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Monday, 28 January 2008

Adios .....

"I think the medical profession is a very difficult group to unite and HMG knows this and takes advantage. It’s sometimes remarked that doctors behave as cats - they won’t walk to heel and yet they can unknowingly be swept along with government reforms. A strange paradox." ... The Witch doctor

... Time to go now.. at last, 'Novo' is leaving it to the professionals, they know best ...

... too many mistakes , I think I am now doing harm and not the good I intended

... Best wishes to all of you young doctors, I sincerely hope you prosper always

... and to the seniors too, don't forget your duty; to hand down the heritage, shinning bright, as it was handed down to you

And doctors, remember, the woman in the office, the one polishing her nails and watering her plants, she has no idea who 'Nobel' is or why he has a prize ... she, does not do prizes ... ignorance is sometimes a blessing but always dangerous

... Special wishes to you Fiona and Your son, also to you David and your son and to all of you parents and friends who visited me here

and a very special thank you to the Witch doctor who has been very kind and encouraging to me. I do not think I will be able to keep away from black cat and the treasures she finds for long so, tell her to watch out for me .

Forward Remedy UK -------> Always



"Remember black cat; From little acorns,
grow mighty oaks ... Cats never cease to surprise me ... they are amazing .. and .. they have nine lives ... Lucky! .. always .."


fiona said...

Hi Sam, I'm sorry to hear that you are bidding us farewell. Maybe you will continue to keep us up-to-date with the latest news on the Remedy forum!

Thank you for your good wishes regarding my son's future. I hope that your family will also "aspire to excellence" and succeed in their chosen fields. No doubt we, as loving parents, will continue to support them in every way that we can.

It has been good to talk!

Best wishes

David L. Cox said...

Sad to see you are going. Hope to see you pitching in as and when MMC comes up with more nonsense!

It has been a pleasure reading your blog

Garth Marenghi said...

hopefully you'll feel the need to keep some of your opinion coming, I'll miss it if you don't,


Witch Doctor said...

Hi Sam,

I am very sorry to hear you feel you should go from the blogosphere. Perhaps from time to time something will happen that will stir you to post again.

If not, I wish you and your family well for the future. I'm sure, in spite of the MTAS/MMC mess, those of your children who are in medicine will succeed.

And thanks very much for the mention in your final post and nice thoughts. My Black Cat and I are very keen on "the little acorns to mighty oaks" saying - you might even say it has a special meaning for us.

Best wishes.

Sam said...

I am deeply touched everybody ... Thank you. It has been an absolute pleasure to know you, doctors, parents and black cat.

I expect February will be a little quiet until the DoH make their announcement, which I think will repair some of the damage done and maybe save those applying this year. Let's hope

Of course, as you may have noticed, I have never been the 'quiet' type, not when I was younger and lived with comrades and I am not about to do so now when I am older (Never wiser ;-) and living under the wings of the greatest and most democratic mother of all ...

You will hear me again if 'they' don't come up with a good deal for the most precious of all, our sons and daughters. I'll be everywhere .. and here again

... And, after learning that NHS employers want to take legal action against Remedy because it helps doctors find the hidden jobs ....

... Siaaan, You know, the way you speak .. reminds me of Marlon Brando in the God Father! ... I don't know why, but every time you say 'NHS Employyyers' .. for some reason ... my brain links straight away to the Mafia! It must be that international competition 'pinch' you keep saying 'your' employyers want to impose on our doctors from the end of core training and post CCT ... I sincerely hope they see sense

.. See! I couldn't keep it shut even for a few hours ...

I am sure we'll meet again .... if only as spectators on the golf course to watch Gareth and all his friends win the golden cup ...


Dr Michael Anderson said...

Farewell Sam,

I'm really sad to see you go. All the best.

- Michael