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Monday, 21 September 2009

Do I understand this right?!

Usually the nonsense they spout is kind of cute, but their instinctive idiocy is life-threatening.

Soon, we will no longer be stuck with a GP we don't like .. for whatever reason. I myself welcome this move and wish this choice was available earlier when I needed it most. For I don't believe I should be stuck with a GP who provides below standard service, nor that I should be required to pay to prop up the business of a private contractor who is failing to provide the adequate service they are contracted and paid for.

So, OK! .. I will soon be free to pick my own 'Good' GP, Great!

But then, as it seems to be the case, once I am registered with my 'Good' GP and s/he finds a cause for concern, s/he needs to refer me to hospital ... I won't get seen to by an equally 'Good' doctor! .. Instead, I will be seen by a 'Noctitioner' of some sort, Not a specialist, medically trained DOCTOR but a bogus figure who can even be addressed as Doctor!... Because they, or rather, some, for the majority don't :-) have one of these new paper thin PhDs they dish out to Tom, Dick and Harry those weird but not so wonderful days! ... So I won't be able to tell even if I looked at the name badge they have on their uniform with a magnifying glass!... I will never know! ... I am not even allowed to! Nor is my 'Good' GP allowed to either .. in most cases!

All done with the full knowledge and under the auspices of the government too!! ... And I thought this kind of impersonation is illegal and can put those who commit this kind of crime in prison! ...

So, my situation will be as follows, I am assured to have a good GP, but when I am mostly in need, as per the professional findings of my good GP, I will not have an equally good Doctor to follow and make me better! I will be let down! ... with no one to go to either!

And why are 'they' doing that?! The logic?! .. to 'Cut' costs!!! ... Yeah, right!

Wait for it! For this will prove to be the most expensive mistake in the history of British medicine! ... in either money, or loss of innocent and 'trusting' lives! ... and it is our own doing too! Exclusive stuff that is not found even in poor, poor third world countries!

Dear, dear me! ... God helps us all ... if he can! ... sssssssssigh!

What makes stupidity really insufferable is that it is forever in action - idiocy knows no rest

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Happy Eid ... :-)

Today marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan and the first of the three days of Eid El-Ftr; the end of fasting festivities ... so, happy Eid to all Muslims :-)

And this is not a prayer, but a spiritual song sung by the tenor Sayed El Nakshabandy, the Pavaroti of Egypt ... my own translation of the words is below (?? :-) ... worth listening to as the extent of Sayed's ability shows as the song progresses ... and it is truly amazing! ... What a voice!

Enjoy ... and have a peaceful Sunday :-)


Mawlay, eny bebabek
Oh Lord, I am at your door,

Qad bassato yadiWith my hand extended,

Mann li alozo behiWho else do I have whom I can seek?

Eyaka ya sanadiExcept you my pilar


Mawlay ya mawlay

O Lord [Arabic; Mawlay]

Aqomo fel lyl
I wake up at night,

Walassharo sagyaton
While the stars are awake,

Ado wahammso doa'ay
And call you, w
ith the whisper of my call,

Bedemou'e naddy
mixed with the dew of my tears,

Benori wajheka 

And with the light of your face,

I return respectful
eny aa' edon wagelon

Waman yaod beka

And he who returns to you,

Lan yashqa ela alabadi
Eternally will never suffer

Mahma laqeeto mena adonia

Regardless of what I meet in life,

Wa a'reqeha
And it's hinderance

Fa anta li shoghlon
You to me is saviour,

Ama yara Jassady
To what my body sees

Those bitterness of my living,
Soothes with your approval,
Of my endeavour,
For I can not delight,
In a life without servitude ... [ as in working hard and being of benefit]

And only of opulence

Who else do I have?
Who else sees my heart?
But the one who all creatures hear,
And shadow in his eternity

I call you Lord,
Forgive my imperfection,
With your generosity,
And let my calling you,
Be my witness,
To my good intentions

And look at my fearful,
eager and greedy being,
And who can be merciful,
But you O Lord?

Sultan Hassan Mosque - Cairo

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Pick your own GP

" The way in which a patient experiences care is crucial to their ultimate assessment of it"

As a mother of four, now grown up children, I wish I had the choice to change surgery long time ago when the children were young! First, we were registered with a very good GP close to where we lived, but when that doctor retired, the practice was taken over by an arrogant, I know it all, man who did not give any regard to the the patient's circumstances at all! ... and he wasn't a good doctor either! He simply filled in forms and wrote referral letter for anything and everything; even the most basic of ailments! As a working mother, I had to either leave early or take days off a very sympathetic, most of the times, work to keep his appointments, only to be redirected to the local hospital each and every time! Not easy for a mother of four working about 5 mils away from home and a journey that involved having to navigate her way in congested central London in a car full of exhausted, bored and srceaming school kids!

At the end, I didn't bother with booking appointments with that GP at all, but just went directly to the A and E at the local hospital instead ... or, as I became a more experienced mother, I used to buy a stock of prescription medicines from Egypt, including antibiotics, and treat my own kids ... and the cats ... and the two dogs we had when the kids were younger ... the 35 budggies .. the fish ... the small crockodile we once had in Egypt ... you name it, I treated it, even the neighbours ... on very few occasions! :-)

But then kids grow up, and it was my eldest son who found us our current doctor, only about nine years ago ... and he really is a very good doctor and a very nice person as well, I would never think of leaving his practice for anything; not even for an offer of a Harley Street practice for free! One of the things I like about him is that he knows I read in medicine and he doesn't belittle my knowledge but always tries, with a candid smile, to enrich it ... he even lent me one of his books on one occasion .. and a good book it was too!

I trust my doctor .. and he is like a friend! ... What more can I want? ... And my doctor knows my children are young medics, he is aware of catastrophe MTAS 2007 and hence, he also knows I blog for I told him myself when I took part in the 'Save your surgery' campaign ... he wasn't bothered with it at all, only I knew nothing and so, I was .. then! But he was never afraid and I now understand why! ... and so, Dr R .. if you are reading this ... I just want to say thank you :-)

And now let's talk about Lord Darzi ... well, I didn't put his picture up there for nothing! :-)

After an unprecedented whole year consulting with 2000 clinicians, including GP leaders and Professor Steve Field; the head of the RCGP, and 60,000 members of the public, Professor Lord Darzi recommended in his report "The Next Stage Review", which was published in June 2008, that patients should have the right to register with the GP of their choice regardless of where the patient lives. Given what I have endured myself and since Lord Darzi's highly acclaimed review was, as most experts said, considered the patient as it's numero uno priority, I am very glad that, at long last, people will not have to put up with inconvenient or below standard Gp service any more.

We pay for GP services through our taxes and for that, every citizen in Britain should have value for their money! We are all entitled to the excellent services provided by caring, effecient as well as affable doctors like him and doctors who won't bow under any pressure but always put their patients first like him!

And to the bad apples ... good riddens! ... and that's also when the good doctors will enjoy the fruits of their hard work ... be appreciated more, not only by their grateful patients, but by the media who will no longer find grounds to attack and abuse GPs

And I also believe that soon will come the time when good doctors are grateful for the help they will get from those new polyclinics to relief the pressure they are currently under and specially because of the increasing pressure as a result of not only the increased shift to treat people in the community but with an ever increasing ageing population too.

... and was that whole year consultation process exhausting!

let's all hope for a bright future ... :-)

"GP practices will need to be ever better if they are to continue attracting patients."

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Is there a doctor in the mouse? :-)

A clever mouse does not rely on just one hole! Titus Maccius Plautus

- Well, your tests are all clear Paddy, I can't see a reason why you've been getting those headaches! .. Incidently, do you ventilate the house?

- Ventilate?!

- You know, open the windows to let the fresh air in ... do that now .... and I'll see you next week

- .... Next week ...

- Oh, you look much better Paddy, have the headaches gone now?

- Yes doctor they have ... and so is my TV ... my laptop .. the fridge ... my new bed ... the cat ... my best suit .....

- Maaaow .. Meaoww .. Meee-aowww ... Bekhkhkh!

- Ay Ay Ay! :-(
- Purrrr ... purrrrr .. purrrr .... ;-)

It must be the swine! .. or a bit of 'blogging fatigue', I guess ...
Have a peaceful Sunday ... :-)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Have I been swined? :-(

Well, remember what you said, because in a day or two, I'll have a witty and blistering retort! You'll be devastated THEN!

  • fever [ x 38.4 ]
  • cough or shortness of breath. [ x for cough only ]
  • headache [ no ]
  • tiredness [ x very ]
  • chills [ no ]
  • aching muscles [ x aching everything ]
  • sore throat [ x ]
  • runny nose [ x and congested sometimes ]
  • sneezing [ x ]
  • loss of appetite [ x good thing though :-)

Some people with swine flu have also reported vomiting and diarrhoea. [ no ]

With all those xxxxxxx, have I been swined? I think I have, because it doesn't feel like a normal flu! It started out really mild two days ago with only a bit of a runny nose and a little soreness in my throat but then I was out in the open air yesterday and by the time I got home, many hours later, I was done! .. and I have never felt so poorly with a flu before so, it is not mild!

But, aren't those above the usual symptoms for seaonal flu too? So, what tells the difference? Anyway, Whether I have been swined or not, I have decided not to take any medication, apart from some occasional Paracetamol and home made honey and lemon or ginger and mint teas ... and lots of liquids .. and just wear a mask at home to protect my family.

.... and BTW, the NHS evidence website says:

"Who is most at risk?

Those at higher risk include .... children under five; people over 65; those with diabetes mellitus; the immunosuppressed (whether caused by disease or treatment); patients who have had drug treatment for asthma within the past three years; and pregnant women."

But I thought an exclusive feature of Swine Flu that differentiates it from seasonal flu is that it attacks the younger population rather than these above age groups?

... and I shouldn't have messed with The Swine, eh? .. It's now their revenge time!

Or, is it? ... we're not going to die en mass this autumn then, eh?

And why do I feel these new figures be revised down again soon ... and is there still 'any' justification for mass vaccination of every citizen in this country? ...

This Swine Flu 'campaign'! .... Hilarious stuff!

Last night I had a revelation
Somehow I have to make you pay
It's all about manipulation
And what it takes to get my way
I don't believe in soft solutions
No one makes a fool of me
Without receiving retribution
No one hurts me and goes free

You know, it feels intoxicating
To be intimidating
It's invigorating
To see you shaking

I've got the power to bring you down

You know something, you see it coming,
You know I will stop at nothing.

P. Swine? @@

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Is there a connection?

Our masks, always in peril of smearing or cracking, in need of continuous check in the mirror or silverware, keep us in thrall to ourselves, concerned with our surfaces.

When I first read The Telegraph's article 'Cruel and neglectful, care of 1 million patients exposed' on the Patient's Association saying:

"In the last six years, the Patients Association claims hundreds of thousands have suffered from poor standards of nursing, often with 'neglectful, demeaning, painful and sometimes downright cruel' treatment. The charity has disclosed a horrifying catalogue of elderly people left in pain, in soiled bed clothes, denied adequate food and drink, and suffering from repeatedly cancelled operations, missed diagnoses and dismissive staff. "

When I read this, my first though was good god, how can the NHS fail so many people and still be regarded as 'Part of the British social fabric'?! If this is true then what are we doing trying to repair a crumbling beyond repair system and why?! Thatt's ONE MILLION people suffering dire neglect for Pete's sake! Of a population of 61 million! The mideavel dungeons would've been way, way kinder, yes?! But if really so, what have we all been doing trying to defend such a failing system?!

But then the truth came out! The Patients Association has made 'a mistake' in it's stats, which meant that the true figure of those patients mentioned in their report was multiplyed by 62,500! That's a 'Sixty Two Thousand Five Hundred' mark up, no less! Honest! For 16 patients became 1 MILLION! And, The Telegraph did not notice 'the' mistake before it went to publishing either! Channel 4 did ... a summary of the whole episode with all the links is on the Witchdoctor's site.

Not that it's ok to let 16 patients down, but the shear extent of the mistake in those calculations, as well as the nature of funding and connections to big business the Patients Association has (read Ron comment) makes me wonder, is there a link between this 'mistake' and the current 'smear the NHS campaign'to stiffle Obama's health reform in The USA? You see, I am also considering the timing of the release of that report ... and the whole thing is troubling me! ...

I hope I am wrong, for the Patients Association is British, isn't it? ... and I do wonder why they haven't come out to explain their 'huge mistake' .. yet?

And I believe Obama will eventually get to pass his proposals for a universal healthcare system for his country, because it is the only sensible thing for a real leader to do ..

... fulfill the duty to protect ... and include all!

Do not help the quick moneymakers who have delusions about taking possession of classics by smearing them with paint.