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Saturday, 8 December 2007

Wakey, wakey ...

Remedy UK giving the BMA a wake up call?

Just wondering, why didn't the BMA attend the Health Select Committee meeting and I think, not the first one either! A bit strange, isn't it?! Since both were very important meetings, the decisions of which will probably help decide the future of medicine in this country!

One panel member at the Select Health Committee asked Matt of Remedy UK the reason why their organisation was formed and of course, we all know why; Because the BMA did not stand by and fight enough for the thousands of junior doctors who were discarded by MTAS. Even when Remedy was formed to play this much needed role, rather than encourage and help, there was still not enough support for the affected juniors. Of course, no one will ever forget how the BMA then sided with the government against the juniors during the judicial review.Thousands resigned from the BMA because of all this and joined Remedy instead.

Recently, the BMA denied Remedy the chance to advertise in the BMJ, despite the fact that Remedy played a very important role during the 2007 debacle. Of course Remedy would not have existed had the BMA provided enough support for the juniors.

IMO, The BMA is in deep sleep inside its 'chic' and rich quarters. Why doesn't the BMA realize that times are changing and that they too have to change if they are to keep all their members. If medicine is being modernised, why doesn't the BMA modernise too? The BMA is a rich organisation with £155,000,000 in assets and around 140,000 members, while Remedy started from nothing, they now have 15,000 juniors on their books, a little office and some IKEA furniture plus £50,000 in the bank, all achieved in a few months. The BMA should remember that "from a little acorn grows a mighty oak" and Remedy, this is probably the best furniture sale Ikea has ever made :-)

As a doctor's union, why does the BMA's logo say "caring for the NHS" rather than "caring for doctors?"

It seems that Remedy is the bird that is giving the giant bear a big wake up call but, will the giant bear wake up?

“Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.”

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