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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Deja -vu ... MTAS disguised ...

" I love colour", said the salamander"

The results of the job allocations for next year's F1 doctors have just come out for a new medical school. This is it's second graduating batch and those graduating are medics who decided not to intercalate a BSc or mature students who had a BSc then followed the 5 year medical degree for mature students as this school does not do the 4 year course. There were also some of those who intercalated a BSc. A first is awarded 5 points and the award decreases according to the grade obtained.

A few months ago, all those medics were divided into quartiles based on their academic achievements and of course, they 'thought' this is how they will be allocated their first jobs; according to merit. But, oh, no! They had to fill the application form to apply for the jobs and, surprise, surprise .. there were 5 'white box' questions on that form.

Now that the results of that are out, the medics are absolutely shocked to find that loads of those who were in the top quartile were left aside while many of the bottom quartile medics were allocated the best jobs; their first choice! Those with excellent
record of achievement got their 10th choice and below! That you were a top achiever throughout your time at med school did not matter, nor that you had a 1st in your degree or even higher qualification, a live long record of being tops .. etc .. etc!

I know one of those medics and I have known them for years now, nothing special at all, not even as a human being .. actually more of a trouble maker too .. they got their first choice job! .. Thank you little

Does anybody have any idea why those medics were put into quartiles according to their ability to start with?! Why award points for degrees according to merit just to discard all achievement at the end in favour of a few silly and ficticious 'white box' senarios?!

What is the meaning of merit nowadays?!

What were these 'quartiles' for?! If selection was 'not' going to be on merit?!

MTAS has now been camouflaged folks .. It has now re appeared as little MTASs ensuring injustice at a local level ... rather than nationally as was with hurricane MTAS 2007

Since hurricane
MTAS 2007 was declared 'an unprecedented disaster in the history of British medicine.' Why then have all these little MTAS's reappeared with their ugly heads?! Of course, all graduates are guaranteed jobs as F1s but what next? How will little MTAS affect a doctor's career in future years? .. will it be; have you been shunned by little MTAS at F1? ... then no place in specialty training for you, a young aspiring to excellence and with potential to lead and innovate doctor with 1sts, prizes, even a PhD and proven flying colours doctor?! .. Then you think, who will do all the innovation in the future? .. Who will 'aspire to excellence'? .. who will lead British medicine into the 21st century? definitely not the ones who were in the bottom quartile but were favoured by little MTAS because they attended courses on how to fill the stupid white boxes?!.. Leaders without merit?! Give me examples from history!

Where is the 'logic' in that then?!

What are these white boxes for?! Could this be one of the reasons ... even ...
'the' reason? Could another reason be that you have to speak 'buzz word' NHS bureau before you you are allowed to enter the system? Enable .. empower .. envelope .. jargon, jargon? If indeed this is one reason for the 'white boxes', then I don't understand .. if the NHS is opening up, then surely .. bureaucracy should also be minimised to facilitate positive change? Change of idiology can't happen without a change of culture, right?!

What 'buzz words' are those that are Mutilating Medical Careers?! .. making or breaking careers and livelihoods?!

What are those white boxes for?

It is not easy being an
MTAS parent going through selection for specialty training for the second time ... so, I sincerely hope I am wrong in thinking about the motives for these white boxes .... But no one is explaining what are they for? .. Why not select 'fairly' on merit?!

Show me evidence that 'white boxes' and not merit produces the best doctors, the best innovators, best leaders .. excellence! ..

I bet no one can .. because it is IMPOSSIBLE!

Medics are no longer motivated to achieve their best! What for, they say .. if at the end, your placement as per merit will be ignored? Why bother?! .. If it is a 'tombola' at the end and not 'may the best wo/man win' as it should be if we apply 'reason'?!

What are we teaching those youngsters?!

As for 'cracking the nut' .. or .. application to specialty training ... My daughter has heard nothing yet .... I know of some who have ... no comment ... but ...

Let's hope ...

Artists can colour the sky red because they know it's blue. Those of us who aren't artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we're stupid.

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