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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

It's 'The Luck Of The Draw'!

It's the luck of the draw, know what I mean?

Final year medical students are in the process of applying to their F1 jobs at the moment. First, they had to fill an application form and at the same time, without knowing how they scored, they also had to choose their regions and arrange those in order of preference. Now that this has been done and each candidate found out their application score, loads of high scoring candidates found out that despite getting a much above average in their application, they were unable to secure a job in their top preferences because those who scored less had put the region they secured their jobs in as their first preference! ... Not clear? Well, that's how it works:

Say you put all four London regions as your preferred for jobs:

1- Region 1
2- Region 2
3- Region 3
4- Region 4

Then, for example you add:

5- Oxford
6- Cambridge
7- Middle of nowhere region

... etc .. etc until you list all available regions.

Now, depending on your score, if your first choice region was over subscribed, you have lost out and the chances are you will end up with your 7th choice 'middle of nowhere region' despite gaining a much higher than average score in your application! That's because if you don't get your 1st preference because of it being very much over subscribed, the likelihood is that your second and subsequent choices have already been filled with candidates who scored much less than you but had put their first choice as 'your' chosen 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th choice!

Because all applications get offered to all regions at the same time! Much like with MTAS when many top applicants lost out because they dared to apply to top jobs which were then over subscribed!

So, in effect, , for example, apart from the first region, candidates who scored in the low 70%s have been able to secure a place exactly where they want and in popular deaneries too, while, for example, those who scored over 80% and up to 83% didn't! Those will now end up in places they do not really want to be in!

Very unfair when below average scoring candidates come from behind and get suited to their first choice, while top scoring candidates who were not able to get their 1st choice are not able to get their 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice! Simply because they could not predict which regions were over subscribed and which were not! ... Last year's results did not help in that prediction either as the scores are very different this year! ... and once you're allocated a region, you stay there for the duration for you two foundation years!

Whether high or low, what's the point of having a score in the first place then?!

It's all a gamble!

In a 'rational' world, those who scored above a certain percentage should be offered to their 1st choice and then to their 2nd if not suited, then third and so on before the second wave of applicants are treated in the same way .. and it wouldn't take longer either because once the first wave is started, the rest would follow ... smoothe and streamlined too! .... and ... FAIR

But we're not in the 'rational' world here ... we're in The Luck of the Draw world where logic does not apply!

Very unfair!

It's the sad luck of the draw, that's all you can say.

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