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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

As thick as a brick!

In a time when 4000 of our medical graduates were denied specialty training in 2007 because work force planners miscalculated the numbers we need then went ahead and invited huge numbers from overseas, while at the same time increase the number of new intake into medical schools, as well as shortening training time and changing the training system AND giving junior doctor traditional duties to nurses and reform the whole NHS ... etc, etc!

Does anyone have any idea who was the 'genius' who thought the above was not enough to achieve the desired magnitude of the 'cockup!' 'They' nonetheless went ahead and decided to also make 'some' F1 doctors apply for their F2 posts in January 2008? Allowing yet more people to come from all over Europe to be in direct competition with our poor graduates?!

E-mails to that effect have already been sent to those F1 doctors. As far as I understand, it is predicted that some of them will not secure an F2 posts this year...... Because More European graduates than anticipated have decided to apply, hence, some of ours may be displaced in the process! Those in the know' say that it would be illegal not to allow doctors from Europe to come and train here but what they don't say is that, had 'they' guaranteed the affected doctors their F2 posts, the Europeans would come 'only' if places were available!

You know, when I tell the story of what is happening to UK medicine to doctors abroad, they do not believe me, they don't believe things can go that wrong, can be that 'messed' up in BRITAIN, no less! .... and the saga continues ....!

As no one group can be so stupid, it makes you wonder, are 'they' 'dumb' or 'devious' ?!

Politicians and decision makers at work

Any idea what to do next to get us out of this trap?!

It seems that I have made a mistake as not all F1s are having to apply for their F2 posts in 2008. I have now amended this post.

Thanks to Levans who posted a comment to draw my attention to this.

“See how the sacred old flamingoes come,

Painting with shadow all the marble steps:

Aged and wise, they seek their wonted perches

Within the temple, devious walking, made

To wander by their melancholy minds.”


Levans said...

Hi Sam,
My daughter is an F1 but doesn't seem to know that she has to apply for F2 jobs. She is under the impression that she has a job for next year although she has to choose her rotations and may not get first choice.

Sam said...
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