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Friday, 30 October 2009

Patient experience

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier"

Children wards always have things for the children to do ... Why not for adults too? Surely, hospitals of the future will endeavour to provide a holistic approach and not just treating the one ailment if prevention of disease is to bear fruit.

Why not ensure that adult patients of all ages have something to do while in hospital? At the moment, if you are an in-patient, all you have is that TV and nothing else, unless friends and relatives bring you a book or a magazine or something, otherwise it is stare at the ceiling all day time! Not good if you want to aid recovery, is it?

I think in-patients would benefit a lot from having little activities to do; drawing with some crayons in a simple sketch book - and hang the resulting masterpieces to reward the patients for their achievement; a focal point for the patients to look at and start light hearted 'away from disease' conversation with their relatives - and other patients - and aids a sense of pride that will definately aid recovery too. And why not use the healing powers of laughter and have some light hearted books for patients to read in every ward, maybe some cross word puzzle sheets and other simple games ... magazines ... etc ... and why not a Monopoly set or a pack of dominoes or cards? Hire a games console maybe? Maybe some modern art murals or simple 'unframed' fake paintings/ patient work on parts of corridor walls too? :-)

Perhaps in-patients would be encouraged to make a small contribution to the cost? Or sell them those activity items at a nominal price?

Keeps the patients busy - and happy - and helps the notion of changing the mind set and the culture of the establishment; from an NHS providing a sickness service into one that also provides a prevention and well being service too!

Active brains are happier brains are healthier brains ... and the body will then sure follow :-)

Nine-tenths of our sickness can be prevented by right thinking plus right hygiene - nine-tenths of it!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Dining ... a l'hospital :-)


We may be very busy, we may be very efficient, but we will also be truly effective only when we begin with the end in mind.

Quality + Innovation + Prevention + Productivity = Effeciency?

Not necessarily! Unless you add Streamlining to the equation; operations have to flow or there will always be room for error! That's why hospital food has a reputation for being Awful! Because the operation of producing this food is not streamlined. Pretend you are a patient - you go into hospital and the first hurdle you meet is filling in the menu - That, of course, is after having to satisfy yourself with whatever dinner the previous tenant of your bed chose the night before only to be discharged and you came in their place - now you have to eat what they like! If it doesn't suit for any reason; you're a vegetarian or don't eat certain meats for example, then tough!And why do we need menus in hospitals anyway?! I don't offer menu choice to my family at home! So, why do I have a choice of foods in hospital?! You see, this whole concept of 'choice' of foods and the accompanying menu is the reason why the whole operation then lacks being streamlined, hence, none efficient - despite maybe good quality ingredients, innovative and productive staff ... etc. Result? ... Food your cat wouldn't touch if you serve it at home! A diabolical dry, stomach turning mess that smells and tastes horrible! First, because, although it may have come out of the kitchen in an edible state - by the time it arrives to the ward, waits in those hot servers for a while, then gets served, not forgetting the time it takes who ever serves these 'diners' to check those individual menu choices for each bed, it had already chemically changed because of those hot servers/cabinets or whatever they are called - the food has become so over cooked, it is not 'fresh' anymore and hence the bad smell and revolting 'taste'! ... Too many items to handle at the same time! Hence delay --> awful taste plus high margin of waste as well. An unachievable endeavour!

Too ineffecient and too expensive!

I would abolish those menus and instead, nurse stations should have a weekly menu sheet so that the nurses can show patients what's on offer instantly if they ask. Or hang a one week A4 menu sheet in each ward instead. And only four menus per month and those can then keep repeating month on month. I would also make one choice of main dish per each meal of the day ... and vary that to suit different culinary requirements, religious beliefs and other health requirements. The same meal adjusted to suit individual patients whenever possible.

For example, in the meal below, the potato and diced or mince meat can be made with potato and green lentils instead to suit vegetarians. Not only is that tasty too, but patients food would look the same and so patients would feel they are treated equally. Then why not choose meats that will suit all religious requirements? Also, the same meal can be adjusted to suit diabetics or those who can't eat salt for example ... rice or maybe whole meal brown bread instead of mashed potatoes for those reducing weight for example ... and so on .. as much as possible, the same meal for everybody.

I wonder how much money and man hours would be saved?!

Streamlining: Healthier ... less effort, less work, less management, less error, easier to serve ---> better quality, better value for money, lots more cost effective .... much cheaper ... and most of all ... fresh & Tasty! :-)


The really efficient laborer will be found not to crowd his day with work, but will saunter to his task surrounded by a wide halo of ease and leisure.


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Mercy! ... @@

Nothing emboldens sin so much as mercy"

- What are doing mum?

- Nothing! Just making a cup of tea, want one?

- What's that in the plate then?

- Oh, just some scones ...

- You're gonna eat all that?! And didn't we say, no more jam and definitely no more cream?!

- Well, yeah .. butttt ...

- Mother, do you not look in the mirror?!

- Well, n ... It was your idea I stopped smoking, wasn't it?! Well .... I'm enjoying my newly discovered taste buds, so, what's wrong with that now?! hah?! ... And it's my body and I like it FAT! ... so ... LEEEAVE MEEE ALOOONE! ...

- But, mother ... all you need to do is control yourself!

- Control! ... what control?! ... What are you all doing here anyway?! Don't you have something better to do than nagging me all the time like this?! ... and I do still miss
'them', you know! I have no idea why do I ever listen to you?! .. Control .. yeah! You have no right to tell me what to do! Who is the parent here after all, eh?!

- Never mind mum! Come on, we have a surprise for you ... :-)

- A 'surprise'?! What surprise?! ... I don't want your 'surprise'! Not a 'shock' as usual, is it?!

- No, no .. you'll like it, it's a present for you mother ... 'Smiling wickedly :-)' ... It's in the garage ... come have a look ... 'Still smiling wickedly'

- A present?! What present?! ...


- Oooooooh No! ... A machine! ... Noooo way! I'm not going near this piece of junk! .. you bought it, youu ... and don't youuuu dare! .. PUT MEE DOWN!

On machine
.... :-(

- Don't you just love running mother! ... Bit faster, eh?! ... and we've got you your music too ... in stereo! Wot?! No thank you kids?! :-D

- Oh, youuuuu sssssslimy, good for nothing bunch of ungrateful little *&^$(*^%$#@&()_&*^%@#@#! ... heeelp! :-(


Whenever cannibals are on the brink of starvation, Heaven, in its infinite mercy, sends them a nice plump missionary

My fault! I converted this garage to a fully contained studio years ago so that the 'kids' can bring friends .. play games ... study ... have their own space! .. It's now gonna be a GYM for god's sake!
... Machines ... machines . and more machines! ... for ME! .. why the 'heavens' do kids grow up?! :-(

Friday, 23 October 2009

Medicins Sans control!

“Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves”

The High Quality Care For All team have been urging everybody to suggest ways to 'enhance quality and reduce cost', They say there is a deadline of 31st October 2009 to do so, either by making these suggestions on their site, e-mailing or writing your suggestions on your own blog. As I am not NHS staff but a member of the public who strongly believes in the High Quality Care For All agenda, I have some 'remarks' that may be of use ...

I remember a while back while buying a few things from our local pharmacy that a person I knew was there collecting prescription medicine. I was very surprised she signed the part that says she was exempt from payment, because, although not a friend as such, I know, for fact, she was not needy. What I found more surprising is that the pharmacist never asked her for proof that she was indeed entitled to free prescription medicine! I have seen that happen on other occasions, some very recently, although I did not know the persons involved, I saw them sign declaring they were entitled to free prescriptions without pharmacists asking for proof before dispensing the medicine!

How big is this problem?! I wonder how many people, who are not entitled to free prescriptions, are doing that? And, how much is this costing the NHS?!

I think people entitled to free prescriptions should hold a card or something to prove this entitlement, without which, a pharmacist must never dispense with the medicine unless it is paid for ... because this way actually teaches people to cheat when they wouldn't otherwise IMO

Another point is that even the people who pay do not have any idea how much their medicine cost the NHS in reality, hence, lots of maybe very expensive medicines can and do go to waste! To give you an example; When I was 'convinced' to stop smoking, the medicine I used to help me cost 7.20 pounds, but when my son noticed I may not take the challenge seriously, he googled the medicine and I was surprised to find out it actually would have cost me 163 pounds if I had bought it privately! Meaning, I only paid 4.4% of the actual cost of the medicine, which is roughly 22 times what I paid! ... This realisation alone prompted me to continue with the medicine and with stopping smoking ... because, for one thing, that's a lot of money for anyone to allow to go to waste!

Which makes me suggest, why don't medicine packets carry a government warning, like those found on cigarette packets, telling people the true cost of the medicine, warning against fraudulent claims and urging people not to waste? If that's too difficult or costly, then maybe the pharmacist till receipt should do this, show true cost as well as subsidised amount paid per item .. and a total amount for both too ... instead of the warning on individual medicine packs.

And every pharmacist should display a clear sign saying they will not dispense the medicine for free without solid proof of entitlement. Of course, unless ALL pharmacists display such signs and impose such control, people intent on milking the system will just go else where Which means that vigilant pharmacists would lose out on business .. maybe the reason why many of them don't bother checking!

And I actually think that unless you have a long term condition which guarantees all the dispensed medicine will be used and nothing will go to waste, everybody should pay for medicines, even a nominal charge for those on social benefits ... a pound or two per item, if only to entice people to be more responsible and not waste medicines ...

Every little .... or a lot ... helps :-)

A nation as a society forms a moral person, and every member of it is personally responsible for his society

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wo/man? ... Why does it matter?!

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!"

I've been deliberating on David Cameron's idea of 'All women lists' since The Witch Doctor posted about it here ...

You see, not only do I think that this is discrimination against men and goes totally against the 'equal opportunity laws' of this country, I believe that women in general do not favour that they be given unfair priority. After all, men are our sons, brothers, husbands, neighbours and friends and we wish them the same as we wish ourselves, if only for the sake of balance and the strive for prosperity for all. So, no favouring females, either in the work place, medical schools, universities .. or parliament ... or anywhere else! ... so long as the competition is fair .. and so, it is up to our leaders to ensure 'fairness for all' ... Then, worthy women are capable of proving themselves anywhere ... and for any task ... in any place or position!

Equal opportunity for all, the right 'person' for the job! Regardless of what colour in the rainbow the candidates are, their gender ... or whatever ... so long as this 'whatever' is lawful!

And so, I agree with Ann Widdecombe that the very idea of those lists would make women in parliament look like "Second class citizens". I actually find the idea of 'women only lists' quite insulting! Because they give unfair advantage when advantage is not needed ;-) ... But then there is this other opinion favouring the 'lists' because: 'After 20 years, of trying' some believe the only way to get more women into politics is to have 'quotas' ... and I thought 'quotas' were for catching fish! But, there you are ... there is lots I do not know ...

I still believe that women should be in parliament, or anywhere else, because of merit and not because they were 'caught' and added to a list! In hard times like these, our political leaders should concentrate 'only' on finding the best possible people to get us out of this 'downturn' and not side track into matters such as this above. I also believe that the way to winning the coming election, given the latest 'happenings', will mainly be through leaders understanding that people are tired, have no more patience .. and no more time to waste. That our forthcoming leaders intend to find the right path and the 'right wo/man for the job' and explain what exactly they intend t do to get closer to the people as well as take us back on the road to recovery. That's what people really want to know ... so ...

For winning the coming election ... come on down folk 'up there' .. and ... give us solutions ... and give us 'Hope' ... please! :-)

"I don’t know what the key to success is, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone."

... and that red dress is WICKED o beautiful witch!' :-)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Simply irresistible!

"There are two things that are more difficult than making an after-dinner speech: climbing a wall which is leaning toward you and kissing a girl who is leaning away from you."

Ready for change?

"Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening."

Sunday, 18 October 2009


"I have left my city, I have come down from my province, having done what is right (ma'at) for its lord, having satisfied him with that which he loves, I spoke ma'at and I did ma'at, I spoke well and I reported well.... I rescued the weak from the hand of one stronger than he when I was able; I gave bread to the hungry, clothing [to the naked], a landing for the boatless. I buried him who had no son,I made a boat for him who had no boat,I respected my father, I pleased my mother, I nurtured their children." Nefer-seshem-re .. 2494-2345 BC

Beautiful woman! At the prime of her youth too ... and complete with full exquisite decorum! If you are a male on looker, you're instantly invited, seduced by her 'I am yours alone' smile and that loving, warm look in her eye ... well, imagine yourself as standing facing her and she's looking straight at you with those eyes! ... Man! ... You stand no chance! From the beginning of time and to this day, no man could resist ... Ever!

Yet, no female on looker will be intimidated by her 'unique' beauty either! For her divine design never intended to raise feelings of jealousy! Hence, for women, her face and the way she looks straight at you changes; from that irresistible seduction, to serenity ... to kinship ... and friendship! This woman is femininity itself! ... She is unrivalled!

Her name is Ma'at! She is the Egyptian goddess, or better still; the 'entity' of 'Truth'! Ma'at is the daughter of Ra. He was the first major entity depicting the super human 'godly' concept ... and the need to surround same with 'proper' adoration in celebration of it's exquisite powers. Ra is the Sun god and father of all the gods that followed throughout the pharoanic times or dynasties of ancient Egypt, ... including Horus.

Ma'at with her father, Ra; the sun god

"Indeed you do not know the plans of god....Man is clay and straw, the god is his builder. He tears down, he builds up daily; he makes a thousand poor by his will, he makes a thousand men into chiefs".

Ancient temples inscriptions and many drawings showing gods and pharoahs alike always portray Ma'at as of a more superior status; material as well as mystical. With those gods as well as ordinary people portrayed as always making offerings to her on temple walls including the most prominent of all, the 'Karnak' at Luxor .. where Ma'at even has her own temple [in ruins now]. Hence, that beautiful woman was more than a goddess to the Egyptians. Ma'at was more thought after, obeyed and adored by everybody; commoner, king and god alike.

When you also consider that it was the Egyptians who first thought of the 'layers within layers' of thought, beliefs and wisdom, then you can also appreciate how Ma'at was depicted as many entities in one, representing her many roles ensuring the total harmony of mind, matter, nature, man and the universe ... as well as what is beyond! hence, aspirations, gifts, thoughts of any kind, were offered to Ma'at, either face to face [on drawings in temples] ... and/or by herself to herself as well as to the gods .. or anyone else who deserved her attention .. or indeed .. can offer her to her! And so, Ma'at brings together an otherwise dissociated material, logical as well as imaginary dimensions ...

Ma'at as an offering

"Make great your officials, that they keep your laws; he whose house is rich is not partial and a propertied man is one who does not lack. A poor man does not speak justly, one who says 'Would that I had!' is not upright. He is partial towards him whom he likes, favoring him who rewards (bribes) him"

Ma'at's role as the Truth, Balance, Order, Justice, Universal equilibrium are described reasonably well in sites like Wikipedia. And so, here, I give my own take on the wisdom of that entity being a female and in her prime too. Indeed the giving of life is the mother of all truths, for this is what human as well as nature and the whole universe and what is beyond is all about ... Life! And That's why Ma'at is a female .. and why she is in her prime .. to seduce .. and to produce ... and to nurture ... so that life may continue ... eternally!

Only Ma'at is also 'always' wearing an ostrich feather on her head, unless she takes it out on purpose and for brief moments only. This was because she was also the one who decided on what to do with the soul once it departs the body upon death. In the picture at the bottom, the scales of Ma'at show someone's heart on one side and Ma'at's ostrich feather on the other. 'Thoth', the god of writing and scribes is ensuring that Ma'at's scales are applied correctly, for if the heart has been 'doing Ma'at' and wins, it would then be allowed to pass to the realm of the after life and, hence to eternity .. However, if the ostrich feather is found heavier, this would mean that the dead person did not adhere to the 42 commandments of Ma'at and his soul would therefore be devoured by demons! As an ostrich is the biggest bird alive, was the choice of it's long and heavy 'feather' made to allow for human 'sins' ... nobody is perfect after all ....

And so, Ma'at was the perfect order that everyone must strive for. A universal code of 'Ethics' that stems from the heart, or one's 'conscience'. Therefore, by doing Ma'at, a person was connected to other humans, animals, nature and the universe. Ma'at, therefore, was the Principal on which ancient Egyptian religion was formed. Religion in those days believed that the equilibrium of man with nature depended on the understanding of creation itself and how positive energy ties all aspects of creation together. They also believed that any negativity can damage this balance and lead to disruption and doom, and hence, magic was practiced to fend off 'negativity' or the evil eye! Ma'at was central to this concept of balance and equilibrium .. she was 'it'! By doing Ma'at, one was doing good and was therefore considered to be part of the forever moving circle of the whole universe ...

... and how better to judge you than by your heart?

It was therefore considered that if you do not obey Ma'at, you were an enemy of society and punishment became due .. equally those who fought Ma'at deserved to be punished by WAR! Hence, Ma'at was also rebellion for the sake of justice, honour and dignity! The earliest founder of Democracy and social fairness!

"There is no yesterday for the lazy, no friend for the one who is deaf to Ma'at and no festival day for the greedy"

Was Ma'at the reason for the modern perception of women as being Mysterious? She sure was at the heart of understanding the ancient Egyptian civilisation in it's entirety .. including 'religion' !

Ma'at ... 'mother' of 'Truth' ...
the perfect order to which all humans must strive ... and the epitome of common purpose! ... for she 'is' common purpose!... and ... she is right at the 'heart' of everyone!

If only one can look inside and see Ma'at ... in all her glory ... with her eyes wide, wide open ... if you care to find her, she's all yours ....

Have a thoughtful Sunday ... read more about Beauutiful Ma'at .... :-)

"Hail to you, great God, Lord of Justice! I have come to you, my lord, that you may bring me so that I may see your beauty, for I know you and I know your name, and I know the names of the forty-two gods of those who are with you in this Hall of Justice, who live on those who cherish evil and who gulp down their blood on that day of the reckoning of characters in the presence of Wennefer. Behold the double son of the Songstresses; Lord of Truth is your name. Behold I have come to you, I have brought you truth, I have repelled falsehood for you."

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Freebie medicine ...

As long as our social order regards the good of institutions rather than the good of men, so long will there be a vocation for the rebel.

And I like this rebel! :-)

"A survey of surgeons today reveals that two-thirds believe patient care has suffered since the changes were introduced, with almost half fearing basic safety has been put at risk. The head of the Royal College of Surgeons, which organised the poll, said its members had reported safety incidents, including those resulting in patient deaths, which they believed were caused by the new system.

Attempts by hospitals to reduce doctors' working hours to meet the restrictions of the EU's Working Time Directive have forced many surgeons into short shifts, some of as little as four hours, significantly increasing the number of handovers between those in charge of patients' care.

Prof John Black, the College president, said the lack of continuity of care was putting lives at risk: "Every handover is an accident waiting to happen. The new system means the number of handovers has increased hugely. On top of that, our members are warning us that there are very thin layers of cover on the wards,"

Yet again, this honourable Professor is loudly voicing his concern over patient safety resulting from the imposition of the EWTD which came into full effect on 1 August this year! This 'foreign' law dictates that doctors must not work more than 48 hours per week, otherwise penalties will imposed on Establishments that do not abide by the 'order'. The law was originally passed by Brussels to protect lorry drivers from abuse. Yet, ironically, it is now abusing all our 'British' junior doctors instead, big time! For in order to comply with the 'ruling', British doctors now have to work the extra hours for free because of the national shortage of juniors following the foul up that was the MTAS disaster, which resulted in the 'lost tribe' being really lost forever to OZ and NZ as they flocked over to save themselves from the crazed monster MTAS! ... and our doctors are still flocking over ...

We gave and still give our doctors away for free and now we can't find doctors for our NHS to operate a safe service! Despite that, we still insist that our remaining, most resilient doctors who put up with the current unfair conditions must comply with a law nobody else in Europe respects, regardless of the harm that has and will still cause! .. clever, eh?

Not only are the younger doctors working the extra hours for free to fill the gaps in rotas, there is also not enough time, even with the extra freebie hours those young doctors donate to our beloved NHS, for the juniors to get the proper training they need to become safe surgeons and doctors for the sake of their patients! To add insult to injury, the docs are urged, by their employers, to lie about the extra hours they put in out of the goodness of their hearts too, so that those employers do not get into trouble with Brussels ... Allegedly!

Well, I don't buy that! I think it is music to the ears of the 'pointy heads' at the Dept of Hellth! That they can squeeze the extra hours out of the impoverished juniors for free! .. And why not?! ... after all, unlike other professionals, the juniors do not revolt, do they!

And ... do those 'up there' ever work for free?! Do they? Well, it's alright then! ;-)

"The majority of doctors surveyed said they were not genuinely compliant with the new rules, with a "grey market" emerging as doctors worked unpaid to maintain patient safety, while their true working hours went unrecorded. Seven out of 10 surgeons said they were still working more than 48 hours a week. Prof Black said: "We have got these risks highlighted even with doctors putting in extra hours. It is hard to imagine how bad it would be if they weren't doing that".

Not really hard to imagine what would happen at all as simply put, many innocent patients would die if it weren't for the juniors generosity!

And, by the way, this problem is NOT exclusive to young surgeons, as I am yet to meet a young doctor who does not put in loads more extra hours for free for the sake of the safety of their patients, and I know many and in different stages of training too! This paper says that doctors will now be allowed to work for 52 hours instead of 48 for the next 2/3 years only! A joke since the juniors do put it lots and lots more hours than that just to maintain the safety of their patients!

Something needs to be done for both the patients who may be harmed as a result of this mess and for the already strapped for cash juniors who should get their dues, either training wise or financially too! It is their right!

where are all the other Royal Colleges and the deaneries on this?! I suppose their heads are just a bit more placid than professor black, they like their peace and quiet, that's all!

I do not have robes of honour like yours professor, but if I had, I'd tip my hat to you! :-)

Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Move it! .... :-)

As it seems that the whole blogsphere is cooking today, JD is making chutney .. The Witch doctor concocting what I think is a shortbread (Or Marzipan?) and chocolate with orange zest no bake cake ... both sounding and looking deeelicious! Yummmmyyyy! :-) .. So, I thought maybe I should help ... create a sing and dance in the kitchen atmosphere for you guys as I ain't doin' no cooking on a Sunday!

Egypt is regarded around the Arab world as the Hollywood and the cultural hub of the Middle East. Not only for it's huge array of TV and cinema productions, but for it's all aspects of culture, including writing and poetry. As well as having the best of everybody, artists, singers, dancers, actors, painters, poets, writers .. etc ... and those aspiring ones from around the whole region, always flock to Cairo if they want to make 'it' in the whole of the Arab world .. this is a tradition that has gone on for centuries .... Egyptians also like laughing at anything, including the daily trouble they meet. And for that, they are also famous around the Arab World for their notorious sense of humour, which can and does border on 'mental'! :-)

Below is the ultimate quality 'belly dance'! Absolutely the best you've ever seen. It is a small part of the Egyptian operetta, El Leila El Kebiera, or The Big Night, depicting peasants celebrating a big feast. Written for children but then ended up on everybody's lips by Salah Gaheen, a genius of a poet who specialised in writing about the Egyptian society in slang language and always succeeded in capturing the imagination of his audience. This was the only major piece of work he made for children, the rest of his work was of a more political or social nature .. and the music of Sayed Mekawi, also a brilliant musician who did exactly the same as Salah but using music. I remember this operetta from my early teens and still enjoy it every time it is played. But, due to it's age, please excuse the quality of the video ... For this is a timeless classic!

words with (Exact) translation of the main female singer's words 'only' below .. ;-)

There, learn some Arabic (Note grammar differs greatly from English) .... and forget about those ridiculous machines in gyms ... moooove those muscles while you're singing along .. in Arabic!

And ... she sings seductively and so is the music .. so make the effort, eh! ...

Warning: Activity not exclusive to females!

Taar fel howa shashi
flew in the air my veil

Wenta ma tedrashi?!
And you don't know?!

Ya gadaa,
Oh boy

Tarfu shawerli, shawerli aleek,
It's tip pointed, pointed at you

Hokm el hawa mashi (Twice)
Decision of the air accepted

Chorus: repeat, then:

Teribtet-tet-ti .. ya halawa
Teribtet-tet-ti .. ya beauty (2)

tara-rara-rara-rara-ri .. ya halawlaw
tara-rara-rara-rara-ri .. ya beauty-uty

Chorus someimes sings (Oh yes! Arabic: Aywa) throughout

Howa el assari
The breeze of the afternoon

Chorus: Ya wad (Oh boy)

alla sateh gari
On my neighbour's roof

Chorus: Ya wad (Oh boy)

Khadni w ramani, ramani
Took me and threw me, threw me

Aleek wala anta dari
On you and you never noticed

Chorus then sings first part.
Singer saying 'Ya gadaa' (Oh boy)

-tet-ti .. ya halawa
Teribtet-tet-ti .. ya beauty (2)

tara-rara-rara-rara-ri .. ya halawlaw
tara-rara-rara-rara-ri .. ya beauty-uty

Aheen ya nari
Oh, oh my fire

Chorus: Ya nari (My fire)

Menak ya gari
Because of you my neighbour

Chorus: ya gari ( My neighbour)

Khadni w ramani, ramani
Took me and threw me, threw me

Aleek howa el assari
On you, the afternoon breeze (Or air)

Then repeat first part

Enjoy .. and have an active Sunday ... :-)