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Monday, 29 June 2009

Did you know ...

Some say, the face on the statue resembles that of Bartholdi's mother :-)

The statue of Liberty was orginally intended for Egypt? :-)

Bartholdi, who was also the builder of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, built two miniature liberty statues, one in Luxumbourg and another in Brazil before he decided to go colossal with his design. At that time, the Suez Canal in Egypt was nearing it's completion and Bartholdi, knowing the collossal ego of the kedive or king of Egypt of the time, kedive Ismail, approached him with his equally collosal plans of a huge copper statue robed as an Egyptian peasant standing on a pedestal at the mouth of the canal and of course, it was music to the king of the big spenders, kedive Ismail's ears ... but it was never to be because the extravagant king got himself and his country into great financial trouble that led to him selling Egypt's shares in the canal to Britain .. and the rest is history ...

But then, the design, materials used and construction of the statue makes you wonder if, knowing his reputation for extreme extravagance, Bartholdi was after extracting as much money as at all possible off the king of the big spenders, Ismail of Egypt? Was the intention of selling such a colossal statue resembling the Statue of 'Liberty' intended to take the Kedive for a ride? :-)
The statue is designed to look colossal, hence, it is sitting on a base of 47 meters high while the statue itself is 46 meters high, hence the total height is 93 meters in all .. in comparison to other Bartholdi work, The Eiffel Tower for example, this structure would reach the first balcony of the Eiffel tower if they were both stood side by side .. so, colossal a statue it is ... Huge!

However, typical of Bartholdi's design and material used, the statue, like the Eiffel Tower, was not designed or built to last long .. and there you have it ...

Did you know?

The copper sheeting used to build the statue of liberty is only around 2mm in thickness? .. That's flimsy! .. By any standard .. and so, Bartholdi holds the structure upright by the use of steel rods in a typical Bartholdi design that very much resembles The Eiffel Tower inside .. Absolutely amazing!

Even so, both structures, the Statue of Liberty and The Eiffel Tower pose a problem to current engineers re how to preserve them both for future generation .. and that's where modern engineering and architecture needs to innovate .. and where there is a will, they will always be a way .. to preserve even the flimsiest of structures ...

Funny that, for the dictionary does not list 'preservation' as a definition of the word innovate .. but reality on the ground does .. innovation is not only about inventing the new, but is also about finding ways to preserve the existing .. and once you do that .. it's Liberty! ;-)

.. and no, you won't get this history on a tourist tour ... ahem ... and .. this is 'La Folia' by Vivaldi .. enjoy :-)

Inside the statue of Liberty

Note also the very steep, narrow staircase resembling that of the original s
taircase of the Eiffel Tower .. and it's like there is a little Eiffel Tower inside the Statue of Liberty! Well, maybe not exact but that's amaaazing! right?! :-)

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