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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Awooooo ... @_@

Death is but a Halloween mask that one day you must put on.

@ Happy Halloween @


For he who lives more lives than one - More deaths than one must die


Song: Everything I do, Brian Adams

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Map your 'Intelligence'?!

Silly is quite a dangerous thing to be because you can fall flat on your face. And they sometimes did. But other times they were so daft it was wonderfully inspired and they certainly weren't safe. I'm not as keen on stand-ups as everyone else. That masquerades as being quite bold, but few are actually risky.

[you are a second year foundation doctor (F2 or FY2) working in general practice. At the baby clinic the nurse gives you a syringe with fluid already drawn up, an immunization (MMR), to give to a baby. After the parent and child have gone home you realise that the syringe contained only the diluent; the ampoule of active powder is intact.
Rank in order the following actions in response to this situation (1 = most appropriate, 5 = least appropriate)
A. Contact the parent immediately and explain what has happened
B. Inform the practice manager of the nurses' mistake
C. Fill in a critical incident form
D. Send a further appointment for the baby
E. Take no action]

I've added the word 'imagine' myself because I am not an FY2 or an FY1 doctor, but a mum imagining if she was in that situation with her baby [ a while back], what would she have expected the surgery to do had this scenario happened to her? ... the other side of the table 'imagine' thingy if you like ... :-)
Mmmmmm .... put A as 1? ... No! ... because no harm was done since 'my' baby only received sterile diluent ., which is not a health hazard. Hence, I wouldn't make a fuss if I was contacted a bit latter on .... So 'definitely' A won't be my number 1 answer.

Ok, back inside the surgery and I am 'imagining' I am an FY2 doc faced with the dilemma ...

Again, no harm, no A as number 1 answer. Actually, as a compassionate doctor, I wouldn't phone mum 'immediately' because that very action might make her worried. Of course she's already is because vaccines, especially MMR has that effect given all the adverse publicity re it's relation with autism, she'd think something terrible may happen. So, a more relaxed approach will aid reassuring her that it is just a case of having to come back with baby for the proper injection ... and sorry mum, and baby, for the inconvenience.

Based on the same logic, my answer would be; B C A D E

But here is the question ... and the answer ... and A is the number 1 answer! So, I would've failed as a doctor! Bye bye career ... no luck for me in medicine after all! ... But, as mum, I would've complained had my doctor followed the 'exemplary' answer as provided, because s/he would've caused me panic and unnecessary worry and that's not on! ... and no, this is not a device for selecting monkeys, but is going to be part of a bigger questionaire which will form the criteria on which a doctor will be scored in the near future! ... in effect this will make or break a young doctor's career and livelihood ... for life!

As for question 2 on that same question page, what communication skills are you teaching them at medical school then?!

This is a fundamental aspect of communication skills that should be taught as part of the syllabus of every medical school in the country! Because the patient's welfare is paramount ... and the wishes of families is something which a doctor should handle as delicately as possible too IMO ... and in such a case, matters like this must never be left to chance or the individual interpretation of such young doctors ... that's how mistakes in 'care' happen ... and why sometimes people complain!

Guidance, Guidance, Guidance ... proper ... would be my motto here ....

And they don't ask you to explain why you chose one answer over another, if only to find out if your logic and reasoning made sense! Which I think should form part of the selection criteria too if we're after having doctors that one, whether patient, colleague, boss ... etc, can reason with is very important too! ... and to add yet more injury, you will be marked by a machine who has already been fed with the rigid answers that have no reason!

Vague and open to interpretation questions with rigid answers! Hence can not, and should not, be applied uniformly, hence, unfair!

Were these 'sample' questions and answers formulated by doctors?! I doubt it!

... and that folk is how they 'will' [?] select young fully qualified doctors to foundation and specialty training, ie, their whole future career in the UK ... or not! ... and how some of the best will lose out too ...

... and for those, here is a game to help you preserve your sanity ... go ahead ...

Forget about theirs ... map 'your' own intelligence! Reclaim 'your' own brain!

... at least to keep it on file :-( )

Dear oooh dear o dear!

Listen, lad. I built this kingdom up from nothing. When I started here, all there was was swamp. Other kings said I was daft to build a castle on a swamp, but I built it all the same, just to show 'em. It sank into the swamp. So, I built a second one. That sank into the swamp. So I built a third one. That burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp. But the fourth one... stayed up! And that's what you're gonna get, lad: the strongest castle in these islands.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Blue cat blues ... :-(

A mighty pain to love it is, and 'tis a pain that pain to miss; but of all the pains, the greatest pain is to love, but love in vain.

Poor mouse!

... and

Poor poorrrr cat ....

... and the end? ... the train did arrive on time ... for the first time ....

Have a peaceful Sunday ... while you can ....

... cos you never know when ....

... you will be next ....

Only love is like an arrow to your heart; the more you try to take it out, the more pain and blood you get

Thursday, 21 October 2010

We'll war no more ...

"Every mother dreams of giving birth to a child who will ask, "Mother, what was war?"

Whether in Iraq ... or anywhere else ....

Iraq war 20 March 2003, operation 'Shock and Awe'

In war, nobody wins

In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.

... and I've always wondered ... During this fireworks display ... all the people of the world were shocked!

... so ... who was awed?!

... but those who chose to forget there were people dying below!

Now comes a Man who has the Guts to say we'll war no more ...

Cameron also signaled that Britain would be less interested in large-scale military interventions along Iraqi or Afghan lines, and instead would focus more on using diplomacy and aid to prevent conflicts from breaking out in the first place."

I hope other world leaders are watching ... and are learning!

Respect Prime Minister, He did do a good job ... :-)


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Iraq war logs reveal truth about conflict



When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

Music: Vocalise - Sergei RachmaninoffVisageo of war painting: Salvadore Dali

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Dusk, is just an illusion, because the sun is either above the horizon or below it. And that means that day and night are linked in a way that few things are; there cannot be one without the other, yet they cannot exist at the same time. How would it feel, I remember wondering to be always together, yet forever apart?


"The Earth makes a dangerous journey through our galaxy, the Milky Way, periodically passing through areas of dense stars. The influence of other stars' gravity sends comets in the outer Solar System hurtling towards Earth."

Amazing science! :-)

Sunlight is painting.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Isis in the park ...

"I have come to be a protector unto thee. I waft unto thee air for thy nostrils, and the north wind which cometh forth from the god Tem unto thy nose. I have made whole for thee thy windpipe. I make thee to live like a god. Thine enemies have fallen under thy feet. I have made thy word to be true before Nut, and thou art mighty before the gods." Isis

Perhaps the most beautiful made made park ever, I am addicted to the Hyde Park, I visit at least once a week come rain or shine and after a bit of walking about, I always end up sitting by the water of the Lido coffee shop. It's this this feel of serenity that is different to any other place in that or any other park in the world really ... the Brilliant wildlife and amazing greenery ... a cup of coffee or a cold glass of orange juice, a piece of cheese cake, the sun, the water, the birds ... and some nice music ... and that scenery ... Heaven! :-)

And there has recently, only last year, been a really nice addition to the park and the first of it's kind to be installed there for 50 years! For a very cause too! ... and that's Simon Gudgeons beautiful sculpture of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of 'Nature' as he explained in his description of the work. And she seductively stands proud by the serpentine lake at the top of the little road that sides the 'The Diana, Princess of Wales' memorial and the entrance to the Lido, and what a befitting location ...

... in the first instance, you think to yourself; how dare he?! Is he crazy?! To take on that most mammoth of tasks to start with?! Can anyone even think of depicting Isis and bring her to being in our lackey modern days?! Mad!

"What is this, O divine father? What is it ? Hath a serpent shot his venom into thee? Hath a thing which thou hast fashioned lifted up its head against thee ? Verily it shall be overthrown by beneficent words of power, and I will make it to retreat in the sight of thy rays." Isis to the sun god Ra

... but he did a good job! look at her! He doesn't say what bird she is supposed to be, and that is brilliant, for nature is all and every kind of bird and of everything else ... and the way she stands with her exaguratedly long sleek peak to her side touching her smooth collected wings is a reflection on nature when it is at peace and harmony with itself.

Gudgeon didn't give his sculpture an eye, instead, she has a hole. Look through and see more nature in focus ... and depending on which angle you are viewing that postcard picture, the sky is what you usually see or the other side of the lake ... sometimes with luscious green tree tops at the background ... and sometimes the birds, people and boats feature too ... a hub ... and the picture varies with every season too ... she now sees the gold and rusty red autumn leaves ... things come and things go, have a look then move on yourself ... Beautiful!

Then turn around and look at the sculpture from every direction too because there is something new every time you move a little and look, see what I mean? What does the pose tell 'you' about nature? ... I can't put it in words ....

... and you won't be the only one looking either, Isis attracts a crowd ... Always ...

... such is nature ...

Isis protecting the assembled body of her beloved husband and proclaiming him as god of the dead and the underworld. The scene here shows Osiris holding the Sceptre, sign of power and also depicts a priest making offerings to him thus confirming his new status

... But the story of Isis goes far beyond what Gudgeon attempted to portray by his sculpture, for Isis in Egyptian mythology was the personification of motherhood, of protection, of creation and of nature as in 'the universe' ... and whatever she did had and still have complex implications on the whole of humanity up to the present day ... simplified, here is her story ...

Nut, the early goddess of the skies married Geb, the god of Earth, and they had four children; Osiris god of the afterlife, Isis goddess of motherhood, fertility and magic, hence of nature, Set god of storm, darkness, desert where nothing grows and evil (Also known as Setan, read his CV :-) and Nephthys goddess of Divine assistance and nursing.

As gods, kings and queens were only allowed to marry with their like. So, Osiris, their first born, married his sister Isis and became a successful and much loved king. In the same manner, Set was married to his sister Nephthys and grew to become very jealous of his brother's kingship and popularity. Filled with hatred, he killed his brother and dismembered him into 14 parts and scattered these parts in a wide area up to Byblos to ensure that he would remain dead ... and poor Isis went mad! As she was also goddess of all magic, she grew great big wings, then roamed the skies weeping and Wheeling until she gathered 13 of her husband pieces and put back them together. As she couldn't find the 14th part, which was the one needed for the continuation of humanity, she made him one herself, and upon attaching that to the rest of the body and once he was whole again, she restored him to a semi living state. She then flew over circulating around the body until she was conceived with their son Horus. There was nothing human in that too but an immaculate piece of magic! Having done that, Osiris was fully resurrected and Isis then named her beloved husband, god and king, the divine god of the dead and the underworld ... in some variations to the story he was also called 'god of the living' too since good people were brought back to life ....

And while most gods held the Sceptre, indicating power and the Ankh for good luck, which was also named the crux ansata ... or key of the Nile and symbol of life. However, on his resurrection, Osiris crossed his arms upon his chest as the Egyptians used to bury their dead in those days and in his hands, he held a crook and a flail! ... to this day a flail is the sign held by the prince of death ... and a crook is the sign of a Shepherd .... For Osiris in his divine role as god and king was also his people's shepherd.

From that day of that first Resurrection, the threesome, Osiris, Isis his wife and mother of his son Horus all ruled Egypt in divine kinship together ...

Osiris with Isis and their son Horus

But that's not all you get from this story for simple as it may seem, it contains loads more wisdom. It is probably the first recorded reference to a family feud with brother killing a brother. The story also lays the foundation for what to become the universally understood symbol of femininity and the role of the woman as 'nature' intended; as wife, mother, keeper and adviser, giver of love and life, even an emphasis on her seductive role too. And up until the arrival of feminism, this 'Isis' model was well practiced by the majority of women all over the world one century after another for thousand of years and since the myth of Isis began. Indeed, many women in some rural areas in Egypt, on top of all of the above, firmly believe, by choice, that it is their duty to treat their men like gods on earth and thus in answering to their every whim too. Short of flying, they also believe it's a woman's duty to circle around her husband seven times every night before he sleeps just in case ... many all over Egypt, but mainly in the Christian community, still use the name Isis for heir daughters to this day too ....

As for that 'unique' depiction of Osiris in a white shroud and blue complexion, well, he did die and was resurrected after all! So, obviously his blood did turn blue in the process and because of all the surrounding activity. But it seems that he never fully recovered back to the 'common' red blood colour upon his Resurrection, hence Osiris and his blood remained blue forever after! ... was that also the first ancient reference to what we know today as having 'blue blood' or the concept of 'nobility'? ... The ancient Egyptians believed that those with that blood vain will be 'guaranteed' resurrection because the offspring of the god Osiris were guaranteed the very privilege ... and the exceptional idea went on ... and on .... :-)
Osiris in a celebration of glory scene as he was enthroned to eternity. With Horus on the top left holding the feather of Ma'at and his children being blessed while standing on a flowering lotus plant, used, in part, for life and death as well as holy ceramonies. Notice that Horus children have a beard to confirm their godly status and are facing forward to indicate their rights to eternity

... and still, that's not all ....

... there is lots more in that most amazing story ... lots and lots more ... look closer ...
and read more ....

Now, time to listen to nature sing to Isis ... in the Hyde park .... Enjoy :-)

... and that on the table? It's my friends' ... my orange juice was nice too ... it must be the wheather ....

Ya jarata elwadi
Naighbour of the valley

Tarebto wa adani ma yoshbeho el ahlam men zekraky
I am enchanted by what resembles a dream of your memory, as it keeps returning

Mathalto fi elzekra hawaky w fel kara
In slumber and in wakefulness, I enact the memory of your love

Wal zekrayato sada elseneen alhaki
And memories are but an echo of the many years passed

Walaqad mararto ala elryad berabwaten
And passing by the heaven like valley, by the lush hill

Gana'a konto heyalaha alqaki

Where we used to meet near by

dahekat eleya wejohoha wa eyounoha
Where her eyes and her face lit up with her smiling at me

wa wajadto fi anfasseha rayaki

And her breath was like perfum

Lam adri ma teeb elenaq ala elhawa
I didn't know how sweet was love's embrace

Hata tarafaq saedi fatawaqi
Until my arms spread open but to gently contain you
[ as if holding something fragile and precious]

wat'awadat ataf baneki fi yadi

And your figure melted gently in my arms

wa ehmara men khafarayhema khadaky

Shy, your cheeks turned rosy

wa dakhalto fi lailayni far'eki wel doga
I lost myself between the darkness of the night and your embrace

wa lathamto kal sobh el monawari faki
And I lightly kissed the lips of your 'dawn lit' like face

wata'talat logato el kalami wa khatabat
The language of words became obsolete

Aynaya fi logat el howa aynaki
As the language of our love spoke between our eyes

La amssi men omr elzamani wala gadan

No yesterday or a tomorrow since the beginning of time [has an equal]

Gum'aa alzamano fakan yaoma redaky
For all time was put together to make that day you shone with approval [and contentment]

(Ps, poem as sung now complete [original poem much bigger] . I hope I got it right, as it was written in classical 'Shakespeare like' Arabic, meaning hard to understand and translate ... and it is romantic, just like the myth of Isis .... and the whole of Egypt and the Middle East :-)

"Among the things which thou hast said unto me thy name hath not been mentioned. O declare thou it unto me, and the poison shall come forth; for the person who hath declared his name shall live." Isis to Ra

Poem: Ahmad Shawqi

Singer: Feyrouz
Original song by Mohamed Abdel Wahab in 1928

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Grrrrrrr @@

"mothers would be like "lionesses" if anyone threatened the chances of their children" Netmums

The cat species? You betya! @@

That's how I got to be a blogger, isn't it?!

One day I was sitting at home lazing about in bed, stroking the cats and feeding the fat one some peanuts while he watched TV ... we were minding our own business ... then the big BAAAAANG happened! ...

- I didn't get any interviews mother

- What? Why not??

... and I jumped! ... and every thing turned upside down! See, it was the grand earthquake of the now infamous MTAS! An event that wrecked specialist medical training in this country and shook British medicine to it's core in 2007 ... with ripple effects lasting to the present day!

And what was that MTAS monster anyway?! And what MMC are they all talking about?! Even, what doctor training is that? Haven't 'kid' graduated?! ... with loads of honours and rewards too?! Therefore, isn't that training automatic for all young doctors?! ... I didn't have a clue! And it turned out to be the biggest onslaught on young talent ever!

A whole generation of top achievers tumbling and turning as if deliberately squeezed into a tumble dryer and left to powder dry! And what an injustice! All because of the 'inept' performance of those who were up there at the time. Those who were supposedly responsible for a whole generation of hard working young doctors. The distinguished and decorated 'leaders' that were entrusted with taking their younger colleagues forward, recklessly decided on arrogant and 'inept' policies that have no evidence base they can and will work whatsoever - then unleashed same - in a hurry - on our unsuspecting and trusting young ones', 'our kids' ... and all over the country too! ... and it messed up big time! ... and the 'distinguished' leaders got away with it ... even promoted too ... the lot of them! ...
We can't let that or similar happen to our children again

... and have 'they' learned from that lesson? ... I don't know, but how if nobody was punished for the mess?!

You know, sometimes I wonder if I would have ever gotten into trying to understand all this medical mess that is medical policy, and now a bit of general politics too, had my eldest been offered a training post in the first round of MTAS 2007. Although knowing myself, the chances are I most probably would have still gotten involved, albeit maybe not as totally immersed to obsession point as I was when my 'Baby' became personally affected! .. and I am still here ... still don't know enough ... but I am still watching ... they've woken mum up ... and when the kids are big, mums won't wake up unless they are afraid because they see an injustice.

... and now other mums are waking up too, because of all these changes to university funding. You know, if it has to be, mum will always take anything thrown at her but then ...

HANDS OFF THE KIDS! ... cos that's when ma fights!

Netmums and Mumsnet are the ones wanting to fight now and I can see why. It's because of a number of reasons and not just the latest on university funding. Some new, as well as some old policies and cuts that will badly affect their kids and maybe the welfare of their families too ...

1- Child benefit; how they want it is Unfair! You can't add insult to injury to a hardworking wo/man who lost their partner, for any reason! Isn't it enough s/he has to cope on their own?! That the kids are already deprived of a parent?! Same for a family with one working parent and the other at home. Unless you lay proper foundations for safe and 'affordable' child care all over the country, because at the moment that 'provision' is a farce, expect that some people may prefer to leave one parent at home to look after the kids if they can't afford the extortionate prices of proper care! Bearing in mind that some may still not be able to go out and work because of a disability, caring for an elderly family member, etc, etc ... because, unlike some, ordinary people do not all have the rosy lives our leaders seem to think they have, you know!

Solution? Either leave child benefit as is if you do not want the costs of means testing, or, abolish the whole thing for everybody ... completely out - then add an equivalent sum for each child to single or combined family incomes below a 'universal' more generous than 44k level. Add that to, say, the tax credits, family credits, or whatever else similar. Because, as I understand, those are means tested anyway, hence you already have the mechanism to deal with adding a provision for the children based on means too. And since those on benefits would get this help anyway, hard working families of lower middle income would not be penalised and be classified as financially able when they are actually fighting to live within restricted means. I hope, call it 'child credit', would be awarded to 'all' families up to a maximum of, say, 50-60k whether single or combined income. A little extra to allow for a 'humane' life for those hard working families ... and this way, not only would that be fair, stops those who don't deserve, but you may even encourage those long term dependant on the state but able to do the same, circumstances permitting, even save some more money the government too ... admin costs is but one example, ....

2- Education, the modern world is a competitive place and children need to learn the benefits of the working hard ethos from an early age, if they are to survive, thrive and grow up proud of their own achievement and of being independent of the state. Because the current culture of 'working at your own Pace' does not only hold children back, it makes them lose their sense of achievement and that leads to frustration, then boredom followed by anger and all sorts of negative actions to accompany that, maybe even be one causes of truancy latter on ... and eventually, full dependency on the state, amongst many other things.

The way to fix that is to cancel all those little groups, those separate ability tables within the classroom and just go back to basics! Encourage and support every child to achieve and start teaching the whole class how to read, write and do maths ... together!

As for secondary schools, get rid of all those 'ability' groups segregating children in separate classrooms, because they are proper 'disability' groups in reality. Let those children fulfil their potential by 'learning from each other' as well as from their teachers! You would be surprised what the most able can learn from the weakest, you know! ... and vice-versa too! Education is a two way street, it works both ways or it won't work proper ... always!

And abolish all those ridiculous zillions of exam boards but just the best one and keep and enlarge that to top world standard. Because, not only are those multiple boards confusing for parents, each being with it's own syllabus and 'agenda', but parents have to juggle exam boards for each kid too, and hence, that hinders a parent help to their child/ren as they try to understand the very different requirements for each. And once a child's school decides on one, the child is then stuck in that school even if it was found to be no good, or if parents need to move because of work commitments and have to find another school. Now they struggle to find one that follows the same syllabus, especially if that child is nearing a national exam, be it their GCSEs or A levels ... Simplify and allow flexibility in the system to help children and parents and to save lots of wasted money and doubling of efforts too.

One board, one exam ... for all! ... much fairer too ... easier for uni's to select too.

Makes life much easier for everybody, students, parents, teachers, inspectors, monitoring real standards ... publications, study materials, using and fairly applying new technologies, students revising together ... etc ... and easier to ensure efficiency for the government too! Needy of more help kids can always have that in one day or just one afternoon per week, when 'everybody' is allocated to an improvement class or even a class to support the most gifted. One afternoon for everybody and covering all subjects. That would be the only time where classes are split into groups for this purpose, and it will work, test it.

As for universities, while I can understand the freedom that will be enjoyed by those when they are left to charge what they like for the type of education they provide. Do Not expect that British mums will just sit by and watch rich foreign students take those British uni lecture seats while they, and their kids, stand by and watch! Nor will they just be happy for their brightest kids to sit at home in a box doing a fully online 'degree' because it is cheaper even if the kids don't want them!

Attending uni, lectures and living with friends on campus is a whole experience that helps mould a child's communication skills and personality as well as future ... and the memory of a good time at uni lasts for life too, it did for me. Hence, no able kid should be deprived of that on site experience because they are 'middle-income' and poor-ish! That's not only a loss of opportunity for that youngster and their development emotionally and mentally, but a loss of valuable 'polished' talent for the future of this country too!

[Just found it, please read the Imperial College Rector's response to the Browne proposals here ... and thank you Sir Keith O'nions for your intended support for the students on lower incomes, but those with hard working parents on moderate or middle incomes may sometimes need support too considering the projected high costs of uni courses in the future. Otherwise their kids maybe be excluded from your excellent establishment. I hope those will not be forgotten ... and Sir Keith, have you ever considered selling your best students like they sell footballers, but to industry? ... yours are sooo good, they head hunt them a year or more before graduation ... me thinks they should pay for them too! ... money for the college and maybe those cleverest ones would then be exempt from their debt burden ... even financially rewarded for their excellence in performance too. Motivates and encourages achievement, and we wouldn't be greedy like footballers ... or maybe we will ... and what a silly idea :-)

To reassure students as well as parents, I hope other unis will come out with similar statements soon, if they haven't done already]

And back to the government ... it wants to charge graduates;

Up to 9% interest on a STUDENT loan?! @@

Well, they say that a graduate makes about 100k extra during their working life if they have a degree ... it seems that the government is soo poor, it wants all of it to itself too, or even more, given the number of years of pay back!

What's the point of uni then?!

Why would the government charge interest above inflation levels anyway, make profit from the kids?! ... The bankers mess up, we pay, they get huge bonuses for their incompetence! Government wastes, the kids pay for the huge sums squandered too, is that fair?!

Solution: Set a reasonable and not for profit rate and cap that to a fair limit throughout the period monies owed,. Then if payment are started a few years, say 3-5, after graduation for everybody regardless what earning power they have on graduation [ because those with more earning potential would be the products of more expensive/longer courses anyway] students may be able to pay the majority of what they owe while on zero interest and zero payments before the 'payment is now due' begins - making the instalments of whatever sums remaining easier to cope with for those young adults hoping to have a life as well as work too ... or find something along those lines to lessen the impact of early large debt on young lives thus easing the burden ... and that would be fair!

Providing 'all' students can still get a place in their uni of choice based on ability and not family income, allow a few years remission from payment of debt upon graduation and set a 'fair' interest rate for that payment thereafter ... Fair ... and will keep mum happy too!

[Cos I wouldn't get all those mums untied and running after me big boss, you know ... it's hard as it is to cope with just the one at home ... so can you begin to imagine?! .... Never muck with the mums!! ... priceless piece of advice here and you've already got them watching you now - and mums, if you get them on your side, they have amaaazing powers ... and are very loyal when treated right too! Yep!]

Let's hope ...

"There is that feeling that they have worked hard to get a better life, they're just coping - but now they're being thwarted at every turn" Netmums