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Friday, 31 October 2008

Horus .. the first god in the sky

"My eyes see all and therefore, I .. know all .. so .. beware!"

Horus, the first ancient Egyptian "
god on the horizon" and the god of the rising sun and the symbol and personification of Light was portrayed as a falcon. He can also change his shape to a human with a falcon head but never with a human head or face, to stress his extraordinary and 'superior' status ...
Horus was the first god of the united lower and upper Egypt, after 'the fighter' successfully won the war he started with the god 'Seth' .. But then, to emphasize his godly qualities, he had to be seen as a 'healer' too. Hence, Horus was also depicted as a small child holding snakes, scorpions and lions ... meaning; 'the healer of all afflictions!' ... very impressive!

There were many gods before Horus but they were never 'complete.' If you worship the sun god, well, the sun sleeps at night .. the moon god is hardly visible during the day .. the fire god is easily put down by water .. etc. Hence, there was a need for a god with much more superior qualities to aid the predynasty rulers of ancient Egypt to rein with authority. And so, Horus was the first god with a 'fantastic' birth .. and after many reshapes of his Deity, he became the symbol of divine kingship and the predynastic rulers or Pharaohs of Egypt became the "Followers of Horus." The Egyptian word " her" (hor, har), from which the god's name is derived means "the one on high", or "the distant one", probably symbolising the falcon's ability to silently soar high during flight, something the Egyptians considered a celestial quality since no other bird could reach such heights or fly as fast. Therefore Horus was also first known as "lord of the sky"Horus was unique in everyway, for as well as his fantastic and legendary birth, his right eye was the sun and left eye the moon. With exquisite decorum, he clutches the 'Shenu' or circles of 'protection' and 'eternity' with his feet and to confirm his status as 'living god' the serpent sun disk sits on his head thus indicating 'divinity.' The speckled feathers of his breast were probably considered to be the stars, while his wings were the sky that created the wind with their wide spread .. and there you have it, the first 'national' god .... at last! .. a 'complete' Deity; the first perfect and complete complete god!

Horus was worshipped by the Pharaohs as well as the ordinary people of ancient Egypt. This adoration of the 'perfect god' spanned many centuries from predynasty and up to the New Kingdom. Then there was Akhinatun, who continued with the idea of a monolithic god but one that was now everywhere as well as in the sky but also one god that nobody could see ... a god who was only in the head ...Then there was king Tut .. and 'his' trinity depicting 'Horus!', the 'key of the Nile' meaning life and the 'serpent' which depending on its shape and poise meant either 'life' or godness or .. evil.
.. and with Horus, the first complete god, came the notion of 'heaven and hell' .... so ... beware of those serpents tonight .. or else ....'He' may ... ! :-O

Horus protecting king Khufu, the builder of the largest pyramid ;-)

Happy Halloween ... :-)

- "Father, help me .."

-"Help you with what son?"

- "With my thought .. Suddenly, I'm unable to think anymore ..."

- "Pray for your thought to come back son .."

- "Pray?! ... "

Secret tomb of  an ancient Priest of Magic discovered

Temple of Horus - Edfu - Upper Egypt

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

MEE ... to lay golden eggs?!

To 'Advisory' MEE

Many aspire to serve God - but only in an advisory capacity

According to the Remedy UK Magazine, MEE will just be an 'advisory body' with no staff and no executive powers! But will consist of 'experts' advising ministers!

If true, what is the point of establishing MEE at all?

We know who the 'experts' are ... either the energised dames who already happily juggle nearly 30 jobs at a time and get elected to top posts for the second time despite the mess they made, whose results are still being endured by many an excellent doctor who lost out because of MTAS .. or those who had to either switch career, flee to Australia to practice the profession they love and spent their entire life preparing for, or who are now stuck in jobs hundreds of miles away from their families and loved ones!.. And the dames, are they back from their holiday yet? ..

Or maybe professors who believe 'white boxes' asking fictional questions and a doctor's sexual orientation were more important than their qualifications and experience as clinicians .. or CMOs who could not be contacted in emergencies and no one knew if they themselves were even aware that they were supposed to be in charge, let alone how to fix things or then stand with honour and take responsibility for the immense grief they caused despite being found guilty as charged! .. or professors who joined MMC at an early stage only to resign with their larger than life colleagues only to leave the ship sinking with whoever was on board regardless of the professional as well as the ethical code of conduct they were supposed to adhere to ..

The list goes on an on, to include the 'honourable' heads of influential deaneries who are always able, with their remote control, to order and influence, what seems like, other semi drugged 'in training' deans into submission to their will, join their self awarded powers to plot and attempt to end the careers of innocent young doctors by by accusing them of silly name calling then digging deep into their school years to find ridiculous material that won't even stand on one leg .. then overriding 'official' decisions to reinistate!

We all know who the 'experts' are ... one by one ... they never change despite any error they do and the ensuing heartache they cause ... They are 'gods' in the sky!

If MEE will just be an 'advisory' body .... then it will only be another opportunity for those 'experts' to add some more big money paying jobs under their belts! 31 jobs or thereabouts for the EverReady dame? ... You bet!

And .. the 'experts' will probably be working to protect their newly found treasure and thrive in yet another 'you cover my back, I cover yours' exercise as habitual but never so much for the welfare of the young doctors in training! ... its a 'the h*ll with the young doctors, their aspirations to excel and innovate and their training!' .. or so an advisory MEE seems to me ... Useless!

One was building so much high hopes on MEE! That it was going to be a 'super' executive power to fix and heal .. to really protect, advance and improve training for the young doctors to ensure 'quality' training leading to 'quality' doctors and thus 'quality care' .. that it would protect and rid doctors in training of the current mafia of the circulating old crows at the top ... that it would ring fence training monies so that it can't be raided to disastrous effects as happened in 2007!

That it would ensure 'fairness' and 'quality' for all!

One was hoping that MEE's first duty was going to be to 'guard' and 'protect' .. and not just a clown with just the one secretary housed in a converted broom cupboard within the GMC building .. and just catering for the 'experts' dash to their newly found golden egg laying joke!

So many young doctors are still suffering because of MTAS and MMC 2007 .. the heartache is still and will there for many years to come ... so, I hope an announcement will be made soon to tell us that this scenario above is ... VERY wrong ...

If Columbus had had an advisory committee he would probably still be at the dock.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Crushed aspirations! .. Who's helping?!

The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity

The Royal College of GP says that it is:

"the college is the heart and voice of general practice"

Yet, it is opposing the idea that polyclinics should be staffed by newly 'fully' qualified GPs! Because their RC thinks they are 'inexperienced!' Well, simple moi thought that if you 'fully' qualify .. it means that you are 'able' to do the job .. apparently .. this is not the case .. can anyone explain?

Then a survey of newly qualified GPs finds that half of them can not find fixed jobs! The RCOGP does not propose any solutions for this problem! Maybe because it is the "heart and voice" of those GPs who are in full employment only?! I have no idea! Only I find it strange that while the government is trying to find solutions for the problem, it is being opposed by the very body that is really supposed to fight for the new GPs right to employment! .. Amazing stuff!

I am also surprised that those young 'fully' qualified GPs are 'fully' left outside alone in the cold, having to take manual work and drive taxis to make ends meet without anyone blinking an eye lid to their dilemma! With some already considering emigrating to Australia to find the opportunity they can not find at home! .. So, not only are the young, in training, doctors who suffer at the hands of MTAS flee to OZ at great expense to the 'British' taxpayers expense, we are now seeing the 'fully qualified' ones escape too! .. Despite the solution on the table!

Madness! ...

And, with the predicted tsunami of the increased intake of young and aspiring doctors graduating very soon, starting from 2009 and continuing for the foreseeable future and, if half of all of those are expected to go into general practice .. what chance have they got?!

I wonder why isn't this issue being debated, and fought, by the medical bloggers whose voice has made a positive big difference to so many other issues including MTAS/MMC and Dr Scot Junior, amongst many other issues including the right to free speech!

what are we waiting for? A catastrophe of the same proportions as MTAS before fighting for those young doctors right to their future?!

Or is it because of who is supposed to be fought this time? ...

Well, we can't be seen to agree with the government, can we? ... that would be a 'sin', wouldn't it? ;-)

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Bring back Hippocrates ...

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity”

Last Wednesday, I atended my third son's intercalated BSc graduation ceramony at Imperial College - London .. The 'commemoration ceramony' was held at The Royal Albert Hall as usual. The college hires the venue and conducts two graduation sessions, on late morning and another in the afternoon so, once you are inside the hall, you have to remain for the whole session .. a bit too long and your hands go a bit red from all the clapping but enjoyable nonetheless. It is always a pleasure to see all those aspiring young people with a euphoric smile on their faces .. I like that :-)

Anyway, the doctors graduation was kept until right at the end and for me, it is always a pleasure to see the doctors graduating .. I am biased .. big time! :-) .. so, it was a pleasure to hear them read their 'affirmation' again ..

As far as I know, Imperial is one of the few colleges who still holds an 'affirmation' ceramony! .. I wonder why? Why did medicine do away with the 'Hipporactic oath?!'

Throughout history, different civilisations conducted ceramonies with oaths similar to that of Hippocrates for all types of leaders to encourage them to stick by their codes of ethics and to celebrate their leadership qualities, including preserving and teaching future generations ..

But then therse are 'our' modern times .. us .. the more clever than anybody else that ever existed .. we decided to do away with these pledges of 'honour' and the accompanying celebrations! And the result? Some of those who are supposed to guard and protect tend to forget their duty as well as letting their pride in medicine and their responibility for teaching the new generations of young doctors by example getting eroded ..sometimes vanishing all together! ...

Good on you Imperial for preserving 'some' tradition to emphasize the fact that all new doctors , each and everyone of them is a 'leader' with great responsibilities to do always strive, to the best of their abilities to heal and lead their patients to good health ... as well as lead those teams of other health workers to ensure same ...

Bring back the oath, not only to the young doctors about to start their working lives .. but to anyone who will be made 'leader' within the medical profession. Why not sign a written oath with a doctor's new revalidation? Let taking an oath to guard and protect be part of the 'agreement' with them when they are first chosen to lead, either their patients and/or their own profession .. maybe then they will remember and stick by their leaders code of ethics and duties ... and do no harm ...

It was good to hear the young doctors of Imperial affirm their commitment to their patients and and their noble profession .. I hope these cermonies will be celebrated again soon all over Britain ... Meanwhile ...

Here is a nice Sunday song .. relax and enjoy ... and let's hope ... :-)

“Whenever a doctor cannot do good, he must be kept from doing harm.”

Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Sphinx ...

The ancient Egyptians believed that leaders must possess certain qualities, without which, a person could not be elevated to to become king. For many of those kings .. the status of gods follows afterwards! Of the most prominent symbol of leadership and what it entails to become leader is the statue of The Sphinx of Gisa - Egypt.

The majority of Egyptologists believe The Sphinx was built around the 26 century BC, which makes it roughly around 4.5 thousand years old, however, due to water penetration evidence and fossils found in and around the structure, some scientists believe it maybe as old as 12000 years old .. the days that were known to have suffered floods strong enough to cause the water penetration and the fossils ... we will never know for sure when was the majestic structure built for sure IMHO.

The statue itself is 260 long, 20 feet wide and 66 feet tall, making it the largest statue of an ancient civilization remaining on Earth today, if not the largest overall. It has a human head to indicate that it has a brain and can think and it's face is held up high with the eyes looking straight to indicate integrity and honour. The warm smile represents a fair and compassionate nature. It's nose was broken off at some point during it's history either by the Turks or by Napoleon, one doesn't know fo sure as, again scientists can not make up their minds. But, since it is thought by the majority to resemble king Khefre, the builder of the second pyramid of Gisa, or his brother as some believe, then The Sphinx's nose must have been well formed and held high to resemble the creature's duty of 'guardianship', ie, to defend and protect. It's body is that of a strong lion sitting on it's hinde legs, comfortable and feeling proud of what he is sitting to guard but also in a position ready to leap at any time thould there be any threat .. his paws are streched forward in front of him to indicate courage, fearlesness of enimies or opposition, determination to succeed and optimum health. The lion also has a 'tail' indicating balance and stability. He is sat in one eternal position to indicate commitment!

Whether this statue was built around 4000 years ago or a lot earlier, scientists can not find evidence as to why it was built .. and some believe it was built to protect the middle pyramid of Khefre 'Ciphren' only since it resembles the king who built it, .. most Egyptians believe it was built to guard, defend and protect all of the pyramids of Gisa - Egypt. Of course the area, and the many treasures kept within it is an ancient holly site .. standing still in time while the occupants of the huge burial ground await their transfer to heaven and waking up again to start their real second but this time eternal lives ...

mystic, mysterious, magnetic, majestic and an exquisitely beautiful structure that never fails to take my breath away every time I visit and I do so many, many times when I am in Egypt .. I just can't resist the decorum, the grace and the almost poetic serenity and Holiness of the whole area .. then for me, it becomes a calling, a magnet .. and I go .. time and time again

One Egyptian statue stands as an eternal witness to what leaders should be like at anytime in history, past, present and future! .. It makes me wonder, if we don't learn from the great wisdom of those who preceded us, what chance is there that we will ever learn at all!

Those who do not have the stamina to 'guard' and 'protect', which is the 'first' rule of leadership, will never have the ability to design, problem solve and make sound decisions and lead to success ... ever!

Leadership .. not learnt in books but comes naturally to some ... or it never does

... and that's how The Egyptians were taught how to identify and cherish good leaders throughout history ... with results living to this day for everyone to see ... but do we learn?!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Is 100% safety possible?

The way to be safe is never to feel secure

If I went to hospital for one operation and wake up to find that I had something else done instead, I probably would sue the hosptal for compensation ..

But then, I would want a 'full' explanation as to how this error happened? And, although I personally have only ever been under full anathetic just the one time 20 odd years ago, I can see how the sytem can lead to a mix up resulting in such error. I understand that the system is still roughly the same.

If the operating surgeon is the leader of the surgical team, then why are patients are put to sleep in a little room outside the theatre and without the surgeon being present? What is the purpose of that little room other than that? And, if the surgeon is not present when the patient is put to sleep, why is s/he supposed to take full responsibility when errors happen .. I don't think this is fair ... Unless the safety system is watertight, surgeons should not bear the overall responsibility when errors occur.

So, next time I need an operation, I will insist that I see my surgeon before I am put to sleep. I would expect them to call me by my name, to check that the consent form in my file was indeed signed by me, that I understand what procedure I was having that day. No room for error this way IMO.

By the same tocken, as a patient, I do understand that humans do make errors sometimes. That it is therefore impossible to be 100% safe. And I would wonder, why do surgeons face career termination because of just one error as the paper in the link says. If the safety system in place was at fault and if this was the first error for that surgeon, who happens to otherwise be a good and able doctor, why doesn't the system warn and punish rather than terminate a whole career?

From the lack of comments on this subject by all medical bloggers, I wonder why do doctors accept career terminations so easily?!

If it weren't for the medical bloggers, I wonder what would have happened to Dr Scot JR? .. I don't understand why Dr Rita Pal had to endure years of fight and frustration because she wanted to draw the establishment's attention that people were dying in unprecedented numbers on her ward .. and now this ...

I don't know about that surgeons track record and whether s/he deserves to face career termination because of that error, or just be warned and punished then be allowed to continue as a surgeon ... It would be nice to know the result of the currently ongoing investigation into this incident.

And if this is a junior surgeon, I bet this experience would make them an authority on safety in the future! So, why waste careers rather than make sure those involved do learn from the experience?

So, I am not defending bad surgeons, I just think that facing career termination because of just the one inceident, specially when the system may have been at fault and it did not result in great harm to the patient is unfair IMO.

I know that safety is of paramount importance because it involves people's lives . but, people also need to understand that doctors are not gods but are only human beings like the rest of us .. and I think that patients do understand that errors will always happen but that doctors will always strive to minimise same.

Insisting on perfect safety is for people who don't have the balls to live in the real world.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Je reviens ... :-)

“I love argument, I love debate. I don't expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that's not their job.”

.. and I REALLY miss you all!

Because together, and our minister, we are a formidable team! .. and we can have different opinions and points of view! And that's what a good debate is; a 'for' and 'against' discussion .. :-)

... and what about that young surgeon?! Who is going to stand by him?! Does s/he deserve a career termination? .. Or was the system at fault?
We, my good friends, DO make a difference!

But ...

We'll discuss this another time .. for now .. it's Sunday .. so .. enjoy :-)

“The human heart, at whatever age, opens only to the heart that opens in return

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Latest on training doctors ...

Without trust there is nothing.

'Wow.' All of a sudden there's added pressure, almost competition, between the students because most of us know that as of 2012, here in Queensland, we no longer have that guaranteed intern spot." "By 2012, 19 medical schools - almost double the number operating throughout the '90s - will struggle with record throughput. Domestic graduate numbers will total almost 3000, an 86 per cent increase on last year's output. But although one problem seems solved, another has emerged. Australia may have students in the pipeline, but a lack of training places before and after graduation - in hospitals, in general practice and the specialties - threatens to block the workforce flow just as it starts."

"The school's student population outnumbered patients available on any given day by two to one.

It reminds Australian Medical Students Association president Michael Bonning of the British debacle, where a dearth of National Health Service training positions left thousands of young doctors jobless.

"That's exactly what we're worried about," Bonning says. "The situation here hasn't yet reached those dire projections that we've seen in the UK, but what we want to do is learn from the mistakes over there."

... and it's all because of 'bad work force planning" ... is it?

Does anyone have an explanation for this?

And, Remedy UK's latest survey results and report are out.

It seems that young doctors feel uncertain about the future of training in Britain. .. I do not blame them after what they endured from MTAS and MMC ... that said, hopefully once the hard evidence of better policies and better training are visible .. confidence will return again.

.. I am hopeful and remain convinced that confidence will be restored and that the training as well as the prosperity of our young doctors is now right on track ...

TRUST .. the, ... let's wait and see .....

You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough

Monday, 13 October 2008

Where is Liam? ..... :-)

We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine courage, freedom and light!

London's top 1000 'influential people'

Health: Oh look, Lord D is right at the top! .. even above .....

And .... Where is ... Liam?

Ah, well ..... ;-)

You will find that silence or very gentle words are the most exquisite revenge for insult.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Good move? ... Ahm ...

What is the point of reforming the pyramid only for the decay to collect right at the top?!

The future of training

"The government has also decided to merge the postgraduate medical education and training board into the GMC in April 2010. The advantage of this is that for the first time the council will be responsible for all phases of a doctor's career: undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing practice. This integrated approach is an important step forward and offers an improvement on the previous system of annual appraisals, which did not work effectively, with some trusts failing even to appraise their doctors annually and a lack of consistency about how rigorous they were when they were undertaken.

Mr Scott wants these changes to continue and advocates for the future a model whereby the council is seen as a significant contributor to improving the quality of healthcare.

There are grounds for believing that an intelligent and properly measured form of regulation can make a vital impact on quality, while at the same time taking early and effective action in relation to the minority of doctors whose work may be impaired. Swift and effective action on the malpractice of individual cases should be the norm to protect the public against dangerous doctors and the regulatory procedures and processes should be fair."

It sounds like a logical idea to give the GMC the responsiblity for all phases of a doctor's career, but in reality, what steps will be taken to ensure that current 'leaders', who are known to have powers within the GMC, are held to account if these powers are abused?

Who would haved saved Scot Junior had those who were after him were able to get his ONE file from the GMC .. which included his undergraduate performance too?

I hope this move will create a 'fair' system rather than a monopoly that will be impossible to fight if it goes out for the 'kill!'

Are we seeing reform, including more transparency and proper accountability finally reaching the current top 'leadership' soon?

Let's hope .. and watch .. and wait .. and see ...

.. It would be really nice to watch .. and see though ..... :-)

"On Halloween I'll wear a sheet, To scare the people that I meet. All covered up from head to toe, Even my friends will never know!"

Monday, 6 October 2008

Intellect ...

Claude Monet 'Sunrise'

“An intellect rivaled only by garden tools”

Or .. Intellectum: to understand

1- the power or faculty of the mind by which one knows or understands, as distinguished from that by which one feels and that by which one wills; the understanding; the faculty of thinking and acquiring knowledge.

2- capacity for thinking and acquiring knowledge, esp. of a high or complex order; mental capacity.

3- a particular mind or intelligence, esp. of a high order.

4- a person possessing a great capacity for thought and knowledge.

5- minds collectively, as of a number of persons or the persons themselves.

I dont really like the definition of 'intell
ect' above in the dictionary because it doesn't explain what do you do next after acquiring and understanding knowledge. Not very helpful if 'intellectuals' of that order go, for example, scramble to buy miserable artists pieces of 'trash' for hundreds of millions of pounds, then call them 'masterpieces!' Can't anybody notice how depressed Van Goch's 'Sunflowers' painting looks?! I tell you what, I wouldn't have it in my kitchen, let alone my lounge even if I were given it for free! Why would I want to face such misery day after day and end up being depressed myself at the end? ... For god's sake the man cut his own ear! What a weirdo! .. and now we 'celebrate' his 'weirdoness!' .. is there such a word? ... 'Artistic' value! Really! :-)

Of course, there is no chance I'll ever own this awful painting and thank god for that! .. and I hear that those who scramble to buy it usually keep it in locked and in a dark place to protect 'their investment' ... well, thank god for that too! Of course, those who buy the ghastly 'thing', do so ONLY because it will
make them money .. but they know it's ugly .. I think ..

So .. I think the definition of 'intellect' should also say that after acquiring and understanding knowledge, one should analyse same and reach a logical .. and sensible conclusion ... one that is fit for reaching a good rationale to enable the solving of problems and advancing for the better .... If only those who rush to buy 'trash' did that! ...

Get my 'drift' doctors? .... :-)

And JD, I don't like the 'self portrait' of Goya .. I think it is ugly ... if only someone had drawn Goya's attention to the mistake he was making! ....

But .. it's Sunday ... so, relax everybody and enjoy a 'real' masterpiece from a 'real' legendary artist ... :-)

“I care not whether a man is good or evil; all that I care is whether he is a wise man or a fool. Go! put off holiness, And put on intellect.”

Friday, 3 October 2008

Robodoc is here ......

There's a whisper on the night-wind, there's a star agleam to guide us,
And the Wild is calling, calling . . . .

It seems everybody was worried about Lord D today because he was due to give a speech at the RCGP but sent someone else in his place instead. As it is not habitual for the boss to cancel last minute like that so I can understand why everybody was so worried .... but ... he was not lost at all! .. :-)

You see, first I thought that boss may have had to run to hospital because one his patients needed him, which may still have been the case of course, since he always says that 'his patients come first', but then I found out that Gordon was 'reshuffling' today so, most probably our minister had to stay in London for that reason.

That said, I am now glad to say that Gordon has decided to leave the Dept of Health as it is and so ... boss is staying on ... isn't that great?! :-) Of course, this was an expected outcome ... you can't get better than 'The Best', can you? .. and Gordon .. and Alan .. know that ...

So, it seems everybody trusts in our minister's abilities to reform the whole of the NHS, including Primary Care, to ensure quality care for all .... I hope everybody else will now realise what an opportunity they have and cooperate ....

So, don't worry everybody .. boss is still alive and very well and ready to finish the work he started ... as usual ...

And, to the best of his ability .. as usual ....

Good luck boss ... :-)

They miss the whisper that runs
any day in your mind,
"Who are you really, wanderer?"
and the answer you have to give
no matter how dark and cold
the world around you is:
"Maybe I
m a king

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Happy Eid ... :-)

Happy Eid
Al-Fetr to all Muslims

And ...

Peace and love to the whole world