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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Sir Liam, Sir Graeme, Sir Gary ... and Peter

'I listened to this whisper which was heard by me alone ... "


When Sir Graeme Gatto was head of the GMC, he decided that Sir Liam Donaldson could not be followed by the GMC for the mess that was MTAS despite the harm done to a whole generation of young doctors and their families. Remedy UK did not appreciate this decision and collected money from young doctors, who readily paid despite their meagre income, to take the GMC to court. They parted with their precious little money becuse the anger is still there since the injustice still continues with all the culprits of the criminal MTAS still at large! And because there were other cases which were successfully followed by the GMC and were of similar nature to the case presented by Remedy against Sir Liam, albeit with much smaller harm done than that caused by hurricane MTAS.

The court hearing was held yesterday 27 July 2009

It was presided over, I think, by Sir Gary Robert Hichinbottom (yemember Shambo? :-( Sir is a solicitor turned judge in 2008 then was knighted only after a few months ... only last February 2009 .... (Wikipedia does not state the reasons for his knighthood .. but it must be for services to .. emmmm .. solicitorhood maybe?) Well, he, as he did in the Shambo case .. cos in law you have to find examples and I do learn quick, see! :-), "found in favour of Remedy in their Permission hearing. The case can now go on to a substantive hearing which is likely to take place before the end of the year"

BEAUTY! .. At long last! .. and well done Remedy for your hard work and perseverance.

And the judge also " awarded a Protective Costs Order in Remedy's favour."

Which is verrrrry nice, since Remedy is in no position to match the wealth of the GMC ... just in case things don't go as hoped, eh? ... Sooo, what shall we say? Oh, thank you .... for the courtsey, Sir! ;-)

Of course, the GMC now has a new boss instead of Sir Gatto. It is no other than Professor Peter Rubins of the PMETB between 2005 - 2008 , who was also a witness during the Health Select Committee's investigation into MMC/MTAS and hence, he knows the full findings of the committee including finding Sir Liam 'inept'

Sir Liam is still a Sir ... Professor Rubins is not a Sir ...

Now, all we have to do is wait .. and wait? .. and hope .. and watch .. all the Sirs .. and that one not there yet ... in action ...

And I just wanted to know; if a Sir was found guilty of something and was sent by court to prison .. do they still keep their 'Sirhood'? .. Would the prison guards have to call them Sir?

And I will celebrate when celebrate is due ....

That's wise .. er ... right Shambo, you poor 'sacred, now .. no more .. animal?

Let not thy will roar, when their power can but whisper

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Well, I'll be .....

It's a washing line

Two pieces attracted my attention since Professor Darzi's resignation was made public. This was on Dr Grumble's shared items:

17th most influential doctor ignored by Brown and his GOATs

Nothing much to the article until except for this:

"So, another one of Gordon’s GOATs bites the dust. His Majesty The Lord Kharzi of Polyclinic has decided to step down from his role as health minister, in order to spend more time looking up people’s arses. I expect he’ll be giving back his life peerage too, now he doesn’t need it any more. "

And it's the use of vocabulary describing 'patient's anatomy that I did not appreciate! .. and so, I wonder if the author of this garbage is a doctor? Because if he is, I would like to remind him that doctors, in fact, are the professionals who are tasked with the care of people's sick anatomy, including the parts you describe with such contempt .. and thank god we have doctors who do save many lives by treating same with respect and getting knighted for the good work they do to! I say that, then I now finally understand why Lord Darzi's stressing, and stressing the 'patient's experience' as well as treating patients with dignity ... Non here! .. Hence, I finally understand why the need for revalidation!

How did this 'professional magazine allow this?! Not funny, is it? And the author IS a doctor!!!

Then, there is the very speedy head of BMA reply to The Guardian's praise of Lord Darzi:

"There are reasons to praise Ara Darzi, but his role in the continuing drive for commercial involvement in the NHS is not one of them (In praise of... Ara Darzi, 16 July). During his tenure as health minister, the quality of patient care has moved up the political agenda and the use of targets has become less obsessive. We welcome his wish to see greater clinician involvement in the day-to-day management of the health service. And we have finally seen moves, long overdue, to set up an NHS constitution.

However, we are surprised by your assertion that the emphasis on private involvement in the NHS, a central theme of Darzi's Next Stage review, is neither dogmatic nor detrimental to staff morale. Doctors did not share his apparent determination to set up commercially run health centres in every primary care trust, regardless of local wishes. We remain frustrated (;-) by the amounts of public money diverted from frontline care to the bureaucratic costs of establishing healthcare markets or private management consultants as trusts compete. We share our patients' frustration at the increasing fragmentation of their care. We are angered to see independent providers being allowed to cherry-pick the most straightforward cases, while the NHS is left to deal with the complications when things go wrong.

The government is yet to provide convincing evidence that forcing NHS providers to compete with each other and the private sector is either beneficial to patients or a cost-effective use of taxpayers' money. Darzi's successor could win back the support of NHS staff by re-examining the dogma that competition and private provision are good for the NHS.
Dr Hamish Meldrum
British Medical Association"

We don't have a comment, do we birdie?
.. No need!

Friday, 17 July 2009

In praise of an Editor ...

"Hounourable men doing the right thing"

"Legend paints the goat as a devilish creature, and Gordon Brown has learned the hard way just how diabolical it can be. From "simple sailor" Admiral Alan West to business megaphone Digby Jones, Brown's Government Of All the Talents from outside politics produced pain with little gain. The exception was the surgeon Ara Darzi, who yesterday said he was quitting as health minister. At a time when MPs' second jobs are in the spotlight, Darzi is a reminder of how useful to Westminster wider experience can be. His shrewd review of the NHS worked with the grain of its professionals, without jumping to their tune. Instead of waging war on the medics, as his Blairite predecessors had done, Darzi invited them to take a hand in designing their own targets and bound them into reform. He stressed the quality of care after Labour's decade-long obsession with quantity. And while the drive for private involvement continued, it took a less dogmatic turn. The NHS's morale improved, as did its public standing. Despite the 54 letters after Darzi's name, though, his political inexperience showed at times - as when he casually dismissed a Labour manifesto pledge. But by continuing to practise, he forged deep alliances with more experienced hands. He rescued one colleague using a defibrillator on the floor of the Lords, and helped another when No 10 sent him on a 3am house call. It was Peter Mandelson, stricken by kidney stones. Darzi's soothing treatment for the NHS will be sorely missed."

Speaks for itself, although an unprecedented gesture suitable only for an unprecedented man ...
And it draws the attention to good honest journalism as well as journalists of calibre, in this case it's the Editor of The Guardian,
an Editor and a journalist we can trust with the future of journlism of this country ... How journalism will naturally evolve to not only report and inform but act with honour and recognise talent and good endeavour and good work, then praise when praise is due ... especially after what has been happening to British politics of late .. it's good to sample a piece of good simple truth ... with regard to the one praised as well as the one that voiced that praise ...

And .. is there an end to what we can learn from following that teacher? .... :-)

Well done ...

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Good luck Professor ... in whatever you do :-)

Professor Lord Ara Darzi is resigning from his ministerial post

.. I had a feeling this was going to happen ..

You've been the best Health Minister ever Professor .. and your work will live on and on for many many years to come and not only for the next decade .. It's been a privilage for us in this country to have a doctor and a scientist of your calibre as a minister for health .. the best and most dedicated ever ... The DoH will never be the same as when you were in charge again ...

Best wishes and best of luck for the future Professor Darzi :-)

And I hope this below will be coming your way .. I am sure it will be ... soon :-)

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Swine Talk ....

Logic is in the eye of the logician.

"Leading GPs have accused NHS chiefs and ministers of ratcheting up fear over swine flu and have urged them to act now to calm patient panic causing mayhem in practices .... All this is being ratcheted up by the CMO and the Government. They are actively scaremongering everybody

We have no evidence that this is in any way worse than winter flu, yet the approach has been taking clinicians away from more serious problems with patients and causing great fear among the public

‘It’s almost like he’s been preparing for this pandemic flu for so long he (Sir Liam) wants it to be fulfilled.''

... But despite the government's occasional and patchy reassurances, the 'Scare'm' Swine Flu 'campaign' continues ... here ... 'n' here .. and here ... It's everywhere .. and in full force! .. Why the mixed message? Is the government confused for some reason?!

Face it! The real 'monstrous' pandemic is in government! It is the one that keeps on scaring people into believing that this 'could' turn out to be an uncontrollable monster without a valid reason for this continuous scare so far! .. Well, 'anything' can turn out to be an uncontrollable monster so why concentrate on one that has proven to be so mild to date?!

See, you keep on scaring people and the ones who weighed up the flimsy argument and decided not to be afraid, because they now believe there is no 'valid reason' to be, will probably tip over soon .. and start thinking the 'conspiracy' way as the government persists with this illogical and unexplained campaign!

Unless of course, the government knows better .. and we are really in for something that is really scary, it is sure to cause damage on a scale unknown to man .. it's harm will be unprecedented! Does 'he' know something we don't? .. if so, say it!

Otherwise, give Sir a couple of Prozacs and let us, the recessed and doom and gloomed people of Britain try and get on with putting this country back on the road to recovery from this terrible recession .... some hope ... for a change ...

Time to 'Face it' Sir!

Your campaign is OTT, it is 'it' that is causing the unnecessary harm ... Face it!

.. and they say repetition has a holistic theraputic effect and can cure many an ailment, hence it's medicinal use by many a civilisation throughout history. Repetition also drives any message home and rhythm enforces same too, so ... here is a proper repetitive piece complete with irresistible Ritmo ... Let's hope ...

... taratatum ... taratatum .. :-)

Man has such a predilection for systems and abstract deductions that he is ready to distort the truth intentionally, he is ready to deny the evidence of his senses only to justify his logic

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Let's wait and see .. :-)

The demand for equal rights in every vocation of life is just and fair; it is a most vital right; the right to love and be loved.

"The Department of Health has commissioned NHS Employers to look at the effectiveness and value for money of the current junior doctors contract. Remedy believe that there are some serious conceptual flaws in the current contract that need to be rectified."

Then remedy calls for a one contract for the duration of training as well as more definition of the role of the deaneries as employment agencies. Then it gives a link to the The NHS employers website .. and so, ...

The NHS employers are considering the following:

• the current contractual arrangements for doctors and dentists in hospital training (the New Deal Contract introduced in 2000), identifying issues, strengths and weaknesses with clear evidence of all findings;
• evidence on the financial and other consequences of keeping the current contractual arrangements in place, and amending them;
• an appraisal of possible changes to the contractual arrangements, including a full assessment of all related costs, including pension costs for both employer and employee, and the cost of reform itself (which should begin from the assumption that any changes should be achieved with overall cost neutrality);
• a full assessment of the value-for-money gain of any potential reform in both cost and productivity terms; and
• the interface with contractual arrangements for doctors and dentists in the practice/community settings of GP or dental vocational training

As stated in the Government’s evidence to the Doctors’ and Dentists’ Review Body, this work should take account of:
• the direction of travel resulting from the Government’s response to the Tooke Enquiry into Modernising Medical Careers;
• the NHS Next Stage Review (England);
• reshaping the Clinical Workforce (Scotland); and
• the current reform programme in Wales. Findings to be presented to the Health Departments by November 2009.

All very well and very long overdue but there is no mention of the effect of compliance by the EWTD on the work pattern or the earnings for the juniors!

As I understand it, for rotas to comply with the EWTD 48 week, rotas will become more and more squeezed and hence, more and more hectic, and hence, erratic working patterns may develop thus leading to juniors being really exhausted working such unorganised rotas as everything is crammed in in an attempt to comply with this 'imposition' from Europe ... Professor Black reckons the juniors need to opt out so that they can work a 65 hour week, just enough time to design and implement more relaxed rotas that will more comfortably incorporate on call duties as well as proper training .. etc .. But, of course, Alan Johnson said just before the recent reshuffle that this was 'impossible' to do ... I think he was talking from a financial point of view only .. and the debate continues ...

But then nobody, including The BMA, stood up and ask, what about the reduction in earnings resulting from the lost overtime hours that will result from that EWTD imposition and the effect of that on the juniors work/life style and balance? As if the juniors are swimming in money and can afford the cuts to the overtime income that boosts their meagre basic pay, eh?!

I don't know much about the ins and outs of the future consequences of fully implementing the EWTD work wise or the long run effects on the NHS or doctor training .. and I don't think anyone does either! .. It's all predict, predict, predict with everybody conflicting with everybody else, it seems we are in for a 'let's wait and see' situation until things become more clear once the directive is implemented in full or bits of opt-out are allowed last minute .. dangerous stuff, especially because of the current junior doctor shortages .. but .. there is no other option either except for mass opt-out which the government does not want because it thinks the EWTD can still be safely implemented .. as I said, it's, at best, a 'Let's wait and see' situation amongst all the experts .. :-)

What's also is quite urgent is the financial effect or the reduced hours on the juniors, so, the government's above effort to access the current juniors' contract is very long overdue but is very welcomed at the same time and I sincerely hope something very positive will come out of this for the juniors who have been battered for the past few years and to date, by MTAS, MMC and now that 'imposition' of the EWTD as well! One needs to see some justice here; earnings in line with the juniors hard work, abilities and lifelong achievements and not the ridiculous pay they get today which is, in real terms after paying for all the professional registrations, exams and debts .. etc, etc , maybe even below that of a fresh graduate nurse with only three year minimal study at 'uni' ! A crazy situation to say the least especially because a graduate doctor's earnings is around £3k below the average graduate earnings in this country!

And that is despite the fact that doctors work harder all their lives to get into the career that then pays them so little, they have to depend on overtime and still barely make ends meet, let alone start a family when the money barley keeps a young doctor off the poverty line! And now with the EWTD, even the overtime is going too! ... Very unfair! And, it doesn't look good for the whole profession's image amongst other professions either .. and it doesn't make the seniors who turn a blind eye to this injustice look good either!

So, I sincerely hope that The NHS Employers will see the existing contract for what it really is .. Notorious and very unfair .. and I hope a 'fair' new contract will be negotiated for th juniors .. only I hope proper grass root representation by 'real' juniors Representatives, namely Remedy UK, will be allowed into these negotiations .. since it was The BMA who, through what seems to me like inadequate representation, allowed the juniors earning to drop to unprecedented lows to the point of falling behind the average national earnings and of 'graduate doctor earnings equalling that of the graduate nurse' crazy situation we see today! .. Not forgetting the generous grants nurses get while 'studying' either .. and the doctor's debts! It seems the Representative organisation finds reason only when it negotiates GP pay but then amnesia sets in ... eh?

This injustice in pay does not look good for the whole medical profession! No other profession allows that to happen to it's juniors, because it misdemeans the whole thing and brings it into disrepute! .. Then, chances are, medicine would fall behind in prestige! .. Already law has taken over and is at the front .. but then it's juniors do make, at least, double the money a junior doctor makes! Junior lawyers live with dignity, junior doctors just scrape by .. if they can! .. Shame!

Junior doctors should be re-banded; put on a higher NHS pay band that reflects their status in the NHS as well as their status in comparison to other graduates, even within the NHS itself, let alone outside .. bearing in mind the longer time it takes to qualify and hence their age and resulting lost income of 2-3 years, the extra BSc qualification or higher, and their lifelong strive for excellence and the hard work, lifelong continuous personal development as well as the responsibility they take of their patients .. all 'unique' to medicine .. and it's time medicine rewarded that. Did you know for example that young managers in the NHS get permanant work contracts when frontline Junior doctors don't?!! And much better pay too! ... LUCRATIVE!

Fair pay for Junior doctors .. That's value for money! .. Justice works both ways .. or not at all!

A new just contract for the Juniors .. I am hopeful so, let's wait and see :-)

People count up the faults of those who keep them waiting