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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The cat above and the mouse below :-)

Effort only fully releases its reward for the oppressor after a targeted person initially refuses to quit but then is convinced to.

, smoking costs the NHS 5.5 BILLION pounds each year!
Five whole times more than previously thought according to an Oxford University research. This is a lot of money .. but, this is not the reason why I am stopping smoking though ...

I was a smoker (I can't believe I am saying that!) for more than 30 years and used to really enjoy a cigarette, or two ... with my coffee, after a meal .. etc .. However, I did not smoke in public and I have never tried to give up smoking before, why should I if I enjoy it and I am harming nobody? But I have been, apart from 2 cheats, been cigarette free since 20 April this year .. A memorable date for ever for me! Who would've thought?!

I knew what harm smoking can do to one's health but I suppose you always think 'it won't' happen to me. But the extensive government campaign to stop smoking was beginning to work on very stubborn me and on my whole family or so it seems for it was my kids who finally 'convinced' me that the 'only' way forward was to give up my 'bad habit'. They have always showed their dislike for my 'addiction' and since becoming medics, they tried everything to stop me smoking including the daily telling of the horrors they meet, either to my face or actually making the effort to regularly phone me just to tell me of the horror they all see in hospital. That meant I sometimes got three calls a day as well as an evening session with whoever was around to lecture me on all those people populating all hospitals and are dying left right and centre! Such horrible and really painful death too! .. and it seemed that everybody was dying, everybody .. screaming in agony too .. all while relatives and loved ones where helplessly watching too! They gave me the complete treatment and for a while it seemed I was going to end up being totally alone in Britain just because of the smoking monster that was mercilessly killing everybody!

Then, when this did not 'fully' achieve the desired outcome, they moved to plan B, which was to cut all my cigarettes to pieces whenever they found them and stick it in the rubbish bin .. then follow that by a long angry lesson on how I should show some self constraint and try to behave better than that as well as take more 'responsibility for my actions' and 'regard' to others' health as well as feelings ... Do I not see how selfish I was to smoke? :-)

.. and so, I followed my plan B too and hid my cigarettes everywhere in the house and smoked in the bathroom whenever the kids were around .. Come to think of it, I did spend a good chunk of my life hiding in toilets for one reason or another! Ah, well .. I had to do it and c'est la vie, right? :-)

But then, I was still found out and the kids raised their onslaught to plan C .. ie, looking absolutely disgusted whenever and every time they spoke or interacted with me in anyway, either alone or even when some close friends were around .. my daughter even went to the extent of taking the contents of my ashtray and made a jelly out of them and left that in the fridge with 'for mum' stuck to the bowl ..

I couldn't take that anymore, the idea that my children were that affected by my smoking and their fearing that much for me really .. and so, I agreed to get medication to help me stop and I did and I have been smoke free since .. well, almost .. for I mourned and I still miss the smoke and I cheated twice .. and was never found out so I could have done it more. But then, I thought, it wasn't about the cigarettes anymore, it was much more than this .. it was about mum showing that she can still take a challenge ... even if that means giving up something I do enjoy ... and so, bye bye cigarettes .. and I do mean that .. never again ...

I have never been good at taking medicines either, any medicine which I suppose is lucky I never needed them really .. and so, because of the side effects, the sleepiness and the dizziness, which are getting worse as my concentration is beginning to become affected too, I have today decided not to take the 'stop smoking' medicine anymore ... I am going to do it alone ... as usual

And so, from now on, it's no thank you, I do not smoke ... :-)

... and I must admit, I do feel better, well .. I do .. soooo .. maybe,
with my new pair of invigorated lungs, I should take up a new hobby .. operatic singing perhaps .. like JD?

But, does anyone have any idea why all the best sopranos and tenors are fat?

... and yes, this government 'cat and mouse' stop it campaign is working
says a healthier mouse ;-)

"I couldn't watch Tom and Jerry. The cruelty was too much. I had all these strange images, of tiny animals, all mixed up."


Dr Grumble said...

I came across this to explain why opera singers are fat:

Opera singers need a far more powerful diaphragm than normal to be able to project their voice above the sound of a large orchestra in a large opera house.

Even the most basic knowledge of anatomy suggests that there is something very wrong with this explanation.

sam said...

:-) Yep! because what you're saying is that fat makes the diaphram more powerful .. is that so? If so, how does that work?

And how about their voice box itself, where does the fat come in to make sounds so very powerful .. and pure?

.. and you're here because you like Tom and Jerry Dr G! Admit it!