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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Nearly the end of August Soon

So, the holiday season is nearly over and we all have to go back to our daily routine. I have been abroad now for nearly two whole months basking, sometimes frying, in the sun in. I must admit, I never liked the Cairo heat and humidity in August. When I was a child, before air conditioning was common place like central heating in Britain, I used to sprinkle water from the fridge on my bed before I went to sleep. However, I have always found the Egyptian night sky absolutely amazing; so very clear and beautifully studded with stars everywhere, so bright, they shine like huge diamonds on a transparent but velevety bluish black background. Stunning! Nothing in the world beats a walk on the Gamaa Bridge in Cairo late evening and through the early hours of the morning; the Nile is probably the most beautiful river in the world, particularly as viewed from that bridge with the old and new mixing together in no particular design, brash, loud, over the top in some places while totally unorganised in others, so unpredictable and mysterious, so attractive.

Cairo is choatic and very loud, part of why it is so magical but you either fall in love with or hate it forever, depending on your own experience. I love Cairo, Actually, I am besotted with the ancient but also modern city; a city that never sleeps, a city that has something to offer to everybody from the very poor to the filthy rich, the illiterate to the very well refined and cultured. If you don't experience Cairo, then you can't call yourself alife.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

.....Join in the fun yourself

Alex Thomas, a medical student wrote this excellent article in the Guardian in reply to those who criticize GPs pay. The article is very plausible so, well done Alex :-) Of course it would have been more close to the real thing if you had also mentioned this years shambles of MTAS and MMC and a little note about all those excellent doctors who wanted to train as GPs but are now unemployed despite having the ability, the will and the qualifications simply because they did not put GP as their first choice when applying to the crazy robot MTAS! You could have also mwntioned that MTAS promised that GPs will be selected according to ability but then changed its mind half way!

Friday, 24 August 2007

Academically trained nurses

How we all miss the old school of nursing! When nurses made sure patients were cared for properly and insured that they were nursed back to health in a clean environment. The NHS had no trouble with cleanliness then, never heard of superbugs that killed patients and infected staff as is happening today!

When are policy makers admit that they have completely failed? When will British medicine regain its former glory? When nurses did the nursing and doctors did the healing? What good is a PhD in nursing if modern nurses, with no defined roles, do not know the proper meaning of (Nurse) or how to nurse the sick back to good health? Why do we need nurses with PhDs?!

“It may seem a strange principle to enunciate as the very first requirement in a hospital that it should do the sick no harm.” Florence Nightingale

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Junior doctors lack practical experience

You don't say! Yep, junior doctors have the ability and the will and NEED proper training to become the confident healers of the future and have been saying so all along! That's why there are groups such as the courageous Remedy UK currently fighting for the juniors right to training!

"There could be lots of reasons. It could be the change in training, it could be shorter worker hours, it could be that they now spend a total of four months in the emergency department rather than six."

..... It could also be the unprecedented stress caused by MTAS, it could also be because of the unprecedented unemployment and the bleak career prospects the juniors are facing because of the shambles that is MMC reducing training hours by up to 75% in some specialties, EU interference! The list goes on, and on ... and on and on ...... Don't forget all the USELESS forms and mini bits and pieces they spend valuable time filling either!

The fantastic thing is, the juniors have been warning for a long time of all this and it's impact on patient's safety but no one seems to want to listen! Let alone be held to account for this looming disaster! ....

I salute the Telegraph for exposing this scandal and it's continuous support of the juniors.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

About time too!

Under current rules, doctors from Europe can register and treat patients in Britain but are not tested for clinical competence and do not have to prove they can speak English, unlike those from Australia or elsewhere who are naturally fluent.

The GMC and other regulators fear that patient care may be at risk , and have called for a change in the law to test doctors from the EU.

If doctors from India, middle East and the rest of the non-English speaking world have to pass the PLAB test, then doctors from the EU should pass same; common sense!

Britain is a renown centre of excellence for teaching medicine and also for it's strict laws to protect patients safety, it then follows that every overseas doctor who is allowed to work in the UK should,as well as a language test, pass competency tests to prove that they have the same standards.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Mums4Medics, a unique phenomena!

Alan Maynard said on the Newsnight programme that the MTAS system "weeded out the weakest people and parents who think their nearest and dearest should have a job very quickly"

Of course Mr Maynard has no idea what he is talking about or whether there was any element of truth in what he was saying. All he really was after was spin and more spin to justify the unjustifiable! He failed miserably as any parent watching would have understood his real aim. ALL parents want their nearest and dearest to have a job very quickly including you Mr Maynard, if you are a parent! This this human nature! Unless you are from another planet not related to the human species! ... a possibility! The difference here Mr Maynard is that our children deserve to have a job very quickly because they were hand picked, trained and groomed just for this, to be doctors in the NHS! No where else! If you have a problem with this, then, go ask the workforce planners why did they not do their jobs properly and hold them to account! Because we parents will not let you and your like to waste our "nearest and dearest!"; our lives!

What Mr Maynard and the rest of the media failed to notice and address, was the unique phenomena of the rise of all those parents, all at one go, all together, in defence of their offspring! Never heard of it happening before! Not on this scale, ever! ... Totally unique to junior doctors and all because of the unprecedented injustice, the disaster MTAS!

I am no Phsycologist or Phsychiatrist but I am a mother and a mother of junior doctors to be precise. Of course the majority of mothers, and fathers, love their children more than anything else but when you also add proper dedication and nourishment to your child, then you can be classified as a good mother or a good parent. When your child grows up to be a good person to themselves and to society, then you have done your job well but when your child grows up to also want to give themselves to this society and strive always to excel for the sake of themselves and those around them, then you have done an excellent job as a parent ... And we did just that! Our reward? Their well being! Nothing more! ... You and your like want to take this away from us ....... we can't let you do that!

It did not come easy Mr Maynard; this was a very expensive and very long road to take but we took it regardless of the physiological, emotional and financial expence! We fought and crossed every hurdle on the way and there were many! But we did the job ... To perfection!

Our children, junior doctors, are the product of norishment, dedication, commitment, hard work and selfless and unconditional love! Those juniors are our youth Mr Maynard!

Instead of being told: "Well done" and being rewarded for our endurance and hard work, we were stabbed at the back! But, stabb me all you like so long as you treat my children well, be fair and just!

reward them not me,
help them not me,
heal them not me,
look at them closer, close, see me?
save them,
.. how you heal my wounds and save, me ...

by me

You and yours Mr Maynard failed miserably! See why we can't let you?

I firmly support all the mothers and fathers who are fighting for justice for junior doctors, who will not let go until justice prevails!

Mums4Medics, united we all stand and united we will win

I love you all

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.”

Thursday, 2 August 2007

I challenge Jeremy!

Jeremy Paxman has done very well with his English degree from St Catharine's College, Cambridge. He also have vast experience hosting University Challenge for years. Would he be able to fill the MTAS application style form to re-apply and win again "his" post as chief presenter of Newsnight at the BBC? Not that qualifications mattered to MTAS anyway Jeremy, what was more important was details of your "sexual orientation" which I must insist you too need to provide but of course, you can choose not to answer this question if you prefer ;-)

This is what MTAS did to junior doctors Jeremy; it made them apply for the jobs they have been doing so well for years, as a result, upwards of 10,000 highly qualified doctors were left without posts because of the MTAS shambles and not because they were not good enough. True, the majority of them will probably not be unemployed because they may decide to go to Australia or will be able to get dead end posts that go nowhere here in the UK. Of course, they were denied the opportunity of a "fair" chance of getting onto the training ladder because of the very unfair MTAS! So, hopefully you will do well enough to keep your post under the same conditions, we wouldn't want to see you packing and leaving to start "Newsnight" in Queensland now, which can happen if you don't "win" you post back! Mind you, in case you don't win, you probably will still be employed by the BBC somewhere; canteen in the Manchester branch maybe?! You know, you're still lucky! At least you're under no real strain as this is only a game and you know it; a huge phsycholgical advantage. You also already know where you will be working and have an idea about the hours, the address you will be working at and how much you will be paid; junior doctors did not have the luxury and they were and some still are fighting for their career for real! With such highly qualified profeesionals who are also "intellectually elite" as your guest has put it, this is very serious business.

By the way, since you have a degree, we'll allow you one point for it (MTAS score allowed one point for a degree and one point for a PhD, mind you, doctor's PhDs are not honorary like yours but we will allow you another point for it anyway!)

All "Other" MTAS questions had a score of 4 points each; there was about a dozen of those asking you to respond to hypothetical situations that you may or may not have encountered, so it will be easier for you to "formulate" a suitable "story" and reply but be warned; you are limited to 150 words for each "story" answer. Have a go Jeremy, I will include an MMC person's specification for an ST1 post in Phsychiatry (The nearest to what you know and the lowest point of application to MTAS.) Of course you have an advantage over doctors because you do have a degree in English which the majority of doctors don't.

I will e-mail you the application pack shortly, please return the filled pack via e-mail to myself by Monday 6 August 9am at the latest. Please note, you are lucky again! My e-mail in- box does not crash and I AM contactable, I promise ;-)

I am preparing Jeremy's MTAS application pack and will e-mail it to and to ; the Newsnight Editor, before the weekend.

I challenge you Jeremy Paxman to fill this application form and score well enough to keep your post without outside help and/or cheating! We will use the "leaked" score sheet to mark your application! However, since you have the know how and the means, you can ask a real assessor to mark it for you but you must let me know the score. If you are lucky and get shortlisted, you'll get an interview but forget about that and how many more TV hosts will be competing with you for and are after your post for now ;-)

Wish him luck! :-)

Will jeremy reply to me? :-)

Jeremy Paxman clowning about!

Watch the Programme again , click on"disaster for junior doctors" on the top right of the screen

Jeremy Paxman met his match; Matt Shaw of Remedy UK on News Night was able to respond brilliantly to Paxman's attempts at belittling the junior doctors issue, Read here the comments on this programme

One of the guests in the clip described doctors as "Intellectually elite" Well, You bet ya Jeremy!; they are! That is why the can cope with the huge demands and responsibilities of their work!

Matt was not prepared for this programme while Paxman was, yet Matt was able to put Paxman and his spin firmly in place! It is because doctors are "intellectually elite" that we know that patients are in safe hands! Regardless of the stresses put upon our junior doctors by the current shambles of MMC and MTAS and the likes of you Mr Paxman!