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Saturday, 14 August 2010

What's a 'Top GP' ?!

I'm totally against it, it has nothing to do with samba. They have nice songs and all but it's just the wrong season.

Have "We" here inssspired them up there or wot?! hehe! :-)

Well, you know guys ... and girls, I can call meself FAT, but let a 'Top GP' tell me that to me face and I'll give'm a black eye! ... very painful! .... oooooouch! :-( @@

... and what's a 'Top GP'?! ... one who works on those at 'the top' only, I suppose! ... and, wotsss all that CMO business about then, eh? You know, judging by the one just gone 'thank god', "We" don't need any CMOs, thank you!

In our rough times of 'ausssterity' please save that billion ... or two ... we'll make the ultimate sacrifice ... we'll take this responsibility too for ourselves ... besides, all of us now are suffering from severe Cmophobia! ... an untreatable condition ... :-(

... but if you have to, at least ... weigh them first ... and maybe CT scan their heads to see if they have any brains too!

... and if you want to lose that FAT Dr 'Top GP' ... your dance is no good, do it my way ...

... ;-)

"We have an authentic oompah band"

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