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Friday, 30 July 2010

Motherly love ... Naturally!

There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it. Chinese proverb

Same idea?! It's because this young woman is doing it right! A bit OTT? No! Love never hurts ... it's the opposite that does ....

When I was pregnant with my first child, I went out and bought all the parenting books on the market. Those that aim to 'teach' you what is good parenthood and the 'how to' ... written by Dr this and Dr that, they tell you 'how to' things ... sleep the child on their front, no, wrong, sleep them on their backs ... don't pick them up or they'll get used to being carried and a little, or a lot, of crying is ok! ... and 'oh, no!' was my first impression! I will let my child sleep how they want to sleep! ... and I wondered why were all these books written by males?! Then after a little read, I decided to do away with the lot and learn from my cat instead ... and I never regretted this decision once ....

Look! No cot!

I have always had cats since a very young age. At the time, cats did not get neutered. but you just separated the males from the females and that of course didn't always work and so, I grew up with cute young kittens too. But it's how mama cat raises her young that I am sure those who allow their pets to produce are fascinated by. Pets don't have special private rooms with cots to segregate their babies into, or let them cry their hearts out without picking them up like we humans do ... actually, cats don't believe it's a good idea to do that either ... and I agree!

As soon as a litter is born, mum will spend a whole week stuck to those kids, wake up with them, sleep with them, being in real close contact with them, feeding and licking them and only leaving the 'nest' when she needs to eat or for other needs, but then you see her running back to resume this intense bodily contact soon as she's finished doing what she needed to do when she left them.

Even when she needs to leave them for those brief moments, she will always pile them up in a ball! And I used to think, those at the bottom of the pile will get suffocated ... but they never do! ... amazing! And the reason mama cat is doing that is to give her young the illusion she is still there, so that the can sleep tight secure in the knowledge that they are loved and protected ...

A week later, and when those kids are a bit stronger, mum will come out of that nest and will never go back to it again! If those kids want her milk, her warmth and the security of being close to mum, they have to come out themselves ... and when they do ... they get their deserved reward ... it's fun, fun, fun, it's play time together! And when they are a little older still, it's fun time with mum too ... for mum then becomes one of the kids, perhaps the naughtiest one too ....

... and you think, the silly cat! She's too big, and she's too muscly for those delicate kids, she is going to hurt them ... but she never does ....

Then, when big enough ... sanity returns and mum will push those kids away ... well, it's time for kids to be independent ... and she makes sure they are ... even beat them up for real if she has to ... but only for a while, then she becomes friendly again ... with bits of kisses and cuddles here and there too ....

All other animal species do the same too ... except us humans! Why?! Because we're the only species that have Dr this and Dr that writing books and telling us how to do things! ... the only species that cancels it's instinct and relies on what 'experts' who most probably are males, hence, have never experienced motherhood instead! Is that clever or wot?! And the result? Many of our species are incapable of showing their own emotions to the degree that they should, either towards their own families or to others! Result? We are the only species who have formulated and follow a ridiculous set for rules that can sometimes drive us to despair! Our own doing too!

And we're so jealous of the animals! Look at how at every opportunity we're full of kisses and cuddles with them .... if only we did that more to our own! Life on earth would be sooo different ....

And the interaction does give us great pleasure and enormous satisfaction, that's why we keep pets ... and moan all the times that they give us more love than any human can ... but we never learn! What aaan irony!

Well, I did away with Dr this and Dr that's books - and although I had bought a baby cot, it was given away at a near to new condition! ... and you know, sometimes when I a
m in a supermarket and I hear those kids scream their heads off while mum is turning a blind eye because she thinks she's doing the right thing according to some 'xperts' - and with all the unneccessary frustration, I always find it hard to resist the temptation to go tell her; " pick them up and cuddle them - smother them with love and talk to them, make that a habit and they'll never scream again!" ... maybe even make the jobs of people like the good Dr CC, a child psychiatrist, nearly obsolete. This is the doctor who, amongst other reasons, has to pick up the pieces after the bond between mum and child is lost because of the damage caused by Dr this and Dr that - the phycologist 'experts' who write all those books on parenthood!

... and she can't afford a push chair, or a cot ... and where she goes, child goes with her ....
... no screaming child here ....

... and maybe why those societies are better at communicating and sticking together, young and old?
... and do they know of cot death?

I want to see the day new parents are advised to forget about those experts for good .. and go get a cat, a dog or even a little budgie ... or a video of same ... and watch them and how they raise their young instead ....

All the better for humanity too ....

... and if love of all kinds is but a string of chemical cocktails, then I hope, while observing the common laws of decency because we are still humans after all, that these chemicals will be manufactured on a large scale soon and be injected intravenously to all those in need, because they were, for one reason or the other, deprived of motherly love in childhood ... in large doses too! ... but, that's another topic? No, you get plenty of love when child, you give out plenty of love when adult! Simple as that!

... and, does anybody have any idea how long is the life span of a yeast cell? How long is 2 minutes in real terms for them? eh? Cos how they understand love is waaay OTT, don't you think?! .... :-)

BBC 31 July 2010 [Baby bonding] ...

The remembrance of a beloved mother becomes a shadow to all our actions; it precedes or follows them

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Happiness is ... :-)

'Kid' N0 3 graduated today!

Good luck for always son ...

And thank you teachers ...

It was a beautiful day all round too ...

And a few tears ...

And I must be the proudest mother in the world!

... one more to go .... :-)

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Remember, you saw it here first! :-)

Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.

As the saying goes, Don't confuse the art of the possible with the art of the profitable. ... well, read below ... it speaks for itself .... :-)

"Dear google,

I have an enterprise idea that is bound to create huge global income for you, as well as do good too :-)

Please have a look at my post 'blooging for charity':

I hope you like my idea and if interested, please let me know how can I take this further with you.

Best regards,"

Reply from Google:

Hi ...

I like your idea, and think it could work well. I'm not the right person to make it work, but would gladly try and find someone who might be able to do so... (I'm not anywhere close to the charity, advertising or blogging products!)

But before spending time to do that... have you spoken to anyone else at Google already about this?"

Me ...

" Hi ... ,

Oh! Glad you like the idea - and thank you for taking the time to reply :-)

Actually, Google currently doesn't have a charity service and my idea is that they should, as apart from doing good, it will be very profitable for Google too. As for the pictures on my blog post, I 'manipulated' some pictures from Google images myself using 'paint', just for presentation of what the service would look like as part of Google.

And thank you so much for helping as I hav
e no idea where to take it in Google at all. So, please let me know and I hope others in Google will like it as you did.

Best regards,"

Google ...

"OK - I've submitted this to the "ideas" pot in Google, and trust the right people would look at the idea. I won't personally be monitoring the progress, but have given your contact details/blog address, so hopefully it will be implemented soon.

One potential problem that I can for see, is a legal one: There is a heap of work that our Advertising team have to do to prevent abuse, and therefore it's typically important to know exactly who is the legal owner of the site. This is typically done through bank account etc... but as you won't see the money ever directly, a different abuse filtering process have to be created. Not impossible, but would require some smart minds and development time.

Thanks for your idea, and I sincerely hope with you that your idea helps millions soon!"

Me ...

"Hi ... ,

Thanks for helping put my idea forward to the right team. As the owner of the site/blog will not be earning from the ads, I don't think that there will be major issues regarding legalities as only above board charities will get that income.

And, as you can see from my post, I was hoping to sell my idea to Google and have stated that I reserve all my legal rights in full. Especially because it is bound to generate huge global income which is at the moment lost to Google, so it is only fair I get a share of that. By contacting you, I was hoping to get further information on how to progress with my idea, otherwise, I would approach other ad providers. Hence, I hope Google does not proceed with 'my idea' without my permission and without negotiating with me first.

Awaiting your reply, I would also be grateful if you can forward the e-mail address of who you sent my idea to. Thank you

Best regards,"

Google ...

"Thanks for making your intentions clear. I'll remove the entry from the ideas queue.

Best regards."

Me ...

"Ok, yes please remove my idea from your queue as I did not expext that google would want new ideas that would generate them 'business', on a global scale too, for free. However, should Google decide to use it anytime in the future, I would still be prepared to negotiate a selling price. Meanwhile, I have decided to hide my post containing this idea from view on my blog and wish that this idea is not used without my permission either now or in the future and reserve all my legal rights.

Thank you again,

Best regards,"

Soooo, at the moment, no Ferrari! :-( ... or Fiat even! ... and I have decided not to hide my post after all! Nor will I be approaching anybody else because I simply don't know how! ... But I stand by my Principal; although it is also intended to do good and help millions as Google said, this is a 'business' idea, ie, it will generate income for whichever establishment that uses it. This one has huge global potential too, as well as being good PR, as it promotes the image of the establishment itself, by appearing to be doing good, and also on sites it was never on before ... an all around win win situation! ... all this can not be gotten for free! ... No way Google! ... but I am open to offers ... anyone interested out there? ....

Innovation for 'business' should never be for free, without 'Reward'! That's how dreams are killed ... and how stagnation begins!

... Only ... Good idea, eh? remember ....

You saw it here first! :-)

“Innovation! One cannot be forever innovating. I want to create classics.”

Sunday, 25 July 2010

King of the stars ...

"Wake up, you sleepers! Rouse up, you watchers!
Wake up Horus! May you be manifest at the New Moon,
May the 3 day festival be celebrated for you.
The Great Mooring Post calls to you as Him who stands up and cannot tire
A boon which Anubis grants: The imz-tree shall serve you,
the zizyphus-tree shall bow it's head to you,
you shall circumbulate the sky..."

Who else is king up there?! Of course it is him! And today he shines in his full glory. for today is full moon day. For brief moments, he is the full circle of light, of harmony ... and of love ... and with it's eternal recurring cycle, it is also a symbol of optimism and hope ....

Since ancient times and up to the present day, the moon made a significant impact on life on earth - I won't even try to delve into that because throughout time philosophers, scientists, thinkers, even artists and poets have been there and continue to be there trying to understand this amazing relationship between mother earth and her beloved and 'perfect' son.

"Altruism is the mark of a superior being."

Indeed, it was the ancient Egyptians who called the moon 'King of the stars'. Considered as one of 'the two lights', the sun being the mother of all light and all gods, she was being depicted in ancient scripture as 'Ra', the sun god. While the moon lighting the skies when the sun fell asleep, he had his own gods and featured heavily in both ancient Egyptian religion and mythology. Throughout time, the moon was admired for it's beauty as well as the mystique of it's ever changing shape ... symbolising beauty and harmony, Middle Easterns still resemble a beautiful person to the beauty of the moon, hence, 'zay el amar', which is in much use in Arabic, means as beautiful as the moon when full.

Before Ra and even when his worship as a god was started, the Egyptians formed farming communities and depended on the two lights; the sun and the moon, for their well being. But they were also fascinated by the celestial bond between them and the perfect circle they both formed together and with the sun and the stars around them. I don't know if true, but I think this perhaps was when the notion of a higher entity responsible for creation was first thought. Whether the Egyptians became aware that the earth too was circular and hence, fits in the harmony and the scheme of things, I don't think anyone knows - but you never know what the future will find about this great as well as mystical civilisation.

However, when the first concept of creation by a higher force was thought, it seems that the very early gods of ancient Egypt were non punishing. Instead, they were an indication of the positive forces of creation and continuity. Ra, therefore, evolved from a simplistic idea to represent the sun as the giver of light and life during the second dynasty, to becoming a really complex entity depicting the punishment of sins as well as protector and giver of love and stability. By then, the entertwinement of the many gods of ancient Egypt was at it's most confusing, with Ra and Horus, for example becoming 'one of two' or 'father and son', with the more refined Horus having the Sun for one eye and the moon for his other eye to show his fantastic span of his authority. Of course the moon had his own gods too; Thoth, the Liberarian, inscriber, writer and god of knowledge ... and Hapi, god of the Nile ... to name but two ....

Why complicate matters? Perhaps this was the only way for the rulers of those early times to control the ever increasing masses - best done through mythology, or fantastic fiction based on the supernatural and which entirely depended on story telling. Whether those were intended to encourage hope or generate fear, they all depended on lies and deceit. Of course it was bound to work, if only because of people's ignorance of what the future may bring, coupled with one's seated fear of death and the awareness of one's own mortality. Myth can entice people to believing anything - and that includes convincing even those who devised the stories themselves for they came to believe in them too! Mind over matter ... Very clever ... and that was also when the whole notion of faith ... or else ... began! ... and the beginning of politics too .... and the 'phenomena' lasts to this day ... and will roll into the future ... and beyond ... powerful stuff!

The moon with his ever changing phases was observed in relation to the earth, the sun and other stars at a time when the Egyptian excelled in astronomy. For them the forever recurring phases of the moon represented the life cycle of man; birth .. to youth .. to old .. to child like .. to death. It's significance as the forever renewal and continuity of life was so important to the point that they based the majority their decision making on it's cycle. Being the 'one that repeats it's form', it became the symbol or rejuvenation, with the 'bull' as seated in the second sign of the zodiac 'Taurus' representing the strong and wise bull, or the father responsible for continuity, with his horns being the visible rising 'crescent', or the time of insemination to allow life to continue. The reason why it was best to do particular events, like major celebrations, royal inaugurations ... or any wishful things including the forming of relationships and conception when the moon was rising - and precisely on the 6th day. This was the day when perhaps the rising crescent became more visible and much brighter but was still young enough for things to mature by the time the full moon was reached on the 15th day, the best day for the sowing of seeds in the fertile fields of the Delta.

"It is no use whatever preaching Wisdom to men: you must inject it into their blood. "
So the common Egyptians as well as their rulers made life decisions when the moon was rising, but never when it was going down - and it was downright a bad omen for an eclipse of the moon to happen. This was considered as 'the skies eating the moon'. It is still unlucky to look at a moon eclipse to this day. Watching the moon in the sky ... that was also how the Egyptian calendar started ...

"The seed includes all the possibilities of the tree. ... The seed will develop these possibilities, however,
only if it receives corresponding energies from the sky."

The lunar calendar, which was a very important and precious find in the Temple of Dandara, in Qena near Luxor, is still followed to this day. Indeed, with the month of Ramadan on the doorstep, the first day of the rise of the new moon is awaited by all Muslims on or around the 11th of August. Back to the ancient calander and notice the 12 signs of the Zodiac in the center amongst the people and the animals, or the representatives of life on earth. Horus, the god of the skies is then featured 8 times to represent the four directions; East, West, North and South. It is hence te reason why Horus, whose realm spanned the skies was placed in pairs on each of the four sides of the circle. To his side are four female goddesses representing the four seasons and thus the represent equilibrium and the perfection of creation. If you add up the 8 figures of Horus plus the 4 female goddesses, the result would be the 12 months of the year. And as twelve figures have twenty four hands between them, this in turn represents the 24 hours of the day. Again, between the 12 figures, they have 120 fingers, and when you divide that by 2, you get 60 minutes per hour and the 60 seconds in a minute. Precisely what the hieroglyphics on the side explain! So, can Babel really claim to be the first to devise the 24 hours, 60 min/hour and 60 seconds/hour in the day? Perhaps not - but one can agree that they found the tool to measure same with! Does it matter who found what? Not really, because for the wise, history is all connected! From the beginning of time to the present day ... if only we learn! ....

"Man, know thyself ... and thou shalt know the gods."

Circles are perfection itself and the ancient Egyptians realised this truth from very early on. They also believed in the harmony of same as represented by the forever circulating to perfection orbit of the moon around it's mother Earth. The Egyptians believed that humans, animals and all living things must also join in that amazing circle of life to keep the grand scheme going ... eternally! Perhaps also one of the reasons why the concept of 'punishment' became necessary so as not to allow those inherent destructive powers of man to distort the perfect and forever orbiting circles of life! The ancient Egyptians believed that man was created to hold hands with his brother, with his neighbours, with mother earth and every living thing on it ... and with the rest of the universe too ... or else! ....

"Organization is impossible unless those who know the laws of harmony lay the foundation."

Is all this the reason why the number 7 is lucky? Because it is the day that follows the 6th day of the moon cycle when every effort to allow the continuation of life takes place? The 7th being the day success begins? It is indeed my lucky number, being born on the 7th at 7am! ... and so, I love the moon for I am a moon person ... the moon is my destiny as written by the stars ... and that, I can do nothing about ....

... and was I over the moon when I found this little moon gadget on my sidebar?! Priceless! ... and it's beauuutiful 'full moon' day today ... so let's all hold hand and form a circle then make a wish ... for peace :-)

... and when you came was like when a full moon shown in the sky ... and I was happy ....

"Everyone finds himself in the world where he belongs. The essential thing is to have a fixed point from which to check its reality now and then. " ... if only those lunar creatures would listen ... and watch that circle moving ... forever!

Earth powered by the moon

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Quo the status ...

When money speaks, the truth is silent

Watch ... :-)

Thanks to Dr G's shared items, I was able to see this video of the Health Select Committe meeting with The SoS for Health, Andrew Lansley. It doesn't really improve on why decisions to hand over huge amounts of money to GPs without evidence to support the idea that they can properly manage it, or even testing the idea first were taken? ...and apart from the controversy this handing of that 80 Billion over to the GPs, and the mystery that remains unsolved, what else is NEW that has not been done by the Brown government and his team?

I don't think either that this tape will help the GPs much in their decision making re what next. So far everybody, including patients and doctors on the blogosphere are doubtful, unsure ... confused or totally against! IMO, this video most probably does not change that ...

Not a very positive situation ... and why is The BMA sooooo silent? ...

Silence is the safest course for any man to adopt who distrusts himself

Monday, 19 July 2010

'Destabilising General Practice'!

A system is a network of interdependent components that work together to try to accomplish the aim of the system. A system must have an aim. Without the aim, there is no system.

Andy Burnham: A health plan fit for Daniel Hannan - The coalition's Health Service White Paper represents the most dangerous threat to the NHS since its inception [click] ... This is no careful plan: the NHS is being wired for demolition at breakneck speed [click] ... Proposals 'flawed' according to Leeds University Business School research group [click] ... £3bn NHS shake-up will distract from patient care [click] ... NHS reforms a 'significant risk' to quality [click] ... Pass notes No 2,812: Andrew Lansley [click :-D ... Health white paper: the details [click] ... Health warning: NHS revamp to save £20billion is 'huge gamble'[click] Google on reforming the reform [click] ... Andrew Lansley on giving GPs greater control in the NHS [click] ... Ex-NHS London chairman says policy 'politically driven' [click] ... The opposite of evidence – faith-based policymaking [click] ... Conservatives to give GPs control of patient funds [click] ******* Nanny does know best, Andrew Lansley [click] ... Andrew Lansley's 'nudge' won't solve childhood obesity in Britain [click] ... Obesity marketing campaign funds 'to end' [click] ... Link between inactivity and obesity queried [click]

All these links above are what my scroll displayed during the last 10 days or so. You need to read them from the bottom up to get a picture of what's happening to English health today and try to make sense of why things are happening the way they are now?

Not so long ago the GPs refused, point blank, the Polysystem model above and below. This top picture of the Loxford Polyclinic is animated, but I have no idea why it is not showing as such on this post! Anyway, here it is if you haven't clicked on the link above because the animation describes the polysystem model really well.
At the beginning when the polyclinic idea was first introduced, the Labour government wanted 100 polyclinics for London and 150 across England - and it would've worked! ... but the GPs fought tooth and nail, saying it would 'destabilise general practice' in England ... and that it was the work of a surgeon and what do surgeons know about general practice! That's despite the doctor surgeon warning them many a time, that the current system is unsustainable - because of the rising costs due to a population that is living longer than ever before and because of life style diseases, like obesity and alcohol, putting further pressure on the NHS resources ... and bureaucratic waste ... but was there anybody listening? No! That's even despite the fact they could see that the whole world was thinking about the same problems and what to do to cope! ... but still, it was a NO, NO, NO, we can be more clever here ... we'll just close our eyes and our ears and everything will just go away!

Although not very well versed in these affairs, even I noticed that the current global trend is that all individual systems will be reformed to merge into one system, so that countries can co-operate to face the rising costs, perhaps also utalising the current ever increasing trend of medical tourism in outsourcing the patients themselves to the cheapest and most effecient bider soon. I also recently read that other health care systems in Europe are going to be modernised to cope with the rising costs too, that included France, Germany and Spain. Even the Gulf countries are doing the same - Qatar, for example, is already establishing it's top notch medical school and top of the range postgraduate training and research centres. It is also urging employers to subscribe to insurance covers for all those employed, either by the state or the private sector - and it wants to recruit 30,000 nurses too! Well, I think this is the global model for the future, insurance for anyone or every one that can be insured, and the state only providing cover for the poor and those left out - and that's what the new 'universal' will mean in the future. America is already fighting the battle to do so, and I won't be surprised if those looking to reform in Europe too follow the same model, with little tweaks here and there to suit different population needs, politics and budgets.

It's a global trend!

Back to England and now that governments have changed hands and the GPs had enough celebrating, and despite the new govs pledge to protect the NHS, from my scroll link above, they seem bent on getting rid of it's headache ... for good!

How?! By playing hard ball!

From day 1 of taking charge, the first thing Mr Andrew Lansley did was to approach the GPs saying that he wants peace with them - "the old government was naughty ... but, I'll be nice to you!" and I thought, yeah! How peculiar, given the above global problems and global trend! Why is he being as soft as a melting sweet like that?! What is he after?! ... but that was only me! Everybody on the medical blogosphere was silent ... were there others who became suspicious too? I don't know! But there was some praise of the new efforts ... and we were all watching!

Then the SoS dangled a carrot to the GPs; let's halt the polyclinics - and he did! And you could see the GPs dancing in their surgeries! At last, the ghastly polyclinics threat is gone! - that it was the work of a world class doctor and colleague they trusted as above board didn't matter! That this work was based on an exhausting one whole year of touring the whole country being advised by some GP leaders, as well as 2000 clinicians and 60,000 members of the public, didn't matter either! That this was the first time evidence on such a scale was thought and collected, went onto deaf ears! ... and, in opposition, the conservatives were watching ... and learning .... and Labour did make mistakes!

First, after all the hard work, Labour did not market the polyclinic idea to the patients before launching it! Result, GPs were able to scare the public into believing that polyclinics was the demon that should be fought at all costs! Confused and afraid, one million people signed to reject the idea! ... I was one of those, I am ashamed to say! At the time I had no idea about health policy and my logic was, if the doctors are against, then I must be against too! Who would you believe after all, the knieving government or the trustworthy doctors?! ... and then I started paying attention ... and reading ... and now I am sorry I have signed this petition!

For not only those new clinics would have made life much easier for the majority of patients [ please look at the animated diagram and the picture below], they would have also, on the long run after paying all initiation and operating costs, saved lots of money as they moved lots of services away from expensive big hospital grounds and nearer to the patients communities. Not only that, but they would have made the lives of those very GPs much easier too! Think about it, send your patient to where they can be seen by specialists and have tests done if needed in the same session, or refer to hospital where a nurse it sitting there deciding which doctor referral to allow - or reject? ... and bureaucracy ... those huge hospitals harbour a gang culture with each group's sole aim is to conquer and silence those who don't 'co-operate'! ... and the polyclinics would have ended all that too!

I don't know why did the GPs reject the polysystem idea so much - I am inclined to think that they did so because, maybe, they make more money from the patient's multiple journeys to and fro from GP to hospital, to GP to tests, to GP to ... etc? I truly don't know but what gave as 'the' reason does not make sense to me.

Of course, Labour's second mistake was that they tried not to give compulsary orders, but to negotiate with the doctors .. big mistake! ... and the new guys were watching here too ....

Up to last week, I couldn't understand why the polyclinics were halted, and I thank Prof Maynard for explaining the policies of 'evidence and faith' [link above] - and how I personally apply this lesson is that the polysystems were based on vast evidence, while the currant 'imposition' of putting GP in charge of 80 BILLION pounds of tax payers money is based on faith that the gps can handle all this money, 80 billion of it too! ... But, as the professor explained, faith is ambiguous! ... and, if I may add, from what I have learned from the ancient Egyptians, faith also depends on 'mind over matter' ... and the main tool for that has throughout history always been 'deceit'! I even sometimes wonder if those ancient Egyptians and their glamorous and very opulent and most successful civilisation has done humanity much more harm than good - if only through the promotion of the notion of 'faith'! ... maybe I should expand on that in another post ....

So, why have the polysystems been halted?! Because, why the headache of, not only convincing the resistant GPs that it is a good idea that would work and the immense trouble to get them to cooperate, then having to monitor the operation, plus all the financial and admin costs and duties, etc, etc ... when you can just hand the money over, wash your hands ... and let nature take it's course?! Only nature is not always so kind ....

Gps who can't manage, and many won't be able to, and whole consortiums going down taking the good and the bad with them? Bye bye! Hospitals going bust? Why not?! Pressure on A&E will sort itself out too - and the hospital departments that were marked for 'negotiable' closures will close because of financial pressure! Ciao! ... patients waiting and waiting? None of my business - wait ... or pay! Welcome cut throat competition to English health! ... and welcome the multinational sharks too! ... and no choice ... these boys are not for negotiation, they've learned their lesson ... and it's a diktat!

Who is 'destabilising general practice' now then, eh?!

Afraid of some small private involvement ... now it's head first to the sharks! ... and incidentally, what about doctor training now that SHAs will be abolished?! How about R&D, will that be eventually thrown to the sharks too?!

You had good food on the table GPs, but you wasted it! It's now 'your' responsibility to sort this monster of a threat out! ... let's wait, watch and see what your esteemed VIPs will do - but don't you just wish you had listened to the surgeon?! I do! :-(

And Andy Burnham, whom I sincerely hope will win the leadership of his party to at least put some balance to the current exclusive set up up there, he speaks about what the NHS has in store, "this is 'the mother of all battles'! ... and check the last comment on the same article by 'Richard blogger', the author, in which he said that this may signal the downfall of the coalition and a call for a new general election ....

Let's see!

... meanwhile, can you keep the lectures coming, all of you our immenent professors out there ... I like lectures ... it how man learnt since time began ... and I am writing history ... besides, we all need to stick together now ....

Is the system going to flatten you out and deny you your humanity, or are you going to be able to make use of the system to the attainment of human purposes?

Friday, 16 July 2010

Blogging for Charity

The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service

I've been getting lots of comments containing ads lately, mainly for selling medicines, even some were advertising naughty stuff. But since I now moderate any comments on posts over 15 days old, I have been able to delete those and intend to keep on deleting them in the future so, advertisers, take note! I was also offered money to put ads for a year on the side bar of this site but I refused. Not that there is anything wrong with making money, but that was not the reason why I started and still maintain this blog, which is to have a voice ...

There are lots of people out there who are like me. Who, for one reason or another, are not after making money from their blogs. Maybe because they want to protect their anonymity, making money is not the reason they blog, or just that they haven't thought about it for now but may change their minds later.

Well, last week I saw a TV ad for The Great Ormond Street Hospital asking people to donate 3 pounds per month to help with the cost of caring for sick children ... a very worthy cause, I thought. Well, money is not a plenty those days of austerity after all, and it's going to get scarcer and scarcer ... and then I got an idea! ....

Why don't blog providers like Blogspot, Wordpress and social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook ...etc start a new Charity service themselves? Any provider who places ads on their or other people's sites for profit and/or is already providing so many other services like Google, for example, can help people do good at no financial cost to their own. While financially, Google, for example, would benefit greatly themselves! Here is how this can be done:

Google, for example, is already offering a 'Monitise' service for those who have a blog with Blogspot. The idea is that Google places relevant ads, for example, if your blog has a medical theme, the ads displayed by google would be about selling medical equipments, where to go for medical procedures ... etc, on your site/blog ... and you get paid when your visitors click those ads ... but you have to register with your name, address and bank details to get paid. Well, how about those who don't want to give out those details then?

And my idea is; those people should be able to still make money from their sites/blogs when displaying those same relevant ads, and donate the money generated from clicks to charity instead ... and they don't have to give their sensitive details too! Meaning, Google would allow you to create a new charity account with their 'Monitise' service so that Google can still place relevant to your subject of interest ads on your site/blog, but instead of giving out the payee details as yourself as the owner of the site/blog, you give the details of those you want to support instead, The Great Ormond Street Hospital, for example, then you only get a report from Google every month stating how much they paid The Great Ormond Street hospital on your behalf. Google can then make it a minimum requirement that this charity account be run for one year at least to save on it's administration costs , then allow those bloggers who decide later they want to keep the money themselves to come out of the scheme at the end of that year or thereafter and join the usual monetise service, providing they give their real details to allow payment of course. So, The Great Ormond Street Hospital will not actually feature in an ad on your site, but will be the recipient of the monies made from other commercial ads placed on your site.

And while a blogger is joined to Google Charity, s/he should be able to display a suitable logo, like this one I made below. This will, not only display the status of the blog as a charitable site, but will also entice people to click more on the displayed ads because visitors would feel they'd be doing good too. I would personally add a left side bar specially for charity if this service became available. I am sure the majority of other bloggers would participate too -because people enjoy the fulfilment they get by doing good.

Or maybe, Google ads that would pay charity should have their own sign to state their nature ... this way, even those who have already 'monitised' their site for profit can have a mix of ads and, as well as make money, be able to do good too ... worthy causes like the hospital above would make lots of much needed money and Google/the like would make $loaaads from an otherwise lost income now ... works for the good of everybody, the reason why I reserve all my rights, including a six/seven figure sum with royalties for my idea of course :-)

Charity ... together, we can help

True charity is the desire to be useful to others without thought of recompense

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

YUK! @@

Bad habits indulged in become crimes

Andy! What are you doing?! No humble piece of tissue about so you sneeze on your sleeve?! Yuk! I never expected you to do a thing like that, you know! I am very disappointed! @@ ... and you too, much slimmer and streamlined, Sir?! ... only, no guessing whose line was it anyway, eh?!

Whoever devised this 'dirty business', were they thinking this new way will protect other children from the flying germs that can infect them while around those who cough or sneeze without covering their face? Well, they are wrong! It won't! Because they are assuming too that all mums, who don't even bother putting a few tissues in their child's pocket, will change a child's shirt on a daily basis and have it washed! But mums who don't put tissues in young pockets are very unlikely to do that too! Even if 'all' those mums did, which is a big if, how about in winter when kids are wearing jumpers on top of their shirts to keep them warm? Are you expecting those to be changed on a daily basis too?! If not, then what's the logic in using this sleeve for dirty sneezing then? That it's OK to accumulate germs for days, even months on your person, so long as they are on your sleeve!

Kids in play grounds play all sorts of weird and wonderful games, including such games like getting into a head lock with friends ... or enemies! Can you imagine what diseases will fly from that dirty germ infested sleeve to whoever victim that happens to come into contact with it?! ... and contact they will, in a concentrated doze too! And with horrible consequences - and you're teaching those kids bad manners too!

YUK! :-(

Children need to learn good manners at a very early age. Including the duty to cover their faces when they cough or sneeze - and while I understand that some parents may be a bit relaxed in teaching their kids such principals, the school should have a role in promoting same, either in investing in some cheap boxes of tissues to be left on the teachers desk for children to use them whenever needed, or ... to make it even a habit for children to pick one from the box as they come into the classroom. And in our times of ausss-terity, why not collect tissues money by asking parents to donate a few pennies for the purpose if the school can not afford them? Although it is the duty of the school to teach and this is how children learn, hence those boxes of tissues should be classified as 'teaching material' and be provided by the school IMO ... money very well spent too!

Because children learn manners by seeing, then repeating and repeating until it sticks, but once stuck it is Never forgotten!

At the very least, children should be taught to have any small clean piece of cloth in their pockets to cover their face with when they need to instead of asking the school to buy boxes of tissues regularly. Easy for children to even wash and reuse themselves, and it teaches them good hygiene too. Why not do that as part of health/science lessons at school? Or, at the very least, children should cover their face with their hand then be allowed out of the classroom to wash quickly. Otherwise, I am afraid those children being taught to sneeze in their sleeve now will grow older to wipe their dirty hands in their sleeves too, even spit in them! ... and dare I say ... much, much more than spit!

This sleeve 4 disease practice does not only teach children bad manners, it's also a big health hazard!

YUK! :-(

And I'd never shake hands with any person if I knew they harbour such dirty habits, let alone allow any young children I know to come near them, so Andy and Sir, I hope these two nice suits will be off to the cleaners asap!

... and, on another note and in the interest of the public's health, can Sir tell us how he lost all this weight? ... step by step ... and with all the reeeeally boooring detail? ... and how he's keeping the weight off? pleeease .... orr ... was the secret that he just hid his mouth behind that sleeve for a few months too?

... no predisposed male here then, eh?
... lucky Sir .... ;-)

Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.