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Friday, 29 January 2010

Remedy UK has done it again! :-)

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Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas.

While the Pointy Heads at The Department of Hellth has been trying to 'Unfairly' exempt deaneries from being considered as 'Employment Agencies', the young doctors at Remedy UK have been fighting this grave injustice! ... and they won! ... What else! It's Remedy UK after all!

Remedy wins victory in Deanery challenge

"Remedy is delighted to announce that our legal team has forced the government to delay their plans to exempt Deaneries from Employment Agency legislation.

This is of significant importance to any doctors caught up in the recruitment process, who would have been deprived of many employment rights by these proposals ... The status quo has been maintained, and the proposed exemption has been delayed – possibly indefinitely."

No more treating young doctors as if they were a herd of sheep! It's only fair that young doctors up and down the country know, like everybody else, where they will work, for how much .. and enjoy all other rights as granted to any other job seeker in England!

Remedy is also saying:

" The government has also agreed to negotiate a ‘Code of Conduct’ for Deaneries, and Remedy has been asked to join these negotiations alongside the BMA. We have drafted our thoughts on this and are now seeking the views of our supporters."

About time too! It works both ways, or not at all!

The nagging thing is, why do young doctors have to waste their effort and spend their little and very hard earned cash on solicitors to 'fight' for such basic 'rights'?!

Well done Remedy UK - you sparkle! :-)

I am like a falling star who has finally found her place in a lovely constellation, where I will sparkle in the heavens forever.

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

A window of 'BIG' opportunity! :-)

People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.

... or you could also rephrase this above quote to say " People buy into the salesman before they buy into the product"! The art of selling, those who are expert in this Field always say; "Salesman before product" .. and how true! That's always a brilliant approach that is sure to generate interest, sell and create wealth! We have a shrewd PM, a very intelligent man with amazing vision - and that is clearly demonstrated in his appointment of Lord Darzi so far, first as Health minister, and now as global Ambassador for UK Health and life sciences. Gordon chose a salesman like no other, appreciated, respected and liked around the world, nobody could do it better!

In 2009, Britain came back with £15,000,000 worth of orders from that MEDICA 2009 exhibition in Dusseldorf - Germany. Not bad, since it seems that there was a limited-ish number of British companies attending ... and the first event of it's kind being lead by the new Ambassador! But then, other firms took note of Medica 2009! And there is now 192 of them, no less, at Arab Health 2010! See the videos, both stressing the importance of the leader of this delegation! This is a very special event for Britain, for the companies who quickly saw the opportunity - and for m'Lord too.

M'Lord is very much respected around the Arab world, he speaks the language, and they like him as a person too! ... and he understands the Arab psyche! Explosive combination of a salesman! ... and Britain has always had a special place in the hearts of all Arabs ... they like us here too ... and Dubai needs to get out of the financial crisis and the recession it's in too! ;-)

Bearing the above in mind and the fact that so many companies attended this exhibition - and got 8 awards there too! ... and the fact that the ME is looking to modernise their health systems around the whole region, what do we expect as revenue from this Arab Health 2010? ... Double those £15 million? triple perhaps? ... ten times maybe?! ... lots more?

Today is the last day of that exhibition, soooo, let'sss wait and seeeee .. it'll be VERY interesting to find out! :-)

... and did I tell you, about 4 or 5 years ago, I was at that coffee shop by the Sepentine in The Hyde Park. It was early evening of a nice summer's day and we were sitting outside on a table by the lake having a cup of tea and feeding cake to the ducks. Then one of my friends, both girls, turned round and said, "Oh look, It's Sheikh Mohamed Al-Maktoum, ruler of Dubai!" .. and I looked, and sure enough it was him, dressed in a pair of jeans and a white cotton Polo top ... and surround by an entourage of a dozen or so body guards .. and they were walking towards us ... and when he was near enough, I said 'in Arabic' , "Salam Sheikh Mohamed" .. and he stopped! .. and he walked to our table! .. and everybody with him stopped too! Silent! .. and I had no idea what to do! .. so, I stayed put! ... and he turned, smiled and said in Arabic too " Salam to you too ... How are you?" ... and what do you say?! .. I just had the biggest grin on my face! "Fine, fine .. yes, just fine, thank you!" .. then he said, "Where are you from; Egypt?" ... "Well, I am from here! .. and Egypt, yes!" .. "You live here?" ... "eh? ... Yes, I do, I do live here .. and have been for a looong time" ... and he was still standing there smiling! ... and my friends just kept veeeery quiet! ... and I had no idea what else to say, so I kept smilling .. and he was still standing! ... so I said, "Would you like to join us for a cup of tea?!" .. and still smilling, he said; "I have an appointment, I must go .. goodbye" .. and off they went .. then he turned around and waved to meeee! .. By then I was giggling non stop! .. and my friends were just shocked; "The cheek!" They said, " What would you have done if he had sat down?!" .. and I said, " I don't know! I would have ordered him tea and a piece of cake of course ... and for his guards too, what else!" ... and I was giggling ... and giggling .. for the rest of the day ... and what a nice and modest man ... really! :-D

Middle East, oh Middle East!

... Amazing window of opportunity Dubai and the Arab World! Opportunity knocks! Wealth generation galore! With Moi's connectionsss right to the verrry top ... Why am I not there?! ... ssselling sssomething 'Made in Britain' ?! ... Ah well! :-)

"It's a window of opportunity, We've got good players behind him and we're ready to go!

Music: Solo Oud by Sayed Mekawi - Egypt

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Suspicious minds ...

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"A confidence problem exists on the part of the people of the region who desire democratic rule in principle, but remain suspicious of both the fashion with which democratization is presented and the purposes of the democratic world."

We're caught in a trap
I can't walk out

Because I love you too much baby

Why can't you see
What you're doing to me
When you don't believe a word I say?

We can't go on together
With suspicious minds
And we can't build our dreams
On suspicious minds

So, if an old friend I know
Drops by to say hello
Would I still see suspicion in your eyes?

Here we go again
Asking where I've been
You can't see these tears are real
I'm crying

We can't go on together
With suspicious minds
And be can't build our dreams
On suspicious minds

Oh let our love survive
Or dry the tears from your eyes
Let's don't let a good thing die

When honey, you know
I've never lied to you
Mmm yeah, yeah

Make your own here! ... Pour quoi pas, eh?! ;-)

"Better to be occasionally suspicious than perpetually cheated."

Friday, 22 January 2010

Wow! :-)

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

Alzheimer's disease could be detected by an eye test

"A simple eye test might be able to detect Alzheimer's and other diseases before symptoms develop, according to UK scientists.

"The technique uses fluorescent markers which attach to dying cells which can be seen in the retina and give an early indication of brain cell death.

The research has been carried out on mice, but human trials are planned.

Scientists from University College London hope this could lead to a high street opticians test for the disease."

So, was that telepathy or a premonition or wot?! Not being a scientist or a doctor, it just sounded so logical to me! ... Makes you wonder, why didn't anyone think of that relationship between eyes and wasting diseases of the brain, such as Alzheimer's and Dementia, before?!

At least now we know soon, those horrible conditions ... will be a thing of the past!

... and about telepathy, premonitions .. and the like, is there any base for those in science? Because I don't believe they are supernatural ... bearing in mind we only use 4% of our brains, I think these are qualities we all have hidden deep in that brain ... and there must be such connections between all of us somewhere! If many organs in our bodies have more than one function, then eyes too must have the same quality, right? Science will prove me right on this too! ... and there will come the day when people communicate through their brains .. and you wouldn't believe that but ... I do get lots of experiences like that .. you know! From a very young age too! ... I just see things with my eyes ... sometimes open, sometimes when shut .. and they happen! ... sometimes even feel presence of people I care for when they are not around and I could feel what they are thinking of ... The retina is part of the brain after all!

... and experiences like that make me feel so serene too ...

On another not, I remember someone saying that they don't like glamorising medicine. Well, I like to glamorise medical science as well as science in general. Maybe by doing that, many young people who are not interested now would see the beauty of what they both can offer ... and fall in love with them instead of of the false icons they now follow ... and maybe that would unlock lots of scientific talent too ... It's all in that brain ... waiting!

Mesmerising stuff those eyes!

And that breakthrough above is a cause for celebration ... :-)

Your optimistic eyes seem like paradise, to someone

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

So you want to be a doctor?

Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea"

Well, you can't!

A friend has just phoned crying, because her son was rejected for medicine for the second year running! A very bright young person with 4 shining A levels, 2 at 100% and the other 2 bordering on same. He also has more AS levels done this year - and an extra Arabic A level which he had done with his umpteen GCSEs, with equally shining results! Very nice lad too! ... and no, he's not a book worm, he has black belt in Karate, swimming championships, speaks another 3rd European language to mother tongue level because his mother is from another European country ... etc ... etc - And he's done his voluntary work bit too. Well dressed, behaved, many friends ... and good decent looks too.

Super chap!

It is sad to hear that a person like that was rejected entry twice while those of lesser abilities get accepted! ... Did I say, he was educated in a private school to GCSE level and then, with my advice ;-) he took his A levels at a state funded college, where his results topped that of the whole school!

Last year, despite his glowing references, he only got one interview out of the 4 allowed. He went and had the interview, which consisted of a 4 person panel ... and was rejected. Undeterred, he decided to do another A level in further maths this year while doing some more voluntary work as well as working with his father who is a professional with his own firm. they all built high hopes on being accepted this year now that he has all his A level results, minus the one he is doing this year. But like last year, he only got one interview, which he attended, but today I hear he was rejected again!

I actually sat with him and one of my children before this interview and gave him a thorough mock interview, as we did last year. Only this year the interview format has changed! Instead of a panel, it is now, or for this particular school, done in stations instead. Despite being unprepared for that, as soon as he came out of the interview he wrote what he was supposed to do at each station, showed it to his sister, who is a 4th year medic, then to me later on in the evening ... and everybody thought he did OK.

His BMAT results were average. Could that be the reason? ... The BMAT test is supposed to:

  • Help institutions to differentiate between equally able candidates
  • Proven predictive validity
  • An additional measure of candidates’ performance
  • A common measure for use with a variety of qualifications
  • Allow candidates worldwide an equal opportunity
The BMAT differentiates equally and predicts validity, let alone give everyone an equal chance?! ... Well, here is the sample papers page, can anyone explain how testing anyone using this rubbish can decide on who makes a better doctor?! ... also note the 'suggested reading' on the right please ... why does an A level student need to read all this extra material? - in the sciences too! - and the financial costs involved?! Aren't these admission interviews designed to suit the student's ability level? Are they higher than the A level stuff? If they are, it is a stark injustice! Specially for high calibre students such as this young man! ... Because even if they show that a student can acquire the knowledge in them quickly, it doesn't mean that student will be consistent in doing so once a medic!

And those cognitive psychobabble 'critical tinkering' stuff devised by Prozac dependant psychos-illlogists? why subject intelligent young people to this drivel when they have already proven they have the 'cognitive' abilities to pass exams with flying colours?! What part of their 'cogni-whatever' are those tests trying to find?! ... perhaps one aim would be if the candidate has the potential to become the next Dr Shipman?! Well I looked at the test and, IMO, there is nothing there to identify a serial killer! - so, other than finding something to keep the descendants of Mr Freud busy, what are they for? And why aren't the school and teacher references not enough to prove a person is able, well behaved, and trustworthy? Isn't that what those references are for?!

For lesser ability students, and females, to be offered a place in medical school based on that faulty towers BMAT test, and not absolutely spotless young males records of achievements like this one is not just unjust!

It's political!

And of course we all hear 'some' who claim to be 'in the know', even some who are doctors themselves, say that doctors don't have to be very intelligent to be good doctors so long as they are able to retain and recall a large sum of knowledge! ... To those I say, maybe that's why the health service in this country has a high margin of waste, is below other countries in some treatments and also perhaps the reason why 'some' do find innovation an unachievable challenge - and are just happy to settle to a daily routine for life! Those IMO are the ones who do become creatures of habit and find it very difficult to move with the time! You wouldn't want a doctor to be one of those who just eats information, then regurgitates same! Medicine did not advance to what it is today with those 'camel' style doctors, it advanced and will keep on advancing because of intelligent and thus, innovative doctors.

... and this New York Times article, thanks Dr Grumble, doubts the value of tests like the BMAT too, it suggests that there should also be ways to test for personality too. I think this is the wisest approach and most practical too! And if it was up to me to select our future doctors, I would forget about the BMATs, MCATs, intimidating panels, stations and the like - and just put the candidates in groups in what would resemble the 'big brother' house for, say, 1 - 2 - 3 hours ... with a few games, tea, coffee, a few biscuits and some cheese sandwiches (cheap so as not to destabalise the NHS! :-) - and a few actors or existing medics pretending to be candidates too - then watch from behind those mirrored no see through window for the candidates and see how they interact/react freely and to predetermined situations! In a less intimidating, more relaxed and more familiar to them environment. Will they offer each other food, will they cooperate to make each other tea,? will they care if one of them fell accidentally .. or tried to start an argyment or a fight? ... etc - and providing they have glowing exam results too - this would be a fair selection tool because it will judge ability to deal with situations, team work - and personality attributes too! .. etc! ... Easier on the examiners too! :-)

As for my friend's son, He is distraught! I'll go and see him tomorrow .. and maybe explain a few things about medicine and medical selection ... and tell him to 'always' have faith in himself and never to lose that - Meanwhile, I told his mum that maybe he should now do something else then apply again to graduate entry if he still wants medicine afterwards ... or maybe just do something else, full stop! ... and I thought to myself ... or maybe he should've said his dad works in a fish and chips shop .. or even I should've persuaded my friend to give him a sex change!

It is not easy to forget about medicine, you know!

Seeds of faith are always within us; sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Living the dream ...

Excellence can be obtained if you, care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is safe, dream more than others think is practical, expect more than others think is possible.

My attention was drawn to this book by the 'High Quality Care for All' team back in October 09. It classifies innovators into ten categories or ten faces, you can read it's Amazon reviews here. But I wasn't very impressed! Because although Tom Kelley, the writer says that his ten moulds are temporary and can change, which to me is an attempt by the writer himself to break his own moulds, my take on innovation is different, so, forget about books and their moulds!

Innovators can Never be put in a mould!

To me, innovators come in too types; those who have a need to innovate, and these get ideas based on their own environment and the job at hand, hence, they have a more logical approach to innovation and can manage and calculate risk - and those who are creative by nature ... the dreamers, ie, they have no limits and so, have limitless abilities at innovation! If they happen, when they are not dreaming, to be intelligent as well as logical in their everyday life too, then these people are priceless because their results can be amazing. You need both types of innovators in any organisation if it is to continually improves the service it provides. And you need to provide a comfortable and well rewarded environment for both too if you are to get the best out of them and reap the benefits of their superior abilities.

Both types can and do utilise whatever they have available, all means available in order to create and invent! ... they both make do with anything!

Take an example, say you have a coffee shop on a high street. Say there are two more coffee shops on the same street. Unless you 'regularly' come up with innovative ideas to, at least, stay head to head with your competition, you would soon go under. This is why you often see different new products being offered by big chains who are then able to push the much smaller retailers out of business. It is all because of innovation. Big chains, such as Starbucks for example, grow so big because of innovation too, and they too would soon be devoured by bigger takers if they stopped to innovate for the smallest period of time. Indeed growing big is the foremost aim of these giants innovation too!

Small businesses nowadays are also very aware that they need to continually evolve and innovate if they are not to be pushed out of business by the giants setting up in their locality. Take a small travel agent for example, While only two decades ago managers were able to strike deals with airlines to either become their sole agent in selling tickets - or have a reserved quota allocating them seats on the plane, which they can then either sell directly to the public or to other agents to get rid of the surplus, the picture now is very different as cut price airlines, now called cut throat, began to appear and take hold of the market. No longer is it feasable for airlines to guarantee 'sole' agency to just one travel agent ... or 10. No longer is it possible to reserve seats on a daily basis for the chosen few agents. And with the emergance and explosion of the internet and information technology providing, say, hotel and flight packages that can be booked and paid for online, unless small travel businesses continuously find ways to stay afloat, they do disappear off the high street with great loses too!

This is why many small agents have their own websites now - selling their own hotel/flight packages or airlines tickets alone. This is usually done by the agent offering other services such as transfer from/to the airport and/or optional tours through agreement with the destination agent, and the like. Some even now sell travel goods, books ... etc, in order to stay in business. All these were ideas in the mind of innovators always keeping an eye on the market and thinking one step ahead of the big giants - or imitating them too! It's a challenge, sometimes thrilling when you reep good results .. and sometimes really stressful when ideas do not work out in practice leading to loss of money. - But that's the nature of innovation; taking risk! Meaning, unless you are prepared to win sometimes as well as lose sometimes, you will never succeed at innovating.

Going back to the two types of innovators, the best at new ideas companies will always head hunt for both. You need those who will come to the office 9-5 and will have the ability to look around the organisation while actually working hands on, identify a need and find a solution. And they also need to head hunt for the Bohemian type, the born free dreamer who can not work to strict rules but will always come up with innovative ideas no one would dream of coming up with before! This type is usually given the freedom of not sticking to rules, job descriptions or office hours. Those work in their own accord identifying problems and innovating solutions that sometimes even change the direction a firm is going as they atke it to new heights (Consider google and find out how it treats it's engineer staff .. and we all know the results!) Once those dreamer type come up with a bright idea, either alone or in teams, collaboration ensues between them and the logical innovators as well as the rest of team, who then co-operate to tweek these ideas and put them into practice. The dreamer usually has the upper hand and they usually attract much higher remuneration for there creativity. However, if you can head hunt them, they always work out much cheaper, even at fraction of the cost, than seeking the help of big professional consultancy firms. So, identify or get them and it is win, win most of the time! And it is usually always the case that those big consultancy sharks are the ones who go head hunting for those dreamers ... and get ... or steale ... them at any cost ... then lease out their talent for hundreds of millions! Clever! :-)

A huge organisation such as the NHS needs to shake itself loose from it's constraints of that straight jacket of bureaucracy that envelopes it and stops it's staff from reaching their optimum level of productivity and performance. It must do that before it can 'properly' succeed at changing the mindset and developing a contining culture of innovation. It needs to start accepting that in order to succeed as a business, it needs to forget about it's 'freebie' culture, which only leads to forming 'gangs' rather than proper harmoniuos 'teams', which only ends in losing money in the long run, as workers become occupied with looking into each others pockets instead of striving for excellence (Please read the comments on Dr Grumble's post) ! It needs to stop it's efforts to always try to get 'something for nothing', to stop looking at making money as if it is a sin! Instead, encourage and teach staff to think of ways to make this money! Then endeavour to reward for ability and effeciency - even chase and reward for same. Give everyone their right! Otherwise people, if they innovate once, will not do it again and sink themselves in bureaucracy like the rest - and that's a lose, lose situation! For a public sector giant like the NHS needs to reinvent itself, to encourage and maintain innovation from comfortable and well rewarded staff. This means reducing waste and making savings while driving up productivity and effeciency. Thus providing an ever improving quality service through innovation. Through providing staff with real opportunity!

The NHS needs to start thinking like a proper business if it is to succeed as a business.

... and not only consider taking and implementing examples from one industry, the pilots, but to consider examples from every industry on earth, how do bakers bake their bread, how milkmen get their product from the animals to your table ... even how beggers conduct their business! It also needs not only allow innovation through managed risk - but 'unmanaged' risk too. And it needs to start acting like a business, to invest in, clutivate and norture 'talent' - and, instead of spending on consultancy firms, who should be a last resort, to go 'head hunting' for those who can fit into one or two of the catagories of those who can innovate.

... and liberate! ... give them freedom! ... put 'raw talent' in a mould and you kill it!

The NHS, or any other public sector organisation, needs to shake itself loose of bureucracy ... much like a dog when it shakes itself off water ... and as vigourous! ... if it is to reach dry shores!

The NHS needs to make and live it's dream ... that's 'Quality'!

post witten quickly so excuse all the mistakes .. I won't fix it ... cos you know wot I mean, don't you? :

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.”

Artwork by the amazing Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves

Thursday, 14 January 2010

No honour in killing! :-(

Nobody can acquire honor by doing what is wrong

I can't stop thinking about Tulay, a 15 year old girl killed by her own father in the name of protecting his honour! The father has now been convicted and put in prison for life! What a lenient sentence!

This practice of killing young women in the name of the family's honour exists in many African, Asian and Moslem cultures ... but we all find it hard that it exists here in Britain! Tulay is not the only female killed at the hands of her own family in Britain - and she won't be the last of such crimes either, unless those who administer this type of crime understand the full reasons behind this heinous crime and act accordingly to try and solve the problem as much as possible ... for it will not disappear completely!

Tulay went on a work experience placement while at school, met a man who was double her age and eventually moved in with him. A friend of hers told the BBC that Tulay told her that she was pregnant by him and so, fearing her family's reprisal, she wanted to leave home for good. Somehow, the father got her back home and premeditated and carried out her murder! He even asked her brother to kiss her goodbye because " you will never see your sister again"! So, the crime was premeditated alright! ... and that's always the case in this type of murder. Tulay is gone ... her body was never found! - while her mother kept silent and did not cooperate till years and years after her daughter disappeared in 1999!

At the trial, the experts, either British or those who came from Turkey to help with the investigation, said that Tulay was killed because she befriended a man from a different branch of Islam. They also said that the mother kept quite for years and years because she was afraid to raise the alarm because that meant she would be going against the men in her family and would perhaps be killed too! How convenient!

No! There are more complex reasons behind someone taking a knife to kill his or her own flesh and blood than that! A brutal, savage, barbaric and inhumane disposal of one's own child does not happen just because the man she befriended is from a different branch of this religion or that! Only those who practice, or believe in this kind of crime, never give the full picture - because it is in their interest not to, in the hope that if they ever need to do the act themselves, they would be able to get away with murder. Because of the ignorance of western authorities about the full motivation behind those crimes.

When I was a teenager, still living in Egypt, I knew a particular girl was a neighbour a few doors away from my parents house. She was not allowed by her family to go out alone, even standing out in her balcony was forbidden too. Her father decreed that there was no communicating with men in any way, even as just friends. She was also not to speak with 'westernised' girls as well - so she was mainly home after school and on her own all the time, apart from one or two friends who came from like minded families whom she saw or spoke to on the phone occassionally. Imprisoned, she hardly socialised, because, like herself, her friends were forbidden from going out too! ... and 'us' westernised girls', we kept away too - being young, we could not understand ... and we called them 'weirdos'! How uncaring is youth! :-( ... This girl was seen by another neighbour kissing in a car with a man in a dark area of Cairo where hide aways usually go and told her family - and h*ll broke loose! She was beaten with a belt till she was bruised all over. Was pulled out from school and was forcibly married to one of her father's relatives within a few months of the incident! But, she was lucky she was not killed for smearing the family's honour!

So, not everybody kills for 'honour', some intimidate and force instead. This is the more common type of protecting 'honour' as seen by people of this mentality in these parts of the world! Of any religion! That and the female genital mutilation too do happen regularly to young women albeit more the poorer and undereducated the social class! ... and both are practiced by many such people now living in Britain! ... and the authorities here seem to have no clue what to do to stop these vile practices that sometimes even end up in brutal murder as in Tulay's case!

Tulay was killed for befriending a man to start with, not only because he was from a different branch of Islam. And for running away and for losing her viginity out of wedlock - and for the possible pregnancy - and for going against her family's tradition as seen by her father .. for dancing the way she did ... etc .. etc! It is very evident from the video in the link that the whole family was dysfunctional to start with. A young girl with no care in the world dancing with her peers and the mother is dancing too ... while dad is sitting at the table madly eyeing his daughter and obviously contemplating something to do about what he perceived as an unruly way for a young woman to behave or dance so provocatively as he saw it - and with men too. It is evident from this video that the mother is the stronger one of the pair, and hence, she did not raise her daughter to what father believes to be the 'honourable' way but father could do nothing about the mother, so he went for the poor girl!

Her mother failed her ... and her father killed her!

So please do not excuse the mother for she too failed! And it is ridiculous to say she did not report her husband for years for fear of what might have happened to her! She could have always seeked refuge and protection from either social security and/or the police ... but she did not! ... I don't know of any normal mother, from any part of the world, who would have kept as quite following the disappearance of her daughter and for that extra long time too. Especially that she already knew about her own husband and his mentality re how women should behave! ... I do not excuse her!

There was talk at the trial that the family brought a certain set of values with them from Turkey when they came to this country, as if that is not the case that everyone, either in this country or abroad have the same of! We all have values that we 'try' to stick to - and these values always stem from one's roots! And roots do differ between different people, even of the same origin.
Roots are important ... some can be modified but they can never all be completely forgotten.
No tree can stand erect without them, but will always fall, be overwhelmed and get swept away ... and so are people without roots too! ... but roots or not, we don't kill!

And this is where the problem here lies, the desperate ignorance that people here have about values that are sometimes not identical to those of the indigenous population. But unless you acknowledge this fact, more and more women will either be intimidated or even killed like Tulay! For example, Tulay's father was jailed for three years because prior to killing his daughter, he tried to hit/kill her boyfriend with an axe for befriending his daughter ... so, he deserves the imprisonment for this crime too. But nothing was reported of whether this 30 years old man was prosecuted or not for soliciting and impregnating a child, since Tulay was only 15 years old. I assume that maybe he wasn't since nothing was reported about that! Why?! ... and how many families here will be happy with kind of under age abuse of their child?

Tulay's father tried to sort out his problem himself and that ended in catastrophy due to his ignorance and inability to deal with and solve his problems. But why isn't there any support for such fathers and families like his? This murder would probably have never happened if the authorities had gone after the boy friend as well following the attack on him by the father - and IMO, although nothing excuses this father from this appalling crime too, he took both measures of attack and murder out of desperation, as there was no other avenue open for him to go to with his trouble!

Another story that I know of; one of my son's friends had a fight with his mother when they were 17 years old. He left the house and went to one of his friends ... mother tried several times to speak on the phone with that friend's mother to get her son back but the friend's mother told her that she would call the police if she ever even tried to see her son. Angry, humiliated and worried but afraid, she reluctantly kept away. This young man went home by himself 2 weeks later. He was sorry he ever left because, at the end, his friend's mother openly told him that he was not welcomed at her home anymore! ... as far as I understand, his mother had no idea of where to go to get help bring her son back beacuse he was over 16 and no longer a child according to British law ... and so, not knowing what to do or where to go, she lived in agony for those two weeks while he was away.

Crimes resulting from cultural differences will never be totally eliminated - but unless the authorities acknowledge that such differences exist and help parents as well as their children meet in the middle ... expect trouble as well as horrendous and heart crunching crimes like the murder of Tulay happen again! Alas, it seems that there is no proper awareness amongst social services, or other specialist organisations, hence allowing matters to get out of control due to not acknowledging and understanding other people's different sets of values. In Tulay's case, even the director of a Kurdish women's group, a Kurd herself, judging by her accent, simply mimicked what the British police was saying but did not highlight why such crimes happen or how they escalate!

I feel there need to be a branch of social services that should specialise in such cases and is accessible to those who need them through GPs, the police, social services and mybe a dedicated phone line too. This branch should be manned by people who understand both cultures, that of this country as well as the country of origin. Not just born here to parents of different origin, but people who have experienced living in both cultures for a good length of time, understand all those different values from both cultures and can solve problems as well as be the link between those children, their families and the British authorities. This branch should be accessible to either the parent or the child of families at risk- and should not only
always take the child's side, but the parent too. Their first and foremost job should be to try to bring families with their children together whenever possible - and remove the child into care, or help a young adult to cope, only if everything else to reconciliate fails ! .... in the case of my son's friend, had this service been available, perhaps the young man would have had the chance to talk about his problems with his mother through with an officer who understands the culture. The mother would have had the same opportunity too. Perhaps the officer, if he found the problems to be trivial, would have been able to bring mum and son together again, thus avoiding the heartache for the mother and the indignity with staying where he was not wanted for the son - or the consequences of this problem had it been escalated somehow to perhaps the son ending in living rough, taking drugs ... and the like had this young man not decided himself to return home.

... and maybe poor Tulay would still have been alive today!

One of the common failings among people is a failure to appreciate how dangerous the lack of understanding other people is

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

High 5 girl! :-)

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.

Look at this! What do you know! Harriet Harman wants to scrap forced retirement!

Minister for equality wants a 'massive public policy change' to allow people to carry on working into their late 60s, 70s and 80s – if they want to ... Employees should be given the right to carry on working beyond the age of 65 "

Her proposals are not to 'force' people to work beyond 65 but for those who 'want' to only. Brilliant! I've always maintained that people of any age should be able to work to any age they like providing they are able to do so. So, this is good news! Celebrate those who want to work beyond retirement age! .... only ... where do you find this work?!

Actually, from an employer point of view, if the current retirement age is scrapped, wouldn't that mean that some employers will feel they are trapped in employing people who they deem as 'past their sell by date'? Wouldn't that then lead to employers practicing more ageism than is happening today and the problem would get worse? ... sort of 'don't employ anyone over , say, 45, because you'll be lumbered with them for life! ... and will it work in practice?

How about those sitting at the top of their career trees? Senior managers, medical consultants and the like not retiring at 65 - how do you promote the younger aspiring to higher positions employees?! .. and the younger ones have the right to career progression too! Otherwise, careers will stagnate and lots of younger talent will be lost as a result!

I don't think the answer is to 'scrap' the retirement age ... but to amend the conditions somehow so that, if you are a medical consultant for example, employers would have the right to vacate your position in order to promote a younger waiting for a consultant position doctor, but then offer you a smaller role instead - research maybe - care of patients as a trust doctor ... something along those lines ... so, not to scrap the current age limit, but to make it illegal for employers to ask a 65 year old to leave if they have such vacancy suitable for a 65 year old.

Some very valid points in the comments on a similar article here

But the problem is not just about the 65 year olds and above, it is really about the 50+ who are currently without opportunity because of age discrimination (And she mentions the BBC again in her speech!) Those are people who fall within the current limits but are perceived to be 'a problem' by employers when, in fact, they would enrich the work place with their wisdom, ability to problem solve and experience. This is what Harriet needs to tackle the most ... and I believe she can make a difference.

But the high 5 is also because this girl, who I don't really know much about, is beginning to attract my attention! You see, from what I read about her so far, she really is my type of girl - an out spoken rebel! ... and a cat lover, well, she is a lioness by birth after all ... and she's got 3 points to go before her licence is withdrawn! How terrible!:-)

And she is a modernist too! She even started her own 'unique' blog where she put her heart on her hand for everybody to see. But then abandoned it after a while! Why Harriet? Your real self shown through your pen! That should really be the way if modern politics is to interact with people! You see, following the latest scandals, which did not touch her, people are sceptical about who to vote for! Even disillusioned with all those up there ... and this is a brilliant opportunity to reach out and touch the minds and hearts of those people! Come back!

And they say she doesn't like men! I don't know about that! She's an Alpha woman ... and Alpha women look as if they don't like men. But that's because they hardly ever meet their match - because Mr 'average' is afraid of them .. and is no good any way ... That#s why Alpha women are usually not very lucky in love and so, they make do with whatever love they can get ... but you see, it is usually the case that when, actually, 'if' they ever meet their match, love becomes their down fall .. because they then give their all and stop at nothing! Electrifying stuff that most Alpha women only dream about but never actually experience! ... so, forget about her front, this woman is passion itself deep down and she wants to be seen as a woman too! ... Maybe I should write a post about some Alpha women from history to prove my point, eh! I mean, look at her below ... not bad girl! .. cute too! Very!
... but I wouldn't use shoes for a brooch again ...
I think I am becoming a fan of Harriet Harman ... and if you like that national dress from Ghana Harriet, wait till I get you into a Jellabya ... with all the trimmings .. then watch you 'tourner those heads'!!! ... Grrrrrrr :-( )

... and take any man's breath away! ;-)

... turning and returning to some secret place insaaaide ...

So many fail because they don't get started - they don't go. They don't overcome inertia. They don't begin.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Swines! .. Flog It! .

"Don't simply retire from something, have something to retire to"

"Government to float Swine Flu Vaccine"

So Sir will be retiring in May for sure then, eh? :-D

Where is the music?! M U S I C!

"He laughs best who laughs last!"

Friday, 8 January 2010

It was 'Your' blunder Patricia!

This is worse than a crime, it's a blunder

It never ceases to baffle me that those who fail on a spectacular scale always ... always have this amazing ability to persist .. and presist!

No, it's not what's his name, Sir Swine Lake this time, it's about no other than the callous and calculating self serving Ms Patsy Hewitt! She wants to topple Gordon Brown! Presumably for not offering her a job in his cabinet when he took over from comrade Blair in 2007. And after her part in MMC/MTAS became a known to the whole world as a spectacular blunder British medicine has never seen the likes of before ... a fiasco! ... and she was the prima donna of the show!

Has she forgotten?! Let's remind her then!

No one has forgotten why Phil, the junior doctor in the clip, was so very angry ... why everyone was clapping for him when he had the courage to shout and ask her to leave! His peers feared for him after that encounter with glassy eyed Patsy ... but, as far as I can remember, even those who interviewed him found him so good, he was offered the first job he applied to in round 2 of 2007 and got it! Tells you a lot about what doctors, senior as well as junior thought of Patsy and her leadership for 'disaster' too!

I don't think anyone in the blogsophere has forgotten either, how she set her aid, Lord Hunt, on 'mission cover it up quick any deviant way you can' .. and he tried all along to discredit the 15 thousand or so young doctor affected by the MTAS blunder by saying they were weak candidates and that's why they lost out! But then when the media took note and the story became an affair with spectacular dimensions ... and the talk of the town ... and the world ... her highness hid behind her big office doors and stayed there! Not a care in the world! There are those who also believe that Sir Swine Lake is innocent for it was Patsy who was to blame .. but I think BOTH do things on a spectacular level :-) ... and so both are to blame ... and others too!

I haven't forgotten how many young doctors and parents lived inside the Remedy Forum 24/7 for months and months, since that blunder affected many lives and livelihoods, asking the holy lady in high office to pleeeease be generous enough to come down for just a few minutes of her precious time and explain, talk to us, anything ... but there was no response ... nothing ... until she was found out!

And it never ceases to revolt me how she coldly said to John Snow of channel 4, after the only appearance she accepted to attend despite Mr Snow's many attempts to invite her, that she was aware how many lives were affected by that fiasco and how this MTAS system was rushed! It was HER JOB! then she tells Mr Snow that she has her own kids and does care! .. a "mother"! The way she said it was fake! For I have this far never encountered a mother who looks or behaves as callous or as cold and neglects her duties then hide as this woman did! This woman is freeeezing! ICE!

As SoS for Health ... She was a spectacular failure .. and like those other women in the MP expenses scandal, herself also involved, failed too! Yet ... despite their failure, they think they still have clout, the country can not survive without them! So, they want to 'rock the boat'!

... on your bike Patricia and Co!

Patricia Hewitt was never called to the Health Select Committee on MMC/MTAS! I've always wondered why? Are cabinet members immune to giving such evidence?! ... and, doesn't this woman sit on one of those committee panels herself right now or am I mistaken?! ... if so, cosy, eh?!

... and the the striking thing about that Hewittgate and co affair as well as that MP expenses affair is that, elected or not, it seems no one cares about this country or about lifting this good old lady to her feet again! They are all in it for themselves and how big a slice of that cake they can get away with and eat too!

Pathetic state of affairs! ... and who can fix it?! ... eh Gordon!

George the Third / Ought never to have occurred. / One can only wonder / At so grotesque a blunder.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

It's cold! Far tooo cold!

I can't function in this cold! The central heating is on full blast 24/7 but the house is still cold! And so, the little electric heaters are out too ... and I don't particularly like the snow either! I mean, well, snow is ok in the Alps and it does look pretty there ... but in cities! Surely snow should not be allowed in cities! ... and all that dirty, dangerous and slippery ice on the roads, on pavements, on your door step ... everywhere!

Far too cold for me ....

And so, time to wrap up, even cocoon and hibernate! Or just sit in bed with a tray with a really bubbling hot Big pot of red tea with some cloves thrown in, just a few, 5 ... or 7 maybe ... just for that extra pungency and warmth ... and that heavenly smell ... those theraputic little wonders in that cold weather! And some Roquefort cheese, some crackers ... and maybe a small bunch of grapes and some satsumas ... a thick slice of that vintage cheddar ... a bit of honey ... a few nobs of butter .... an apple maybe ... and ... enough! ... and those warrrm socks ... the two cats ... and those mossst favvourite of friends, Thomas and his cherished mouse ... :-)

Oh! The kids? Only two of them around ... they got a take away of course!

God, it's frrreezzzzing ... @@