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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Pray for PEACE in 2009 ...



Tell someone you love them today


Have a peaceful New Year

Pray for PEACE in the world

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Remain optimistic, while we wait ... :-)

"The wisdom of Tom & his friend?, Jerry brilliantly depicting the ongoing situation between the juniors and the DoH, watch the clip"

Does anyone have any idea when is the DoH going to release the 2008 specialty training statistics? How many with and how many without? What happened to those without?

Specialty Training 2009 starts 5th January .. I wonder what the overall job numbers will be like? We'll soon find out I suppose ... Good luck to all applicants :-)

And now .... theee T&G poli-tics ...
Tom: [looking for Jerry after the cabin burnt down] Oh, Jerry, Jerry, where are you? I'll do anything. I'll give you...
Jerry: [Jerry is sitting on a piece of wood behind him] All the cheese I can eat?
Tom: Yeah, all the cheese you can eat.
Jerry: And no more tricks?
Tom: No more tricks.
Jerry: No more traps?
Tom: No more traps.
Jerry: That's a promise?
Tom: That's a ..
[realizes Jerry is behind him, grabs him]
Tom: Oh... I'm gonna. Oh, you little...!

There is a wisdom here for everybody to learn ... the Tom in the clip above was not so kind but, I trust this one will keep his word.

And, you know, I've never really got over the day since I found that T&G were just drawings .. then again, they are 'quality' drawings, that's why they materialise and become real for so many including me ... keep the dream going and it will become reality one day ... it never seizes to amaze me how Jerry always bounces back and comes tops ... :-)

Monday, 29 December 2008

It stinks! :-(

They may attack me with an army of six hundred syllogisms; and if I do not recant, they will proclaim me a heretic

It seems that no one gives a damn about the injustice of MTAS/MMC 2007, not even the GMC!

"The GMC have now replied and have rejected the call for an enquiry. Their justification for their decision is that:
i) the alleged misconduct is not relevant to the fitness to practice of these doctors, and. ii) allegations of misconduct must be concerned with poor performance in a clinical setting"

Of course this also means that, most likely, the deans who 'indefinately' suspended a young doctor for a presumed offence which was NOT related to his clinical conduct, then reinstated him then re-suspended him, then reinstated him maybe will get off scot free too! .. Because?

"i) the alleged misconduct is not relevant to the fitness to practice of these doctors, and. ii) allegations of misconduct must be concerned with poor performance in a clinical setting"

Meaning, if you are a doctor AND, happen to be young, you are on your own! It is a jungle out there! .. and the big sharks can do to you what they like, when they like .. and you can do nothing about it!

Why do the young ones have to endure this abuse just because they are young?!

That MMC itself is being 'completely' rewritten by 2010 didn't tell those at 'the towers' anything nor made any difference!

That so many lives have been changed beyond recognition because of the looney monster MTAS did not make any difference!

That any leader's first duty is to 'guard and protect' while the leaders of MTAS/MMC 2007 did the opposite ... did not make any difference!

That the 'leaders' of the 2007 earthquake wasted talents! Crashed hopes, crushed aspirations, ruined many a young aspiring doctor's career, seperated families .. caused unprecedented stress .. etc, etc .. did not make any difference!

That there is a huge shortage of junior doctors all around this country, not because we do not have enough doctors, but because so many of our sons and daughters had to run away to Australia, for good, to save their career from ruin because of the monster MTAS, leaving their loved ones behind .. did not make any difference!

That 12000 young doctors marched the streets of London in despair after the vicious MTAS monster spat them out for absolutely no reason, then they formed an organisation that still lives to fight the injustice to this day .. did not make any difference!

That so many of our sons and daughters had to accept below their standards posts just to save themselves from ruin. They are now hundreds of miles away from home, and god only knows for how long or the long term effect of these below th
eir ability posts on their career progression, thus breaking families and crushing the hopes of some of the best young doctors in this country ... did not make any difference!

That parents like myself and the many others who sat by the Remedy UK forum and still do and have now been glued to the net for two whole years fearing for their children's future prospects, despite spending their whole life making sure those children are 'impeccably' prepared so that they grow up to be the best of their generation, well prepared to be good to themselves as well as to the society they live in , only to be rewarded with the 'raging hell' of MTAS and MMC ... did not make any difference!

If there was no rule allowing the GMC to hold those responsible for the 2007 fiasco to account .. and maybe no rule to properly investigate the Scotgate affair .. why weren't such rules made and added to their book of rules during the time between 2007 and now to allow for justice to take place?! Isn't that their duty? To apply justice?!

That the GMC did not address this deficiency in their rules to allow them to pass a' fair' ruling means that 'they' are not 'fit for purpose!' ...

'Continuing professional development' does not apply to them?! How can they be the 'revalidators' if they themselves are never 'revalidated'?!

To add insult to injury, it's beyond me why do young doctors have to pay their really hard earned cash for those 'decision makers' at 'The towers' to stay in power?! In effect, to pay for the abusers to abuse them?!

Those are 'Faulty towers' .. and they STINK!

Forward young ones .. it's only a matter of time .. but the future IS yours .. Guaranteed! Join Remedy UK and fight for your right to justice and to your future .. a future that is bright .. and free from rot!

Forward Remedy UK -------> Always :-)

No dictator, no invader, can hold an imprisoned population by force of arms forever. There is no greater power in the universe than the need for freedom. Against that power, governments and tyrants and armies cannot stand.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

I'm a doctor, get me out of poverty!

But I, being poor, have only my dreams. I have spread my dreams under your feet; tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.

This year new laws stopped F1 doctors from having a room to rest in at their place of work. In effect, it means a 20% cut in their earnings and 'nothing' to adjust this injustice. Then, not only the F1s but the F2s also had to work in 'unbanded' rotations .. further cutting their earnings by a huge sum. Then, the effect of the EWTD which restricts a doctor's working hours to 48 per week come rain or shine so, no overtime for extra work and that affects all juniors! And, to add insult to injury, the nurses were awarded a higher increase in their income than the juniors making a nurse earning nearly as much as an F1 doc after only 3 years of study!

Meanwhile, the cost of living keeps on spiraling and aspiring, and the cost of transport to where they are randomly thrown every few months for their rotations too! But that's not all the juniors have to endure nowadays! Oh no! The cost of training is aspiring too! .. and they have NO choice but to train, otherwise end of! Of course other health professionals get their employers to pay for their training .. AND .. get grants while studying for the full duration of their study .. the full 3 years! AND .. they say that about a quarter of those who enrol in a nursing course desert midway sooo, 'they' intend to revise their grants to lure the students into completing their nursing courses! Nobody ever asked, could it be that their course, although nowhere near as tough as well as only half as long as medicine, be mentally challenging for some and that's the 'real' reason why they desert?! Of course, the majority of medics do not desert their tough and very loooong course for them to be considered for lavish grants ;-)

With the current earnings of, say, an F1 doctor, taking home around £1200 per month, they can not afford to get even a small studio to live in and so, have to contend themselves with a room and shared facilities. If they happen to be in the South East, this costs between £600 - £700 per month! Then they have between £500 - £600 per month to eat, transport, clothes, socialise (?), books and of course and pay for their own 'professional development', the cost of which is aspiring 'unchecked!' Out of the window is the thought of making a home and a family! Impossible unless they have other income! Not fair reward for a life long continuous hard work and aspiration to excellence, is it? I wonder how this compares, in real terms, to what a nurse earns?!

Meanwhile, those A level students with 'moderate' to similar grades to that required for medicine grades who took a different discipline, like engineering instead and started earning 2 - 3 years before a doctor could and, do not depend on having to train for lots more years to reach maturity and proper professional recognition, those currently earn nearly twice that of a doctor, age for age! Many young doctors now still depend on their parents to make ends meet as a result of this financial injustice ... and this IS a fact!

Some say that young doctors are so low paid because they will make a better living when they 'grow up', this is a carrot at the end of a piece of string, only that piece of string is getting longer and longer, you can hardly see the carrot anymore! And, other professionals of the same calibre have much bigger carrots to chew nowadays. And, wasn't this kind of thought the philosophy of Marx?! Of Communism .. the scarifice of one generation for the 'presumed' prosperity of the next, or similar lines of thought?! Does it work?!

This reminds me of what Aristotle once said : "Poverty is the mother of revolution!" .. but our young doctors are so decent, they do not revolt .. and everybody knows that ..

To 'unlock the talents' of our young doctors and they do possess proper talent .. in abundance, please give them the right conditions to prosper, treat them with respect and pay them what they are 'really' due,

Otherwise, don't be surprised when this generation of young doctors ends up speaking, and most probably looking and behaving, just like those in the clip below soon. However, not as happy becouse o' course, what is below is 'fiction' .. we do not want to 'unlock' this type of 'talent', do we? For where would 'quality' or rather, 'safety', 'outcome' and 'patient experience' be then? :-)

The prevalent fear of poverty among the educated classes is the worst moral disease from which our civilization suffers

Friday, 26 December 2008

Aida, the enslaved princess

"On! Of Nilus' sacred river, guard the shores. O mighty one, guard and protect!" 'Mighty one' is Radameus the warrior in command
Aida , by Verdi, is my most favoured opera, I even include it in my profile here in this blog. It is probably the greatest opera ever made IMO. Although it was composed around 230 years ago, it still draws some of the largest audience in the history of operatic performance. Aida is not about it's story line for that is really flimsy, considering that it was supposed to be set during the rein of the powerful Pharaohs of ancient Egypt where stories as well as elaborate legends were grand to say the least.

The story is set somewhere near Thebes, the capital of the united Lower and Upper Egypt. It speaks of the
Radameus, best commander and special warrior of the then king of Egypt or Pharaoh. The Ethiopian king was preparing an army to invade Egypt to free his daughter Aida who was captured and enslaved by the Pharaoh a while back. But as soon as the Egyptian Pharaoh heard of the Ethiopian king's plans, he called his most courageous commander Radameus and entrusted him with the holy fight to defend the shores of the Nile. Aida, who was treated well but was enslaved at the courts of the Pharaoh, did not reveal her identity as princess and daughter of the Ethiopian king to her captors. Being of outstanding beauty and intelligence, Radameus fell in love with her but had to keep his feelings a secret from his king who was hoping to marry him to his daughter who was also in love with Radameus.

Torn between his loyalty for his king and his love for the
Ethiopian slave, Radameus went to war with the Ethiopians and returned victorious. However, because of an incident with the guards and despite the pleas of his beloved slave who had already confessed of her love for him and of her status as princess, he refused to ask for forgiveness and preferred to accept a death sentence instead. Thinking that his princess was already on her way back to Ethiopia with her father, after he arranged for her escape with his best friend and aid but Aida, forever loyal in her love for Radameus, was actually waiting for three days in the underground vault where Radameus was to be buried alive .. at the end, Radameus was made to join her and they both died in each other's arms, albeit, Aida perished first .. sob sob!

To add a little more romance to the feeble story line, couldn't Aida at least have used the three days she waited alone for her lover to dig a tunnel and help him escape that awful fate?! Then died gracefully before he could save her .. anguished and exhausted but euphoric that she helped her beloved Radameus escape?
So, the story is not really an unforgettable love or courage story as such that it would live for so long or draw as much audience. The truth is, the music and the chants chosen for this brilliant opera reflect upon the real story of why Aida was commissioned in the first place. For it depicts the personal relationship between the then king or Kedive of Egypt at the time, Ismail and the composer of the opera, Verdi. Verdi then wanted to write the opera with the whole of Egypt in mind and not just it's king.

Ismail Pacha, the then Kedive of Egypt was a very European inclined man with many ambitions. He built great structures around his capital Cairo with the sole aim to attracting European attention and eventually have Egypt itself accepted as a European country. Despite the fantastic architecture Ismail built around Egypt and his true efforts to raise standards in the country, in his great endeavour to establish his dream, he got Egypt into great debt and was never able to reach his goal of being accepted as a European. For that he was removed from his throne in 1879.

One of his great buildings was The Cairo Opera House, a building of absolutely extravagant proportions by any standards. Built to best European architecture plans and cost to match, despite the fact that appreciation of the opera did not and still does not form part of the local culture! But, to Ismail, that was why the building was commissioned, precisely to introduce the Egyptians to the western culture as he saw they should. He also wanted to convince the Europeans that Egypt will fit brilliantly into their culture. This opera house was to live on to become the destination of the aristocracy and the elite classes of Egypt as well as Europe until it was burned to the ground around 35 years ago during Nasser's presidency and nearly two decades after the last king of Egypt Farouk was exiled to France when his throne was taken over by an army revolution. The army still rules Egypt to this day. Cairo now has a new modern opera house but it is not as grand as Ismail's master piece which was 'magnificent!' And although some historians do not believe that the Kedive commissioned Aida for the opening of this building and/or the then new Suez Canal, many Egyptians do.

What is striking about Aida is how Verdi was able to capture the personality of the arrogant Kedive as well as the life and feel of Egypt at the time. Verdi was then able to depict the real story behind the opera along with the Kedive's ambitions and great dreams of getting Egypt into Europe so that he, can become a European king. Ismai'il 'the magnificent' with his over enlarged ego lived an equally magnificent life with his entourage, the Egyptian, as well as the European elite visitors of the time. They lavished in their spending and in their great wealth while to rest of the population fell into poverty. Indeed, the poorer classes were treated like slaves of the wealthy.

Verdi brilliantly captured that moment through his use of really high notes and the repetition of short musical sentences that always ended abruptly and in high pitch as if they were waves of an angry ocean breaking on the shore .. but in full sun! He used the powerful voices of the tenors and the sweet ones of the sopranos to create an image of victorious harmony, victorious happiness and the resulting euphoric elation. The middle part is dependant on speed, a rush, very fast .. it is the battle of the fearless worrior Radameus with the Ethiopians which ends in the Egyptian worrior's victory and so in chants upon chants of glory and an explosion, almost a climax of emotions at the end .. Fireworks!

Verdi depends mostly on the elaborate use of wind instruments throughout, while string intruments are there at the background playing at high speed to lift them out of their softer nature. Those also were played in a hurried higher pitch as well as really short and fast sentences just for support .. only! You also can almost dance to that march .. because it has a vivid rhythm .. a beat, you can even flick your fingers to the rhythmic waves of music for most of the Grand March .. this was intentional for no one flick fingers unless they are pleased .. and what more pleasure than the euphoria of victory? This particular feature is 'unique' to this opera ... BEAUTY!

Very loud, exquisite
, extravagant .. almost a vulgar piece .. but absolutely magnificent nonetheless! The ever increasing pitch as well as the chant at the end of the piece are sure to raise the adrenalin levels of any audience as well as leave them drained, tired but really elated at the end. Glorious! Puuuuure genius! :-)

Aida's 'triumphant March' is where the enslaved paid with their souls for chanting their king's 'glory' over 200 years ago.
.. It is not only about the capture, imprisonment, enslavement and gloom felt in Egypt at the time .. it is also about the battle of classes at the time, the extreme force used, both ways between an oppressive dictator and the poor he controlled with an iron fist to the point of attempting to chance their culture, their way of life and identity ... the opera depicts this feeling in a hidden way but wraps the feelings of the oppressed and emphasises the glory coupled with happiness for the king .. the hidden anger of the weak is evident in some parts but that soon gets run over and ignored! Then it is all about the king and his Victory .. his uphoria once he achievs his dream! ... The Grand March sings the pure ego of the king. Verdi composed the Kedive an opera that was as 'magnificent' as his ego and as large as his dream or rather, his mirage. For unknown to the narscist king who could only see his own reflection in the mirror as a European king drapped in glory, Verdi included the enslaved in that march too, as if to predict an uprising and his downfall from glory at the end. What an irony!Is this why Aida continues to draw so much audience? It plays to people's hopes at the same time as it plays to their ego, each to their own?

The king got his kingdom, Egypt, into unprecedented debt, before he was removed from the throne and exiled, he had to sell his Suez Canal shares to The British government
and instead of getting Egypt into Europe, Europe came to him ... and stayed for 88 years!

Of course, there is nothing more beautiful or as inviting .. or as dangerous .. as a 'mirage' .. and following a 'mirage' is usually how kings fall ...

Listen to my favourite part of Aida, the 'Grand March' .. Note the use of the word 'Glory' and it's derivatives ... Who was the 'enslaved princess?' :-)

"My country is no longer in Africa; we
are now part of Europe. It is therefore natural for us to abandon our former ways and to adopt a new system adapted to our social conditions."Ismail Pasha, Kedive of Egypt 1830 - 1895

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas :-)


Have a joyous and peaceful day


Video was removed, song here

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Flu .. Atchoo! :-(

When we are happy we are always good, but when we are good we are not always happy.

Last minute shopping for presents today, I went to the all new Westfield shopping centre in west London. It was packed! With people with flu! It seems that flu is really bad this year and is affecting everybody so, now that I have been right in the middle of a closed place, albeit very large, but packed with sick people, surely, despite the ventilation, I too will catch it soon, no escape, I am already beginning to feel the symptoms! :-(

The only person I saw taking precautions so that they do not to spread the disease was a Japanese woman wearing her flu mask. I will start wearing a mask when I go out from now on when I have a cold or a flu .. It is not fair to make other people sick when we can avoid it .. and I hope someone will start manufacturing these Japanese masks for British use .. or just import the marvellous things ...

Well, if we here have such a bad flu outbreak, why don't we learn from the Japanese and use masks to protect others from taking the disease?

And has anybody noticed? .. My Nefertiti picture in my profile above is ageing! She's gonna need a face lift soon! The ageless woman is finally ageing ... in my blog! I .. have done this to her! ... and I feel Grrrreat, well, apart from that flu! ;-)

Winter is not the best of seasons. Cold and flu are two good reasons; wind and rain and other sorrow, not warm today and cold tomorrow. Whoever said winter was romantic? The word that best applies is frantic!

Monday, 22 December 2008

They are NOT polyclinics .. :-)

A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better.

They are 'extra' facilities to be built with 'new money' .. and patients do not need to leave their existing GP to visit one.

Those centres will provide access out of hours and on weekends to patients who need them. Doesn't this also mean that those GPs who currently do not want to provide same may be able to leave this extra work to those centres? Especially that the EWTD restricts the hours a GP can work to 48 hours too?

And .. If the current trend is to provide more 'care in the community', doesn't that alone create the need for those extra facilities to support existing GPs? .. and employ the jobless doctors too? Especially now that at least half of all specialty training places are geared towards GP training for the very same reason; provide 'more care in the community'?!

Also, with the increased numbers in medical schools, isn't this is an opportunity for more specialist training places for the graduating doctors as well as jobs there after? And, where are all the fully qualified GPs who are currently desperate because they can't find decent work, or those qualifying as GPs in the future, going to go, if practical solutins are not found for them? If extra facilities providing job opportunities are not created to accommodate them? To give them a fair chance to make a future for themselves?!

It works for everybody! The patients, the existing GPs and the younger ones either needing an opportunity now or in the future

I can not understand why is this not liked?!

IMO, it is an idea that solves many problems and harms no one!

Then again .. to those who don't like it,

Why? And, what is the alternative?

Other people may be there to help us, teach us, guide us along our path, but the lesson to be learned is always ours.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

It's the thought that counts .. :-)

Christmas time and the festive spirit. Time to go shopping for presents. I always try to match the present to the personality of the person the present is intended for .. and so, I have done some virtual present shopping too .. Merry Christmas blogsphere ... :-)

To Witch Doctor, a charm .. because she is charming and .. she likes red apples
To black cat, a diamond studded skull collar, because she's a witch's cat after all

For Dr Rita Pal, a sexy brooch because she is sexy and she does do lots of searching and so .. walking legs

For Dr Grumble, a traditional gift because he is traditional

For JD, a renaissance chess set .. because he likes the era

To Dr Rant Eau de cologne because he doesn't like the smell of cigarettes so this would be nice

A game for Dr Crippen because he is very sociable

For The Ferret Fancier because I hope to see him and young doctors like him on the golf course one day

For The Junior doctor and The Little Medic because I hope they get a fair pay soon

And for boss, a tie because I hope he will succeed in uniting the medical profession during this term in office

.. And for all those who who take the time to visit me, the pure genius of Mozart ... Merry Christmas :-)

Friday, 19 December 2008

A baby for Christmas :-)

"A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase"
A friend of my daughter has just had her first baby :-) Beautiful little baby boy! So, congratulations to her and her family and welcome to our world precious
little one! :-)

It never seizes to amaze me how the miracle of bringing a child into this world happens, one soul coming out of another! I suppose it is the most
exiting as well as rewarding experience in any woman's life .. but it is also the most painful! The pain is 'literally' out of this world, I don't know how, after enduring the first ordeal, do women, including myself, even think, let alone go through it again! But, it does happen and the babies are lovely and cute and of course, we all love them to bits ... :-)

This young mum phoned me about two months ago to ask my advice on what to take to
'kill' the pain while delivering because the hospital wanted her to state, prior to her delivery if she wanted an epidural or not. I thought that was strange to ask! How would she know?! Especially that this was her first baby?! So, I told her to ask for gas, gas, gas, then followed by the epidural if the gas does not work. Or not to demand the epidural on the day if she doesn't need it .. and this is what she did .. and she did not need it afterall. Good for her .. But, women are different .. personally, I would have eaten the doctors and any staff present had it not been for loads of that gas as well as that injection!I must have also experienced almost everything and anything that can go wrong with the epidural procedure. From becoming totally paralysed from the waist down to the epidural working just on one side only to having to be lifted high off the bed and be thrown down on the bed again to untangle the umbilical cord from round the baby's neck .. to having to afterwards endure periodical back pain for years and years in the same spot where I was given the injection. This back pain lasted until very recently .. and who knows, it might even come back in the future too! But, would I have chosen to deliver without the epidural had I known it would cause all this back pain afterwards?

NEVER! Nooooo way! I would have still demanded the injection every time!

So, the morale of the story is, while some women have
'easy' deliveries, if there is such a thing, others, like me, don't! Or it maybe that some women's pain threshold is much lower than others and I happened to be one of those, I don't know and there must be many women out there like myself. Having one human being come out of another is no joke! It is very serious business indeed and young mothers should 'all' have the choice of all pain killers available IMO. These should be made available to all women regardless of where they deliver their babies, including those who will in future choose to deliver at home.

'Home delivery' mobile units equipped with all the high teck gear and drugs and an
anaesthesist in the future?

And, have you seen that TV programme about that
'pregnant man?' .. It turned out to be a woman that had had her breasts removed and was given hormones to make her develop her muscles and grow a beard so that she can 'look like' a man! This in the USA allowed her the legal right to change her gender 'on paper'! Shouldn't the legal definition of woman insist that a 'she' must have a WOMB, while a 'he' doesn't?! Meaning anyone with a womb IS a woman?! Hence, that 'pregnant man' is really only just a man 'Look alike' ? :-)And ... I would love to see a 'real' man , especially those who think labour is easy, but then run to the doctor 'in agony' when they break a nail, deliver a baby! .. maybe one day, you never know .. ;-)

"Take a sprinkling of fairy dust, An angel's single feather, Also a dash of love and care, Then mix them both together. Add a sentiment or two, A thoughtful wish or line, A touch of stardust, a sunshine ray...

... then ... Isn't he adorable?! :-)

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Carotte de soleil... :-)

“The simplification of anything is always sensational.”

Witch doctor is trying to entice me to eat 'home made' fudge to her wicked, wicked recipe! And, she is good .. I tried her pumpkin soup recipe .. Yummy! But no! OOOH NO! Moi is getting 'comfortably' into that red dress for that wedding this Saturday evening .. and I have lost some weight ... about 6 lbs to be precise .. but, my body mass is 26.7 still! But .. I do get into that dress .. that said, it is verrry cold and I can not even look at a cabbage let alone eat the horrid thing anymore! sooo, I will put the weight back again during this winter because I will eat :-)
.. but, will lose it again come summer .. for sure ;-)

Since I do not eat but really awful cabbage and rye bread these days, I thought maybe you guys can eat for me :-( So, I will tell you how to make my wonderful 'Carotte de soleil' pudding. We call this sweet, 'Sunny pudding' because it is so warming, the carrots are affordable to everybody and the taste of this pudding is only matched in heaven! But, I have a little problem ... I do not use recipe books .. I .. just cook! Sooo, maybe its high time you too did the same .. try, it's eeeeaaasy:-)

wash and cut, say, 2 lbs of our modest carrot, add 2 cups of water and simmer in a pot with enough sugar to taste (Remember, this is a sweet dish so be generous with that sugar) and a drop of rose water (optional) until cooked. I then put this in the liquidiser for a few seconds or mash with a fork (Better) to a chunky but mixed texture then transfer to a pottery oven dish. Sprinkle some slightly roasted pine kernels at this point on top of the carrots (optional)

While carrots are cooking, add 2 tbs of flour with a little milk and an egg in a pot and whisk until creamy, add about two glasses full fat milk and mix well, put on low/medium heat stirring profusely .. make sure you stir all the time to avoid lumps. Add more milk if needed and sugar to your own taste then add some Cinnamon bark pieces or half tea spoon ground Cinnamon. Stir until the cream is of the same consistency as a medium but very creamy and fluffy custard. Remove Cinnamon bark or vanilla pod and discard. You can add some dollops of luscious cream at this point, if desired ;-)

Pour over the carrots, arrange well and put in hot-ish oven, around 200c until top is browned .. Eat hot or cold from fridge ... I like it hot .. And believe me .. this brilliant winter pudding is also credit crunch cheap! Sooo, very suitable for those on low-er income at the moment :-)

It is simple to make ... healthy... And .. Deeeeelicious!

.. and Witch doc, you can substitute pumpkin for the carrots, still yummmy!

I hope you like it ... enjoy :-)

"Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.”

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Babush ... :-)

"Everyman is afraid of something"

How will the world will remember Mr Bush?!

By playing the bush game of course!

Plenty of time soon .. to learn new skills .. how about some French? ... :-)

The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Getting away with murder ...

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

I don't know much about the senior doctors 'crime and punishment' ethos but I can't help but feel that Dr Sherine Boardman, a consultant endocrinologist, is being very harshly punished for what, to me, looks like a silly thing that harmed no one. Indeed, I feel that she was trying to help her patients but the tables turned on her somehow! She is due an appeal's decision and I hope the sacked doctor will regain her job and position very soon :-)

But then again, I haven't forgotten this case about that cardiologist who was literally 'hunted' by two serial managers for allowing one of his private patients, an old man with a cronic heart condition who needed special equipment but could not afford it privately, to be admitted to an NHS hospital for treatment .. or something to that effect, I can't remember exactly but what followed was that this consultant was sent home by the said 'notorious' managers and remained there for over a year while he battled with the NHS. During that time, the father of 8 doctor lost his house, had to take off his children from the private schools they were in, had his reputation badly tarnished and his livelihood ruined forever! ... then he was found to be innocent from the charges against him! ya ... ?!

So were those serial managers hunted down and punished?

This doctor always maintained that he was being unfairly treated by those two senior managers and indeed they were found to be at fault. What happened next is what I find really weird for the two manages were never disciplined for 'witch hunting' this senior doctor! Instead, they just ran away! .. Not very far! .. They were very easily able to get better paid jobs in other parts of the country! Promoted!.. In the very same NHS! How fantastic! .. They got away with murder! .. LITERALLY! .. well, you know what I mean :-)

So the docs who work for the NHS have to abide by their ethical code of practice and the rules and regulations of their watch dog, the GMC. They now will also have to endure being revalidated every five years .. etc, etc ... But, what about those managers?! Is there any code/s of conduct for them? .. If they did not get punished for what they did, as per the examples above, is it then common practice that if you can land a managerial job within the NHS, you will be set
in luxury for life! .. Regardless of whatever harm you may do on the way, including abuse of power?!

I found that thought intriguing to say the least and that prompted me to have a look on the
NHS job site to see what the NHS requires in order to employ a manager .. here is what I found as 'essential' criteria in the 'person specs' of ALL the managerial jobs advertised:

"Possess a detailed understanding of the NHS **** Procedure

At least three to five years experience of working in the NHS

Experience of working in a **** hospital"

So, basically, if you happen to be a brilliant manager who never worked for the NHS, don't even think of applying to an NHS managerial job because will NEVER get in! Because the criteria you miss is 'essential!'

Meaning, the current circle of NHS managers have free rein .. for life! No 'competition' whatsoever!

Well, no wonder they can do what they like and get away with it too! It is the same circle of 'friends' going up the ladder at all times throughout their guaranteed careers! In effect, the managers are blocking anyone else from getting into their gravy boat!

I can understand that doctors compete between themselves only for higher jobs because of their specialist skills, which takes years and years to master but, why is it a condition for managerial positions to have past NHS experience?! How is the NHS going to 'innovate' and improve 'quality' if the system does not allow new blood to flood in?! How expensive is it to hire a manager with years of managerial experience then train them to, say, use a particular software system the NHS is using?! Which is cheaper? Keep incompetent, very comfy in their seats managers, or allow fresh from bureaucracy and evil, new blood to come in?!

Where are the reformers?

Is there an end to the huge task you were entrusted with? ... the rot is everywhere .. :-)

And good luck to you Dr Boardman .. I sincerely hope you will get your job back soon

BTW, nothing to do with this but, does anyone have any idea, if Scot JR's 'offence' was so 'Grave' , why did the Scottish dean re-instate him at the end? On what basis? ... I just forgot to ask, see ...

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Relax .. it's Sunday .. hobby time :-)

"Visiting and dreaming are the realities of the hope-world."

I like to meditate on a Sunday .. basically, just lay like a vegetable and listen to music ...

What do you docs do on a Sunday?

Whatever you do .... have a serene day ... :-)

"God smiled at me twice, once when I meditated to renounce the world and once when I renounced the world to meditate"

Friday, 12 December 2008

Look who invited 'them' in ...

Good counsel some failing men can give, for why? He that's aground knows where the shoal doth lie

Salaried doctors, the real cost

"Were they having a laugh? Those 24 practices advertising for a salaried GP in last week’s BMJ? When they sat down to write the ad, using words such as ‘dynamic’, ‘enthusiastic’, ‘enterprising’ and ‘self motivated’. Have these practices not yet realised that whilst the future of General Practice relies on exactly these qualities in our GPs, you will be far more likely to draw them out if the new GPs are made partners, not subordinates and employees of the current team."

And this lady doctor has a part time GP job, which is what she is after because she has a young family but then, even her has that to say:

"The obvious disadvantage is my salary being far less than many GP partners. I also feel that I am not so much part of the practice – I am not invited to attend partnership meetings so I am often unaware of subtle (or even big) changes occurring in the practice. Post about patients I refer is hardly ever returned to me as it is addressed to their registered GP.

Working part-time can sometimes mean it is hard to follow up patients as regularly as I might if I worked more hours. I recently discovered that many of the weekly and monthly GP publications are not distributed to salaried GPs – only to partners which I feel is terrible. Surely we should be entitled to have as much education as our partners as the patients still present to us with similar problems? As salaried GPs are still on the increase I was wondering do others feel in the same way as me?"

Some elders are trying, through their own greed, to fight the future! .. and they'll always fail! Because one day, we will all have to hand down what we have recieved ourselves, It's the nature of life, right?!

Of course all the blogging GPs always employ partners, not part time salaried GPs, if any at all like all those other greedy and/or costly failing practices do! ... Good on you Blogging GPs but ...

Can you begin to see where the current government interference came from?!

The majority of you are doctors to treasure ! Precious people who we, your patients appreciate and respect you for the great work you do! .. Why let a few bad apples ruin it for everybody .. even for the good ones, like you?!

These examples above are sad .. so, I can't understand .. why resist those who want to help you fix and repair?!

It must be very difficult for 'anyone' to understand you guys, not just for those who know you, care about you and are trying to help you rid yourselves of the rot!

I sincerely hope you all see reason soon and wish you prosperity as a result ...

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.