctor, or any other health professional before, I feel obliged to complain about one at the moment because, although not a follower or a regular reader, on the few occasions I did, I found much of what s/he writes is downright insulting and hurtful. It is now on the increase too, it becoming so hurtful, I don't think myself, or those others reading his/her blog, which is an open forum for anybody to read, deserve to be hurt regularly in this way. Only this person hides behind their anonymity while displaying disrespectful, insulting and demeaning behaviour and language to match. All directed towards certain religious groups that have a huge variety of ethnic mix that spans the globe. Abuse is for all those who happen to believe in ways of life that are just simply different to his in that they believe in god. In it's simplest form, to him/her, those are all 'deluded'! As said 'doctor' goes further, the language and photos used are a disgrace and an incitement to hatred IMO. One then wonders about the effect of this irresponsible attitude and behaviour to match on his/her readers, but more importantly, oh his/her unsuspecting patients and the effects and outcomes of that on those patients, whether on the human level or cost wise. S/he says s/he is acting within the law.

I am not a lawyer to know if that is true, but doctors have their own professional regulators, The General Medical Council. Hence, I would like to ask this doctor if we can both test that hypothesis. I am prepared to e-mail him/her with all my details as in full name, address, telephone number ... etc, and would ask him/her to do the same and provide their GMC registration number too.

Following which, I shall lodge an official complaint about their conduct on their blog and leave it to the GMC to decide, if the complaint is accepted, if what s/he writes falls within their limits of professional conduct or not according to their laws. If it does, and what s/he writes is simply 'freedom of speech' as s/he claims, then I will present my full apology to their person in writing and s/he would have the right and freedom to publish same on his blog, and ask me to publish here too, with my details in full. If however, he was to be found guilty of misconduct as in a doctor should not behave in the manner s/he does, I would then leave it to the hands of her/his regulators to sort out as per their rules. Fair!

And thank god for the GMC ...

S/he can contact me by e-mail. My e-mail address is just below my profile

Awaiting your e-mail with your details and your GMC number, or you publishing same on your blog Dr Zorro so that I can use them for this purpose as stated.

Will s/he e-mail me or publish those details?

... Let's wait, a bit, and see! ... and what if I got no e-mail with that GMC number? Well, that would be self evident! Speaks for itself, wouldn't it!

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Prevention is better than cure

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Medicine? Beware!

"We're all in it together, but some are more in it than others " ;-)

Talking of Fairness ...

Now that the treble hike in university fees is a certainty, medical graduates will be the hardest hit where upon graduation, an FY1 doctor will be in debt to the tune of around 100,000 pounds no less [as debated in the House of Commons]! AND, same young doc will be earning the magnificent basic salary sum of 22k, no less too - that's 4k below the average wage! Meaning also that s/he will be just above the 21k threshold set by the government for collection of debt due for the 30 following years @ double the rate since you owe double the money too! Hence, a medical graduate will qualify for payment of this 'unique' to medicine debt as soon as they graduate and take their first job!

Of course, young doc here is not 21 years old as the majority of other graduates on the now national average of 26k are, but is a 24 years old, ie, 3 years their senior! ... and straight A for life student too! Well, pre MTAS, a medical graduate [as I understand] earned 26k basic salary and was allowed an on call room for their FY1 year because they are mostly the ones spending most time in hospital at night and weekends. But the last government removed this entitlement, meaning in real terms, a whopping cut of 20+% of said FY1 young doctor's earnings since it costs around 5k minimum to rent same room either from the hospital or privately! No compensation was given to young doctors to make up for that cut, the brain child of Ann Keen MP, who was a nurse herself! The doctor's 'union' did near to nothing to highlight this injustice and fight for their members right to fairness! ... so there is a 30% unexplained gap of what was and what is now here!

How did the basic salary go down from 26k, which was round 20% above the national wage average to compensate for the extra 3 years a doctor spends reading tough medicine at uni, to slipping to 22k, which is nearly 20% Below the current national average, I have no idea! ... the only little bit I know is that, for example, nurses were awarded a deal where their earnings were guaranteed to go up by 2% for three years while even though still very unfair, nothing as such was awarded to young doctors! Last year and despite a review commissioned by the government, young doctors were awarded a 'special deal', that was an increase of 1%! As far as I am aware, this pay review was never made public! But the result is that a graduate doctor now earns roughly the same as a graduate nurse 3 years their junior and forget about the depth of study or attainment for both! And by the time this nurse is 24, s/he would have earned around 65k while doc still being stuck in their tough uni books ... and that nurse would be on much higher pay three years into employment too by the time they are 24 or the same age of a new graduate doctor!

Then when doc graduates, and if they are lucky, they find a placement on the 2 year foundation programme, and if they don't, it's good bye medicine and all the hard work put into it, because you can't practice as a doctor until you work for one year to enable your registration with the General Medical Council. If you get that placement, you then work on 4 months rotating in different specialties, which means, you will always be on the move between departments and locations, which also means that you have no value or clout wherever you go! So you need to satisfy yourself that at least you have that 'Dr' title on your hospital badge, while you watch the nurses and other staff being treated way better and also taking every minute break they are entitled to and being also paid for every minute over time they work too. While you, the 'dr' is having to grab a sandwich while running overtime between corridors from one end of the hospital to the other ... or just do without and for free too!

And that's not all, for bottom of the heap as you are, work will be dumped upon you ... and blame if it is not done too ... and there is nothing you can do about it! And while all this is going on, you are also 'expected' to come earlier than contracted and leave much later without any extra pay! And if that's not enough, the allocated time for your training will be carved and carved again while you're sitting as the ward clerk typing letters and filling forms! ... and what 48 hour week?! I know no young doctor who only works 48 hours a week, but I know of young doctors who are currently expected and working up to 100 hour weeks while on call, without a room too unless they pay, and be expected to care for 150+ minimum and up to 400 patients while on night duty, or a minimum of 55-60 hour week on normal days. I also know of young doctors who are supposed to have 2 days per week for training and 3 days service provision but the training days were carved down to half a day per week! That's the reality out there!

And, of course, you need to pay your GMC subscription, your BMA subscription AND a room in the hospital or outside, if you live a bit further out, plus the astronomical costs of exams with the royal colleges ... and beware, the pass rate in those is below 30%, and since these are a must, prepare to repeat, pay and pay, study and study and work and work!

Medicine is the Only profession where all this happens and is left to continue! Why? Because medicine is the Only profession where you are tied at the hip to the NHS for your postgraduate 7+ years training after the two year foundation programme, or you're ruined! That's if you can get that training too!

A consultant at one of the hospitals were one of my kids work told him that her daughter was thinking of applying to medicine but mum said "No way!" I don't know if this consultant was wise to make such a comment in front of a young doctor trying to take his first step on the slippery medical career ladder, but nonetheless, it does tell you how those in the know think of the nowadays career in medicine. So, I don't really blame her because, in general and whether young or older, it seems that young doctors' moral is currently nonexistent out there!

As for the seniors, well, that's fine if you've already made it to 'big' old school consultant and have a permanent job, although with the forthcoming cuts, anything can happen. But if you are a lucky younger 'new school' consultant to feel some sense of security because you are good at what you do and are rewarded accordingly, with the government's initiative to reform the CEA, or that extra financial rewards for innovation, dedication and excellence, well, those may be abolished for you or those coming up the ladder soon. Was it Scotland that has already done so, for new consultants? So, there's one carrot out of the window! And if you are nearing the end of your training, well, the likelihood is that you are stuck in no man's land, because there is not enough consultant posts out there if you are a hospital doctor, or no partnerships available, you have to take a salaried job and be treated like a slave if you are a young GP ... and no carrots left!

A Bit further down the ladder? You are, say, a surgical trainee wanting to move from core to specialist training, well, forget it! There are hardly any jobs, there are people who have been waiting for years and years! Core to specialist training in medicine is now suffering too with all the cuts in job numbers and funding for training! One step further down the ladder/ Applying from foundation school to specialty training, well, the prognosis is dim, for although things did improve post MTAS, it seems we're now going back to square one, if not worse!

The bottom line is, it's now the way below average 22k plus 50k debt and a continuous struggle. Soon it will be the same 22k and 100,000k debt and a continuous struggle! Talking of fairness, does this add up?! ... and they wonder why the young doctors are leaving in their droves! :-(

There is nothing left in medicine! So, as they say; "A danger foreseen is half avoided!"

Are you a 'very' bright youngster contemplating applying to Medicine? Read this, ask a few juniors, then, think again! ... unless you don't mind watching those who were well below you in class earn double+ your earnings and tease you about it too! Unless you also like the feel of a continuous endurance course that has no end, and unless you don't mind earning well below the average wage after 6 strenuous years of study and unless you can live on bread and water alone .... for 30 years, or, if the way things are going now are allowed to continue, then maybe for life!

While modernising the country to ensure a fair society for all, I hope our politicians are looking into this great injustice!

Time to cheer up, it's the festive season after all ... and they work very hard those young docs, you know ... always busy saving many lives ... and the patients they meet, my oh my!

Let's hope ... :-)

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010


"If Leeks you like, But do their smell dis-leeke, Eat Onyuns, And you shall not smell the Leeke. If you of Onyuns, Would the scent expelle, Eat Garlicke, And That shall drowne,The Onyun’s smelle."

- Assa who?

- Assange

- Who's he?

- He's the computer hacker who started the Wikileaks website.

- What Wikileeks website?! ... you mean Wikipedia? ... and Wikiquotes, Wikispecies ... Wiki ... Wiki ... etc, etc. I thought this guy's name was Jimmy Wales! ... Actually, I am sure it is Jimmy Wales ... he's got his picture and his name on every page of Wikipedia now, it's driving me crazy!

- But that's not Wikipedia, that's Wikileaks, a totally different site.

- And obviously the owner of Wikileaks, I mean pedia, has gone mad this Assa man stole his Wiki name and ...

- No, no! Strange! ... but nothing of the sort! Assange is now publishing top secret American intelligence documents for everybody to see on his Wiki site!

- Why??

- Well, Freedom of Speech, isn't it?

- Freedom of speech??! Publish 'Top secret' and classified information belonging to the world's top power?! How did this Assange get them then?

- Apparently, he got them from a 22 year old American soldier.

- A 22 years old soldier?! ... and how did he get access to this top intelligence?? Top American intelligence too! Assange v America?! The US of A?! Wow! Well, surely, America has now caught all the spoilt prats involved and closed all the rogue sites and ...

... but no, all the spoilt prats are alive and well, and so continue the leaks ...

And, Assa
guy is now being proclaimed bigger than Don Juan ... but only during the month of August as it seems he fell out of favour with women thereafter ... it's all that grey hair at 39, you know! ... and I bet his Wikipedia history page is now the longest ever, it may even qualify for an entry in the Guinness book of records! ... and who did you say he was again?! Yes, Assange!

Never heard of him!

... and I really need to stop this habit of talking to myself ... only, I can't help it sometimes ... because these modern times are a bit too modern for me ... Ah, forgot what I need to do now! Oh yes, crush the garlic, mix with chopped fresh coriander and spread over the leeks, drizzle with oil and ... grill! ... and you know what? ... yuk! I've never been a fan of supermarket leeks you see! Onions, garlics, fine ... even those small wild leeks, they are delicious! ... but those super big farmer crop leeks? Never! They are a bit stringy and chewy for my liking and they smell when being cooked too ... but other people like them, so, there!

... but at least that stench does disappear as soon as they're cooked too! And look at them now, nice, aren't they?

... and a bit more crushed garlic on top for garnish perhaps ... and they are ready to serve!

Aaaaaaaah! Crushshsh ... Aaaaaaah ...

... Shalalala ... shalalalaaha ... yeyeeeaah ... :-)


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"Le poireau, c'est l'asperge du pauvre. The
leek is the asparagus of the poor."