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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Wot glasses?!

Coloured glasses are never made in bifocals. Nobody wants to read the small print in dreams.

I have always had very good eye sight, but three years ago reading started to become a bit blurred and I was prescribed a pair of plus 0.5 reading glasses. I didn't like them much because I do not like any sort of glasses in general, but it was more comfortable to use them for reading especially at night. A year on, those glasses were upgraded to 1.5 lens strength. But I don't like them and do avoid wearing them as much as I can to this day because ....
While I was in Egypt last year, my father who is well over eighty advised me to try and read without them. He never wore glasses himself and can still read, albeit slowly and with a bit of difficulty, without the need for any face furniture or even the use of magnifying glass. He firmly believes that if you get your eyes used to outside help, one's sight will keep on deteriorating 'until you wear glasses as thick as the bottom of a drinking glass'. Well, I took his advice and stopped wearing my reading glasses, except for when I can't be bothered with the little discomfort of reading slower than usual, but amazingly enough, the 1.5 reading glasses strength feels very uncomfortable now, I have already dropped back to just 1.0 and it feels better than if I am wearing the stronger ones ... when I wear any that is! ... I am writing now without any!

I do not need long distance help with my vision so far, but I have no idea if my father's La resistance to glasses 'theory' will last for or if there is any base in science for this resistance ... etc, but it worked for him and now it works for me :-)

I don't know how long will this resistance to wearing reading glasses can continue for .. and it does take a bit getting used to the discomfort of having no magic aid, so, news like this are absolutely brilliant:

As the body ages so do the eyes and people start needing glasses for reading and driving.
But now a new technique has come on the market which promises not only to restore our sight but also to make it better than before and get us seeing in high definition.
Where the light adjustable lens (LAL) differs from others is that because of the flexibility of its material, unpolymerised silicone, it can be adjusted after it has been placed in the eye - allowing eye surgeons to optimise vision."

With all the lazer treatments now available for all sorts of eye conditions and with the addition of this amazing new advancement, it seems that I will never need to force myself to wear the horrid things again. And, very soon nobody will need to wear any glasses for any reason either! But what about sun glasses? ... well, you never know, maybe those eye doctors out there will discover a way for those artificial lens they replace the natural ones with to colour when given an order to do so by a brain impulse or something ... you never know ... Dreeeeams! :-)

... then .. face furniture, of any kind ... will be resigned to the dustbin of history! And you know, I think that there must be a relationship between poor eye sight and conditions like dementia, Alzehimers and the like! I have no idea if that is true, but wait till science proves me right when those conditions are very much helped, even become a thing of the past too because of better eye sight! Not forgetting how much more productivity as well as enjoyment of life and general well being will good eye sight give those loads of people who currently need to wear glasses too!

Will anybody miss wearing glasses? .. I won't ... sooo .. good riddance!

Innovation --->  Brilliant science ----> magic medicine! :-)

Eye cells could help diagnose Alzheimers disease

An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted

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