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Saturday, 27 March 2010


I have been abroad since last Monday ... with my laptop. Onlyyy ... I forgot the power unit! And sooo, no internet!

Instead of enjoying the beautiful weather and the great company, I am spending my time looking for a power unit so that I can glue myself to my computer instead, or that's how I feel like doing since I can't connect! ... and I couldn't find one! At the end and after trying to call them for hooooours on end, I travelled .... quite a long distance, to the main dealers to order one ... only to be told that I have to wait about a month for it to be delivered! ... because they order and import it especially for me .... Grrrrrrr! :-(

Sooo, to post this, I am currently sitting at an internet cafe and he place is packed ... with kids! ... and there was no place for me! ... but a young man ... around 12 years old, ... gave up his gaming and offered me to use his computer for a few minutes ... what a beauutiful young man ... and what a sacrifice!

I am soooo very grateful!

You know ... I think I could now kill for a power unit! I mean, let me have it and I won't go surfing .. till late ... but this! :-(

Gimmmeeeee ... Paaowwwer!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Thank you ... :-)

We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.

I've had many advertisements posted here lately, to the point it was hard to find and delete them. I am sure many still exist all over and some of them are a bit naughty, sooo .. but I have now turned on my 'comment moderation' for any posts over 15 days old. As a result, I am able to see every comment posted since then and was very surprised, delighted .. and honoured to also receive some compliments on my posts here. This is the latest one, isn't that something! :-) ... but there has been quite a few recently, some even from students thanking me for helping them with their assignments! .. and one from another student who thanked me for what I have written but thought I should have written a bit more ;-)

Sooo, to everybody

Thank you


Like Dr Grumble said, you sometimes get that blogging fatigue and many a time one thinks of ending it all. Especially if you're like me, a non medic, and you feel you have not much to say to start with ... only to stay a bit longer .. and a bit longer ... and gestures like those above do make you stay too. Of course, I have learnt a lot since I came here, so, thank you to everybody who taught me too. One of whom, following his retirement from medicine, has decided to retire from blogging too. I sincerely hope his decision was not as a result of his retirement from medicine, because I have a friend who was also a very busy doctor and who also looked forward to his retirement but then when that came, the transition was not as easy to take as he thought it would be.

We didn't agree on a few things some of the time, but that's the whole idea of debate, isn't it? I sure did learn a lot from Dr John Crippen and I am going to miss his writing very much so,

Thank you John

And best wishes whatever you do, but please also do come back if ever you felt the urge to do so ... you are amongst friends ... and we'd all be delighted if you later decided to come back ... actually, I hope you do ...

... and this is for all of you my friends and teachers out there and to Dr John Crippen too of course :-)

If you can read this, thank a teacher.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Still life with a skull!

Doubt is uncomfortable, certainty is ridiculous.

I wouldn't have liked to be in Keir Starmer QC, Director of Public Prosecutions' shoes when he was tasked to look into how to deal with euthanasia and whether to allow it in Britain or not.

Well, he has not allowed it and there will be no change in the law, and good on him for not to have decided otherwise! However, he came up with a policy that would allow some leniency with regards of how to deal with those who help a 'victim' terminate their lives. He says:

"The policy is now more focused on the motivation of the suspect rather than the characteristics of the victim ... Assessing whether a case should go to court is not simply a question of adding up the public interest factors for and against prosecution and seeing which has the greater number. It is not a tick-box exercise. Each case has to be considered on its own facts and merits."

Perhaps hopelessness is the very soil that nourishes human hope.

Of course, As a member of the public looking at whether euthanasia should be allowed, I did just that - a for and against argument that looked at the numbers involved and life won! But then, based on that, I thought that all cases on whether to prosecute or not should be decided by court too. That said, I do not believe in rigidity but that if a compass has a small degree of error then, a moral compass should also allow for some humanity when policies that govern all are to be decided. However, the Public Prosecutor lists 16 items For prosecution and 6 against. And with such large number to take into consideration, many of which depend on assessing either the emotion felt by the suspect and/or the capacity of the victim, I wonder, how can it be proven beyond doubt whether a 'suspect' should be prosecuted or not? Who is going to assess these?

In the case of Kerrie Woolterton, the doctors around the blogosphere and other members of the public including myself thought she should have been saved by the doctors who stood by and did nothing because she had a piece of paper with her to say she did not want treatment. The Mental Capacity Act 2005 said they could not force her treatment because whether she had capacity or not was not in question. But the blogosphere thought it was. This new 'policy' based on The Suicide Act 1961 still puts the hard to ascertain 'capacity' of the victim into focus and still recommends that doctors involved with such patients are prosecuted, while, if one person assisted someone to die at home would be, perhaps, let off providing they reported the action to the police afterwards! ... ie, when the victim is already dead and is unable to verify the story told by the 'suspect' to the police! ... and there are zeleons of people out there who are able to tell a good story and not even flinch when telling a pack of lies too!

For example, how can the police prove 'motivation' when a son, for example gives an elderly demented mother a glass of antifreeze saying it was medicine and that it was good for them and would make them better? When that elderly parent dies, how can the police properly assess the story told by that son when the victim is longer available to tell their side of the story?

Love and doubt have never been on speaking terms.
Again, based on many of these 16 items FOR prosecution, Why was that man allowed entry into Britain? The doctor who is also head of 'Exit International' claims that his suicide kits are sold but not for profit! He also said:

"When people want to die they make it clear they want to die and I think you're cruel to reject them and to say to them that they can't have that option"

... and I thought the idea of 'death by mail order' was hillarious! Read the comments ...

By allowing this man in, are we allowing euthanasia through the back door? In effect, overriding the DPP's decision not to change the laws to allow same? Or were the DPP's decision too vague and that's why this man was allowed in?

This whole thing is much like Cezanne's painting at the top, called 'still life with a skull', forgetting that a skull is still life too .. in reality, it is the only item in the painting that is 'dead' but placed amongst living and much sought after delicious looking fruit, one half eaten too! But the whole scene is macabre! With that skull looking really odd amongst them ... and all the dark strokes surrounding it too .... And that hurriedly collected table cloth and the yellowness of that sick looking table as if it was of bone like the skull ... or was it that the skull is so old, a fossilised piece of wood like the table?! Of course, since the whole thing is not real and so, you can't pick a fruit or touch the roundness of that skull to find out what they are made of ... or even if they were for real or not, the scene confuses you and gives you that feeling of uncertainty, even of fear ... but why did Cezanne call the skull, a skull, the only named item in that painting?! And why is the scene so gloomy? ... What happened in there?!

I don't know the real history of those paintings but base my opinion on how I feel when I look at them so ... Maybe that skull is real ... and, for me, maybe it belongs to that elderly demented woman, whose son gave her that glass of anti-freeze while telling her it was medicine that would make her feel better ....

Cezanne was known for his repetition ... look at the piled skulls above and those stains of fresh looking blood .... and the tilted scales at the bottom! .. and the mayhem, the body parts .. and that saw ... the weary waiting suspects ... and all the emotions! The legals ... one is trying very hard to convince ... but those listening ... some bewildered ... some sad ... some are even smiling! ... Confused .. and Confusing!

Do those judges have capacity?!

When in doubt, don't.

Paul Cezanne

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Anyone up there?! :-(

Are these guys for real?! This country is in recession! Again ... BRITAIN is nearly Bankrupt! And we have had a reeeeeal tough time for the past two years!

It is all about who gets the cake for you lot, isn't it?!

We, the doomed and gloomed people are looking for a LEADER with some 'B***s' to get us out of this predicament!

And is that all you can do?! ... The lot of you?!

Well, here is some Feed Back!

What you need is a good mother to tidy you over and show you the straight and narrow you spoilt and unruly lot! :-(

Mercy! ... sigh!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Returning to chic ... for all! :-)

"curvaceous, Definition: having a pronounced womanly shape; having a slender waist with prominent breasts and hips."

I just like this collection so much, I had to have it here and not just running in my 'Marquee' for the day! :-)

I've always liked Luois Vuitton's design .. and the designers at this prestigious fashion house have always been amongst the very few who dared to include fuller women in their cat walks with beautiful results .. always! But this new collection is ...

Deeelicious! Toutes female!

Not a pair of trousers in site either! and those below the knee, waist emphasising 'cloche' skirts too! Chic!

Nothing wrong with trousers of course and those are here to stay too, but it seems that many women, of all ages, have forgotten how beautiful they look in a proper dress - with all it's accessories - and that's what this collection is bringing back!

But most important of all is that Louis Vuitton is sending a message to women

Veloptuoes, in moderation is healthy, happy and beautiful ... the opposite isn't!

And with this new trend, he used everyday women of younger as well as older ages to display this beautiful collection too! ... and you needn't buy an original either, I am sure the high street will be full of his ideas soon ... as they always do!

Well done Louis Vuitton! :-)

"La' , tout n'est qu'ordre et beaute , Luxe, calme et volupte"

"There, where all is order and beauty. Lush, calm and voluptuous."

Friday, 12 March 2010

How special is special?

In giving rights to others which belong to them, we give rights to ourselves and to our country

Well, well, well! What have we here then?!

Andy: "we have taken on board the recommendations of the independent pay review bodies on lower-paid doctors at the start of their careers, who will be getting a special pay supplement."

Don't know much about the seniors but this is Looong overdue too! Then again, better be late than never! Sooo, thanks Andy! Thanks DoH! You're cooool!

But then, Dr Meldrum, Head of the BMA says:

"The BMA is disappointed that the Government has chosen to overrule some of the recommendations of the independent pay review body"

Wot! :-( ... He then goes on to talk about the eminent pay freeze for his senior members, then this:

"We are particularly disappointed that the Government, in choosing to interfere with the pay review body's recommendations, has not fully taken into account the financial pressures on junior doctors in their first years of postgraduate training - who have average debts of £22,000."

Very disappointed here too Dr Meldrum! But it's not about the juniors debts only, it's about how their remunerations were allowed to slip to an all time low, if you know what I mean! To what can be rightly described as 'just above poverty line' levels too! And - The pay Review Body has made recommendations but it seems the government, is trying to wriggle out of it?! So, we better not get too exited then?! Better wait and see how cool is The DoH's cool, eh?! ... or how cold?!

What's the meaning of "A special deal" then?!

Does it perhaps mean special, as in finding a way for the government to shelve the Pay Review Body's recommendations by dangling one peanut to be shared equally by all juniors, then claim to have done good?!

I don't know much about the seniors and The BMA has always worked very hard to preserve their rights! Not the case with the juniors though! Who do pay the same membership fees to the BMA, but are yet to see 'some' value for their money! Forget about when the BMA stood against the juniors in court! ... or, whatever happened to the BMA's campaign to reinstate the scrapped by government right of the F1s to hospital accommodation or be compensated for same! - effectively meaning 20% cut in their miser wages in real terms! So, What is The BMA going to do this time for it's junior members?

I like Dr Meldrums 'talk', but will it amount to anything this time? We can only wait and see ...

And you know, Oh almighty Dept of Hellth, those young doctors deserve to be treated with some justice and some respect every now and again! Please do give them their rights as recommended by the Pay Review Body!

And, if Gordon wants to be shown to be one of us, as well as fair and just .. and .. guarantee some valuable young votes .. and .. please some mums on the way too! There you go ... Being fair with those young and very much loved ones is ...

An opportunity on a plate! A Bingo! ;-)

Let's wait and see if 'special' means special for real this time!

( just found this! The Scots will award their Juniors 1.5% increase, and they say this is a bigger reward than that of England! ... Well, I'll be .... flabbergasted! Honestly! ... Isn't the word 'recession' of great benefits! .. to some! :-D )

Those who sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mental steroids?

Human mind in 'rosy' state :-)

Steroids are not really needed, ... You can get nearly the same results through training.

It's about this Ritalin, Modafinil stuff. I never heard of them before, not until I read this article by
On the way back I climbed a very steep hill which generally, at its two-thirds point, has me a little out of breath. This time I sailed up it without even realising. When I got home I told a colleague by e-mail that an inquiry she’d made might take me a few hours to answer, and then just sat down and did it in five minutes, surprising her. I noticed afterwards that there were some unusual typos. I seemed less worried by my internal quality control — more easily satisfied with what I was doing, and quicker.

An unexpected by-blow was that I pushed myself harder on the exercise machine than I have for ages, with greater resistance and for a longer time, and afterwards wondered whether the pills help a dissociative process between thinking and physical action. If so, they’d be a useful mental aid to running half-marathons and to other endurance sports.

Strangely, I didn’t find any difference in trying to write the long, complicated piece that I’d been commissioned to do, and wished that I’d done it early in the morning. But perhaps by then the drug had worn off a little. My wife seemed not to think so. “Is that you or the Ritalin?” she kept asking me, peering hard into my eyes.

When I got back from the match I noticed that I had a completely unprecedented red flush across my nose and cheeks, and felt too warm.

This disappeared after an hour. I went to bed at 12.30am, but woke up at 5.20am — very unusually for me — without any chance of going back to sleep. Awake, I thought about the weirdness of taking a drug that was designed to treat a condition — narcolepsy — from which I have never suffered. Then I went and finished the piece.

So, strangely, the main benefit of the drug was in the area I’d least expected it. Whether I’d take it if offered before my next half-marathon is another matter. Tempted, yes. Actually do it? Not until I know a whole lot more."

'Super Charged Humanoid State', eh? He didn't care about making mistakes either! He couldn't! Not while he was in that trance state! Shame no one measured how dilated his irises were at that time too!

I think this above is 'very' irresponsible of David to write in an open news paper for everyone to see! Especially those very impressionable young people now sitting their exams! .. and we are in that exam season, where emotions and every family with exam age children are on red alert! Where every student on this planet is so worried about how they will do in those exams, whether they have studied hard or not, some may be tempted to try the stuff, if only to satisfy themselves that they did everything they can to prepare themselves!

How dangerous is that, when impressionable youngsters are 'tempted' too?! And now that everybody know they exist, has the internet sales of the smart substances shoot through the roof since the publishing of this article?! ...

And there was this article too about those same substances, or what they call 'smart' drugs in The Times:

"Barbara Sahakian, a neuroscientist from the University of Cambridge, is working with Lord Darzi’s team at Imperial College London.

Making the drugs available over the counter would be one way of prompting the clinical trials, which she believes are needed to explore just how far they can improve the human mind."

Well, you all know how I feel about my teacher .. but not on this one, although, to be fair, it was Professor Sahakian who did the talking and not him! :-) .. I don't agree because it's like saying let's make cannabis available over the counter so that we can study it's effect on people! Same Principal, isn't it?! ... and we know more about the effects of cannabis on the brain too! .. and not on these so called 'smart' substances! .. so, I don't think it is right to turn the whole population into a petri dish environment so that we can observe then study, especially when you consider the effects of David's article above too.

This particular article states that those who may benefit from the 'edge them on' capabilities of those 'smart' drugs may include surgeons, soldiers, jurors, ambitious executives, multitasking mothers and students under pressure. Well, I don't know but should I need the services of a surgeon, I would sincerely hope he would be one who doesn't need to be 'under the influence' and in a humanoid state when I am asleep ... speed? Forget about that .. I just want to wake up! Please! @@ :-) .. As for soldiers, I don't know, but I am under the impression they need all sorts of things to take their minds off what they are really doing, sooo, there maybe a case here. Jurors?! Not if I were one myself, because, the type of 'enlightenment' this or that 'smart' drug may give me may actually prompt me to act with speed when speed is not the goal, but justice is! Ambitious executives? Yeah! It makes me wonder if our bankers were on these 'smart' thingies when they 'ambisised' and collapsed the whole of our world economy .. and we're still suffering from their egotistic and very foolish ambitions and will be for the foreseeable future too! Is there such a word; 'ambisised'?

Which leaves us now with the multitasking mothers - and let me tell you, we don't have the luxury of stopping and thinking about 'lift me up' drugs! We're just thrown at the deep end - and you either do it .. or be done! .. and that's how we multi task - it's because, for us, it's a neccessity! .. Maybe academics should study the 'mum' mind to see how it works and how this dopamine/adrenaline/whatever levels shoot to the sky on their own when things need to be done NOW! .. or lose out! ... then maybe they can find ways to learn from us then find ways to educate to enhance the capabilities of surgeons and ambitious execs!

Not that I know much, but I think these 'smarties' do not contain Cortisone', however, I am still going to call them 'Mental steroids', if only to bring home what they are really doing! Not only they, to me, resemble the 'illegal' cortisones that give athletes using them an 'unfair' advantage over honest and hard training athletes, and hence, their use should be banned too - but they probably are causing more harm to the few brain cells we have by depriving us of the natural ability to enhance our mental capacity through systematic and progressive thought when dealing with demanding situations!

No wonder Lord Darzi and his team at Imperial are concerned! - I hope to the point of not allowing these 'mental Cortisones' over the counter though!

Well, when I think of steroids I think of an image. You have the advantage over someone, which is a form of cheating. I guess it wouldn't be right unless it was legal for everybody. Reason it's not legal for everybody is because it can hurt people seriously.

Human mind in natural cope-with-it all 'productive' state
- it grows :-)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Whoooo hoo hoooo .... :-)

A stoned man went and rented a haunted house ... but the ghosts didn't like it. So they sent one of them to freighten him off.

- whooooo whoooo ooooo .. can Iyyy have one of your cigareeettesss?

- Yes, go ahead ...

-- (Telling the other ghosts) He wasn't afraid! Maybe I should use plan 2 ... (and so, the ghost slashed his wrists, took one of his eyes out and pulled out some of his veins. Squirting blood everywhere, he went again to the stoned man) .. woooooooo, hoooooo, woohooo hooo hoooo ... Iyy neeeed .. another cigarette! @@

- Yes, of course .. go ahead :-)

- (Frustrated, the ghost ribbed his heart out, removed the flesh off one arm and a leg and took out his spine, held it in his other hand then hissing, he crawled to where the stoned man sat splattering and leaving a trail of blood everywhere) ... Grrrrrr Whoooo whoooo (Thunder) hooooooo ... VOMMM!! ... I want one more cigarette NAAAOOWWW! @@ :-(

- By all means go ahead! But can't you see all that smoking is begining to harm your health?!

... and the congas beat in this all time classic! Sing Evora ...

Como si fuera esta noche la última vez .... Besameeee ...

.. and the sky today! No cloud in site! ... Beauuutiful day ... :-)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

'Six' blind mice! :-(

See the 'six' blind mice?

We the blind mice

Trying to get in where we fit in
Doing anything to be down
Two hundred million blind mice
Running through this town

Patty cake, patty cake I heard your man
Wears a gold Rolex and put a diamond on his hand

The itsy-bitsy spider was a whoridah
Said he met the judge's daughter and laid beside her

House, there's a cat who runs round the clock snitching
Who he hitting, I think he hit it raw cause he be itching

Shimmy, shimmy cocoa pop, the bubble went pop
Tell me, tell me who shooting and who got shot

Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of blow
Everybody know the hop got you moving slow

Pinocchio says ignore my nose, can you trust him?
Or would it be safer if you saw his nose before him?

Little boys in blue and red riding in the hood
Heard the Big Bad Wolf said he never used the n-word
He huffs and puffs, he'll snuff you in an alley
But the six little mice scurry back to Simi Valley

What happened to the six blind mice?!
Everything has gone sooo very quiet!

Maybe the cat will let us all know
Cos it would be comforting as you know ...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Compassionate leadership!

Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough.

'Hope' is a state of mind. So, how hopeful will you be when you're met with a great injustice just before a final exam that can make you or break you for life?! This is exactly what is happening at the moment to the 6 senior medics of Barts and who were displaced by the application system for their first job! Those young soon to be doctors are already under considerable stress facing those tough medical finals, the last thing they need to worry over jobs that were supposed to have been properly organised nearly one month ago like every other final year medic in this country! But worried, they still are! At the moment, instead of revising for those tough exams, the affected medics are busy writing letters everywhere! Read Omar's full entry on face book. How stressful and very unfair is that! :-(

"Having just returned from a meting with the London Deanery, Prof Roberts gave us the following updates and proposed solutions: For those affected in NEFTS: The question over whether there should be a reallocation has been discussed and rejected ... The London deanery are refusing to allocate funding for super numeracy posts. Those posts if created would be unbanded and have no oncall hours. The London Deanery is also currently refusing to guarantee posts for the 4 individuals as they do not want to set a precedent should something like this happen again on a larger scale etc.......not an adequate reason in my opinion!"

Expecting more and more mistakes in the future too! When is the MTAS nightmare going to end?! You know when? When there is a 'Charter' that holds those deaneries as well as medical schools to account for their own failings!

All that unneeded stress is now because Dr Fiona Moss is refusing to finance extra posts for those affected by that incredibly cruel mess! Of course, apart from being the Acting Dean Director for the London Deanery, Dr Moss was and is still also 'The' driving force behind the implementation of the brand new Darzi Leadership fellows and their training, the aim of which is to train young doctors to become the NHS leaders of the future - and how do you train leaders? By leaders - like Dr Fiona Moss! She speaks about leadership really well in that podcast.

And, upon taking her new post at The London Deanery, she said:

“I am delighted to be provided with this opportunity to work with NHS London and to be involved in bringing about improvements in the quality of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education in London to match service ambitions “

And this page from the London Deanery says:

"She became one of London's Postgraduate Deans in 2004. Her current work includes setting up and developing London's specialty schools and, this year, launching the London Deanery / NHS London Darzi Fellowship Programme. In 2006 Fiona was awarded a CBE for services to medicine.

Fiona’s interests include education, the quality and safety of health care and the relationships between organisational development, education and quality improvement. Fiona is the editor o the Postgraduate Medical Journal, another BMJ group publication, and sits on the Royal Society off Medicine press board. "

An amazing array of leadership positions, responsibility for teaching same and personal attributes to match! Fiona Moss is a proper leader herself, right? And a doctor - Surely, she wouldn't have liked it herself had she been in those young medics shoes, would she?! .. and it's not that we're talking about lots of money either! F1s only cost the NHS 22k a piece, remember?! ... and in the absence of a 'charter' for medical schools and deaneries like the one imposed by the GMC on all medical students - all that is needed in this dire situation is one quality that makes a leader with such attributes stand out ..


Please sign this cheque and save those young medics Dr Moss!

Not only would you show what leadership is really all about, but you would be doing good too.

... and the final exams start in a week ....

If we want to invest in the prosperity of our nation, we must invest in the education of our children so that their talents may be fully employed.