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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

'Empowering the ignorant' kills!

“The error of one moment becomes the sorrow of a whole life”

A year and a half ago, a healthy 30 year old woman went into hospital to deliver her first child. Three hours after the delivery, she suffered a massive heart attack and died! An inquest was then held and found that the woman was given an epidural in her arm instead of her back. The woman was cared for by the midwife who was in charge of her during the delivery. No doctor was called to assist.

"Honestly speaking, because of what happened and the way it happened this will be engraved in my mind and my heart till the day I die and in the afterlife." Mr Cabrera, the husband.

The result of this tragedy is huge for, as well as the wasted life of this young healthy woman, there is the orphaned child who will never know his mother, as well as the devastated husband who lost a loving wife for reasons that were totally avoidable. To add insult to injury, the husband is also now being deported because it was his wife who had the right to stay and work as a theater nurse in Britain! He has no rights!

The inquest found that a succession of drugs mix-ups by midwives led to the woman's death.

Doctors on the net have been voicing their 'professional' opinion on the dangers of assigning doctor's duties to nurses and other health workers, who's traditional duty is to support doctors. They keep warning that those 'allied to medicine' professionals are now being empowered to do work way beyond their abilities, resulting in tragedies like the above! No one seems to listen! This incident above resulted in the death of a young and healthy mother as well as the devastation of her whole family. If a doctor was called to administer the needed drugs, this tragedy would never have happened! ... But it did!

I wonder about the midwife too, how she must feel now! How she will have to cope with the death of her patient in this way! She was wrongly 'empowered' and, for that, she will be tortured for life! ... No winners here!

How many other incidents similar to the above go unreported and/or covered up?!

We know the human cost of this tragedy which can not be measured in pounds and pennies, but how much is the cost, in hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not much higher, of investigating as well as compensating for this tragedy?!

Britain is now producing 70% more doctors but does not want to provide enough training opportunities for them! Instead, the money is being spent on mini courses for nurses to skim a tiny bit of the surface of medicine. Euphoric with their 'acquisition' of 'knowledge,' they are then let loose to carry on duties way beyond their abilities. "Not me gov" is their excuse, when the results of this empowerment causes tragedies like the above! The trend in this madness is continuing while our doctors fly away to serve others and save themselves. The money is still being spent on spreading the ignorance so, god helps us all, the 'empowered patients of Britain!

When will the 'role of the doctor' be redefined sir Tooke? When will the role of other health workers be redefined too? When will everybody know exactly where they stand to assure the public that incidents like the above, will never happen again?

It it possible?

I would say yes, very possible, we are on the wrong path so, regardless of the financial costs, this dangerous blur needs urgent attention, needs urgent repair, before more and more tragedies happen.

Life can not be measured by money!

“Compassion is not religious business, it is human business, it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival.”


Lord D said...

There are staff and patient questionnaires. Please let me know what you think.

Sam said...

Oh yes! Well, thank you for the honourable visit me lord ... :-)

I have looked at both questionnaires before but have now answered the patient one even though I don't really believe in those 'one size fits all' practices.

Unlike the staff questionnaire, the patients one doesn't give you space to write what you think in each question. for example, questions like; what is more important; qualified staff, outcome of treatment, being treated with respect, staff IT abilities and level, whether the team is co-ordinated, under NHS logo .. etc, can not be answered with a tick one box answer but a combination of most answers IMO. Surely, an imenent surgeon like your very good self already knows that! If not, please ask yourself, why do people come to me for treatment? Then devise the question you want to ask patients from how you reply yourself. You can then be sure you will get a more accurate reply.

Also, both questionnaires does not address the different 'needs' of social, age groups, education and gender of the paticipants. Of course, this have an impact on the answers thus probably, the questionnaire as it stands, will give a false picture to those looking from 'above.'

And, based on the same idea as above, why isn't there a seperate questionnaire for each level of staff? One for senior doctors, one for junior doctors, nurses and other health workers, porters ..etc. I know this will be more time consuming and expensive to collate and manage but, it well give you a clearer and true to reality picture. Not forgetting that it will be cheaper than having to repeat your questionnaires because it gave a blurred and therefore, not terribly accurate results.

Why doesn't the staff one ask about morale?!

Please lord d, whatever you do, stay clear of the US of A ... Then and only then will your mission be a success ...:-)

Sam said...

Would be nice if you can let me know what you think of my reply to your question m'lord .... :-)