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Monday, 29 June 2009

Did you know ...

Some say, the face on the statue resembles that of Bartholdi's mother :-)

The statue of Liberty was orginally intended for Egypt? :-)

Bartholdi, who was also the builder of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, built two miniature liberty statues, one in Luxumbourg and another in Brazil before he decided to go colossal with his design. At that time, the Suez Canal in Egypt was nearing it's completion and Bartholdi, knowing the collossal ego of the kedive or king of Egypt of the time, kedive Ismail, approached him with his equally collosal plans of a huge copper statue robed as an Egyptian peasant standing on a pedestal at the mouth of the canal and of course, it was music to the king of the big spenders, kedive Ismail's ears ... but it was never to be because the extravagant king got himself and his country into great financial trouble that led to him selling Egypt's shares in the canal to Britain .. and the rest is history ...

But then, the design, materials used and construction of the statue makes you wonder if, knowing his reputation for extreme extravagance, Bartholdi was after extracting as much money as at all possible off the king of the big spenders, Ismail of Egypt? Was the intention of selling such a colossal statue resembling the Statue of 'Liberty' intended to take the Kedive for a ride? :-)
The statue is designed to look colossal, hence, it is sitting on a base of 47 meters high while the statue itself is 46 meters high, hence the total height is 93 meters in all .. in comparison to other Bartholdi work, The Eiffel Tower for example, this structure would reach the first balcony of the Eiffel tower if they were both stood side by side .. so, colossal a statue it is ... Huge!

However, typical of Bartholdi's design and material used, the statue, like the Eiffel Tower, was not designed or built to last long .. and there you have it ...

Did you know?

The copper sheeting used to build the statue of liberty is only around 2mm in thickness? .. That's flimsy! .. By any standard .. and so, Bartholdi holds the structure upright by the use of steel rods in a typical Bartholdi design that very much resembles The Eiffel Tower inside .. Absolutely amazing!

Even so, both structures, the Statue of Liberty and The Eiffel Tower pose a problem to current engineers re how to preserve them both for future generation .. and that's where modern engineering and architecture needs to innovate .. and where there is a will, they will always be a way .. to preserve even the flimsiest of structures ...

Funny that, for the dictionary does not list 'preservation' as a definition of the word innovate .. but reality on the ground does .. innovation is not only about inventing the new, but is also about finding ways to preserve the existing .. and once you do that .. it's Liberty! ;-)

.. and no, you won't get this history on a tourist tour ... ahem ... and .. this is 'La Folia' by Vivaldi .. enjoy :-)

Inside the statue of Liberty

Note also the very steep, narrow staircase resembling that of the original s
taircase of the Eiffel Tower .. and it's like there is a little Eiffel Tower inside the Statue of Liberty! Well, maybe not exact but that's amaaazing! right?! :-)

Friday, 26 June 2009

Talent lives on ...

From far, from eve and morning

And yon twelve-winded sky,

The stuff of life to knit me Blew hither:

here am I

Sing, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Mum is in jail ... :-(

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. "

"In May 2002, Patricia Amos stepped into the glare of media attention and political debate, making headlines around the world.

This 43-year-old mother of five from Oxfordshire became the first parent in England to be sent to jail because her child was playing truant ... Prosecuted for the truancy of a younger daughter, she was given a 28-day sentence.

She now says that the jailing of her mother made her feel so remorseful that she stopped truanting immediately.

She stayed on to get her GCSEs, went to college and is working full time.

"I realised that she had gone to prison because of me. I felt absolutely awful," she says.

"I felt really guilty and wanted to go back to school... I went straight back and knuckled down.

"For me, it worked, it definitely worked."

Looking back on the events leading up to her mother's imprisonment, she says she had never really believed that the jail threats would be carried through, saying she thought they were "all talk".


Her mother tried every day to get her to school, Emma says, and she says it was unfair that her mother was forced to pay such a penalty.

Rose Connor from Northampton, jailed in 2006 for her son's truancy, while seven months pregnant, is still angered by what she feels was an unjust policy."

Goodness me! Mothers are being sent to prison because their children escape from going to school?! .. and while 7 months pregnant?! What will that serve exactly?! A mother is a role model to her kids! The first 'hero' they ever come to know! And she remains so, in most cases, till the end of her days. Put her in prison and you will be just propagating the next generation of prison dwellers! If mum is in jail, then jail is ok! ... and no, jail isn't OK! It should never be!

Not all families value education and while education should of course be central to a child's growing up, there will always be those who do not appreciate it and there will always be some kids who will be truant as a result. Those children need other ways to training to suit their inability at learning the acedemic way; maybe learning a skill or an art that those kids like or that may have ran in their families at one point in time somehow .. or something along those lines. But putting their mothers in jail is no solution as most likely these are not very well educated mothers themselves and so, to teach them how to be good parents, you do not send them to jail to mix with criminals and drug dealers and learn their 'trade'! What logic is that?!

If the idea is by putting them in jail, you
frighten them off so that they can take a harder stand about their children's education, that won't work either! Because their children have already grown with parents who most probably played truant themselves when they were younger! Those same mothers that are now being put in jail because their kids don't go to school when they say goodbye to mum every morning .. This is definitely not the way to force children into classes they do not appreciate nor convert bad parenting into good parenting ... it will never work! Putting mums in jail will be scary at first but then the kids and their mums will get used to it .. with much more dire consequences at the end! This is the wrong approach!

Parenting classes alone won't work either because these mothers and their children do not have a purpose to apply good parenting to! All they know is what they see on TV and read in magazines about 'pop stars and actors, the 'Prat Beds' of our fake world of today and their latest films and how he, the fake hero, was able to seduce all the women in town within a minute of the film starting! And there you have it, kids running around trying to live the life of their hero! And there you have it, truancy, teenage pregnancies .. binging on alcohol .. unwanted babies ... etc, etc .. and with costs escalating out of hand, the government now wonders what to do!

Rather than putting mums in jail, give them a reason to live for, an aim in life, a proper goal or set of goals. Something of value to do other than that about, if you fell pregnant when you're 15, you'll get a social housing flat and some handout every week or whatever! Because many young women .. and men now aspire to do just that, helped by their own mothers too because most likely, those know nothing else too. .. and so, they all live on social assistance for the rest of their days! It's all they know because nobody taught them otherwise! A really vicious circle!

The BBC article is asking, what would you do?

I would give those mothers a purpose! .. and give them a 'real' hero to inspire them! Someone 'real' to look up to so that they can aspire to live better lives ...

I would want to change those mothers mind set. I would start a database where good successful professionals register then be available for the occassional contact from those kids, thus play role models to those mothers and their school kids too. A database where a youngster can choose their own role model and be allowed to, say, e-mail them, or the occassional meeting at their hero's place of work and see what they do first hand for more encouragement and support .. an incentive for the kids to aspire to be good ...So that attending school as well as truant kids can aspire to become like him or him or her, even successful plumbers, electricians, engineers, teachers .. etc etc, instead of aspiring to be the next Prat Bed and the results we see today because of this fake type of aspiration.

Many ads on TV are about rescuing and adopting animals, either domesticated or in the wild, even abroad. Why not do the same with truant kids? .. and please pardon me because I do not make a comparison but just take an idea from one project where it was proven to work and use it elsewhere. Adopt a truant kid, with paying a few pounds per month to help them better themselves ,, if you can .. or without.

Successful professionals, business men and women, skilled workers .. etc .. become 'real' heros .. adopt
one or a few school kids and help make a difference to their lives .. I can see, for example, jobbing doctors and the good Dr Grumbles and Crippens giving their e-mail addresses to a few school kids, normal kids as well as the truant ones, and occasionally receiving an e-mail from them and replying to same with a few words of advice and encouragement ... plumbers can do the same and so can teachers, civil servants .. the mechanic round the corner, etc etc ...

And, instead of social workers and the like, why not use the abilities of good mothers to teach those that are not that good how to do things better? One mother to adopt another .. and teach her .. by phone - email .. etc :-)

Give truant school kids .. and their mothers .. hope .. Give them purpose and make a difference to someone's life :-)

And to set an example, it is time motherhood, either combined with a job on the side or not, is properly recognised, honoured and rewarded for the multi-tasking, multi-talented, problem solving of the highest calibre job that it is. Reward good mothers, not because they raised kids with disabilities and did it against all the odds somehow, but because they raised good citizens who contribute to the betterment of themselves, their communities as well as the country .. . Rewarding motherhood for doing a good job like you reward and honour members of other professions .. for 'exceptional' work and ability!

Lady Sam one day soon? .. and why not?! You want to inspire other mums and raise a good generation that contributes rather than play truant and depend on the state for life, don't you? Give them an example .. or a few . to look up to ..

.. and you don't have to be deprived or truant to have a hero .. sooo, did I ever tell you that I too have a hero? .. and despite having never met him, this teacher does inspire me ... as he does many, many others ... big time :-)

We all need a hero in our life :-)

"A mother is an institution, if you equip her well, you equip a whole people with good, solid values" Ahmad Shawki

Friday, 19 June 2009

Woof from New York ... ;-)

This is 'Hue', my new friend from New York. We met a few days ago at the supermarket. He was with Stan, his owner .. and I was just shopping, when Hue decided that he liked me and totally out of the blue, the giant St Bernard appeared from behind an isle, stood right up and momentarily put his 'hands' on my shoulders while I screamed louder than a siren! But then Stan pulled the six footer dog down and apologised so hard that with my knees still shaking, I had to calm the man down myself at the end ... but then we met again when Stan finished loading all the shopping into Hue's saddle pockets .. only this time I was taken by the beautiful dog's amazing nature still trying to befriend me with almost a smile on his face .. well, almost .. :-)

And so, I stood there with Stan for a few moments talking, introducing ourselves and me playing around with Hue the huge dog, batting his big ears and giant face before we all had to say goodbye and go our separate ways at last ... Only to meet again only a few minutes later by the lift of the apartment block where I am staying in New York .. Hue, as it turned out to be, is my neighbour .. :-) He lives just one floor below ... and now we are best friends! And that's how I got to meet Samantha, who is a really nice person and is Stan's wife .. and they are both now my friends ...

I have since been invited to Hue's apartment for a drink, have been out with Hue's mum and dad' for dinner .. and they have been to my flat twice too ... the second time they also brought Al and Rola, some more neighbours from the same apartment tower ... and this last time we stayed in talking until nearly 2am ... but guess what we were talking about for the majority of the time? Yes, Obama was one topic but mostly, it was about our British Politicians! Apparently, ours are the talk of the town here in the USA at the moment. The current favourite passtime of our American cousins! Not the global recession, their depression or any other worldly affair .. the British 'show' is more 'it' for them, or it seems like that to me ... judging as per the questions I get asked whenever anyone finds out that I am visiting the USA from London - England ...

Your British 'congress' men got caught with their hands in the till, right?! ..

No, not! ... and of course I explained that our 'congress' men and women were not stealing, but were just merely following the rules that governs their claim to expenses to the last letter .. but then you get asked, so what was the whole fuss about then if they did not commit any crime? .. and You say, well, because you don't expect them to follow those rules to the last detail ... and why not?! What?! ... and while you feel you are sounding reeeally silly, you still explain what you can, whatever you saw, read or heard in the media and whether you believe it or not .. But then you get asked again if some of those MPs were actually bordering, if not fraudulent in the process too ...and again, you resort to what you were exposed too from the media as your reasoning and not on your own intelect ... and you end up on the defensive at the end and how it is because we live in a true democracy that the whole thing has surfaced in the first place and got opened wide for discussion and the laws of crime and punishment .. or not? ... and that had this happened anywhere else in the world, the media would have never found out, and even if it did, the matter would have never been allowed to be published ... etc, etc .... What a mess!

.. but then you don't make sense to yourself at the end ... because you're confused yourself. Were they the rules that are at fault .. or the 'congressmen?!'

The chicken or the egg?
... Oh yes, and ... Why is there no one talking about politics anymore?! It's all about what was in it for 'them'! Like this 'window dressing' one for example ...

Are our women MPs are using their sexuality to further their own careers?

No! Of course they don't! Two footer slits at the back .. or front of women MP skirts does not necessarily mean that the woman is wearing such dress to further her 'political' career, does it?! But then you think, if this was her intention, any woman that is, anywhere, either in politics, in health .. or otherwise .. And, her career was furthered as a result of her using her status a female somehow but then with limited responsibilities to account for the possible limitations in her abilities then, is there a'fault'? and if there is, whose 'fault' is that?

The egg or the chicken?

And the debate continues with my American friends ... wouldn't she be stupid if she didn't try to further her career this way if she has this know how and already knew that she could get what she is after getting? But how does she find out she could do that in the first place? It must be that there is a culprit gene that exists in both genders and is this responsible for that further career 'chemistry' I try, you oblige ... But then it seems that things get a little sour when the 'furthering' practice reaches a certain height and is then hindered in one way or another somehow resulting in this or the 'window dressing existance' syndrome .. and you wonder why is the one talking about window dressing, is window dressing herself?!! And then, what do those shes expect other than window dressing jobs ... sometimes?! .. And, isn't it that this can and does happen in any profession and everywhere else in the world too .. even in the US of A?! .. No! Wrong, they say, this won't happen in the USA! .. and so, you start talking about the Clintons ... and then you change the subject because it begins to get too heated up ... and very confused ... because you do not believe what you yourself are saying anymore .. Their actions .. your response ... It all becomes an act!

Hopefully nothing like that will ever happen in Britain again .. or I wish that when things like that happen, that with it, cleaner British politicians who will want to talk British politics ... in a system that won't allow but the best to get to be leaders. Men and women with natural leader abilities and not those raised solely on 'leadership courses' and graduate to lead only for themselves and their own interests ... people who will endeavour to protect and not rock our boat .. because no one must ever be allowed to rock 'the' boat ... Britain!

or, there should be a law that states that British tourists, in any host country, must go out to wherever tourists go at all times .. and definately no staying in residential apartment blocks .. or make friends amongst the natives of the visited country ... or meet St Bernards in supermarkets ... because it can get embaressing at the end sometimes ... or even get hot!

See, it's all because of you Hue!

Now, say woof to everybody in Britain for me ..

woof, woof

.. and take my shopping home? Good, good dog ... :-)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

A room with a view :-)

“They say life's what happens when you're busy making other plans. But sometimes in New York, life is what happens when you're sitting at a table.”

Did you know? The Rockefeller Center houses perhaps the largest collection of art deco sculptures, paintings and art deco style gardens in New York. The beautiful building was completed in 1940 and was supposed to be the new home of the Metropolitan Opera but then The Opera pulled out of the deal and so the developer, Rockefeller, turned the amazing building into what is now known as 'Radio City!'! ... and I can see a bit of it now from my bedroom window! :-)

It seems everybody is thinking of visiting the USA these days! Me tooo! And I am already here in NYC! And when in New York ... exactly! sooo, I have been out for most of the time I have been here already and have been going along on less than 4 hours sleep! But when you are in New York, you don't sleep because you wont't forgive yourself if you do .. and you go out to eat! .. and when you've done that .. you go visit an attraction or two .. or shop till you drop .. then you go out again .. to eat again! And that is what you do in NY; anything .. followed by EAT!

This is what the this city is all about .. no wonder some call it sin city!

And so, everybody here is constantly bloated .. and sleep deprived .. and that's what I too have been doing since my son and me got here. Apart from the shopping bit, which I have no intention of being dragged into at the moment with that 'I've just stopped smoking' now one stone heavier me .. mind you, I don't feel so guilty about my excess weight in NYC, for it seems that most of the women here have just stopped smoking too .. and loads of them must have been on much harder substances as well, judging by their super heavy weights! Really, the majority of the ladies here make the heaviest of British women look like Cinderellas! ... and they don't care too! And you hardly see anyone smoking in NY anymore, either in private or otherwise which is good .. But you then look at how heavy those Americans are and you wonder, could that no smoking craze be the reason why everybody has become so fat?!They are substituting one devil for another? And this is why the whole city sprung up with restaurants and why all are doing so well?...

... and the weather is beautiful and the girls .. and boys ... do get their size 24 pair of hot pants on and out they go! ... eating and eating and enjoying themselves till they drop .. on all fours .. literally, for the New Yorkers eat all the time until they can't heave those heavy bodies anymore .. and so, they sit anywhere to rest then off they go again. That's why there are now free seats, tables and chairs in many places, even right in the middle of Times Square too. I think those are for the non smoking folk who are now too heavy, they do need to rest between all their meals ...

And what about obesity?! .. What obesity ... the New Yorkers haven't got a clue, they can't even tell they are fat!. They don't know the meaning of the word here or what trouble the extra weight can do to them .. and they don't want to know either, judging by the way you see them consume their vast amounts of food.

This above was just my introduction to what I myself ate today. Sort of an excuse for what you're about to read, well, I too am a non smoker and I too, am now in New York so, when a non smoker in New York, do what non smokers in New York do, which is you EAT! ... and I have been doing just that since I arrived here.. and have one more whole week to indulge ... Yesterday it was the must see Times Square and a Morroccan restaurant for afters .. and we stayed till the early hours too .. Eating!

And today, after a bit of sightseeing, we stumbled, by mere chance, upon that street market on the 3rd Avenue between 23rd and 35th Street .. for those who have never been to New York, this is a stretch of road of about a mile long of wide big road. It was closed from both sides to allow for pedestrians visiting the food fair that was only held today for the one time only. A truly extravagant food fair exhibiting stalls with sizzling hot and cold foods from all around the world cooked in front of your own anticipating eyes! .. and the smells! .. a mile long continuous aroma of all the goodies on offer .. yummmmm ;-) And so, here is what I ate there today ... :-)

- A slice of Greek 'Spinach Copi' About half a pound of filo pastry stuffed with Spinach and Reccotta cheese ...

- One lamb and one chicken 'Gyro' or skewers .. with rice and salad ....

-A 'monster burger' or a whole one lb of meat with BBQ sauce flame grilled in the middle of the street and topped with god knows what that sauce was! .. and with a really large slice of onion .... all crammed in a biggest bun I've ever seen ...

- A plate of 'zippole' or fried batter dipped in sugar ..

- And apple and grape 'Stombi' or thick drink ..

- A large green lemonade .. as if it comes in other colours!

- A glass 'mahadaka' green tea

- A large plastic cup of the most delicious red water melon ever!

.. and just before we left .. we bought a quarter of Spicy Mehican chicken each! .. Well, you wouldn't want to leave that, would you? .. It's a one day fair and where else would we get that mehican recipe from?! .. that 'bird' is now in the fridge ... waiting ...

Anyway way .. I am now unable to breeze because of all the food we ate but, comfortable at home, which is in the middle of everything in the heart of Manhattan .. and with a view too! but I honestly can't move to even get out and watch that view from my little balcony! .. and ... my son wants me to get up and get dressed to go out again because our friends are waiting! .. and where are we going to go? EAT! .. Oh noooooo!

.. BTW, this was a last minute decision to visit New York ... and we forgot to buy travel insurance ... sooooo @@

And this is One reeeeally Big ROTTEN to the core Apple! .. and I love it! ... and I have one more week to go ... and I will be back much sooner now that 'what's his name' is gone ..

At least to tell the Americans what I know about obesity and what it can do to your health ... god forbids!

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years”

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The cat above and the mouse below :-)

Effort only fully releases its reward for the oppressor after a targeted person initially refuses to quit but then is convinced to.

, smoking costs the NHS 5.5 BILLION pounds each year!
Five whole times more than previously thought according to an Oxford University research. This is a lot of money .. but, this is not the reason why I am stopping smoking though ...

I was a smoker (I can't believe I am saying that!) for more than 30 years and used to really enjoy a cigarette, or two ... with my coffee, after a meal .. etc .. However, I did not smoke in public and I have never tried to give up smoking before, why should I if I enjoy it and I am harming nobody? But I have been, apart from 2 cheats, been cigarette free since 20 April this year .. A memorable date for ever for me! Who would've thought?!

I knew what harm smoking can do to one's health but I suppose you always think 'it won't' happen to me. But the extensive government campaign to stop smoking was beginning to work on very stubborn me and on my whole family or so it seems for it was my kids who finally 'convinced' me that the 'only' way forward was to give up my 'bad habit'. They have always showed their dislike for my 'addiction' and since becoming medics, they tried everything to stop me smoking including the daily telling of the horrors they meet, either to my face or actually making the effort to regularly phone me just to tell me of the horror they all see in hospital. That meant I sometimes got three calls a day as well as an evening session with whoever was around to lecture me on all those people populating all hospitals and are dying left right and centre! Such horrible and really painful death too! .. and it seemed that everybody was dying, everybody .. screaming in agony too .. all while relatives and loved ones where helplessly watching too! They gave me the complete treatment and for a while it seemed I was going to end up being totally alone in Britain just because of the smoking monster that was mercilessly killing everybody!

Then, when this did not 'fully' achieve the desired outcome, they moved to plan B, which was to cut all my cigarettes to pieces whenever they found them and stick it in the rubbish bin .. then follow that by a long angry lesson on how I should show some self constraint and try to behave better than that as well as take more 'responsibility for my actions' and 'regard' to others' health as well as feelings ... Do I not see how selfish I was to smoke? :-)

.. and so, I followed my plan B too and hid my cigarettes everywhere in the house and smoked in the bathroom whenever the kids were around .. Come to think of it, I did spend a good chunk of my life hiding in toilets for one reason or another! Ah, well .. I had to do it and c'est la vie, right? :-)

But then, I was still found out and the kids raised their onslaught to plan C .. ie, looking absolutely disgusted whenever and every time they spoke or interacted with me in anyway, either alone or even when some close friends were around .. my daughter even went to the extent of taking the contents of my ashtray and made a jelly out of them and left that in the fridge with 'for mum' stuck to the bowl ..

I couldn't take that anymore, the idea that my children were that affected by my smoking and their fearing that much for me really .. and so, I agreed to get medication to help me stop and I did and I have been smoke free since .. well, almost .. for I mourned and I still miss the smoke and I cheated twice .. and was never found out so I could have done it more. But then, I thought, it wasn't about the cigarettes anymore, it was much more than this .. it was about mum showing that she can still take a challenge ... even if that means giving up something I do enjoy ... and so, bye bye cigarettes .. and I do mean that .. never again ...

I have never been good at taking medicines either, any medicine which I suppose is lucky I never needed them really .. and so, because of the side effects, the sleepiness and the dizziness, which are getting worse as my concentration is beginning to become affected too, I have today decided not to take the 'stop smoking' medicine anymore ... I am going to do it alone ... as usual

And so, from now on, it's no thank you, I do not smoke ... :-)

... and I must admit, I do feel better, well .. I do .. soooo .. maybe,
with my new pair of invigorated lungs, I should take up a new hobby .. operatic singing perhaps .. like JD?

But, does anyone have any idea why all the best sopranos and tenors are fat?

... and yes, this government 'cat and mouse' stop it campaign is working
says a healthier mouse ;-)

"I couldn't watch Tom and Jerry. The cruelty was too much. I had all these strange images, of tiny animals, all mixed up."

Friday, 5 June 2009


“The craziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves.”

I've just made myself some home-made popcorn .. and while munch on the deliciously crunchy treats, I think to myself ... it really is amazing what is happening to this country's politics at the moment! Sometimes I feel the need for someone to pinch me just to make sure I am actually awake and not dreaming or suffering from the side effects of the quit smoking medicine that I am still taking ... which does, as well as raising my food awarness to new heights, make me very sleepy as well as dizzy to the point of feeling like I am walking on the moon sometimes .. am I walking on air? Or, are we really in BRITAIN?! Or, it is just meee? .. it must be me dreaming up things, eh?

I am watching BBC 24 at the moment ... and have just heard that James Purnell, the Work and Pensions Secretary has also resigned! Wot, another one? So, who is left for the PM to re-shuffle in the next few days as he intended to do then?! And Mr Burnell wants Mr Brown to quit too! So, if verybody is leaving, who will do the re-shuffling?! .. It seems we're going to be on our own soooon?!
Check Spelling
Ok, maybe not but .. it seems we are in Complete Anarchy!

Only yesterday Mrs Hazel Blears, alongside a few more top cabinet members and ministers, decided to quit too, which is brilliant news because IMO, she should have gone weeks ago .. but, what does 'the honourable' she woman, who they say, CAN grow on you, do straight after? She wears a broach with a 'rock the boat' writing on it and makes sure the media took note too! ... and as I watch while totally gobsmacked that the right honourable MP and member of the highest cabinet in the land evaluated such b*tchy behaviour as ok to display to the public! ... in public!

I am still uncontrollably stuffing the popcorn in my mouth by the handful now, and I can't help but think, did we really elect people with such 'attitudes' to represent us, the trusting British people, in government?! Will this woman as well as the 'exposed' lot ever get the chance to sit in cabinet again or represent us in Parliament again?

And .. Ian Dale, the well known conservative blogger was invited by the BBC programme to comment on the 'news'. He said that it is rumoured amid the conservative circles that David Milliband would be resigning tomorrow, meaning Friday, but then David Milliband contacted the programme and said he was not at all considering such a thing! Well, I do not gamble or play roulette but this sounded very much like a game of roulette gamble to me! Milliband style!

And the whole saga seems sooo fictional! As if it was written specially with the sole purpose of 'entertaining' us folks but they are not really .. real! .. for surely, this can't possibly be the real state of British politics at the moment, can it? The tragedy of the current economic climate then the comedy of the expenses saga .. followed by the horror of this, what looks like total disintegration of the whole British political system, no less! .. AND ... it is us the British people that are caught in the middle of the resulting awful stench .. and are suffering .. and are paying! .. and I am watching .. and I am noisily munching some more popcorn .. and I am wondering .. what are we supposed to do? ... laugh ... or cry? ... and I think to myself .. some people watching this fantastic show have and are still suffering the consequences of these bizarre times so much and for the past so many months, they may now want to scream!

... but then the news says that 'he' still says that 'he' can get us out of these difficult times! ... and sooo ... I decide to laugh ... It's meant to be a laughable matter, right? Or ...

I better go 'pop' some more corn ... and while I am at it, I will try to guess who else will pop out .. or in tomorrow. Popcorn ... you know ...always goes ... POP! :-)

“Of course life is bizarre, the more bizarre it gets, the more interesting it is. The only way to approach it is to make yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show.”