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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Unlocking 'my' talents ... :-)

I sometimes write what can be termed as 'short stories' and 'poetry', nothing much for I have never had any specialised training in writing. I just jot down feelings, ideas and things that come to my head at any given time. I mostly write those down in Arabic because I can express myself more in my mother tongue .. better vocabulary too, I think. Did I ever tell you? I once got a national 1st prize for this my primitive writing in Egypt centuries ago when I was 16 years old. I have never stopped since although, at times, I stopped writing, sometimes for years, but I have always went back .. and yes, I am the type that keeps a daily diary .. but sometimes I don't make entries for months .. I always go back to it though .. and write a summary of what was missed. Only disorganised as I am, I have never kept proper logs of everything I wrote and IMO, some were quite reasonable, sometimes very funny to read :-)

This one I wrote around two months following MTAS 2007. It was a true picture of how I really felt then. Not the strong woman who went for the fight as my contributions on Remedy UK and elsewhere including here depicted but a really vulnerable person who wanted the whole think to end 'for her' one way or the other, so see, I didn't really cope with MTAS as good as I made everyone believe ... at times I was desperate.

I have recently been having the same feelings sometimes but, while some may think that I maybe giving up, the reality is .. I am not ... I can not afford to. Actually, I think contraray to this, I think that by sometimes showing the human side inside you that this helps you gain momentum .. strength to continue and to cope with whatever adverse event you may meet in your life .. and we all have some of those. Most, if not all of those few who read the rubbish I write here know me since MTAS 2007, two years ago now so, you probably know lots about me already, about my fears as well as times when I am happy ... I am not the type that can hide or wants to hide emotions .. we all have some inside and so, why not add some more? BTW, I am an only child spoilt rotten in childhood but not since so, sometimes you will see what you medics may describe as 'an only child syndrome' ... ignore .. my children always do ... the 'condition' never lasts for very long anyway ... a day or two at the most .. :-)

I have a few more stories and a few more poems that I can still either find jogged down in a scrap book lying around the house somewhere or that I can remember myself. Some are based on real events in my life and some are totally fictional. However, I think that any fiction is always the result of real emotions felt at a given time.

I have decided to share some of these with you. I will always leave a note at the bottom to give an approximate time of when I wrote the particular piece I am posting. Those are not intended to any any literature value whatsoever and are very limited in content most if not all of the time but, hey .. it is what I in my own very limited way felt at one time or another of my life ... I will just sometimes post one of those in between other posts as and when I feel I have a need to post them .. I have no idea how many will I post, one, two? A few? lots? who knows ... :-)

.. and this is one of my favourite songs by the beautiful Nina Simone .. enjoy :-)

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