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Friday, 5 June 2009


“The craziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves.”

I've just made myself some home-made popcorn .. and while munch on the deliciously crunchy treats, I think to myself ... it really is amazing what is happening to this country's politics at the moment! Sometimes I feel the need for someone to pinch me just to make sure I am actually awake and not dreaming or suffering from the side effects of the quit smoking medicine that I am still taking ... which does, as well as raising my food awarness to new heights, make me very sleepy as well as dizzy to the point of feeling like I am walking on the moon sometimes .. am I walking on air? Or, are we really in BRITAIN?! Or, it is just meee? .. it must be me dreaming up things, eh?

I am watching BBC 24 at the moment ... and have just heard that James Purnell, the Work and Pensions Secretary has also resigned! Wot, another one? So, who is left for the PM to re-shuffle in the next few days as he intended to do then?! And Mr Burnell wants Mr Brown to quit too! So, if verybody is leaving, who will do the re-shuffling?! .. It seems we're going to be on our own soooon?!
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Ok, maybe not but .. it seems we are in Complete Anarchy!

Only yesterday Mrs Hazel Blears, alongside a few more top cabinet members and ministers, decided to quit too, which is brilliant news because IMO, she should have gone weeks ago .. but, what does 'the honourable' she woman, who they say, CAN grow on you, do straight after? She wears a broach with a 'rock the boat' writing on it and makes sure the media took note too! ... and as I watch while totally gobsmacked that the right honourable MP and member of the highest cabinet in the land evaluated such b*tchy behaviour as ok to display to the public! ... in public!

I am still uncontrollably stuffing the popcorn in my mouth by the handful now, and I can't help but think, did we really elect people with such 'attitudes' to represent us, the trusting British people, in government?! Will this woman as well as the 'exposed' lot ever get the chance to sit in cabinet again or represent us in Parliament again?

And .. Ian Dale, the well known conservative blogger was invited by the BBC programme to comment on the 'news'. He said that it is rumoured amid the conservative circles that David Milliband would be resigning tomorrow, meaning Friday, but then David Milliband contacted the programme and said he was not at all considering such a thing! Well, I do not gamble or play roulette but this sounded very much like a game of roulette gamble to me! Milliband style!

And the whole saga seems sooo fictional! As if it was written specially with the sole purpose of 'entertaining' us folks but they are not really .. real! .. for surely, this can't possibly be the real state of British politics at the moment, can it? The tragedy of the current economic climate then the comedy of the expenses saga .. followed by the horror of this, what looks like total disintegration of the whole British political system, no less! .. AND ... it is us the British people that are caught in the middle of the resulting awful stench .. and are suffering .. and are paying! .. and I am watching .. and I am noisily munching some more popcorn .. and I am wondering .. what are we supposed to do? ... laugh ... or cry? ... and I think to myself .. some people watching this fantastic show have and are still suffering the consequences of these bizarre times so much and for the past so many months, they may now want to scream!

... but then the news says that 'he' still says that 'he' can get us out of these difficult times! ... and sooo ... I decide to laugh ... It's meant to be a laughable matter, right? Or ...

I better go 'pop' some more corn ... and while I am at it, I will try to guess who else will pop out .. or in tomorrow. Popcorn ... you know ...always goes ... POP! :-)

“Of course life is bizarre, the more bizarre it gets, the more interesting it is. The only way to approach it is to make yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show.”

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